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Well hello readers! Been a while since I got to tag with my buddy Jrow on something, so far I love looking forward to watching every week. Mawaru Penguindrum has really helped me draw a lot more fan art just like my other favorite addiction Nichijou; anyway it’s time to start up this epic tag review of episode twenty! Enjoy.
As we near the end of Penguindrum, I’ve asked my buddy Fosh to tag with me one more time. And with the mention of the series’ conclusion, I will formally announce that we are planning a MetaCast Review on Mawaru Penguindrum. More details soon, but for now if there’s any questions or subjects that you would like to hear us answer or discuss, drop a comment in this or any of the other Penguindrum posts leading up to episode 24.

And now, exactly how did Shouma meet Himari…

After an #OccupyPenguindrum speech by Kenzan, this episode spends a great deal of time in flashback mode of how Shouma met Himari. Masako leaves the scene still refusing to accept that the Takakuras (as they are) are truly family. The next day, the kids are eating food prepared by Himari. Everything is all delicious and tasty and fun until Himari says that Sho’s miso soup taste like their mom’s. Frustrated over everything that’s happened and now blaming on his parents, Shouma says that he, Himari and Kanba are the only Takakuras.

Himari visits Dr. Sanetoshi and he “tells a story” about chasing love and having it come to fruition. Himari answers that she wouldn’t give chase wondering if chasing would never bring the love desired. Love is much more then kissing, and while Sanetoshi is trying to sell her on just the concept of kissing, Himari isn’t buying it and thinks it’s pathetic if you don’t get the fruit.

Sho and his buddy clean up some trash (likely after what happened with Yuri and Ringo a few eps back), Sho is with Ringo on the train. His emotions continue to stress him out as now he feels he should be the only one to take punishment.

Flashback. Kenzan is speaking again, this time mentioning that the organization changed its name to Kiga Group to mislead “them” and that the next judgment day will be prepared in shadows. Standing at the back of the room is Kanba, Masako and Mario. Masako (addressing Kan as onii-sama) notices Kan looking at Shouma outside playing with an apple. As Shouma is playing alone, he notices Himari a floor down.  He finds her and shares his scarf and also asks if she wants to share the apple. Himari says no thanks, and when Sho starts to tell the story of the first man and woman on Earth, Himari says that her life will never bear fruit and she leaves.

Later on, Sho finds Himari in a dark area and notices that she found a cat in a box. Not heeding caution to the “No Pets Allowed” sign, the two start to care for the cat as it drinks milk, pees, silly things that cats do; they name it Sunny after learning that Himari’s name is derived from “Hidamari”, meaning sunny spot. The next day, the sign’s been updated noting that someone broke the rule as the two realize that the box has been put in a truck leaving the condo.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…

Himari’s left a note that she’s going to the child broiler, which leads Shouma to ask his dad what that means. After his dad explains the whole invisibility/never amounting to anything deal, Sho runs out to find the child broiler. Himari reminsces about the good times had with Sho and Sunny as she rides to basically her death bed, but as we knew from last week, Sho was able to save her.

Back to the present, Sho tells this story to Ringo as Kenzan is talking once more about cleansing the world for judgment day. Himari and Threetie prepare Apple Curry for dinner.

“We’ll crush em all, won’t we Threetie!?”

Weekly Marching of the Penguins:

Today’s Slogan

It’s a bag of pickles, not a punching bag

Cool shades, Threetie


The bunnies now play a symbolism role akin to the penguins

Ohhh damn what an amazing episode this week adding more mystery surrounding Himari, Shouma and Kanba and a few big reveals. Starting right off with Himari having a chat with Sanetoshi about love and kissing, it seems she is interested in love bit doesn’t want to get too close? Seems a bit strange to me then again Himari is quite confused right now. I was kind of thrown off after hearing Masako call Kanba brother! When they were children I wonder what that was all about of course it could just be a nickname she used.

Another stand out moment goes back to Shouma and Himari talking about the first two humans in the world, hooray more bible references! This time I am sure they referring to the story of Adam and Eve. Especially with the apple thrown in, I usually don’t look for the religious themes in this series but lately I have been paying close attention to certain things. With most episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum I usually end up getting very distracted by the penguins on screen, I did laugh watching them this week while they played with those pickles Kanba was talking about. Even the two bunny characters were acting a bit random this time too.

So I guess it’s safe to say Kanba is still ready to take part in another attack against the city, I sort of wish he would say something to Shouma and Himari about the parents being alive, but I know that information would cause chaos for them. Normally I dislike episodes where we waste time playing in the past! Yes looking right at you Sacred Seven! But with Penguindrum their flashbacks actually help things. Like Shouma meeting Himari for the first time getting close to her, and ultimately ending with Shouma saving her life from the child broiler.

