Working’!! – 07

Wagnaria starts pimping out it’s waitresses

It’s time for the best show ever and that is Working!! I could call it the Yamada half hour, because she is easily my favorite character of this series maybe she will get a spin off series? Anyway time to start the review.
*gurgles from under a mountain of essays…*

OHMYGOD INAMI HAS FRIENDS. How is this possible? Well, they do insult her small boobs so…maybe they are not that great. Anyway, they tell her that there’s a molester on the prowl and lo and behold! on her way back from school Inami bumps into him. (tough lucky, sista) Naturally she goes to punch him, but is confused to find that he actually blocks it with ease. After an awkward silence, and him saying he’s not a molester, it’s discovered that he is Yamada’s brother, Kirio!


Insanity loves company

They meet again the next day, and she finds out he’s in the karate club and that’s why he can block his punches. He’s also totally into her. Taneshima, being worried about Inami, sends Takanashi to go pick her up where he sees the two of them conversing…this puts him in a bit of a funk. And by a bit of a funk I mean a DEEP SPIRALING DEPRESSION. At least he starts to realize his feelings for her (we hope), well, it’s either that or he’s just that this is Working’!! and not MM!



Lelouch pose, Go!


Ohhhh did anyone else notice the extra character during the opening video??! I thought it was a gender-swapped Yamada! And I was almost right; I can’t wait to see the Yamada siblings meet up! But why did the parents name them both Yamada? Maybe it was just a popular name at the time. And finally there is someone out there in the Working world that can block Inami’s punches I was like WHAT! That is awesome and a bit scary for Inami…

So Takanashi might actually have feelings for Inami? After all he was a mess after he saw her with the male Yamada. I couldn’t help myself but laugh when Takanashi started to get a bit crazy over the whole Inami thing but I still think he might have a bit of an M side to him! Poor Takanashi at least the manager tried her best to cheer him up with those stuffed toys even going far to pick up Popura? When I saw Takanashi smash his head on that wall I started to think about Kuroko from Railgun smashing her head into the table.

I almost forgot! We got to see Inami at school with her two odd friends like the one with the short blond hair named Ricchan I think that was her name?  I did laugh when she talked to herself about Inami and this mysterious guy she was talking about, Inami’s friends reminded me of Yuuko and Mai from Nichijou! Just based on how they acted around Inami. I found it funny how the two friends were basically using Inami as their personal weapon to hunt down the molester, and all the other guys felt bad if he ran into her.

Now this is what I was talking about when I said I wanted some fun new characters. Kirio actually managed to shift the story along quite a bit despite not really doing much beside stand in the street and fanboy over Inami’s cuteness. It presents and interesting senario. I’m getting ahead of things, but Kirio and Inami would be quite a nice couple; he is the only guy that can block her punches after all. He seems totally unphased by them, in fact. It might be the karate, or that he’s used to having to catch punches flung at him by women thinking he is a molester, but it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He still managed to develop a thing for Inami.

It couldn’t come at a worse time as well, as Takanashi is so dense he can’t even realise he likes Inami as more than a dog and proceeds to mull about in total depression (not even tiny cute things could cheer him up! Just…think about that). I have to admit that depressed Takanashi is very cute, and eveyone’s failtastic attempts to cheer him up were also hilarious. I’m definitely up for Kirio sticking around. I really want to see what happens when him and Takanashi meet face to face. If Kirio continues to talk to Inami around him, I can see a confrontation happening. Takanashi is such a drama queen he might even quit if he thinks Inami likes Kirio in return.

I really enjoyed this episode, it led Working’!! back into my good graces after the flop I thought last weeks was. I had to sound closed minded but despite wishing for more characters, I prefer it when the story focuses on the ones we know, and predominately Takanashi and Inami or Yachiyo and Satou. I’m not usually into romance all that much, but this show just creates such fun relationships I can’t help but find people to ship. Must. Supress. Inner. Fangirl. Fdkgjdkgkdkgdgld;….Anyway, until next week! See you guys later~


Kirio invades Wagnaria!


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10 Responses to “Working’!! – 07”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome episode! I can’t wait till Yamada meets her brother! Surely we are in for some epic laughs between them ;D

  2. Hime says:

    God my spelling is atrocious…

  3. amado says:

    I think you guys should have saved this for tomorrow to merge it with the next ep.
    ah and I think I said this but as a manga reader, I havent seen these new characters yet so this will be a surprise for me.

    • Hime says:

      I despise double posting, as I’ve said before. And I usually don’t get a chance to write about Working’!! until Friday anyway. It’s better to do it this way, means the space between them is more even.

  4. Joojoobees says:

    Inami lost points in my book for not mentioning to Yamada that a boy was looking for his sister, given there was a chance it was her. I know Takanashi came up with a convoluted theory as to why it wasn’t her brother, but there’s no reason to keep it a secret from her.

    • Hime says:

      I guess they want it to be a surprise when he turns up at the shop next episode.

  5. Reaper says:

    Ah, misunderstandings; the greatest source of laughter/pain to the world…

  6. Myssa Rei says:

    Inami’s friends Momoko and Ritsuko pop up a few times in the usual 4koma, and even have a whole chapter devoted to them in Working!! Seishunhen. Yeah, like Suzuki Jun from K-On, they’re not exactly the perfect best buds, but they do care about Inami. When they’re not dressing her in diapers for the lulz.

    And if it wasn’t already apparent, Yamada isn’t Kiro’s surname either, and it’s just a coicidence that he chose the same fake surname as Aoi (Yamada is a very common last name, and it’s used whenever there’s an unidentified body found by police).

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