Comic Fiesta 2011 Coverage

 Welcome to Comic Fiesta where we are famous for ‘everything’

Welcome to Comic Fiesta (CF for short) 2011 in Malaysia. I will be your reporter and lousy cameraman for this fantastic convention post. CF is Malaysia’s largest and famous ACG (Anime, Comics, Games) Convention. This year will be their 10th year organizing such an awesome event. This is also my first year attending an ani-con so please forgive me as I spent a lot of my time buying stuff and missing cosplay and event photos. I will be covering the two-day happenings using timeline accompanied by details and pictures or this post will get messy. Anyway let us begin!

Day 1 (17 Dec)

0800 (+8GMT):  Pre-ordered tickets are given out. I pre-ordered my own tickets and got lots of time snapping away.

I am so cool

0900: Public tickets start selling. These tickets are walk-in tickets for those who did not pre-order them.

On the left, when the tickets sale began. And then 30 minutes later…

1000: The main entrance opens and the first thing I saw at the entrance

I roamed around a little while taking more photos of booths of local anime stores.

1100: Opening Ceremony. The head-honcho of CF, Nerv, gave a ‘very short’ speech. Literally.

“Thank you for coming”

Next the MCs gave out goodies (posters and candies). I’m not joking…?

1130: Band Performance by local bands. First was a group called ‘Desu!’ who performed a song called “Time Machine” which was a compilation of 16 anime OP&ED chorus (Dragon Ball, Shaman King, Durarara, Bakemonogatari, K-ON,…)

Believe me, she CAN sing

Next, was our local K-ON band called ‘Marshmallow Panic’ who sang “Fuwa Fuwa Taimu~”. The singer (Yui cosplay) seriously sang like Aki Toyosaki.

1230: Group Cosplay time. Each group had to perform a short drama/sing as a challenge to be judged.

Final Fantasy XIII

Nurarihyon no Mago

1400: Special Guest Artist Performance. This year CF invited Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni. Photos were not allowed but I managed to take some using human-cover. First, Ceui performed Legend of Legendary Heroes OP&ED and Sola ED, “Mellow Melody”, and a few more.


Mikuni called Ceui back up the stage and they duo’d “Sousei no Aquarion”.

1530: Local Comic Artist Autograph Session. My battery died out during this time so I took a break to charge them while grabbing stuff from CF doujin booths.

This is only a small part of them

1600: One True Pairing Cosplay. Each pair is challenged to do a drama/sing. I got to the stage late so my shots are quite bad because I had to lift up my camera over people heads.

The World Only God Knows

1700: Special Guest Artist Autograph. Throughout the time after their performance, their CD and DVD as well as posters were sold. Those who bought could get their autographs.


I left CF after this but I’ll tell you what happened. But 1800 onwards, more local band performance, while around 2000: scheduled the Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie screening, “Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo”. (But, I heard they failed to screen it that night)

Day 2 (18 Dec)

I missed lots of good happenings as I had to go to church first but here’s a schedule on what happened:

  • 1130: Lolita fashion Runway by Malaysia’s local Lolita Club.
  • 1200: Solo Cosplay. I arrived when it just ended.
  • 1500: Local Comic Artist Autograph Session. Ran around and bought more stuff.
  • 1600: Culture Japan. Instead of Danny Choo, his spokesman, Solomon, came up the stage and introduced Culture Japan because Danny had to show up in his latest episode recording. But Danny broadcasted directly from his office to apologize to us.

Then we were shown a Mirai Suenaga Solar Uniform Cosplay.

1630: Solo singing by local singers. First was a singer called Shiomaru. She sang two songs from her latest album sold at CF. Then she asked two other singers, Bing Yun and Freya, to sing together the Ano Hana ED, “Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”.

From left: Bing Yun, Shiomaru, Freya

Second was Sakurazaka Minori. She sang Gundam Seed ED, “Reason”, FMA: Brotherhood OP and “Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~” again solo. No offense but she really messed up a lot.  Third was Rociel. She sang some song that she wrote but again no offense, her singing was boring. Finally was Huei Chan. She sang Final Fantasy X-2 Insert, “Yasashisa no Kotoba” with an edited MV from FFX. When she ended, a Tidus cosplayer came up the stage and hugged her.

1730: DOTA 2 Finals. DOTA 2 tournament was on throughout CF before this and now the finals was screened on the stage screen.

Orange (Malaysia) VS MiTH (Thailand) – MiTH won Orange at late game but Orange put up a good defense fight before losing.

1830: Marvel VS Capcom 3 Finals. The tournament was also held during CF as well and the finals is also screened for us.

Let the fight begin

 1930: Prize Giving. Prizes were given to DOTA and Marvel VS Capcom winners. They also announced the cosplay winners.

