Guilty Crown – 05

Ayase- “Quiet! This takes total concentration…Oh damn my nose itches…”

 Another week, another episode of Shu getting bullied like there’s no tomorrow. Even when you can pull giant swords out of people’s chest, you’re still a loser if you ain’t got that bishie swag. The world of animu is a cruel, cruel place.
More Guilty Crown headed your way! That last episode was still amazing and made me want my own gravity gun… err, I mean super extreme bubble gun of jelly? Bring on something awesome, Shu!This week plot follows Gai showing Shu the main headquarters and he tells everyone that they will include Shu in future missions thanks to his void powers.  Gai also places Ayase in charge of training Shu as she helps him get used to things; Ayase puts Shu in a fake battle against her mecha testing his skills. They also have three days to steal a high powered laser called the Leucocyte that the GHQ currently have.

Gai- “Please welcome, Shu”       Everyone- “BOO!! GO AWAY YOU SUCK!”        Shu- “I hate everyone…”

We start the episode with Gai taking Shu back to the Undertakers headquarters. He introduces Shu to the rest of the team and informs them that he will be taking part in their missions from now on. Oh boy, Shu, aren’t you excited to make some new friends? Gai also drops another bomb on his team about the next mission lined up and this time they plan on taking something called a Leucocyte. This odd sounding object happens to be one big ass orbital laser, just when you thought weapons couldn’t get any bigger in Guilty Crown.

Gai- “Why is everyone always messing up my computer?! I want to play Skyrim…”

After that cool story from Gai about the new mission plans, he tells Ayase she’s in charge of training Shu for combat and teaching him the ropes around the base. Naturally she accepts these orders but has little hope for her new training partner. Shu walks over to Ayase and plays I feel sorry for the girl in the wheelchair card, but Ayase quickly deals with him after she shakes his hand and throws him to the ground helping him take a nap for a few hours. He finally wakes up and Ayase gets an eyeful of Shu! Seriously who removed his clothes in the first place? At least this was reversed walk in on the male character getting dressed… Ayase also finds Shu’s pen aka that super transmitter thingy and uses it as his reward if he can survive the game she has planned.

Shu- “Well hey there, moe girl…”                                          Ayase- “PREPARE TO DIE!!”

Shu needed a nice long floor nap.

The next few scenes follow Shu meeting some special members of Undertakers as Ayase puts him through various activities testing his skills with knives, firearms, and a bit of physical work. After a full day of pushing himself, Shu finds Inori singing alone and he decides to ask her how she feels about him. Sadly she tells him the truth that she never had feelings for him and it was all Gai’s idea from the start to gain his trust through Inori. After hearing those words from her it makes him very depressed, to make matters worse Shu watches her walk right into Gai’s bedroom crushing his heart again.

Shu- “Oh this looks so real, nice paint job.”                      Arugo- “Uh sure kid, that knife is totally fake.”

I just loved the look of this shot, really nice details and THAT SKY!

It’s alright, Shu! At least you have your imaginary friends.

Shu runs away after witnessing how close Inori is to Gai and runs right into Ayase knocking her from the chair and landing on the ground near her. Seriously how fast was Shu even running? Anyway after nearly seeing some boobage from Ayase, they have a chat about why Gai is so awesome to everyone. The next day Ayase prepares the final test for Shu, a game of paintball versus her mecha. I guess they saw Gundam AGE recently? While this game is going on, Gai in the meantime is dealing with the mission to steal the Leucocyte.

Ayase-“I was trying to sneak into Gai’s bedroom!”   Shu-“Don’t you mean roll?”    Ayase-“I will run your ass over!”

Arugo- “Ah man I wanted to finish my soda first, jerk!”

Ayase-“Oh no…not another…bubble attack… please help me…”

Moe girls and super technology are deadly combos.

Shu eventually wins against Ayase after he pulls a void weapon from Arugo. This new weapon creates a massive black bubble to tempary blind Ayase’s machine allowing Shu to win the match. Before they can throw a party over his big win, Tsugumi arrives to tell them some horrible news involving Gai’s mission. They learn the area was completely destroyed by the Leucocyte making everyone think Gai was killed in the attack.

Shu- “So, what are we watching guys? Oh cool that area got so owned!”

