Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 05

Anyone want a freaky yandare Ika Musume? Beware, she can hold lots of knives.

After a week’s break Ika Musume is finally back! I was looking back at some previous season episodes to fill in my missing squid moments and it’s time to get right back to the addiction of Ika Musume and watch more of her crazy adventures.

Our three stories this week follow Ika learning about RC trucks, Tanabata and how she teaches Takeru to become a master of playing alone. But in the end Ika actually learns a bit more about friendship throughout the episode.


The first story begins with Ika and Takeru playing with his radio controlled monster truck inside the house. Well, I used to do the same when I had one but my house was so small. Anyway Takeru gets a call from a friend and runs off to play with him for a while leaving Ika alone with his truck. I know leaving Ika alone with something expensive like that?! Not the best idea…Well, Ika takes the truck outside and down to the beach for a good time until she smashes it right into a wall, breaking it! How fast does that little truck even go?

Ika- “I was way to Squidding extreme and now I Inked this mother trucker up…”

Ika tries to hide the broken toy by distracting Takeru to use her as a remote controlled squid, which doesn’t last long. Eiko finds it and gets it replaced after the three crazy scientists fix it up with a few special upgrades; well they upgraded it with an amazing flight mode! That was so a parody of Back to the future. Still, it was a great addition to that truck until the damn thing flew out of the house and took out a glass door…

Pro tip, remote controlled squid girls don’t work so great indoors.

Monster truck- “Where I’m going, we don’t need squids!”

The second story has Ika learning about Tanabata, while Eiko and Chizuru set up a tree near the lemon shop. However, Ika fails to grasp the concept of this festival and struggles to come up with just one wish. She always wants so much! Like her invasion to work, and of course wanting lots of shrimp to pig out on. After reading a few wishes from the others she finally comes up with one of her own. Sanae even visits with a short story about Hikoboshi and Orihime, this is also the name of Vuc and AJ’s anime blog. They get free shout outs in this episode. Eventually Ika comes up with her own wish after seeing how evil the rest of the wishes that are about her. She really wishes to just survive.

Ika- “WHOA! Wishes, I Kracken have a lot of them!”                     Eiko- “OH HELL NO!”

Ika- “I want want a movie deal for next year, de geso!”

And finally we follow Takeru and Ika for the final story ashe s teaches Takeru how to play games alone in the park. Well, Takeru doesn’t have extreme ADD like you, Ika! But good trying to teach him something anyway. She also follows some random ant as she wants to go back to his base and take over, because invading bugs is the way to go for her? After that short field trip to the park, Eiko asks the two of them why didn’t they just play with each other instead of being alone?! They could have, Eiko, but then again this is Ika you are talking to…


Super ball to the squidding face, de geso!

This is just an average squid day for Ika Musume!

Extra squid adventures

Eiko drinks Mr. P3per! The drink of mad scientists and girls all over the world.

Chizuru- “Man that is a lot of weed.”           Ika-“Sea weed??”         Eiko-“Uhhh ya…s..sea weed..”

This is just missing a massive explosion in the background.

My money is on Ika! Imagine all those tentacles with boxing gloves!

End Thoughts:

This episode was kind of nice and refreshing from the over the top laugh filled episodes with a light hearted theme and fun with Ika as she learned more about friendship. Well after she messed up Takeru’s favorite remote controlled truck. That really made Ika sad after she tried to hide it from him> At least, she does learn something important every episode. Thankfully Eiko is around to save the day! I did laugh when that truck went right through the window seriously. That was a really amazing upgrade and that flying truck returned in the ending doing a quick fly by too.

The Tanabata part was also very entertaining just to see Ika struggle as she had to think of one freaking wish to write down! If she could have it her way, Ika would have filled up the entire tree with random wishes. We even got to see Kiyomi Sakura return to the shop again, and her wish almost got discovered by everyone; she wanted a bigger chest of course like most anime girls. And for once, Sanae was somewhat normal and not creepy towards Ika. I did like her short expaination of Hikoboshi and Orhime, even though she was picturing herself and Ika as those two characters. All of the wishes about Ika were so hilarious, especially Sanae’s wish to marry Ika and then Chizuru’s wish for wanting Ika to stay around forever. Good job!

The final part of this episode had more random comedy as we followed Ika and Takeru playing alone at the park. True Ika could probably entertain herself for countless hours alone but I really felt bad for Takeru, after all he is used to going on adventures with Ika and his friends. I did enjoy watching that scene with Ika following that ant around and scaring off those mean kids! That evil glow of hers always makes me laugh and I agreed with Eiko’s comment; those two could have played with each other instead of alone. So much for that plan to become the master of playing alone, well Ika musume never really fails to be fun for me as there is always something to make you smile.


Hell ya! Count me in on this…

Next week, Ika goes on a squid adventure with Eiko and Takeru. I’m suddenly thinking back on K-On! and Yuru Yuri…


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 05”

  1. I feel a bit perplexed about this series…
    Is this a full on fanservice series or pure comedy?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Pure comedy mostly I have yet to see any real fanservice shots through both seasons so far.

      • Dan-go says:

        What? how on earth did you get fan service? there is no fanservice whatsoever…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah I know there isn’t any that’s not why I watch Ika Musume hahaha if people are they are watching for the wrong reasons.

  2. […] squid moments and it’s time to get right back to the addiction of Ika Musume and watch more […] METANORN Tags: Musume, Shinryaku [+] Share & Bookmark • Twitter • StumbleUpon • […]

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    The OP did seem to have more fanservice than I would’ve wanted for such an innocent show like this.

    Eh, if Ika and Working’!! are supposed to be the only two ‘solid’ comedy series this season, I’m not very impressed. I broke a grand total of one chuckle during this episode – even Majikoi entertains me more 🙁 but then again, Majikoi’s final episode /is/ pretty hard to beat…)

    Even this post KRAKEN me up more. GET IT? AHAHAHAHAHA

    P.S. I think I know a certain Master Kurosawa that’s a master of ‘playing alone’… /shot

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