Anime’s Next Top Model C3 Results

It’s time to see who was crowned the king and queen of ANTM!

We sure delayed this but with year ender stuff and season’s first impression bombarding us, we took our time in releasing this. The much awaited results are finally here and finally we are done with the cycle 3 Metanorn’s Anime’s Next Top Model. This was definitely a very challenging project and I have to applaud my team in going beyond the requirements to make this an amazing experience for everyone. So, awesome work, Ness, Overcooled, Zabo, Fosh, Jrow, Junko, Anaaga, Kara and Hoshi for keeping up with this. Thank yous also go out to our readers, who hyped this event up, voted diligently and discussed it around the aniblogosphere; YOU made this a success.
Yo~! The camerman and photographer Ness is here! Oh ANTM, how you came and lingered on throughout the year. I tell you, this run through on bringing back ANTM was such an experience. Thanks to our awesome screen writers and host, each episode has been really interesting. As well, I’m sure it was a hard one for our judges and you viewers to decided from such a good list of contestants. This may be the end of the third cycle of ANTM but it will not be the last. So expect more in the future with improvements, tougher candidates to choose from and more interesting fun. Now, if only I could get a raise on this job… Dealing with models is hard work yo~!
Well, here we are folks! This is it. The final results are revealed and, though some of you may be disappointed, I’d say that our winners are entirely deserving of their positions as ANIME’S NEXT TOP MODEL! It’s been one hell of a ride and it’s been my absolute pleasure to be a part of this production. Major props to Kyo, OC and Ness for spearheading this operation and we can’t forget a special shout-out to our spectacular judges, Jrow, Junko, Anaaga, Hoshi, Kara and Fosh! It’s not easy dealing with models and they did it like pros. Thanks to you, dear readers, for putting in your votes! We couldn’t have done it without you! AND NOW, WE PRESENT ANIME’S NEXT TOP MODELS!
First of all, a round of applause to the fine hosts and showrunners of ANTM! Kyo, OC, Zabo and Ness did a great job bringing a high quality program like ANTM to Metanorn. *applauds* You gals gave me the job in this contest of looking at pictures of hot women. That’s a pretty sweet deal, so it’s been great to judge the bishoujou division with Fosh and the others. To Nino, Saeko, Sawako, Yoko, Anaru and Mami, though you’ve been eliminated, you’re still beautful and lovely ladies… but, not as good as Senjougahara and Stocking have been. I’m ready for the finals!
Wooooo hooooo! We have finally reached the end of this insane ride, so did your favorite win? At last we can announce the official winners of the ANTM! I wonder who we decided to run with? Overall I had so much fun judging the girls, not to mention all of the special photo shoots like the gender bender one and the Sexy beast! Whoaaaaa! Those were so fantastic right Jrow? So thank you to the voters that helped us figure out they thought were the best models. And a huge shout out to OC, Ness, Kara, Zabo, Junko, Jrow, Kyo, Anaaga and Hoshi! They all did such amazing jobs every week so good job.
Final Thought? Let’s see… I can see that every contestant here tried their best to be the best (too bad there can only be one Top Model from each gender). They’re learning, but I’m also learning because of them. I got to know each individual better too just by talking to them. I’ll have to admit, but I enjoyed it more than I thought.
Ara ara, looks like end is nigh for our lovely ladies and dashing gents. It’s been a tough battle, and our contestants have really put it all on the line. Of course being on top means being the best, and as beautiful and darling as each of our girls and guys have been, it’s always up to the judges to be tough and precise in picking who’s on their way to be anime’s next top model! So before we talk about the contestants, a big round of applause to the judges who’ve led them through.
Well, I must say it’s been quite the spectacular show, even with the occasional horrendous outfit, laughable pose, and un-amusing attitude towards a challenge from the contestants. I must admit though I’ve had fun judging those particularly bad shots, heheheh. Anyway, each contestant had showcased their unique talents and even more unique style well, but of course, there can only be one that outshines the rest to win this. It’s been great fun judging this and I hope to be back someday~
Hmm, it was a close competition (…sometimes), but everyone gave it their best shot. Or at least they pretended to try hard. Though that might have been more effort than actually trying…. What was I talking about again? The competition? Er, right. Watching the models was incredibly fun and while the Meta building may never recover from the damage they did, in the end it was totally worth it.
It’s here. The final results. This marks the end of the third cycle of ANTM here at Metanorn, as we crown the winners of the bishoujo and bishounen division. It’s because of your votes that they made it this far, but it is also because of your votes that 2 unlucky contestants will have to bow out of the competition. Judges, let’s hear your final thoughts on our contestants. It may be the last time you see them.