Shu- “Why is everyone pointing their guns at me? Guys?”

Extra crowns!

Ayase is so deadly yet damn sexy!

Tsugumi is monitoring the Hnnnnggg levels and finding them disturbingly high.

I think your Star Trek side is showing.

Gai-“Why aren’t you wearing that nurse cosplay?”                      Inori-“You are a strange man…”

Shu- “So does that chair has four wheel drive?”             Ayase- “I don’t know, let’s test it on your face.”

End Thoughts:

This episode is really a mixed bag, teetering on awesome one minute and mind-numbingly stupid the next. Let’s start with the good. I like that Shu is still keeping the pen on him in case he needs to make a quick escape. Although he’s working with Funeral Parlour, he doesn’t exactly feel like a member of the family yet. It’s good that he’s still resisting, because it’s not exactly an opportunity most people would jump at. Risking your life every day against a ruthless power that runs Japan? Not fun. I appreciate that glimmer of distrust that’s still in his eyes, because it makes a lot more sense than a protagonist who is all gungho and jumping at any chance to punch people in their face. Although, he could turn down the lashing out at Gai down juuussst a little bit. He’s doing what he can (and he’s secretly sick! I have so much respect for Gai!) and Shu still has to hate him just because he’s a good leader. That’s just being overly sensitive as opposed to looking out for your life and being cautious, and that tends to be irritating after a while.

Inori drifted farther away from Shu this episode. Thank goodness. Robot girl told him that all of her affectionate actions were just ploys to get him to be obedient. A scene I loved, until I realized that she was lying. Gai may have told her that, but Inori obviously ended up becoming extremely attached to Shu in the process. Otherwise, why would all of her inner thoughts revolve around Shu? Why does she spend half of her time alone muttering his name under her breath and sighing heavily? If she was just trying to trick him, she could badmouth him in her alone time, but her strong feelings for him persist. I’ll be curious to see how the two interact in the later episodes.

Okay, now for the bad. Ecchi jokes. Just when things start looking good, they have to throw in some tsundere shit to keep those crazzzzzy otaku happy.Ayase is a cool, independent characters who shouldn’t be reduced to slapping people due to indecent exposure. I really digged her wheelchair takedown of Shu in their first introduction because it showed off how fierce she was, and that you shouldn’t look down on someone just because they’re in a wheelchair. At the same time she’s kind (in her own way) to Shu when she sees him suffering, and gives him a little pep talk. If only Inori had an iota of her spunk. *sighs*

Well, this was an interesting episode. We finally got to learn the truth behind the relationship between Inori and Shu, part of me already figured it wasn’t anything real between them. You can see it easily based on how she was acting around Shu; especially during the firing range scene and her line of don’t get close to me. And then he saw Inori walk into Gai’s bedroom! Talk about adding fuel to the fire, but this is just one giant misunderstanding after all. It does open a few more doors and countless questions about Gai and Inori. Like what’s wrong with Gai and who does Inori remind him of?! I wonder if Inori looks like a friend of Gai? Either way I hope we learn some more about that soon.

And finally we got to see Ayase come into play with this episode. She is one of my favorite girls so far, next to Tsugumi of course. Now I have seen a few blogs comment on the whole girl beats up the main guy as an overused scene. To a certain point they are right and it is extremely common in anime but Ayase had to put Shu in his place after looking down on her or feeling sorry for being on a wheelchair. That subject hits kind of close to me often; people look at someone like that and think I SHOULD feel sorry for them. But in Ayase’s case this is a chance to show off her other strengths besides having a disability. I did like how Shu and Ayase sort of bonded near the end, so I can’t hate Shu forever.

And now for Gai, it’s easy to tell why he is popular with everyone; after all he is a strong leader and has great style in clothes? Well I did see a preview of the next episode so I have an idea what to expect. We should prepare ourselves for the random character themed episodes, like Tsumugi themed episode and why she is so damn moe! Hopefully those episodes don’t turn into Shu sitting in a corner crying for being alone forever and ever.


Fantastic group shot of the girls this week.

The quest to find the missing Gai! Hopefully he isn’t laying in pieces all over the beach.


