Ano Natsu de Matteru – 02

Now I will show you the dance of my people.

Please Ano Natsu, please … all I want this week is some love-triangle love. It’s probably the only reason why I wanted to watch this in the first place.

Space girl problems.

This week’s episode of Ano Natsu (woah, I almost wrote Ano Hana) kicks off unexpectedly with Ichika and Rinon (the chubby, pink alien-thing) in a spaceship heading towards Earth, prior to giving Kaito his space hickey. Ichika left on a journey to find ‘something’, it’s not really said what, but I’m going to guess some man-candy … just kidding, you’ll find out later. Suddenly she runs into trouble when space debris appear out of nowhere, probably pieces of other harem-girls’ spaceships that just didn’t make it … not really though.

Back on Earth Kaito, Kanna, Ichika, and Nanami discuss what happened at the end of last week’s episode. Kanna exhibits a bit of childhood friend jealousy (yessssss), but Kaito stays on the defensive. As one would expect, everything turns out to be just one big ol’ misunderstanding. Yup! Ichika goes into a bit of detail about Kaito’s “ultorate”, which means absolutely nothing to me right now, but she quickly covers her unearthly talk and makes up an excuse.

Ichika goes into detail about another new lie of how she got where she is, and even kills off her pretend parents in the process, and Nanami/Kanna fall for the trap. Nanami, who is moving away on business very soon, decides Ichika should move in with Kaito because “a girl can cook and do the laundry” … They went there. Disappointment. Kaito walks out with Kanna, who is on her way home, and Kanna puts her trust into Kaito … who looks as oblivious as ever. Just Kaito being Kaito.

Kanna calls up Tetsurou and Miu to talk about what happened and Tetsurou decides that the next day they’ll pay Kaito a visit. Back at Kaito’s place Ichika cooks him a meal and Ichika goes into a bit more detail about what she was looking for, and we learn it’s a place. While Kaito’s bathing, Ichika looks at the overview of her ship which is too damaged to work properly.

The tears … my heart …

The next morning Kaito and Ichika see off Nanami for her flight and go shopping afterwards. When they return home they find the house infested with side characters, I mean, their friends are over. Lemon explains that she broke into the house so she could check out the place her ‘best friend’ will be living at. Creepy, if you ask me. The group gets down to business and begin discussing their film based on a story thought up by Lemon, however, her mecha/slice of life with zombies just isn’t working.

Ichika suggests a movie that uses lots of shots of the landscape and the group gives the OK. I think it should be mentioned Kanna is not pleased with anything, it’s the curse of the childhood friend. Lemon pulls out some suspicious looking yellow liquid that I’m assuming is lemonade and soon after the whole group is obviously intoxicated. Turns out the name, Dynamite Drink, is pretty fitting.

As expected, Kanna is an angry drunk. She questions Ichika’s feelings for Kaito, but she’s saved by the bell … or by the Rinon in this case, who is also trunk. D’AWWWW-s ensue. The day ends with a very sexual game of Simon Says hosted by the one and only Lemon. Turns out she was also filming the whole thing … ufufufufu …

This is what happens when the loli brings the beverages.

Kaito has a relapse of whatever it was last episode that made him pass out and once again Ichika saves him with a kiss and some unexplained powers from Rinon. Back inside Kanna mutters some “bakas” towards Kaito, but Tetsurou puts the blame on himself … possibly for setting him up with Ichika in the first place? Somehow I get the feeling these happy time will soon end.

Preview: More Rinon, wooo!~


This episode felt very slow, in the sense that there was a lot of talking, but nothing really going on. For example, the initial scene between Kanna, Kaito, Ichika, and Nanami felt really dragged out, but that’s not the reason I disliked it, I’ll talk more about that later. Anyway, I guess I would say this episode lacked substance. Almost half the episode was spent in that one four-way conversation alone, and it wasn’t all that exciting anyway. There were moments where it felt like it could get interesting, but then something or SOMEONE (lookin’ at you Kanna) kind of killed it, I’m mostly talking about the scenes between Kaito and Ichika.

SPEAKING OF KANNA. Initially she was like my favorite character, but after this week I’m sort of wishing she’d just admit her feelings and get it over with because we can all see where it’s going. Kaito is totally oblivious to everything anyway, so unless she says it directly to him I don’t think he’ll ever realize her feelings. Now on to Kaito! How old is he … ? I mean really, at what age can a guy wash his own clothes and feed himself without the need of constant female supervision? It pains me when male characters are depicted as so useless, but it pains me even more when female characters are depicted as the only ones who can take care of household chores, as if taking care of some angsty teenager is really what they want to do in their spare time. Meh. I’m probably making a big deal out of something really trivial, but really, was it necessary for Nanami to enlist the help of some stranger who she has just met for the first time, naked no less. I’d be a bit afraid to leave a kid (I don’t care how old he is anymore, I’m going to refer to him as a kid) with a stranger for who knows how long while I’m away in some far off country.