1. Senjougahara

What a fantastic contest this has been for Senjougahara! She has been through so much during these past few contests. My favorite so far would be the smexy beast photoshoot, just to see Senjougahara dressed up in her sexy outfit. We can tell she is doing this all for her beloved Araragi-kun, so we better show some support her way! So good luck to you Senjougahara in the final round. I have to say congratulations to Zabobinator for doing such a fantastic job during her one on one interview, asking some great questions.
Also giving kudos to Zabo for getting Senjou’s dere dere side out for just a bit there in the interview; Araragi is a lucky man, no doubt about that. Senjougahara has, almost effortlessy, been amazing in ANTM; this all just comes so natural to her. The cover shoot is quite sensational; she looks like she could be the CEO of a company with that attire, but also sneaks in a bit of skin that gets the male customer (like me) to buy whatever she’s offering. Dunder Mifflin needs a woman like Senjou to run things.
Despite not being a girl I’m familiar with, I’ve seen that Senjougahara has many sides to her that not only make her beautiful, but also full of character, and she really brings it to the set. My favourite shoot for this lady would easily be her lovely shoot with Araragi; Senjougahara brought her maturity and experience to the set with grace. She’s very deserving of her place in ANTM, and was easily one of the strongest contentants. As a fellow girl, I’ve come to look up to her and am very interested in seeing what she does after the competition. I’m sure she’ll continue to make her way into the world, whether or not she wins or loses.

2. Stocking – Eliminated

One of the best highlights of Stocking during this contest was during the special intense photoshoot because we got to see her famous transformation! ‘Course she was missing her partner, but she was still amazing to watch. I think Stocking made us spend the most money on sweets and cakes to keep in her dressing room, well at least she was happy to work. And another shout out to Overcooled who also had a great interview with Stocking, and Kyokai for using her famous death glare…that always freaks me out!
I’m surprised that Stocking has made it all the way to the finals. She fought through some beautiful competition to make it all the way to this point with beauty and sweets! The interview was a little shaky, but her cover shoot was amazing. Confidence and sex appeal is oozing out of her as she looks at the camera, probably wanting to slice it with her sword.
Stocking is an interesting girl who really was the only match for Senjougahara. While she pulls off her classic goth character with ease, when you really challenge her Stocking’s true maturity shines through. Of course she never loses sight of herself, and we saw this in her unique shooting. She truely took charge of her sets, and brought herself the stage, although that could entirely be because of her dominating attitude, but we may never know. Here at the finals I really don’t know how Stocking will do, as she’s honestly surprised me from the very beggining, but I do know we’ll enjoy it the whole way.



1. Natsume

Was there ever any doubt that Natsume wouldn’t win? He had an extremely strong beginning with fantastic photoshoots like the summer heat one. I have to say that the quality of his shots dwindled a bit in the end, but by then, Natsume had built himself an extremely solid and loyal fanbase so it didn’t effect his popularity at all. So anyways, congrats to Natsume! I wouldn’t have expected him to come so far based on the beginning of the contest, but did he ever surprise me!
Unlike Gintoki, I never see anything different (except that horrible gender bender photo and that awkward crossover photos) from your photos. Yup, I never really see the whole development thingy from you, which kind of sucks because it means that you’re just the same ol’ Natsume, just like from the beginning. That is your plus point though. You don’t need any improvement whatsoever. You’re born with the talent of modeling. Your photos are flawless, your poses are perfect, your expressions are beautiful. You’re just so natural when it comes to modeling. It’s no wonder why you’re always at the top, you’re just born with the talent of modeling! Natori was right at tricking you. You, good sir, deserve the title as the Top Model.
Another contestant I haven’t been too particularly fond of (Sorry, the truth must come out)! Natsume has definitely brought on a stunning final photo that shows his mystical, traditional Japanese-esque style, as I like to call it. I have no other words to describe how fascinated I am with this. While Natsume has had his number of plain, unimpressive photos, he’s had a lot more interesting shots thanks to his unique style and, of course, his lovely looks. Even though he originally didn’t intended to compete, I’m glad Natsume did. Congrats to you~!!