One True Pairing Cosplay Winner

(Remember the one pair which I didn’t know the name?)

Group Cosplay Winner

Most ‘LOL’ Cosplay winner

2000: Some J-Pop remixed songs were played by DJ Nataka. A remix of Lucky Star OP and Touhou “Bad Apple” were the main highlights among the songs played. The crowd danced together cheerfully.

Party Rock is IN THE HOUSE!!!

2100: End of CF. I stayed around for some snaps and left about 15 minutes later.

“Thank You for joining Comic Fiesta 2011!!!”

Photos of a Cosplayer Stalker: My only regret is that I failed to snap an Inga, Inori and Tiger and Bunny Hero Team cosplayers. But I still have tons of cosplay pics to be shared, especially for Metanorn Team. Enjoy.

Show ▼

Stuff I bought:

End note: First, I would like to apologize for writing such a long post but CF is awesome and I want to share every single bits of it to you people. I had a lot of fun during CF. I stalked a Black Rock Shooter group, took lots of pictures, bought lots of stuff and enjoyed the events. Danny Choo, Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni said that they will come to CF again next year. I can’t wait to see what CF 2012 have in store for us. To those who like doujin artworks, CF is a place for you to be around, they have tons of it.

This is Toori reporting (not live) from my couch Comic Fiesta 2011. Jia ne~

(For more information and artworks from Comic Fiesta, visit their website. For my complete set of photos, visit my PhotoBucket)

About the Guest Writer: Toori-chan

Internet Trap. You never know when I’m gonna be a S/he. Anime Otaku that watches any anime with nice stories. Hikikomori at most time. Fan of Black Rock Shooter. I watch anime, play games and sub videos whenever I have free time. Link  Twitter // Photobucket


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47 Responses to “Comic Fiesta 2011 Coverage”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Dammnn this looks like fun! Thank you for covering this for us Toori-chan! Ahaha I love the Misaka cosplayer very cool ;D

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Good job on the Convention Coverage, Toori-chan. It looks like a total blast!! I see you’re a big Black Rock Shooter fan. Awesome. Then again, your avatar pretty much give it away. LOL. All hail the cosplayers, especially the Misaka cosplayer.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thank you~ I really had a blast during the J-Pop Remix dance. I know most people can see it, but Black Rock Shooter is so cool.

  3. Gecko says:

    Why can’t I live there? I want to go.
    Great job on the coverage!
    Thank you so much for the Mawaru Penguindrum cosplay shots, those penguins look amazing, not to mention the pro Himari and Sanetoshi outfits. (I want the penguins…)

    • Toori-chan says:

      Get a passport and come to Malaysia every December and you can come for it. I was attracted to the Mawaru Penguindrum cosplays so I had to take lots of snaps. (CF was selling some penguin plushies as well)

  4. Overcooled says:

    Thanks, Toori-chan, I love seeing cosplay photos. Even if Date and Yukimura turned out a bit blurry, it’s okay. I’m just glad I get to see them~ It looks like you had fun at the con too.

    I didn’t know you were a trap! You tricked me.

    • Toori-chan says:

      You’re welcome OC. My camera was giving a headache when the shutter slowed down due to low lighting and my flash was broken as well at that time. Yes I really had fun stalking some BRS cosplayers at Day 2. (Do you like the T&B Gender-bent cosplay?)

      Haha, I have been tricking everybody since the time you met me. Though unlike Ness, you don’t know my real gender. I found out that this was a good time to sell myself out so I did.

      • Overcooled says:

        Ah, I know what you mean. The lighting at cons is usually really crappy, so a lot of photos end up blurry. The same happened to me at Anime North. But most of yours turned out great! I love the genderbent T&B pic too of course :3

        So Toori-chan…isn’t a chan? lol. Alright, I guess it will always be a mystery what you really are. But that’s what makes things interesting! XD

  5. T.K. says:

    Thanks for the coverage! I missed quite a few stage events since I was stuck in the opposite hall stalking cosplayers.

    About the movie screening, I didn’t stayed for it but friends told me it was screened and it was awesome, everyone who appeared for the screening were given Makoto Shinkai freebies.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Woah seriously YOU were there? I did my snaps in the opposite hall early in the morning before Hall 5’s door opened.

      Awh man… I had no choice but to watch from downloads alone… All the Makoto Shinkai freebies… I even lost my chance for getting a signatured poster at Day 2…

    • Kyokai says:

      Makoto Shinkai freebies sound delish. And man, you should check out TK’s stash from the con. They are wondrous!

