Working’!! -11

He’s not even joking

Hello readers! Are you having a good day today? Another fresh episode of Working headed your way, and we are getting closer and closer to the official end of this hilarious series. Are you ready Hime? Time to start the review as I spam repeat on the opening…
Well, despite the fact I could grate cheese with my throat at the moment, here I am with Fosh for another plate of Working’!! It will be drawing to its close soon, and who knows what Winter anime will take its place! Until them, make yourself comfortable, scour the menu for something to your liking and prepared to be served~

Yamada’s lost her stuffed teddy bear “Daisy”, the one Souma bought for her while he was trying to keep her away from Kirio. Turns out she’s not so reliable at keeping track of her belongings, who would have guessed? This is emphasised by the fact that as soon as she finds the bear (with the help of everyone) she looses something else: the ribbon Yachiyo gave her for the frigging bear in the first place. Well, the staff of Wagnaria only have a limited patience, and quickly desert her upon finding this out. You guys should be ashamed! Isn’t it the season of goodwill and all that?


Christmas is saved!

There’s a little subplot here about Takanashi’s sister trying to grown taller through various ridiculous ways – like drinking a lot of milk (though Ed Elric could probably testify to that one), and having Kozue teach her to fight in Karate Kid fashion – Takanashi is majorly freaked out by this concept of her getting any taller. It’s a man thing, I guess. Or a brother thing. To be honest, Takanashi has so many issues you could pick a mental illness at random and probably find a myriad of symptoms locked away in the cookie little head of his. Oi~


Anyway, throwing a little romantic tension into the mix; Yachiyo becomes troubled when she overhears an argument between Satou and Mitsuki that she misunderstands as a confession. Mitsuki was actually trying to find out what Satou’s intentions for Yachiyo are, assuming they must be bad ones, and he was defending himelf in his usual Satou way. Basically, he tells her to deal with it. He’s in no way backing down. In fact, he thinks it just might be the time to tell her how he feels.

This backfires slightly when he realizes the misunderstanding she’s made when they meet in the breakroom. She gets right gloomy and no one can seem to cheer her up, and he happens upon her just when she’s realizes that she doesn’t like the idea of him being with someone else. Satou tells her that if what he is gunning for doesn;t work out then he will quit and make a fresh start. So, thinking he’s talking about Mitsuki, Yachiyo quietly wishes him goodluck. He knows she still has no clue, but is happy that he’s managed to sort his feelings out a little bit.

D’aww <3


Now, for just a moment imagine you have my dirty mind (if you feel the need to scream do make sure you are alone) and take a look at these scenes; I’m going to let them speak for themselves.


Satou doesn’t know how to satisfy women, men on the other hand…


D’awwww this episode was really good this week, just getting to see more of Yachiyo and Satou together was very nice. Even thou things between those two characters are often based around some random misunderstanding. I found it funny watching Kyouko wander up behind Satou asking for food, I think anyone would ask for food from him thou…I bet his food is amazing! Damn you animated food for always making me so hungry.

So this week Yamada lost her stuffed bear that Souma bought for her, I knew she would lose that stuffed toy sooner or later. The best moment had to be when she found her bear! And lost the ribbon that she wanted to tie on the bear…Damn Yamada you need some pockets or a better memory. And the Yamada jump!? Ahahaha yes! That was perfect, and what? They didn’t have to resort to fanservice to keep us watching so high five for that, then again this is comedy! Like Ika Musume we don’t require such things to make a series better.

There were so many cute chibi style characters this time, like Popura and Nazuna…they were so freaking Hnnggg worthy. Satou has some really great lines in this series, especially this episode after he scares that girl off and says I don’t care how you feel. Harsh bro harsh, but it had to be done right? I wanted something to actually happen between Satou and Yachiyo! Ah well maybe something will happen before the series ends with thirteen? We can dream can’t we!? Also that smile at the end from Satou was great because he never ever smiles! He did fix Popura’s hair to look both cute and suddenly festive, I wonder if anyone would rock the Christmas tree look?

It might just be because I’m cranky from this flu, but did that episode feel lacking to anyone else? Sure the last five minutes were pretty well handled, even if the confession I was hoping for got botched, but really, it was just lots of random, not really that entertaining scenes blended clumsily to fill out 20 minutes. Basically, I feel this episode could pretty much have been entirely skipped. Takanashi’s little segment with his sister woes was totally unnessesary, and like I said…it’s been done. S2 of Working’!! feels like it’s really running out of ideas at this point.

There are only a few episodes left, and it’s not like I want it to end, but maybe it’s for the better if this is the quality of material they are dishing out now. Yamada’s scenes were also kind of bland and left me going “And? What was the point?”. I’m not looking for anything earth-shattering here, just a little justification as to why we had to spend 5 minutes on it. That was 5 minutes we could have spent with Kotori-Chan! Kekekekeke…

Ah well, Yachiyo and Satou’s scenes were as well handled as usual, and it’s really easy to sympathise with this poor guy’s problem. He’s the kind of male character I like, because you don’t get to see it very often. He’s fucking subtle. And despite that deadpan face and voice, what he actually says holds a lot of impact, as do his actions and the way he handles himself. I will always prefer shounen to shojo and action to romance but it’s usually only in these kinds of shows that you find characters like Satou – who aren’t loud, obnoxious (sorry, Rin) and just so deliriously suicidal in their actions that you can really see relateable human traits in them.




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4 Responses to “Working’!! -11”

  1. Kyokai says:

    This was such an awesome episode for Yachiyo and Sato~ <3 But pffffffttt, Hime, those screencaps!!! xD

  2. Karakuri says:


    By the way, how many episodes are supposed to be in this? I want to marathon it when it finishes.

  3. Dan-go says:

    Is it me or have all the relationships taken a few steps backwards? i swore inami was more settled at the end of the first season

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