Back when Tabuki was in the Child Broiler, I thought of it more as a symbolic place and not a legit place, but now Penguindrum is trying to sell me on the idea that it does exist. One thing that might make it true is when Shouma arrives, it kind of looks like the same spot where Momoka broke through in order to save Tabuki back then. But then why would it take so many years afterwards for the CB crew to clean up a hole in their facility? However, Penguindrum drowns itself in symbolism, so no dice yet pal! Throughout all of Kenzan’s speeches and his description of the Child Broiler to Shouma, I kept wanting to believe that their mission was to take down the Child Broiler, but he never really flat-out mentions it. If there’s any place that is pure and genuine evil in Mawaru Penguindrum, that seems like the place to attack.

A number of times here, I’ve expressed that I’ve loved the way Penguindrum does flashbacks. As Fosh mentions, Penguindrum’s flashbacks do help things, and this week it was explaining a plot twist not many saw happening. Not only was it very effective in establishing the ties that bind Himari and Shouma, but also maybe completely breaking off the ties that once binded the Takakura siblings, especially after episode 18 when it felt like they had come together moreso than ever. Young Masako mentioning (to her brother Kanba) that the best part “about their father” was coming up, Shouma calling Kenzan dad, and Shouma telling Ringo that he made Himari a Takakura all seem to add up to create a seemingly false family. How they all have gotten together is really unique. I might still be a touch off with Kanba and Masako, but there’s still four episodes left.

I hate to regurgitate this cause it seems like me and other bloggers do, but the conclusion of the episode felt like it was leading toward what would be a final act for the series, especially with having another nice moment between Kan/Sho/Himari eating together. I feel the only person we don’t know much about is Kanba himself. What was it that attached him so much to Himari and why is he willing to go so far for her? Is he starting to veer against Shouma now with the hate he has been throwing the parents’ way? Also, this whole siblings talk might take the incest tones out of how episode 1 ended, and also be a note to consider with Himari talking about not wanting just kisses.

Episode 20 Preview:


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18 Responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – 20”

  1. Kitty says:

    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty purr purr purr XD

    Have I mentioned I love that you capture the slogans, sometimes it goes to fast to see what it actually says. Thank you for that! This episode was really cute, thou I cried when the cat -died- Oh the harsh lesson when learn as children.

    The child boiler issue still confuses me, then again there are a bunch of open ended mysteries I hope get wrapped up. Like Yuri’s body in question? Male? Female? Penguin XD Speaking of penguins what is their actual point? Oh and Masako’s brother Mario…. what’s his deal? Is the diary really the penguindrum and at this point I don’t see how its going to save Himari.

    Show ▼

    How this is not going to turn into another Wako situation of I pick neither of them… lesigh.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wooooo kitty!

      The slogans basically capture the main “theme” of most episodes really good stuff each week, yeah that was sad T__T

      Well there are several ideas floating around on the blog worlds about the child broiler, I know a few that are describing it more as a state of mind versus an actual building.

      So something like they just think no one wants them around so they “want to die” and snap out of it after they realize someone out there wants them to live?

    • Jrow says:

      It all started with a big BANG! XD

      Those slogans are quite important, so I make sure to open up each bonus image segment with those. At first they were really easy to understand, but some weeks recently they’ve been quite cryptic.

      -I believe the question of Yuri’s body will be left as is. The assumption being that she was born female, but her father wanted to alter her body to be “beautiful”.
      -The penguins have basically been a slight dose of comedic symbolism to sometimes act out what their human counterparts are doing (or want to do). I liked episode 2 when they actually made the penguins do stuff, but the penguins have only done a thing or two since to help out.
      -Mario seems to be in the same situation Himari’s in, but Penguindrum doesn’t seem to invest enough interest in going into Mario’s past the way Himari did back in episode 9.

  2. Karakuri says:

    …..I’ll admit it. Penguindrum is the show I knit to while watching. XD

  3. skylion says:

    There have been many moments in the series where I got misty, Himari dying the first time. Himary dying the second time. Ringo crying when Shouma ‘dumped’ her. The big reveal for Yuri’s character development (but not so much for Tanubi).

    But nothing punched me in the heart as much as seeing little Himari lying twisted and nearly broken on the conveyor belt. I had already done the mental math before hand. I was almost screaming between sobs, “She’s only three years old”.

    It wasn’t the “end of Ano Hana” cry but it was damn close.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah there are lots of tearful moments for the characters, ahh yeah that was a sad moment <3 Himari

    • Jrow says:

      I especially like the scene of Sho dumping Ringo because of the music and the animation of Ringo’s eyes in that moment. Pardon the cliche, but it’s all the small things that make a difference.

