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Customer – “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Another awesome week of fresh anime and more Working!! And of course I get to tag along with the always fun! Hime for another review, it has been kind of a slow week for me as Ika Musume is currently on one week break. Well it’s time to get started with this review! I hope you enjoy the fun.
 Slow week for me too, been up to my eyes in essays. Blegh. Still haven’t caught up on animu! Noes! But of all the things Working’!! is one of the shows that I just can’t neglect. (no shit, you have to blog it) But more than that it does always manage to put a smile on my face.


Satou is taking out the fact the girl he’s hot for is a raging lesbian on Taneshima’s hair again; Yachiyo and Manager head to the shops to buy some more cream when they come across a woman in the road…no, literally. She comes up out of a manhole cover. She actually turns out to be Otoo’s lost wife! Just as quickly as she comes she disappears! leaving Yachiyo despondent as Manager will continue to lust after Otoo’s presents instead of her as long as he keeps stopping by to look for his wife. Satou confronts Yachiyo as she seems upset, but she throws him a curve ball by asking if he likes her.


Satou summons up all his courage and sort of half-confesses to her but Yachiyo runs away before anything can really happen. Inami overhears the exchange and gets very emotional about the whole thing. She starts lurking around him close to tears but he threatens to tell Takanashi about her feelings for him if she so much as breathes a word of it to anybody else. Takanashi notices how she’s spending so much time around Satou and admits it kind of bothers him. In fact, it really bothers him. Otoo returns and Yachiyo doesn’t attack him which is odd. After a confrontation in the store cupboard Yachiyo confesses her distress to Satou, and they tell Otoo about seeing his wife.



Manager gets in Takanashi’s way as he’s sweeping up the cafe, and after a small rampage Taneshima asks him why exactly it is they don’t get along. Apparently she reminds him of her sisters…Souma appears to tell the two stories about her but Yachiyo intervenes with some gentle persuasion of her katana. Everyone tries to find good things about the Manager to maybe make Takanashi see her more positively. It kind of has the opposite effect of reminding everyone what a lazy glutton she really is…Yamada is jealous because, again, she’s not the one getting spoiled, so she makes loads of parfaits to get some attention. Unfortunately she uses all of the ingredients.



Takanashi is taking out the trash when he comes across a lost little girl. They take her in until her parents can be found but with the guys needing to get back to work, the job of looking after her is passed to Manager. They bond in their own little way. They find her mum anyway and send her on her way.


Surrogate motherhood is never easy


I feel like I’m back watching Kanazuki no Miko…

Izaya called; he wants his dialogue back

“What is this garbage!?” – any sane persons reaction to Twilight



Whoa this episode! I guess there was a small need for some drama and love triangles! Well mostly between Kyoko, and Yachiyo and Satou. Oh! All of those tiny managers eating all that food?! Damn they were so funny and cute, thanks to the overactive imagination of Takanashi of course. D’awwww Yachiyo she was so cute in her flashback! She was a twin-tail loli with a sword! So many deadly combinations right there. We finally got to meet Haruna! Aka otoo’s wife and gave Yachiyo some milk? Wow I would not even drink that! But of course there was so much yuri in the air between the manager and Yachiyo! Those two are forever a couple! Even thou I rather see more Satou and Yachiyo.

I can’t leave out Yamada! She killed me with that whole Yachiyo might have murdered Otoo comment! Yes she might be the only one who would do that, but who could really kill that guy he is so nice to everyone? And then we get that small confession between Satou and Yachiyo. Yes Inami there are love triangles appearing! After all they are very popular in these types of shows. I have to say that Inami made me laugh! Every time I saw her staring at Satou while he was working and that GOOD LUCK! Comment between them over the phone oh yes! That was so awesome and hilarious at the same time. I bet the girls loved all the Souma and Satou poking fun at each other and the abuse! Well I know I enjoyed those scenes and died laughing when Satou attacked Souma with that pan! It really takes me a back to Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara.

