Gundam AGE – 05

Emily experiences a red ring of DEATH on her xbox 360!

  Welcome back! Gundam AGE fans and readers out there, I can’t really say how much fun I have each week chatting up Gundam with everyone each week. Every week of AGE brings me closer to wanting to do more AGE themed fan art! But for now let’s jump right into this episode of Gundam AGE! Enjoy the review.Plot this week has the Diva taking a short break at a nearby colony where the survivors will start new lives; even Flint takes a break from the ship to look around and runs into strange red head boy named Decil Galette who gets injured. Meanwhile Emily has a chat with Grudech after learning he is up to something! And Flint’s new friend Decil steals Flint’s Gundam to fight some random UE that decide to attack, thankfully he returns the Gundam and leaves with some guys wearing black robes after calling Flint boring.

Wolf- “Sup I put a Gundam inside your Gundam so you can..”        Flint-“STOP IT! BEFORE I MURDER YOU!”

We start out with Flint and everyone eating together as they continue to head to the new colony, But Flint has other issues on his mind involving the last battle with the UE. While Emily is still afraid she will lose Flint forever after he fights more battles. She manages to listen to Wolf and Flint talk about the future of the Gundam as Wolf tries to take it for his own again, which causes Flint to tell Wolf he won’t quit fighting the UE. Good job Flint you want to leave but you don’t want anyone to touch your Gundam, maybe you could just TAKE IT WITH YOU.

While Flint and Wolf become bros again Grudech has a talk to some higher ups as they question his reasoning for taking over the command of the DIVA. They also want to arrest him for these crimes; he leaves his room and uses something to jam their signals while he deals with captain level stuff. However Emily walks into his room and discovers the computers are suddenly going crazy! Why don’t you hack into those computers Emily? You just need some special training from Tsugumi from Guilty Crown.

Soldier- “Blaw blaw bad stuff…”               Grudech-“What I can’t hear you over how awesome I am.”

After reaching the new colony Emily, Dike and Flint decide to get off the Diva for a while to get some change of scenery but Emily and Flint quickly go their separate ways leaving Dike alone. That poor fat elf! He is going to be forever alone with that damn Haro ball. Flint goes on a small road trip and runs into another young kid on the road; seriously Flint loves to pick up random children off the streets! It’s a good thing he is so close to them in age or this would be creepy. This time he finds a red head boy named Decil that Flint almost ran over, this boy appears innocent at first glance but is just like Yurin with those special piloting powers.

Dike your friends were NEVER THERE! Que some Inception music.

Flint-“Small child in the streets? If I hit him do I get points??”

In the meantime Grudech is confronted by the military people who try to arrest him, but Grudech has a backup plan as he blackmails the guy for some spending issues ha you are so busted! So Grudech manages to avoid prison for now. Emily soon arrives to shout and raise hell against Flint being a pilot because she is afraid he might die in battle one day. Grudech manages to convince Emily they need Flint and the Gundam to protect them against the UE threats, Emily still gets upset and runs off to cry. While aboard the Diva Decil manages to be quite sneaky and steals the Gundam for a small joyride in space he also fights some UE without breaking a sweat.

Grudech-“You can’t arrest me! I Saw your porn stash.”                Soldier-“…Well played…sir….”

Grudech-“Can’t you people bug someone else.”                 Emily-“Give me some candy and I will leave.”

Decil-“This is so easy I can pilot with my feet and blind folded!” 

Flint and Wolf rush out to stop Decil from escaping with the Gundam, after they witness his impressive piloting skills. Decil plays around with the UE before destroying them and gives Flint a good kick to the chest as he flies off to return the Gundam. Flint finds him but the strange kid vanishes like Batman! Yeah that kid is kind of scary when he sneaks away, before the episode ends we follow Decil again as he talks to some strange men wearing long black robes and one of them has a red mask on! It’s not quite as awesome as say Chars mask but whatever it works for me even thou it looks more like headgear than a full mask.

Gundam foot to weak ass mobile suit chest ATTACK!!

Decil-“Hey mister! Let’s get some ice cream!”           Masked man-“….I hate my life so much right now…”

Extra Gun-DAMN

Saving the universe with friends is awesome!

Flint-“……please help me someone the photoshop gods hate me…”

Someone switched his pills with LSD this week….

Decil-“Hehehe I am not evil just mentally insane”


End thoughts

Well this was sort of a character development episode; we got to see Flint start to slowly accept his role aboard the Diva as the main pilot of the Gundam AGE. I know he still isn’t exactly jumping with excitement to go into space and kill things and save the day all the time, but he is starting to realize what he needs to do. Wolf on the other hand had to do some pep talking of his own to motivate Flint into doing his job! Or Wolf will just take the AGE for himself. Someone needs to get that man a Gundam! Maybe Flint could build him one? That would be amazing to see.

Emily had a bigger role this time to! She got to confront Grudech about her issues around Flint and the Gundam. But like any Gundam series out there the ship NEEDS the Gundam to survive or everyone dies, Grudech really didn’t hide much from Emily. I did enjoy watching Emily talking to him like that! She is not afraid to question adults if she catches them being sneaky. I was surprised that he even talked to heart all I really thought he was just going to ignore her.

Now for the newest character introduction that I was waiting for! Decil thanks to the opening video it had me curious about his real role in Gundam AGE, thankfully he was not another random little girl this time! This series already has enough little girls after Flint. And I am sure everyone already had Decil pinned as another possible BAD GUY! I know I did after seeing all those evil grins of his. I know Ghostlighting already claims him to be the youngest new type I have to agree on that fact, then again I still lack detail on the new types but I understand they are special in Gundam. And finally a masked character shows up! But I don’t think that was really a mask at all…


They ran out of bad ass green so he got stuck with lame brown.

Next week! More crazy adventures in space with Flint and the rest from Gundam AGE!

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Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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7 Responses to “Gundam AGE – 05”

  1. TheVoid says:

    Decil is awesome.

    He needs to pilot more mechas and show how pathetic Flit is.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Decil is awesome! I can’t wait to see how things go between him and Flint later on, yep he really needs to pilot more! Can’t wait to see him fight again xD

  2. Dique should get his own show, where he explores colonies and eats a lot of food. Like a Food Network kind of special but within Gundam AGE. Then one day while eating a huge sausage the UE attack the colony he’s in and then he dies. Then end.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I like your idea there Ghost! Really a great idea for a spin off Gundam series! Ahahah space travel and eating food sounds perfect for him xDD since he will be nothing more than a side character….

  3. Vivi says:

    yesss McRibs yesssssss

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    Flit, not Flint! Although ‘the Flitstones’ just doesn’t have the same ring…

    Gun-DAMN Grodek is awesome. We should focus more on him and not those lame protagonists. Emily? Gosh what a waste of space. Even Dique’s more useful than her, and he’s spoken a total of what five lines in this anime?

    P.S. Photoshop sucks, true McRibbers use MSPaint, the official McRibbing software of McRib experts across the McRib

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