Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 05

Final Destination

Foshizzel: Welcome back cool kids! Looks like I am joining Anaaga again for another epic tag team chat on guys doing things with other dudes and stuffs! Enjoy as we ramble on.

Anaaga: LOL cool kids and Fosh’s description on sex. Anyhow, this is a super duper late SIH post here! But don’t think it that way. Think of it as a special week where you will get two SIH posts! AHEM, like Fosh said, enjoy our ramble!

Foshizzel: Valentines! Oh boy

Anaaga: Aww new year, new life…NOT LOL

Foshizzel: Dem sketches yo!

Anaaga: Man, editor is hell. Dun wan to be an editor now

Foshizzel: same that would suck

Anaaga: Being an editor is no longer cool noow

Foshizzel: Nope


Foshizzel: Freakinh bunnies

Anaaga: sexy bunnies

Foshizzel: lol stars and smiley faces

Anaaga: Cuz being gay is HAPPY

Foshizzel: and colorful

Anaaga: Poor Ritsu

Foshizzel: ahah fail. What’s with that guy’s tie. Lmao

Anaaga: LOL my tie’s too cool to get dirtied

Foshizzel: that means he is lazy. I keep hearing Oga and Kamina

Anaaga: Wait…. Oga is Takano??

Foshizzel: Yar


Foshizzel: You tell him! Get to work

Anaaga: Ow man, Takano so harsh

Foshizzel: Yaaaaa go kick his ass


Foshizzel: LOLOL that reaction



Foshizzel: Amazing


Foshizzel: Suddenly girls

Anaaga: What is a girl doing there

Foshizzel: Haha of course

Anaaga: Just listen to that voice. So girly. God, An, so pushy

Foshizzel: She wants him D:

Anaaga: Don’t you know your friend’s GHEY

Foshizzel: Haha was he listening? Rofl

Anaaga: There’s no privacy in the office

Foshizzel: True. D’aaww family


Foshizzel: he needs a hug

Anaaga: And sex

Foshizzel: haha that too

Anaaga: Man, look at the people. God, Yokozawa

Foshizzel: Surveys yo! I MADE A PIE CHART

Anaaga: Ow man, Ritsu T_____T

Foshizzel: Kidnapping. Time to get drunk woooo hoooo

Anaaga: Train sex. Ow man, Ritsu~ Just tell him you need sex NAOW. LOL TAKANOOOOO

Foshizzel: lol so much hate

Anaaga: You tell him girlfriend. Now kiss Ritsu on the train

Foshizzel: Why are his eyes so huge compared to other characters lolol

Anaaga: Cuz he’s an uke. Ukes have big eyes and sharp chins

Foshizzel: ah lolol


Foshizzel: dun dun dunnnn YES


Foshizzel: Ahahah taking advatange of the lights. He could have said we might die

Anaaga: GOD, THEY SHOULD HAVE SEX. Goddamn lights. Aaaww Takano

Foshizzel: LOL Yeah so manly

Anaaga: YEAH Takano you the man! Takano’s smiling face :9

Foshizzel: Suddenly boobs


Foshizzel: kind of creepy too waiting outside your house

Anaaga: Maybe…An-chan is a STALKER. Yandere in disguise. Lol Yuno’s best friend

Foshizzel: That wouldn’t suprise me hahaha


Anaaga: Poor Takano T_____T Boner no more, Takano

Foshizzel: An had a mission

Anaaga: God Rtsu, just go to his house! LOL he did

Foshizzel: Mochi time

Anaaga: Takano sounds so tired T___T Takano Y U NO SMILING

Foshizzel: Hahaha he is sad. He’s lonely

Anaaga: God emo Takano. Do not want T___T

Foshizzel: Yaa


Foshizzel: Woo damn parents huh

Anaaga: God, the BGM

Foshizzel: Not bad

Anaaga: Cuz all ukes are dense

Foshizzel: for loveeeeee

Anaaga: FOR SEX

Foshizzel: hahah in the hall of course

Anaaga: OW MAN RITSU. Ow man Takano. DOOR SEX

Foshizzel: Pwnd haha that’s the third door he had to replace

Anaaga: What are you doing? HAVE SEX. Wow they’re on a BED

Foshizzel: dramatic hugging. Spinning hug attack

Anaaga: Takano should just marry me. NO SEX GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR

Foshizzel: LOL That tie again. Aww

Anaaga: Takano’s acting as if they did nothing

Foshizzel: Hahaha


Foshizzel: hahah yesss


Foshizzel: Nice


Foshizzel: best troll ever

Anaaga: Bunnies again

Foshizzel: Yep, they will haunt me

Anaaga: They got moves. I like them better than the ones in Blood C.

