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This week on Cursed Objects no Shoka…

As of today, my semester is finished!!!! ….Which means that I will be spending the next two weeks or so working thanks to the holidays and last minute shoppers …OTL. …The episode? Yeah, okay I’ll move on to that. It’s much less depressing.

C3 starts off with Alice reminiscing alone  about some old church from her childhood that’s no longer there and saying that there must be suffering. However, before anyone can actually suffer, the scene changes to Kirika being called over to Haruaki’s place because they’re interrogating Kuroe. Kuroe is okay with being confined and under watch until suspicions are cleared, but Fear says that finding out about Kuroe’s curse is and if she’s really rid of it is more important. Fear runs off upset about all of this since she doesn’t want Kuroe to be the culprit, and Kuroe explains that in order to use her crazy hair power, she needs a kind of power source. Apparently she instinctively knew that it was hair and so she started eating it… right.

As the rest of the characters talk, Alice appears hanging from the roof. Haruaki says that he knows that she’s killing people who visited the hair salon, but Alice says that he still missed something. Just before Alice asks something, Fear appears summoning a giant backscratcher of death. Alice then declares war and breaks a window, sending flying glass towards Haruaki. Kuroe blocks this using her hair and Fear and Konoha chase after Alice. Kirika notes that Alice seems to have divided them perfectly and as she says that, Alice appears from behind them. She freezes Kuroe somehow and then uses Haruaki as a hostage to capture Kirika.

I’d be careful there, Alice. The last person who hung from the roof like that was murdered by her insane partner.

From there, she takes them to an abandoned warehouse place (forces them to wear handcuffs) and films a hostage video for Fear. In it, she explains that the main purpose of the families is to take in Cursed Objects. She goes on and on about how she wants to be Fear’s family, meaning that the Families will do whatever for Cursed Objects… however, Alice apparently already killed them all. So apparently everyone who went to Kuroe’s shop and died was already dead (also, they were all wearing crosses). As for the mutilation of the bodies, that was just a Cursed Object that likes to eat people. As they watch this, Konoha refuses to cooperate with Alice. However, as she says this, a crash is heard and Kirika appears on the ground looking rather beaten up.

…Which makes the next scene somewhat confusing since Kirika, Haruaki and Kuroe are shown being locked in a room/crate. There’s some Kirika fanservice and she notes that Haruaki is pretty calm in a situation like this. The two of them agree that they’re calm because they have each other as company and suddenly a man in a mask shows up. The man explains that Bastiet Caret, his Cursed Object, can conceal one’s presence. It turns out that he’s the rapist sensei (Himura) from previous episodes and he introduces himself as Kirika’s partner from her organization. He also explains that Alice is the president of the Families. Himura then frees Kirika, but then when she asks him to help Haruaki, he tazes her and carries her off since his mask can only hide a certain amount of people/ he doesn’t feel like helping. Haruaki tells him to take care of Kirika.

When Kirika finally wakes up, she finds herself in a car with Himura driving. He tells Kirika that Fear-in-Cube and the families have nothing to do with them since their job is merely observation. However, Kirika says that she’s tired of all that since it does nothing to help the one she loves. She then takes the wheel, causing a car crash/explosion. She walks out of the burning car leaving the dead or unconscious Himura in there.

…Which leads to the present situation with her appearing at Haruaki’s house. Kirika recovers rather quickly and she tells the other two about Haruaki’s greatest strength: his harem allies. The three of them go to meet Alice and Fear makes a bet that if she wins, Haruaki returns (…though she says nothing about Kuroe). If she loses, then she’ll go with Alice. The episode ends with the battle beginning.

End Thoughts:

Okay, so Kuroe isn’t the one killing people here. Well there goes my evil loli theory. I have to admit that Alice was pretty nice about admitting from the start that the killer was her. I guess they should have believed her. Though I’m just a tiiiiiiny bit confused about what the point of her killing all of those people was (other than maybe to set Fear on edge). Alice is trying to to make more human-like Cursed Objects like Fear? So was she killing all of those people in order to ‘level up’ her current Cursed Object or what? I don’t really see the point of the connection to the hair salon either other than to make Kuroe suspicious. Yeah, hopefully they explain that a bit better next episode …Though I’m quite please at the fact that I noticed the connection with the crosses.

With all of that confusion out of the way, I have to say that Kuroe is probably the blandest main character at the moment. Her personality is still pretty interesting (and I still think she’s hilarious), but compared to characters like yandere/tsundere Fear, the masochist Kirika and the extremely obsessive Alice, there isn’t really anything interesting about her. I want to know more about her back story and curse, since she couldn’t have been an adorable loli from the beginning.

