Persona 4 – 11

It’s raining, it’s pouring, King Moron is snoring. He went to bed, I smashed in his head, and he couldn’t get up in the morning~

It feels good to be on a break. I can do fun things, like play Devil Survivor Overclocked. It takes place in the same universe as the Persona games, but it’s a bit different. The combat system is similar, but there’s not really a dating aspect. It’s more like a TWEWY, walk around and hear people talk sort of thing. The game came out a few months ago, so I’m not planning on a review but know this – it’s awesome. And if you haven’t even played Persona yet…YOU SHOULD REALLY GET ON THAT.
Yaaay sleep deprivation! To tell you the truth, I have absolutely nothing interesting to say this week. As for Persona, it’s just your basic slice of life episode… complete with naked bishies and creepy stalkers.

Velvet room stuff happens. Moving on, a youth is seen sitting in his room playing an extremely outdated looking video game with pictures of Rise and Yukiko hanging creepily on his wall. …And then he starts laughing maniacally. The scene then flips to the corpse from last episode. If you couldn’t tell from the familiar looking ugly suit or terrible haircut, it’s King Moron. The investigation team gets frustrated since the victim never appeared on TV OR the Midnight Channel. To cheer them up, Aiya gives the team the gigantic ramen bowl they normally only serve on rainy days. After they fail to eat it all, the team goes to Junes, where the workers tell Yosuke that a person named Kumada came by. …It’s Kuma.

Apparently he got bored in the TV, so he finally realized that he could go to the outside world. The team asks him if anyone was inside the TV, but find out that nobody else came. Just as the team contemplates if the murderer gave up on using the TV method since they’ve been saving people, Kuma takes off his head and HOLY BISHIE, there’s actually a blonde, naked guy inside. Unfortunately, his voice stays the same. Everyone is surprised that Kuma somehow grew himself a body and the girls rush off to buy him some clothing. Meanwhile, at the police station, Dojima is doing some work. (And by work, I mean staring at pictures of the people who were kidnapped and assuming that they’re part of the murder mystery going on.) Adachi mentions a prodigy detective kid that will be working with them.

So once Kuma has clothing, the girls confirm that the bishounen really is the Kuma they know. Also, Nanako runs into Yukiko’s stalker from episode 2. However, he fails to see her adorableness and then proceeds to threaten her, saying that he’ll show her what happens to people who cross him. Luckily Yu, the reliable Onii-chan, shows up to thwart his child grabbing attempts. Yu’s swag is too much for the stalker, so he quickly flees.

I WILL go Ben-to on your ass if you don’t back off from the sales!

After Yu retrieves Kuma’s head, Chie informs Yosuke that they charged the money for Kuma’s clothing to his account. Also, Kuma gives Yu glasses to give to Rise. In front of Rise’s place, Yu and Yukiko run into the blue haired boy from Kanji’s arc. He finally introduces himself as Shiragane Naoto and explains that he’s a detective/helping the police out with the case. After that, he goes right ahead and says that something is off about the latest death because the victim never appeared on TV. Teenagers win over the police once again. After Naoto leaves, the team talks to Rise and confirms that she never saw her kidnapper’s face either.

The next school day, Yu’s class gets a new homeroom teacher. Her name is Kashiwagi Noriko and she desperately needs to button up her shirt. After school, Yukiko’s stalker shows up at the school gates again saying that he wants to show her his world. However, before the episode allows for any further Disney references, Yukiko says that she doesn’t even remember the guy. Later, it turns out that the stalker was the one shown in the beginning and he’s bragging about murdering everyone online. Of course, it’s the internet, so nobody believes him. Mitsuo (the stalker kid) is later seen standing in front of the police station in the rain.

Some kidnappers wait until the time is right. Others like meeting their friends first.

After finals are over for the team, they decide for about the 20th time to catch the murderer. However, Naoto shows up then and says that the murderer has already been caught. The group is at a loss after that, but Yu suggests that they still check out the Midnight Channel. It’s a good thing they do, because Mitsuo appears on it saying to catch him if they can.

Stop complaining, Naoto, you don’t even have exams!

Rainy Day Special:

The rainy day “can you eat this pile of meat that’s bigger than your head?” special

Clean-up in aisle 5…clean up in aisle 5…


 Here you go, babe, this is for last night. Buy yourself something nice, alright?

End Thoughts:

This was a much better episode than the last one. A lot of things happen in this episode, but every event flows seamlessly into the next. A huge amount of time went by too! They’re in their summer clothes now! The serial killings still don’t feel very serious due to the comedic nature of the show, but this episode is probably the bleakest one so far in comparison to the others. I’m still a fan of the mix of serious attempts to solve a grisly mystery complemented by all of the jokes and references to the game. The rainy day special beef bowl may just be one of those stat-boosting activities Yu can do, much like folding cranes, but it always makes me smile to see them put these details in the anime. Gamers, have any of you beaten the rainy day challenge?