    • T.K. says:

      Ahhahaha, a few friends of mine had a booth there. I went over to help and snap every photo I can. I spend most of Day 2 in Hall 4 to help with photoshooting. I also managed to get a few who were cosplaying outside the convention centre too. XD

      • Toori-chan says:

        I took a few outside before going in Hall 4 to take more during Day 4. Gosh… we could have even met-up for real!

        • Toori-chan says:

          Day 2 I meant.

        • T.K. says:

          we probably went past each other without knowing it. XD

          My friend’s booth is the one selling Fate/Zero, Metal Gear Solid prints and some chibi artworks. Hope you’ve dropped by.

          • Toori-chan says:

            Is it the one with a hilarious sign on the table about not touching Saber?

            • T.K. says:

              Nope, it’s to the end of the 3rd row of doujins. If you remember seeing a dollfie and a Kyubey plush on display along with the artworks, that’s us. XD

            • Toori-chan says:

              I think I know which one. Didn’t get anything from there. Sorry.

            • T.K. says:

              oh it’s okay, hopefully I’ll bump into you next year. XD

  6. Kyokai says:

    This looks really awesome. Cosplayers looked really professional. Thanks for covering this for us, Toori. :3

  7. Wayne says:


  8. Reaper says:

    So many pics of awesome! Never heard of Mirai Millennium before but now that I’ve checked it out after seeing this post, I anticipate it with great interest (squee~)
    Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us! If only we could hop around the world in a flash to anime conventions…garh, sizzling over in the Southern hemisphere…

  9. Toori-chan says:

    If it’s not because T.K’s AFA Part 2 post, I wouldn’t have known or even enjoyed Culture Japan as I had that day.
    Build yourself a teleporter and go jumping across the globe or just stay tuned for more convention post.

  10. Miyu says:

    Thank you for the coverage Toori-chan! :3
    It looks awesome ^A^ I would’ve enjoyed listening to those bands/singers. Which was your favorite?

    So many doujin booths! ;_; in AFA there were only like 1 or 2 selling doujins, and they weren’t even very pretty or from popular fandoms. ):

    • Toori-chan says:

      I really liked Desu!’s Timemachine medley. All the OP&ED mashed up together in a timeline sequence was really great. But I enjoyed Ceui and Mikuni’s duo the most.

      That’s why I said CF is all about the doujins. AFA is more about the merchandise like figurines.

      • to the website owner: thanks for the coverage 😉
        so sorry our vocalist lost her voice that day T_T
        it was a nightmare to us, but luckily we managed to pull it off…i guess.

        to Toori-chan, hey thanks for the compliment! XD

        follow us on facebook

  11. Yvoon says:

    i really shouldn’t be looking at this…..especially when I’ve been banned from anime…

    but i can’t do this anymore! I need my anime!!!! I need my daily dosage!!!



    • Toori-chan says:

      I pity you Yvoon. *Cries together* I’ll bring in as much coverage as possible from all conventions in Malaysia.

  12. Yippy says:

    Wow, just wow. I didn’t expect coverage for CF at all. You, Toori (and Metanorn team), just made my day. Good job with the article and especially with the photos. However, you forgot to mention the total chaos on Day One-it was like a war zone. Will still be going next year though, it’s too fun to pass up!

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thx Tippy. Was there a chaos? You mean the ticketing chaos? I didn’t notice it. Yes I will go next year as well and cover again.

      • Yippy says:

        Yup, though I was also talking about the biblical flood of people who wanted to get into Hall 5 (the one with the stage) and the KLCC management’s and CF committee’s futile efforts to lock down the hall. I even had to line up in Hall 4 for half an hour to get in during the afternoon. Man, that was a day to remember. Although, they did a way better job on Day 2.

        • Toori-chan says:

          Oh I heard about it. They allowed free access at evening on Day 2 which led a big crowd to experience CF.

  13. edo says:

    Hmm, I don’t know where you heard about the failed screening thing from but on Day 1 at night we managed to screen Hoshi wo ou Kodomo without any problems.

    Also we gave away 10 folders and 7 posters signed by Makoto Shinkai himself on that night 🙂

    • Toori-chan says:

      So I heard from T.K. I wished I had stayed for it. OMG all the folders and posters from Makoto Shinkai himself? That would have been awesome.

  14. Samantha Zan says:

    Uwaaahh that looks like a heck of a good time!! Oh the huge masses of crowds at anime conventions, how I love but dread them so XD

    • Toori-chan says:

      True. I had a really good time banging my head and watching pros dance Lucky Star during the J-Pop remix. You won’t have to dread them if you stayed in the Hall and not leaving it.

  15. Moni Chan says:

    Damn I wanna go there so bad. I envy u anime convention goers

    • Toori-chan says:

      At least there are always people like me who will bring the convention to you by sharing them. Maybe I’ll start recording things in the next CF when I get my new camcorder.

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