…That scene with the car crash was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen all week.  Lololol what is this, an action movie? Ahaha Himura should have been more careful. Kirika was totally doing the face yanderes make before they kill someone while she was talking to him. I’m wondering if Himura is actually dead or not since Kirika seems pretty tough even without her immortality, but that doesn’t look like it will play a bigger part this season other than to show that Kirika is free of her evil(?) organization (that didn’t even really play a big part this season). You just know that they’re going to send someone after her eventually though. …Just probably not this season since next episode is unfortunately the last one (hopefully they splurge and go for an epic battle sequence). Which means that there is little to no chance of a Konoha episode. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! (On the plus side though, it looks like Kitamura will be singing a 3rd OP for this.)




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12 Responses to “C³ – 11”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Kirika being her usual bad ass self! I loved that whole wreck the car scene! I was like why doesn’t she do something? Oh wait there we go. Oh and random fan-service as usual ahaha leave it to them to take advantage of some kidnapping scene for it.

    Ooooh! I like the idea of Himura being a ghost, that could explain a few things…And yeah random loli girl is very boring! Aside from how she talks sounds a little bit like Alice from Kamisama no memochu xD

    Next week! A FIGHT! Finally <3 I always enjoyed a good Fear X Anyone battle they were always filled with amazing animation and Shafty cameras..

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha, this series is just full of badasses. Though Kirika is definitely badass of the month. …And they seem to like adding in Kirika fanservice now just because they can.

      Hmmm, I’m not sure if he would be a ghost, but I imagine that he’ll be back to haunt Kirika somehow. He’s too antagonistic not to. Ahaha I think I got through the first 3 episodes of Memochou and then was distracted by Tiger & Bunny.

      Yes! Yandere Fear is go!!!! …Hopefully.

  2. skylion says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why they added Widdle Dirty Minded Doll Face. Any of her traits could be added to the plot without a character, it seems. I mean, I like her as a Widdle Dirty Minded Doll Face, who wouldn’t? I mean if you add one, might as well add two, if all you are going for is the extra random fanservice shot….

    • Karakuri says:

      Hmmm, I don’t really see the point to her character at the moment either. Lol to the name ‘Widdle Dirty Minded Doll Face’ though.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Alice is a real fruitcake. She lost everything as a child and instead of being angry, she’s all cheerful like nothing ever happened and saying there must be suffering. What goes on that head of hers? And she was even crazier with her explanation of why she wants Fear. Creating more human based Cursed Objets does not sound like a good thing.

    Yes, more of Kirika the masochist being badass. It was epic when she made that yandere face before making Himura loose control. She should have done something to him a long time ago as payback for him always touching her. I was locked on her school uniform with parts of the Kurokawa Karen exposed. And the fanservice between her Haruaki after being kidnapped. LOL. They never pass up an opportunity.

    I love the setting near the end of the episode for an awesome fight between Fear and Alice. It’s dark and gritty, plus Fear’s new weapon looks great. I’m expecting a fight worthy of the reason this show is ending with 12 episodes. It’s too good.

    • Karakuri says:

      PFFT AHAHAHA Alice is a fruitcake. That’s so true. She’s just as insane as Peavy, just not as violent (or is she?). I’m a bit confused about her motives at the moment, but I’m not sure if that’s even important now.

      Kirika is soo the fanservice character during this arc. As for the uniform being torn, I’m surprised that she made it from the car crash all the way to Haruaki’s house without being stopped by the police. It was night time when they crashed and day time when she showed up at Haruaki’s. A lot of time passed between the two.

      I can’t say that having Fear fight a boss at the ending of the season is all that original, but I hope they make it a worthy fight too. At least this won’t be a Mayo Chiki-esque ending.

  4. amado says:

    ah I also felt a bit weird how himura was just easily dispatched that way. and I finally realized in this ep that himura was the guy kirika asked for(you know, that ax weapon) instead of the mask guy.
    I thought at first it was the mask guy instead of the pervert who was going to save them.

    and yeah, apparently alice is trying to make that cursed object become like fear, kuroe and konoha. I wonder if like it will happen after/during their fight next ep?

    btw, that has got to be the most cutest name for a cursed object(the weapon fear is using right now).

    • Karakuri says:

      Ah, I just assumed they were the same person since this show dislikes having male characters.

      Hmmm, you know, I’ve always wondered how the Cursed Object goes about becoming human. I mean, is there a transformation sequence or glowing or something? Also, I wonder if the Cursed Object is self-aware when it turns human or if it has to realise that something has changed.

      It probably looks the least lethal too… All I can see is a giant bladed backscratcher.

  5. anaaga says:

    Sad that the math teacher is dying right now. I dig sadistic obsessive bishie. They make good slaves

    Advance RIP Math Teacher.
    Is he even a math teacher?

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