      The image I put up with Himari wearing the scarf looks moe, but when you consider the context of her basically riding to her death (or invisibility), it’s quite a sad photo. But that shot you’re talking about is rough; so glad Shouma ran to the rescue!

  4. Miyu says:

    ): Mindblown. (At this rate I’m going to have to say this every episode.)

    Has anyone else noticed that the kitty (Sun-chan) is Threetie’s (San-chan) namesake?

    Eto.. I’m really confused right now. So that means Masako and Kanba were siblings, but Shoma doesn’t seem to be part of their family (yet) because Masako addresses him as “aitsu”, if I’m not wrong. MY THEORY IS DISPROVED.

    I agree, I want to know more about Shoma’s motives, and also Sanetoshi actually. He needs more screen time xD

    • Joojoobees says:

      There is still something to be revealed here. How the family relationships can still be a matter of contention is itself a mystery. Anyway, Masako is upset that Shou is outside instead of listening to what will happen to “their” father. This could mean Masako and Kanba’s father, or even Masako, Kanba, and Shou’s father. It is really hard to know what to make of that.

    • Jrow says:

      Mawaru Penguindrum has a way, doesn’t it?

      I read that about San-chan.

      As for “aitsu”, yeah, the way Masako asks about Shouma was like she was talking about a stranger. Also the way she talks about “their father” as Kenzan is talking brought me back to episode 16 and how the one shot we see of her dad kind of looked like Kanba.

  5. Snowley says:

    Ha ha ha I knew Kanba and Natsume were siblings (but on the other hand it wasn’t so hard to guess…). Now I’m confused about if Kanba knows they’re not related by blood, it seems he doesen’t (how did that happen??).

    Also, is Shoma more somebody like Momoka or more like Satenoshi (<=ALIEN <(@^@<)?) And maybe Himari was Crystal Princess all the time, but she forgot? Everybody was an alien? Then in the last episode they go into a spaceship and fly away into Planet of Undying Happines.

    Hey, it's Penguindrum, it's possible.

    • Jrow says:

      Maybe Kanba really really wants the Takakuras to be his family instead of the Natsumes. Or maybe he genuinely just doesn’t know.

      You’re not as far off with aliens as you might think. In Utena, there were these girls that would do EXTRA! scenes or act out something before one of Utena’s fights, and Ikuhara had mentioned once that they were aliens acting as humans. There’s a UFO that flies during the scene. Think 3rd Rock From the Sun, if you know that sitcom.

  6. anaaga says:

    I don’t think Child Broiler really exists. That’s just too much. Their method of, um, grinding and crushing the kids wouldn’t be approved by the civilians, and it’s pretty impossible for it to exist for a long time.
    I take it as a symbolism for ordinary peeps though. Remember when Tabuki said he’s in the Child Broiler because he’s not special anymore (aka can’t play the piano that well)? Then Momoka breaks the wall and save him. I take it as a symbolism that Tabuki doesn’t want to play anymore, but Momoka’s encouragement makes him play the piano again.

  7. Overcooled says:

    Gathering my thoughts is hard since I just watched it and came close to crying into my tea for a good portion of the episode. I’m still a little shaky. This show really knows how to tug at heartstrings without being contrived (something that completely turned me off of AnoHana. It was way too forced).

    I thought the Child Broiler was supposed to be symbolic as well, but then Kenzan specifically mentioned it as a real thing. Or is that symbolic as well?! Furthermore, his speeches make him sound like the good guy, but how is that terrorist attack supposed to be a solution for the Child Broiler? The Kiga Group has some very confusing motives right now.

    I can’t tell which pairings are incest anymore. The last episode had me suspecting that Kanba and Masako were siblings, and this episode seemed to be pointing to that as well.

    I was too distracted by Sanetoshi to notice that the rabbits were kind of acting out things like the penguins usually do ahahaha. XD

    • Jrow says:

      Back from lunch.

      Penguindrum has played those kinds of scenes very well. I mentioned in an earlier comment about how the Ringo scene with her being “dumped” by Shouma was emotional. Ano Hana does have good moments that are genuinely tear-inducing, but it did get awkward when all of them were crying in front of the shrine (or wherever that was).

      Kenzan’s got that political talk going right now. He’s saying a lot, but it ultimately doesn’t amount to anything… atm.

      I remember you being indifferent to the incest at the end of episode 1, so all of this takes away that bit of concern from way back. Masako’s love was that of possession from like episode 11, so she’s now got a bro-con thing going rather than being another stalker-y type girl.

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