I have to say this episode showed off some great Inami expressions even during that short chat between Takanashi and Inami after work. Of course Takanshi is sooo dense that he can’t even pick on Inami’s true feelings for him! Ah well it is still very funny to watch those two together. And then our daily Yamada clinging to Otoo like a monkey, yes that was so cute watching her poke his cheek like that and the Yamada doll she made at the end?! Whoa so cute! She should sell those. I did enjoy that chat between Satou and Yachiyo near the end to help her feel a bit better, good job man you are awesome he just might have a shot at her later on in the series well maybe!

Episode 5 actually had a bit of a story for once with the manager and her bottomless stomach! Watching Satou tell her to stop eating all of the food was very funny, because she really had hard time dealing with it near the end where she stopped eating. Yamada had some comical moments too! Mostly when she wanted to get spoiled and Satou attacking her! Ahahah but then Yamada tried to make those parfaits for the manager? Wow all that wasted fruit…At least the manager was there to eat all of the failures. Best moment of the episode! Takanashi bringing in that random kid! That was hilarious and crazy! Well…he did a good thing bringing in that kid but wanting to raise it?! Ahahaha so good.

Episode 4 was a bit of a bust for me. Bits of it worked but in terms of jokes it was pretty dry. Character development was good though, I have to say. It was even hinted at the end that Yachiyo might actually develop feelings for Satou. I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice if he could have his feelings returned. At the moment Yachiyo is more like the Managers slave, and you know Satou would treat her right and spoil her rotten. Speaking of being spoiled rotten, seems everyone is getting more attention than Yamada. Poor Yamada. Her desire to be doted on being constantly brushed aside was so entertaining and funny.

I really prefered episode 5. There was plenty of Takanashi, anyway. The guys reaction to him bringing in that little girl was priceless. They have no faith! His mother-like fantasties were also totally adorable and hilarious. He is so adorably stupid and inappropriate. I also loved the scene where he thinks Imari is in love with Satou, and she tells him she’s not but does have someone she likes. I want these two to get together soooo bad. My favorite episodes in S1 was where they went out on failtastic dates and Takanashi had to cross-dress…

So, yeah, these past few weeks of Working’!! have been a mixed bag for me. Yamada’s recurring jokes about her obsession with Otoo and wanting to be spoiled are probably the strongest and most entertaining of the season so far. And it is good to explore the other characters; I’m especially loving how much attention Satou is getting. He’s a good character; arguably the most normal, and his interactions with Yachiyo add another injection of potential romance into the plot. It’s cliché, but I like romance in the workplace. It makes for good and funny drama when it’s played for laughs, not that Working’!! needs much help in that department.


Takanashi is pissed, Yamada is upside down…and everyone is wearing medical masks?!

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6 Responses to “Working’!! – 04 & 05”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    The Good Luck bonding was funny, especially Satou’s reluctant response. He really is a nice guy, even if he tortures Taneshima to work off his frustration.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! That line was amazing and funny, Satou scenes are some of the best in this right next to Yamada 🙂

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  3. umi_no_mizu says:

    “Izaya called; he wants his dialogue back”

    3 reasons why I watch this show:
    1) Jun Fukuyama
    2) Ono Daisuke
    3) Hiroshi Kamiya

    … bring on the Izaya!! =D *fangirl squeal*

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    Firstly, I tried sitting like this girl yesterday for some strange reason. I can’t. Can any of you sit like that 😐

    Working’!! seems to be becoming coming ing more of a romantic drama than a comedy show; both these episodes didn’t hit any funny spots with me 🙁 But, because it focuses more on relationships, it does do a very good job fleshing out every character, especially Takanashi – I haven’t seen a main character with this many sides since, uh, ever. Even Rintarou only really had two sides; the ‘fake mad scientist’ he tried to be while sane, and the less-sane side where he just lost it.

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