For me, Kaito is the weakest part of the show. I have no reason to like him, and that’s his fault. With, say, Jinta from AnoHana or Ryuuji from Toradora there were plenty of characteristics that made me truly like the guys from an outside perspective. I genuinely cared about what happened between them and the other characters and wanted them to succeed with their relationships or with just general life troubles. Kaito is just so … pointless? I mean … he has a camera, but is that really the only thing that’ll define him throughout the series?

I’m so ranty today … what’s up with me. Anyway, the episode still managed to be funny thanks to a little alcohol. If I take anything away from ep 02 it’ll be that Jenga is never fun. Ever. (Unless you’re playing with food.)

… ufufufu.


I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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15 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 02”

  1. skylion says:

    Episode Two, now with 50% more Lemon. Up that to 100% and we are talking a great show. Kidding of course.

    Hawethorne, my man, I think Nanami has not only trolled her brother, but may have trolled you as well.

    So, we have Kanna. The “cannot quite say it” childhood friend; who I will re-frame as a passive aggressive drunk. Add in Taito’s complete oblivious nature, and you’ve got two people not hooking up. All their friends can see it, why can’t they? Nanami is a genius. Throw another girl into the mix. She’s supporting Kanna in the romance, the competition aught to get that girl going for it. The “cooking and laundry” thing was just a ruse.

    As far as the level of trust Kanami has for the situation? Well, I’ll grant you that one. But then, anime has always been kinda light in that department. I mean, this is a medium which throws children into multi-billion dollar war machines to take on ruthless alien enemies. Sometimes for the lulz. Let’s just say she trusts her brother to tighten up at all the right moments. He will, he’s that kinda guy. We can only see it going horribly wrong cause, well, I think they boy is literally dying on his feet at this point. No on in that cast can see that.

    I always find it funny when people complain about the talking, and say,”nothing happened.” Oh, man, lot’s of stuff happened in that four way exchange. Ichika nearly gives away everything with her, “oh, I’m an alien” slip ups. Shows me her mind is on something far more important. Kanna shows that she can and will misdirect her anger at all the wrong moments. Which makes me think that any sort of foul up on the road to Taito x Kanna will be mostly her fault. And then there is Taito, who is thinking to himself, “Did I get boobs upside my head? Nah, couldn’t be.” Poor oblivious guy.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Edit: Crap, my message. What happened? Ugh. Hold on, I’ll rewrite it. -__-

    • Hawthorne says:

      Woah, I never would have thought to look at it from that perspective. XD

      Okay here goes, attempt two at sending this reply. >__< So, I agree with a lot of the points you made, I didn't think to look that far into Nanami's motives. Heck, I find it hard to read a lot of the characters in this show, especially Tetsurou.

      Anyway, does that actually make sense for Nanami to do, though? I mean, Ichika clearly has the upper hand, and Nanami is the one giving it all to her. For one, Ichika is now living with Kaito, that's like all-day attention and lots of time for them to grow close, much closer then Kaito and Kanna will probably ever be. Besides, Ichika already feels comfortable enough to kiss Kaito, albeit on the forehead, and sure as heck will do whatever it takes to keep him alive. That feels like a love story in the works. As for Kanna, just look at their seating arrangements whenever they're at a table. She can't even sit across from him, let alone next to him, and I think that says a lot about her character. Sure, Ichika moving in gives Kanna a much higher incentive to confess her feelings, but will she? Now, all this time she's probably going to spend shuffling around her own feelings, Ichika will be growing closer to Kaito day by day. By the time she's "ready" to confess, Kaito will most likely have a much deeper connection to Ichika then he ever did with Kanna. I mean, from Kaito's perspective, they seem like nothing more than friends. Surely Nanami would have picked up on Kanna's traits, since they seem very close, and know that she'll probably screw up somehow down the line. I think? … idk anymore, my head hurts from writing this twice. XD I love the (very enlightening) points you made though, you clearly have a very good grip on the characters and the interactions between them.

      As for the conversation, I have a bad habit of looking at things externally, rather than searching deeper into the motives behind a word or a sentence. For instance, the alien stuff in that conversation didn't have the same substance to me as it did to you, and that's something I wish I could more easily pick up. To me, that felt like something for comical effect, but as you've just outlined, it could have much more important meaning to it.

      By the way, if you don't mind me asking, who do you personally think will emerge as a couple at the end of the series? (I guess I should probably add in an 'if' there XD) KaitoxKanna, or KaitoxIchika, or maybe too soon to call?

      Personally, I'm leaning towards KaitoxIchika, though I'm still a KaitoxKanna shipper at heart. (: (I have this copied this time, praying to lord Lemon that this submits.)

      • skylion says:

        I’m a very naughty man at heart. I’m shipping Lemon x All of them ::fufufu:: Kidding. No….no I’m not. Nah. Kidding. Maybe.

        To me, Ichika doesn’t really have her oars in the water yet. First on her mind was finding a place to live. The more than 500 US Dollar shopping trip, well, that was just a bonus. She hasn’t shown any interest in Taito. Taito has shown interest in her. Wonder if she even notices? I’m betting she does. But she has other things on her mind, as the last scene might be indicating.

        Kanna very much sees the interest Taito has in the strange girl (from her perspective); hence the passive aggressive drunk face she put on. Keep hiding girl. You’ll never get anywhere at this point.