Mitsuo is an…interesting addition to the Persona cast. There’s a lot more detail being paid to him in the anime, which is nice. I always love looking into the minds of psychos and seeing their motives, and odd behaviours. I really like how he attacked the garbage bag and even tried to go off on Nanako, because…well…people with antisocial personality do that. They see any interaction they have in the world as being intentionally violent and directed against them, which is why they feel the need to react with violence to even the slightest things. To him, that garbage bag was trying to trip him and Nanako was trying to ruin his day by stealing his precious groceries. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it matches up with how a real psychopath would behave. At least, based on what I’ve been learning in lectures. But what I really like about Mitsuo’s character is that although he shows all the telltale signs of a killer – no empathy, violent reactions, and the cunning to deceive people around him – he’s not a cool, collected killer. If you expected a smirking villain who shrugs off every insult like one would a small fly, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Mitsuo is a pathetic little thing hellbent on getting attention for his efforts. When things don’t go his way, he panics. I love villains with a bit of a pathetic streak, because it makes them more believable and you almost start to feel sorry for them…until you remember that they strung up a teacher from the roof like Christmas lights. Festive, yes, but not appreciated.

That’s enough about Mitsuo, I don’t even like him very much…I just like his characterization XD I mean, come on, the dude’s a creep. Naoto on the other hand, he’s an interesting one. He suddenly approaches Yu and his friends and starts spilling the beans about a lot of things he probably shouldn’t be telling them about. If anything, it seems like he’s giving them a hint to something he already knows, just to test how smart they. Of course, then Rise spoke up and really got him flustered (or as flustered as this kid gets). Even in the game, it surprised me that he lost his cool and started telling them about his crappy life and crappy job. Dojima was complaining about him earlier too, so you know he’s not just making it up. It’s funny how kids are looked down upon so much, when they’re the only ones keeping Inaba safe from the majority of the murders. Adults never learn~ (crap, I’m technically an adult now, aren’t I?)

You know what I noticed this episode? Yu pops his collar up. LIKE A BOSS. Anyways, I thought this episode would focus more on Mitsuo’s TV world since last episode was rushed, but they didn’t. That felt weird. But it somehow worked.  I guess it was an in-between-action type episode where the characters recovered from last episode’s trauma since major stuff is guaranteed to happen next episode.  That Mitsuo is even creepier than he was in the game. Though it made me incredibly happy to see Yu defend Nanako from Mitsuo like that, since Nanako is pretty much neglected by Dojima. Yu makes such a good Onii-chan~. I can’t wait until this covers her social link.

So yeah, Kuma is a bishie. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. …Well, I knew because of the game, but wow. He looks even better animated. I’m still upset that he still has his annoyingly high-pitched voice going on, but at least this kind of makes my occasional shipping of Kuma and Yu less weird. That aside, I still stand by my previous statements that Kuma annoys the crap out of me, but he seems much less annoying in the anime for some reason. Maybe because I pick up less on the bear puns due to a language gap? I don’t know.

Naoto was finally formally introduced as well. Though I have to say that he’s pretty trusting to tell a bunch of random teenagers in the food court all about his observations about a murder. I mean, Naoto doesn’t even know them that well. Why is he telling them somewhat confidential police information (even if the police don’t believe his theory)? I guess Adachi does that too, but Adachi is pretty unprofessional. This is just one of those things that make sense in the game, but not anywhere else (since NPCs in games feel the need to tell you their life’s story all the time). That being said, it appears that Naoto is no longer needed, so I won’t go any further into that for risk of spoilers.

Preview: Next episode involves catching Mitsuo.



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12 Responses to “Persona 4 – 11”

  1. Kitty says:

    Omg teddie turning into a cute princely shouta boy just blew the yaoi in this wide open XD Did not see that coming.

    also this line: ‘Here you go, babe, this is for last night. Buy yourself something nice, alright?’ <— love it! Who came up with that one?

    I hope we see more of Naoto in the future, I really wanna know what is up with that dude.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha…. SO YOU SEE THE YAOI POTENTIAL TOO? Lol, even I was questioning the Yu x Kuma pairing after watching the anime and I KNEW this was coming up XD.

      …and that line is 100% OC.

      As for Naoto, there is A LOT up with him. I think Persona focuses more on him after this arc is done.