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17 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 05”

  1. Reaper says:

    Honestly, I had felt as if Shu was going to use the secret-pen-of-awesome-sauce when he saw Inori walking to Gai’s bedroom for their monthly romp…chat (I’m guessing that Gai needs her blood for some reason, probably most related to his ability in seeing the genomes of others). I mean, with the kinda guy Shu is…I was sure he was gonna give a ‘screw you, I’m taking my princess from this castle!’, but then at the end, I had switched sides and thought he would snap the pen, especially when he touched based and was accepted into Undertaker…but he didn’t…a potential blackmail to take Inori from Gai?
    But never mind that, the side characters are taking the spotlight! Especially with Ayase; expected her character to be the strong-willed type, but not much of the tsun/angst we see from some characters (not as useless as Nunally or overkill like Ume Shiraume…that girl has problems). Maybe not much in the way of Ayase’s backstory yet apart from her wheelchair disability but can’t wait to see the little nuances between the Undertaker team…though I guess they’re probably too shocked by the Leukocyte attack than being buddy-buddy with Shu (damn it, this just had to remind me of my microbiology exam….MUST STUDY!)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I was waiting on Shu to use it after Inori walked off with Gai it would have been perfect but ah well…Yeah I wonder what is really wrong with Gai? Some interesting questions! I want to know who Inori looks like that Gai happens to know? My money is on a sister or something.

      Ayase! She is awesome to watch even with her disability she shows it will not get in her way or slow her down. Damn space cannon of death! That was crazy <3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Shu shouldn’t judge people based on their appearances because it just cost him dearly. Ayase is sending us a message: “Don’t you dare look down on us just because we’re bound to a wheelchair”. Man, paralyzed or not, Ayase is as sexy as Tsugumi is as moe and hot.

    Inori is pretty good with guns. Her aim is scary and she hasn’t missed a single shot (She mostly shot for the head and the heart). *shivers* But the way she left with Gai after coldly dropping Shu’s feelings has made her look like a bitch to everyone who saw this episode. You couldn’t believe the angry comments I’ve seen about her over the past two days. And I’m sure something’s going on that nobody knows about yet. I think of it more as a brother and sister like relationship.

    Where do they make these weapons of mass destruction? A satellite canon that even plow a hole in the sea. You can see the water around the blast point was curved.

    I imagine that when studios are gathering seiyuus, they round up the familiar ones and have a reunion. We’ve got Yuki Kaji, Kana Hanazawa and Nobuhiko Okamoto playing Kido. All who’ve worked together in Ao no Exorcist and other number of animes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yes! And Shu got quickly owned for that, Ayase shows she doesn’t want anyone to think of her as weak or helpless and that is really great. Agreed she is sexy ahaha and Tsugumi is so moeeeee have you seen the original drawings of Tsugumi? She is less loli-fied than this version.

      Yes! Inori is amazing with her gun action but she never uses guns during missions? I guess that suit she wears doesn’t leave room for guns. Yeah I think Gai and Inori have a bro/sis relationship but I wonder what Shu will do next time, but one thing is clear Inori does think about Shu and she worries about him.

      That cannon is awesome! I can see why Gai would want it 😉

      LOLOL Yes! Now that you mention it we need a Guilty Crown X Ao no Exorcist crossover…well maybe not those two >.>

  3. Gecko says:

    Finally, I was waiting for Shu to just join Undertaker already. Not to mention that Ayase ended up being a pretty cool character. I was expecting her to just be a Gai-fangirl, but she’s definitely my favorite character now.
    Speaking of Gai, even though the preview on the Guilty Crown website seems to show he’s alive, I wouldn’t feel horrible if he died. It would push Inori into emotion, and Shu could actually try to grow as a person rather than just sitting around like an emo kid. And plus it would be dramatic and somewhat unexpected, considering it’s a little early to just kill the rebel leader off like a fly. (Although look at Mami… she had 3 episodes.)
    And Inori… thank goodness you aren’t actually in love with Shu for now. I don’t really think she was super horrible per se, but Shu was just really delusional, to try and get her like that. And gosh, if Gai gave her a name, he sure forgot to give her emotions. That would sure help besides this cold slate of personality coming from her.
    So far, Guilty Crown isn’t really that deep, although it makes a nice break from Mawaru Penguindrum. At least the animation is pretty~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray Shu! But he was joining for all the wrong reasons…after all Gai stole his girl away T__T then again he was useeeddd and trolled so hard by her. Ayase is going to become a fan favorite really fast <3

      Yeah I saw the preview and was like meh he survived, I figured he would after all if you kill him this early the fan girls will kill the producers.