        Ichika’s physicality is a big issue isn’t it? Oh, the core of the fanservice is right there, in front of her heart. But can we call that romance? Besides the first kiss (perhaps less romantic than it could have been on second glance), her actions toward him have been more of a guardian than anything else. We could delve into metaphor and call the “boobs upside the head” moment more maternal than sexually implicit (but it sure looks like that from someone else’s perspective) but I would be surprised if the show is trying to work on that sort of level.

        Don’t feel bad about not picking up on deeper meanings. I always look for multiple levels of story telling. If watching these sorts of romances, I’ve trained myself to look at what should be said, but isn’t. I think I’ve said I’m guilty of that a time or two on these comment pages. As for it being comical in effect. Yes. But again, what aren’t these people saying? Volumes to me. S’what made it interesting.

        As for serious shipping, I wouldn’t say at this point. Early days, and all. Who would I seriously like to see. I pointed out that there is something unspoken going on with Tetsurou towards Miu. She sweet, she’s shy, and he’s the big guy. I like that for a B pairing. But the Big Guy may be harbouring something towards Kanna, which will make the middle episodes all sorts of drama if true.

        But yeah, Lemon x All of Them. Guilty.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Dynamite Drink- lololol so awesome! I really love Lemon she is quite the fun character! Yes she looks like Taiga but she is soooo sneaky…I love that laugh of hers…wow right up there with Kabato’s Ku Ku Ku <3

    I think lemon made a HoTD reference…I wonder if that was the character designers inside joke? I would love that! That first "movie" idea was like hmmm Toradora? I think so.

    Kanna is my favorite so far I find her to be a lot of fun to watch and I would love to see her get closer to Kaito! Even thou we know the set up is main guy/main girl get together. However Tetsurou made that comment at the end towards Kanna…so maybe something will happen to those two? But sadly that might be one sided like Ami from Toradora.

    • skylion says:

      Main guy, main girl? I thought is was First Girl Wins? That being the case, it’s Kanna by a length and a half?

      The Taiga resemblance sold me on watching this show. I loved the character design from the previews, so it didn’t take to much to seal the deal.But now, I just like how Lemon is progressing as a character. She likes a drink, doesn’t she. Evil little thing. Fufufu.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I love Lemon. XD At first I was like … oh no, Taiga clone, but now she feels like such a unique part of the show. (Oh and I can’t believe she’s two years older then Kaito, she’s so tiny.)

      Tetsurou is such a mystery to me, I have no idea where his head is at. >__<

    • Joojoobees says:

      So far Lemon is the best thing about this show.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Nanami seems like someone who is very clumsy, over emotional and who’d faint at anything out of the ordinary. That could be a problem.

    What was Ichika thinking? She nearly blew her secret of being an alien all in one sentence and continuing conversation. Well, since she’s the one behind Kaito’s life threatening injury, she’s basically responsible for him. Also, if you ask me, she looks better without the glasses.

    Yes, we get more of the impish loli Lemon. She’s definite fan favorite material. No regret or shame about breaking and entering, devious, evil and ambitious for anything she sets her mind to. I knew her drinks were spiked. Even more disturbing, she looks young but she’s actually the oldest of the entire group. Talk about aging gracefully.

    • skylion says:

      She’s not evil. Cause she’s not. I mean, direct sexual suggestion, spiking drinks without the drinker’s knowledge, breaking into a house, threatening fellow students, keeping secrets. She’s a demon in a loli suit. But now evil.

      • skylion says:

        Hey, Freudian Slip of the ‘w’. Meant to type ‘not evil’ but I think the original can stand….

  4. Reaper says:

    Ooooooh, yay, the faults are starting to show! From the beginning of the episode, I don’t think anyone could help but laugh at all their antics, from Lemon’s ‘suspicious lemonade’ with the not so suspicious name Dynamite Drink (it’s probably alcohol, my theory? The pounding headache and ‘looseness’ of their antics). Ah, from my POV, it’s clear what Lemon’s intentions are, whilst I wonder how Ichika will fob off Rinon’s sudden appearance. Hopefully, she won’t for the ‘it’s my cat’ excuse…that one has already failed…
    The end is what got my attention though, from the whispers from Kanna & Tetsurou, whilst Mio is suspicious as well (especially that unexpected bit of fan service earlier…didn’t expect THAT from her kind of character)
    Hm, some bits are clear to figure out, but for the main part, there’s still more than enough to keep us hooked onto this show, just like Ano Hana 🙂

    • skylion says:

      Damn that panda beat soft doll. Damn that panda bear to the lowest depths of perdition.

  5. tatsuya says:

    Ichika face resembles to someone in TORADORA ..wait all of them have quiet the same face ,this give me a chill …but far most ..i watch this anime and this one ..hoho..9.6/10 star ( only watch one episode ) believed me …u guy should watch this , watch it or i kill my pet

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    Just started watching this today after a conversation where someone called it the best anime of the season. And in a season where Chihayafuru is still running, such a claim must be investigated, yes? So far, it’s reasonably amusing, if cliched. Oh, and I like Konata Remon.

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