Gundam AGE – 06

Tinel-“Who wrote fanfiction about Wolf and Flint?”                 Alloy-“Uh that would be me…”

Hello and welcome back Gundam fans! I recently saw some the new designs for the future AGE suitson ANN and man they look really amazing, but it looks like we will have to wait a while for them to get animated.Plot this week follows Flint tells Emily he plans on staying with the Diva and joining the Federation Forces instead of going to Tordia with his friends. Emily on the other hand gets really sad after hearing about Flint’s plans, in the mean time Grudek is up to his sneaky ways meeting with a don to strike a deal to obtain some information. Flint meets a strange man who he protects with the AGE taking on two rival factions the Zalam and Euba, and Flint has a short fight against a new UE model.

Emily-“I brought you some space gum.”          Flint-“Sorry to busy thinking blowing things up.”

Starting off this episode! We watch a short flash back as Grudek day dreams about his wife and daughter who were both killed in a UE attack years ago. That event caused him to join the Federation and seek out some revenge against them. Grudek soon leaves the Diva for a secret meeting; Emily chats with Flint about going to Tordia with her, however Flint breaks the news to her that he plans on staying aboard the Diva and join the federation. Sadly Emily hates his ideas and decides to run away from Flint, I couldn’t help but laugh at that moment because you know something? With zero gravity turned on it really is super hard to run away in an angry manner while floating slowly…

Madorna-“Want any weapons?”          Wolf-“Hell no! I plan on defeating them with a killer new paint job.”

While everyone else deals with their own personal issues Wolf heads out to meet an old mechanic friend of his named Madorna. Wolf asks his friend to build him a new mobile suit that can rival the power of the Gundam! Good luck with that Wolf maybe you could actually get a real Gundam? Well I do like watching Wolf, so I approve of him getting something new to kick ass with. Back on the colony Flint chases after Emily and talks to her before the two of them witness an odd event! These two rival factions start to open fire on each other while there are people around. Thankfully the city has an automatic system in place that creates these massive blast doors to protect the buildings and the people.

Euba-“Hold still! Let me shoot you!”                    Zalam-“I haven’t moved idiot! Stop missing already.”

Iwark-“Oh yes new slaves finally…”        Flint- “Hmmm? what was that?”          Emily-“he looks funny.”

These doors are great but they end up trapping Emily and Flint in between the enemy suits until a local guy named Iwark Bria helps them retreat underground. Yes this is really perfect let’s go with a stranger who looks so damn deformed I mean it looked like Iwark was seriously missing half of his torso. Flint and Emily have talk with Iwark as he tells them a story about the Colony Nation Wars, and why the two factions the called the Zalam Union and the Euba Alliance. The colony nation wars eventually ended after the Silver Chalice Treaty years ago; unfortunately some of them still hold grudges to this day towards each other and continue fighting on this colony forcing people to live underground.

Riria-“HOORAY! I FOUND A DEAD BODY.”                                  Flint-“sooo anyone want to play some D&D?”

The great pink and purple wars claimed many colors long ago.

Iwark also has a little girl named Riria who he watches over after he saw her parents die, hey wait a second Bunny drop anyone? Just throw in some giant robots and a sudden war and you have their story only it’s not as fluffy or cute. After Riria mysteriously vanishes from Iwark’s place this leaves Flint, Emily and Iwark to get inside his worker suit AKA the Mine-craft-mecha and look for her. Iwark decides to fight back and takes on one of the passing Zalam suit with his bright yellow machine after finding Riria safe with Emily. Does Iwark win thou? He did manage to defeat at least one of the Zalam suits before Flint had to call Vargas to bring his out his Gundam.

Everyone needs their own personal mining mecha.

Vargas used to be a pizza delivery guy so he knows his way behind the wheel.

In the meantime Grudek is meeting up with Don Boyage on the colony as in the mafia! He plans on striking up a deal with the don to obtain for four warships and trade folder EZ7 to the don that contains classified military information for him to sell. Flint finally gets into his Gundam and fights the Zalam and Euba who team up to fight him, after shooting at Flint they decide to run away suddenly! After the Zalam and Euba run away he fights a brand new UE that arrives. Flint takes on this new threat for a few minutes before the UE pulls a batman and disappears from the battle; Flint also noticed his beam rifle had no effect on the new UE suit. This episode comes to an end after the Zalam forces arrest Flint for some major property damage, he tries to defend himself telling the Zalam he was only trying to fight off the UE but they do not buy into his story.

Zalam-“Hold your fire dude! A rich man is passing through guys.”

Flint-“WHAT THE HELL! NEW PAINT JOB? I can’t defeat it now help…”

Zalam-“You are under arrest for having a shield! It’s so not fair for us.”                     Flint-“……….”

Extra Gundamn!

I love those neon colors! But what the hell is that blue suit? It looks so out of place.

Emily-“Can’t breath being crushed….”            Iwark-“Quiet your cries of pain are hurting my driving.”

Euba- “NOOOOO!!! Steve! I WILL AVENGE YOU!!”

Yes Vargas the UE are so cheating

End thoughts

Well it looks like we have some war themes still alive in AGE outside of the UE attacking everyone else out there. It was nice that they gave us some explanation behind the war and why the Zalam forces and the Euba alliance still decide to fight. Most diehard fans of Gundam would call these two factions fake Zaku’s because of their similar designs traits aka that one glowing eye! They do look interesting but I really hated the color schemes, I mean really brown and purple really? What are we dealing with peanut butter and jelly themed suits? Maybe the designer really loves chocolate and went for that color. I did find it funny when Flint arrived with the Gundam they quickly teamed up to fight him and then they ran away together! I wonder what their commanders would say…

Stupid colored suits aside, this whole episode had one event that made me scratch my head and face even face palm hard. And that event was Vargas arriving with the AGE that fast it took him like what two seconds to get a truck and deliver the AGE to Flint? How was that even possible? I will go ahead and place the true blame on the science of Gundam, maybe Vargas has a portal device he uses to transport the Gundam and his truck? That is a minor thing to talk about but still sort of random.  I think it would have been way cooler if Flint summoned his Gundam like Roger Smith from Big O seriously just give flint an awesome watch.

And now for Grudek’s past! I can see why he wanted to join the Federation Forces after his wife and daughter got killed by the UE, but what’s up with all his sneaking around and screwing people over? I guess he has some personal issues to get over first. And the UE again it seems like they are evolving against the AGE that one suit that Flint fought seemed to be immune to his beam rifle, which makes me think they are trying to push Flint into upgrading his suit. I have seen a few theories out there about the UE one that caught my eye was a theory on them being from the future. I like that idea a lot and the UE might be pulling Flint along a new time line that they are working on? I still can’t shake that first episode from my mind after they scanned his Gundam maybe that still has some play into the future idea.


Space Ichigo is OUT AGAIN! Someone give him some piloting lessons.

Flint upgrades his AGE with super cool melee mode! And the Zalam and Euba team up once again


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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