  2. Reaper says:

    Siscon Banchou to the rescue! Seriously, the lines in this post are awesome ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, King Moron is snoring. He went to bed, I smashed in his head, and he couldn’t get up in the morning~’ When the post starts with that much awesome, only more awesome can ensue ;P
    God, the Mitsuo in the anime pissed me off more than he did in the actual game (because he tried to take Yukiko a SECOND time grr, though Kanji totally scared him off (not that he didn’t deserve it for what he did…)
    I really wish the game had more options for people like this, for example like Punching Mitsuo for being a outright creep Show ▼

    , and whoa, that Super Meat special, they’re actually putting those little references in, which tickles me joy, kukuku
    Have to say, felt sorry for that kid; if my favourite childhood mascot (Pikachu or Mickey Mouse I think, don’t laugh!) had it’s head removed from the rest of its body, I think I’d be distraught too…:)

    • Karakuri says:

      Siscon Banchou is the best! Also, those lines are also 100% OC she’s awesome with those things =3

      Hmm, I can’t say that Mitsuo ever pissed me off, but he sure is a creep. I wish the game had more options like that too! Show ▼

      Lol yes, the rainy day special! …No wonder Yu could never finish it. That thing is huge. Ahaha as for Kuma’s head, I’m more concerned as to who decided it would be a good idea to move it to the grocery section.

  3. Miyu says:

    No hopping into the TV and saving lives this episode! That felt weird, but it was still enjoyable because of all the new characters!

    KUMA! Blonde bishie, who would’ve known?! His voice really doesn’t match with his pretty boy looks but ahahaha eye candy. Also, WHAT IS WITH ALL THE WEIRD ENGLISH IN HIS DIALOGUE? It cracks me up when he says stuff in English with that Japanese accent hehe priceless.

    I’m still looking forward to learning more about Naoto though, because he looks like a shota because he’s so ~mysterious~ and I can’t help but think he plays some big part in this story.

    And as for Mitsuo.. Creepy. That is all.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yep! Looks like all of the TV stuff will happen next episode!

      Ah, yes. The one thing Kuma is good for. Eye candy. …Though I have no idea what’s with the English. I hope that happens more often XD.

      Naoto will get his arc eventually. I wouldn’t say that he plays a major role like Yu, but he definitely is important to the storyline.


  4. BlackBriar says:

    I can’t believe they made us wait near the end of the show to tell us Teddie can come out into the real world. At least he crossed the borders with the well thought out plan of being in a mascot costume. But how could he grow a human body from nothing?

    And there’s been a big improvement: Out with the old nasty teacher and in with the hot babe of a teacher. No one ever liked the old fart.

    Also, that line: “I WILL go Ben-to on your ass if you don’t back off from the sales!”. I was cracking up from that. It would have been funny if there was an actual brawl going on in the supermarket. By the way, is it me or does the food on the shelves next to Yu look incredibly real?

    “The rainy day “can you eat this pile of meat that’s bigger than your head?” special” The only one I know who could eat that monstrous pile of meat would be Goku and it still wouldn’t be enough for him. Even Chie’s big appetite was defeated by it and she’s pretty much the disposal of the group.

    There’s something screwy about Naoto. He’s just as creepy as Mirai Nikki’s Akise and both want to be dtectives. I wonder what his Persona will be.

    And that guy who said he’s the killer. He needs a straight jacket and pills, stat. But his blurry eyes makes him look like he’s possesed by something.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think we’re actually midway at this point XD They were really going for the shock factor, so they kept it hidden until now. Teddie is a very weird being, he can do many, many odd things.

      Aw shucks, I’m glad my captions can make people laugh :3 Teehee. Anyways, I almost wish Yu had a showdown with Mitsuo in the grocery store. SHOW HIM WHO’S BOSS!

      Blurry-eyes = killer. It happens all the time in anime. Even Yuno has been getting cloudy-eyed recently whenever she’s in a killing streak. I guess you mentioning Mirai Nikki made me think of that. Detectives can be very, very tricky people…watch out for them. They know too much, and what they don’t know, they go through extreme lengths to find out.

  5. Yippy says:

    Again, nice job with the captions-especially the last one. They always crack me up. XD Anyway, they did a decent job portraying Mitsuo, as you said. Although, I wish they would tone down the comedy a bit though, it’s getting kinda confusing. I wonder sometimes whether I’m even watching the right show…Well, I guess the ‘serious’ parts are during TV parts, even though they still have comedy in them.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks! The comedy is surprising when you compare it to the game, but I kind of like it. I’m amazed it’s so damn funny, to be honest. Anime humour flies over my head more often than not. Things will probably sober up after Naoto’s arc, at least a little.

      • Karakuri says:

        Hmmm, I hope Naoto’s arc is done well… There’s a lot of places the writers could mutilate add unnecessary humour to the script. Naoto’s is one of those arcs I want to be serious.

  6. Yippy says:

    Yeah, that’s when he/she (I will never know her/his true gender) shows up. Thanks for the reply!

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