      I think Inori does have some "feelings" towards Shu, she might not love him but she does worry about him even during his training mission versus Ayase she said his name so even if there is no love she has a connection to him.

      Right Guilty Crown doesn't have a deep plot it has some nice animation 😉

  4. Joojoobees says:

    Here’s my theory on Inori: she looks like the woman Gai loved, who was used as the source from which Inori was cloned.

    As for Ayase slapping Shu, that was clearly unfair. First she knocked him unconscious and stripped him, then she enters, unannounced, into his holding cell and gets upset that he has no clothes on? Why is Shu the one who gets slapped for that?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I believe that theory of yours, it’s either a past love or a sibling of his? Either way were dealing with some attachment issues with Gai and a mysterious pink haired person he knows.

      LOLOL Yeah that is totally not really fair I can agree there I did think it was funny that she was shocked to see him naked…I wonder what that whole scene was about? I guess random “man service”

  5. amado says:

    it feels weird for me to say that I like how some people are hating shuu…
    I actually liked how inori gave him the cold shoulder even though its pretty clear that she does have a thing for him.
    really, shuu should be a bit more competent. he fought with a sword and has gotten in combat so he shouldnt be that pathetic. I mean, how would he have low stamina when he was able to fight and run for couple of minutes. he was even able to jump from bubble to bubble pretty easily so him having low athletics adds to my complaint of his character inconsistent.

    they should make the characters a bit more stereotype then add some characterization. feels like they’re giving everyone too much “humanity” that I dont have a care for any of them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right I have seen plenty of haters of Shu and on the other side I have seen a few lovers of him! Seems to be a 50/50 thing related to his personality and how he acts around Inori and other girls hell even how he acts around Gai.

      I think when he enters “battle mode” something inside of him goes numb? You can see his eyes go dark and he doesn’t talk much during that mode. Then again we have seen him acting fully aware of things like when he used the power from Daryl, Kido and this new guy.

      Right at least on the girls side of things we have a moe-blob, kind of tsun one and the quiet girl! I wonder if we will get some clear things with Shu? I know he is still in depressed-I-Don’t-wanna-be-here-mode…

      • anaaga says:

        Or maybe it’s just the cool animation since that’s all this thing is about

        • Foshizzel says:

          AGREED! Guilty Crown will gain so much praise for animation but as it stands if we did a top three right now, I probably would stick crown in the honorable mentions pile for now but I will wait for ep12! And see if my thoughts actually change.

  6. anaaga says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what to say about Shu. He’s definitely a moron at heart because… Just look at him! But I realized that characters like Shu are the ones that tend to develop the most in anime, so I’m lovin’ the progress of Shu’s improvement. Even if it’s just a tiny bit.
    The fight at the end was a bit disappointing because I didnt get to see Shu beaten up yet, but it’s nice to see how Shu’s at least using his brain for his strategy. Well, not really.

    God, the ecchi is annoying as hell. Are the days where non-ecchi anime used to exist gone already? At least the ones who don’t have OBVIOUS ecchi?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahhh true that Anaaga I guess Shu is slowly progressing and you are right on the money these guys are the ones that develop as the series runs with 22 episodes I hope we see something happen. Of course I don’t expect him to be godly around episode 10 or so, it would be awesome but yea…

      I know! That was a lame “tag” game…ah well Shu should keep a notebook of who’s void is more powerful just for those moments when Inori isn’t around, I wonder if Gai has one! LOL

      True the ecchi levels might not be anywhere near Maken-ki or Maji but you are right the days of non ecchi anime might be over…unless you watch something like Ika Musume or Kimi to boku? More slice of life with comedy..

  7. Alynn says:

    B-basically shirtless Gai? I think I’m dying over here.

    But yea! I don’t particularly hate or like Shu. It’s just ‘meh’ for me.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yep! It looks like he lost his shirt in the preview xD

      Right I should learn to accept Shu and stop hating on him…

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