Foshizzel: Blender mmm

Anaaga: Those are just nasty bunnies who can’t eat properly

Ritsu’s 101 Expressions. And some Takano:

They’re the same person

End Thoughts:

Anaaga: So how was it? :3

Foshizzel: Better this time less emo. Those other guys are zzzz. This episode had more comedy and fun character reactions

Anaaga: Yep. It’s more about work too, and nobody here is over-emotional. THANK GOD

Foshizzel: Yeah I noticed that, or almost dying like that last guy from his fever lol

Anaaga: LOL yeah Ritsu’s the type of person who keep things by himself it seems

Foshizzel: Yeah. And An! Stalkerrrr

Anaaga: Yeah. GGGRRR

Foshizzel: She probably will live outside of his house

Anaaga: More like on the hallway. An will make a hut on the hallway

Foshizzel: I can picture a tent in the corner

Anaaga: An is like that stalker girl who never gives up. She was already rejected and she keeps coming back =.= Looks pretty clingy to me

Foshizzel: Oh haahaha indeed, or the word No doesn’t exsist in her world

Anaaga: Kind of makes us girls look bad =.= Fosh, not all girls are like that, so you can date girls

Foshizzel: Good to know ;D

Anaaga: Ritsu’s kind of too dense though, sending a girl he just rejeccted with him. It just gives An hope ;_;

Foshizzel: yeah that’s true, poor An

Anaaga: But at least An doesn’t rape…. like Yuu

Foshizzel: Ahahah Yes

Anaaga: Good to see that he’s finally opening to Takano though

Foshizzel: lol yeah Ritsu was pushy near the end ahah or just clinging

Anaaga: yeah he was pretty jealous of Yokozawa. Good to see them getting closer together :3 Can’t wait until they ACTUALLY date

Foshizzel: True

Anaaga: Which means, moar sex :9

Foshizzel: Ahaha of course


Anaaga: WAIIIT NEXT WEEK IS ISAKA. That’s what they mean that he’s going to be animated? Ow man…

Foshizzel: Next week TOWELS. Hahaha tricky

Anaaga: Don’t like Isaka that much. Don’t like his voice. NOT SEXY

Foshizzel: Yeah he was random. So he’s like the main boss?

Anaaga: Yeah, his daddy owns Marukawa, like Ritsu all over again

Foshizzel: Nice ;D


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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14 Responses to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 05”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Lol! Foshy’s at it again. You two are hilarious. I still have to watch the episode though…. =3=

    • Foshizzel says:

      Buhahahahah I am going insane…better call the crazy hospital….help…

    • anaaga says:

      Watch the episode! It’s soo good! Definitely a guilty pleasure here >:3

      Hmm I make sure that I don’t cross the boundary here. I’m not that crazy when I chat with Fosh, I don’t want to make him run away. I’ll definitely pull him into the yaoi world though, little by little >:D

  2. […] Fosh’s description on sex. Anyhow, this is a super duper late SIH post here! But don’t […] METANORN Tags: Hatsukoi, Sekaiichi [+] Share & Bookmark • Twitter • StumbleUpon […]

  3. Sabine says:

    Man I miss Kisa and Yukina, where are theeyy ;______; But I guess… I have to wait…. c´moon Yukina needs more love and my fave Kisa.. xD *cough* But yes, happy that Ritsu truly told to Takano what it was with that…. Woman, so finally the misunderstanding cleared..?

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL that girl stalking Ritsu huh? She is just lonely!! Then again she is in the wrong series if she is after guys, but An used to be Ritsu’s girlfriend right?

    • anaaga says:

      I think Yukina’s story is going to be after Isaka’s. They only have two stories until now in the manga, that’s probably why they’re not showing Yukina until last minute :<

      Unfortunately, there will be more drama with Takano and Ritsu. Yokozawa still exists right? Grrr!

  4. Elyon says:

    LOL you guys. Everything is always so much fun when Ritsu and Takano are in the spotlight.
    This was a really big episode for Ritsu. There was something so ironic about watching him be the one to cling to Takano for once after he’s been pushing him away this whole time. XD And when they were on the bed, that whole part was just so BAWWWWWWWW~
    I’m kind of looking forward to Junjou Mistake, but kind of not because Isaka and Asahina are kind of meh. >.>

    • Foshizzel says:

      It’s always fun when Anaaga is in the party! I did enjoy watching these two again, I don’t really care about the others they are really dull…

      Nope no giant beds this episode.

    • anaaga says:

      Yup, I totally love this episode. Finally after all the denials, Ritsu’s the one who’s making the move. We have to wait for one season and four episodes to see Ritsu making the first move -.- I hope Ritsu can confess to Takano asap >.<

      I don't like Isaka at all. He's so pushy. And Asahina's so cold too 🙁

  5. Kitty says:

    Hey shizzel-kun how is that bleach holding up?? HA! that was funny! I loved this episode. Mostly because I was freaking out that Ritsu was going to pull a Misaki and NEVER tell Takano how he truly feels. Stopping him from seeing Yokozawa (while that would have been hot) was a pure win!! Go Ritsu get yours!

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