2. Gintoki – Eliminated 

Ah, Gin. Another guy who I never expected to make it this far. Especially based on the beginning of the competition. However, things really picked up for him after that fierce photo shoot! Plus that interview was pure win. It’s a shame he didn’t win the competition, but the fans have spoken and Natsume has been throned the most fabulous.
Your result in the beginning was just so bad, I didn’t expect you to be the one of the two finalists that made it into the final round. You definitely have your bad moments (in fact, a lot), but you managed to use your hidden talent of perfection that every JUMP main character has at the end of this contest. Let’s just say that I really like how I can see your development in every shoot, how you’re actually learning from your previous photo shoots. It sucks how you didn’t win this contest, but you were able to show the world that even Sakata Gintoki the lazy bum can do this too. Don’t be sad, I’ll buy you strawberry parfait. We can even go to a date – Er, never mind…
For a contestant I’ve never been too particularly fond of, he’s managed to put on a spot-on last minute shot that I’m pretty impressed with. It has a very simple sexy vibe with a great open shirt shot. Of course, a little nipple-showing definitely ain’t hurting anyone, heh. While it is oh-so-classic, it’s not necessarily spectacular. He’s too simple and has always been, judging from his shots from previous challenges. The only exception to that was last week’s challenge concerning the cross-overs. Gintoki has the looks and some particularly great poses, but I’m still not sure if he has the pizazz to truly shine as a great model…



This year’s Top Models are…Natsume Takashi and Senjougahara Hitagi! Congratulations on winning over the hearts of the fangirls and fanboys each and every week. I don’t think there was ever a time they were near the bottom in terms of votes. Thanks to everyone who voted – I hope you enjoyed the competition!
And we are at the end of the third cycle of Anime’s Next Top Model and what a journey it has been. Every bishounen and bishoujo that appeared were winners onto themselves for appearing on such a cutthroat contest. It has been fun seeing the power of fanbase that each character has and how people follow it. Hopefully, we will bring out even more interesting challenges this time. Thank you for following this closely! Until next time. Ja ne~


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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  1. Namika says:

    =3= none of my favorites made it …..
    Anyway. I love Senjouhara’s picture anyway, it’s soooo pretty *O*

    • Kyokai says:

      The people have spoken for the winners. But thank you, I did go out on an image frenzy for ANTM. :3

      • Namika says:

        LOL that endless list…….. searching for good images is my worst nightmare xDDD Endlessly endless lists o_O Sasuga Kyokai-san

  2. Tofu says:



  3. BlackBriar says:

    And so this cut-throat contest comes to a dramatic close. I knew Senjougahara would win this no contest (no pun intended), especially with her huge fanbase from Bakemonogatari. She definitely had my support. Araragi is a lucky man indeed to have a woman like her.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yes indeed! By the end, the bigger fanbase won. Thank you for closely following this. ^^

  4. Renn says:

    Very worthy winners. There’s no such thing as a bad picture of Senjougahara, and Natsume has the most beautiful fanart, thanks to his talented, massive fangirl fanbase.

    • Kyokai says:

      Senjougahara has been strong throughout the episodes but Natsume did face some ups and downs. His victory in the beginning was quite a surprise to me but hey, fans have spoken. :3

  5. Amutofan123 says:


  6. ZeroAnarchy says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! Why eliminate Anarchy!! NOOOOOO!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Well, it’s a cutthroat business and people voted more for Senjougahara. But hey, Stocking did amazingly too.

  7. tatsuya says:

    なかれはあなたを愛し \(¯^¯)/

    • Kyokai says:

      No further voting required. The winners per division are already announced. So, Senjougahara and Natsume won, while Gintoki and Stocking did wonderfully. ^^

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  10. Yippy says:

    Not the result I wanted, but watching the final rounds and the challenges was entertaining nonetheless. Even though I didn’t witness this from the beginning, thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears you guys poured into this. It definitely was worth it, at least in my eyes. (^_^)

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