Guilty Crown – 06

Segai comes with his own webcam perfect for those late night chats.


 Let’s rock and roll! Start!
 Welcome back for more fun Guilty Crown on Metanorn! Well I know this series will continue to get either lots of love or lots of hate, depending on what side you stand with anyway time to start the review so enjoy.Gai managed to survive the giant laser attack and comes up with a new plan for revenge; after a heated debate between Shu and Gai with some fists thrown at each other Shu eventually agrees to take part in the mission. While they are invade the base they discover the leucocythe one is about to fall right on top of Tokyo! Inori’s combines weapons for Shu to form one giant beam gun and blows up the Satellite before it has a chance to crash.

Gai-“Hmmm why am I hungry for BBQ chicken now?”

Yes! Gai survived the Leucocythe’s main attack somehow but sadly everyone else that joined in the mission got toasted. The rest of the team picks up Gai and patch him up while he goes over a new mission plan to get back at the GHQ which requires Shu and Kenji team up and make use of his gravity gun to stop the floating cores stored inside a “floating cage” since no one can physically touch the cores inside without dying. Shu on the other hand decides to protest against this mission with a rage quit; and Kenji makes a few wise cracks at Shu causing him to run away like a girl.

Shu-“Why does everyone hate me?”                                        Gai-“You kind of smell bad…just saying…”

Inori finds Shu alone after he ran off and talks to him about Gai, she gives him a few orders and finds Gai’s personal trailer where he rests for a moment. Shu starts to eavesdrop on Gai as he talks to himself thinking it was Inori on the other side. He reveals some secrets that he isn’t the super impressive leader that everyone thinks he is, well Gai you can’t be awesome all the time. He starts to question himself, and finds Shu standing in the door way and was listening the whole time. The two of them exchange fists for a brief moment before Shu finally gives up and decides to help him.

Shu-“What is it Inori? Did Timmy get lost in the woods?!”                                 Inori-“……”

Shu-“Sorry but I don’t feel like saving the world today….”                   Gai-“Oooooh? really?”

Shu-“OUCH! ALRIGHT! I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD!”              Gai-“That sounds better.”

The next day arrives and that means mission time! Hooray! This time everyone rushes into the base after the others distract a few guards, Ayase joins in to keep Daryl busy with his own machine. I really had no idea the funeral parlor stole Daryl’s mecha until this episode which is kind of amazing. Once inside Shu and Gai start the real mission of using Kenji’s gravity gun to screw up the cores, until Daryl mind jumps to another machine nearby and attempts to challenge Gai who kicks his metal ass so fast! Before Daryl was defeated he managed to crack the glass on the floating cage causing the leucocyte one to get screwed up and sets a crash course headed straight for Tokyo.

Truck-Chan just wants to PLAY!!

Daryl-“I am giving you the bird right now I swear…you just can’t see it!”

Well since you asked so nicely….

With chaos happening outside everyone plans their escape until Gai and the others run into Segai who explains the true use of Shu’s special pen. His pen is actually connected to Leucocyte! The pen was programmed to fire if the buttons were ever pressed, this would have sent the satellite to the pens location. Gai takes the pen and plans to sacrifice himself; Inori magically shows up and combined Kenji’s gravity gun and Shu’s kick ass sword forming a massive laser canon for him to use. Screams FLCL’s baseball scene to me only less crazy! We end the episode after Shu blows up the satellite with his cannon saving Tokyo and he haves Gai a handshake, so does this mean they are friends at last? I wouldn’t hold your breath on that.

Shu-“Damn this thing is huge!”               Kenji-“That’s what she said? Get it I am calling you a girl.”

Best laser weapon ever!

Gai-“Yep just a couple of dudes hanging out looking at the sky…”             Shu-“I still hate you.”

Extra Crown

Segai-“I don’t just text words I also use cute emoticons tee hee hee..”

little man service for the girls out there.

One of the best moments of the episode! Still not as cool as FLCL thou.

Inori-“Fuuuu! This is the fifth time this week! Waking up in a random spot again…”

Daily dose of Tsugumi doing something cute! Enjoy!

End thoughts

Jesus, what even happened in this episode? It felt like they threw in everything, from girls standing alone in the rain, to punch outs to satellites hurtling towards the earth. The scientific term for this is “clusterfuck,” no? Pretty much every character was in this episode too. Everything was so jumpy and quick that it was hard to keep up at times. At the very least, this episode was packed with delicious VIOLENCE – my favourite part of the show!! First and foremost, Gai finally got to show off more of his moves. I love the mecha fights, don’t get me wrong, but nothing can quite compare to some seriously badass martial art action. Especially when the animation is this detailed. He pummeled Shu and then took down Daryl’s mecha. A MECHA. The dude seriously earns all those followers if he can do that without breaking a sweat. GAI-SAMA, I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU~!

Why on earth wouldn’t Shu think of Gai as a good leader? I get that being in a rebel organization is incredibly sketchy, but Gai himself is worthy of his trust. You could say it’s because he thinks Gai is getting it on with Inori and using her, but he hated Gai before that as well. I am just incredibly glad Shu has stopped bitching about Gai. Bitching about risking your life – fine. Bitching about a good leader making good decisions in order to save people – no. Stop, not making sense, Shu. I’m not even sure why they started to punch each other either. I’m pretty sure that not all conversations between two guys leads to punching, and yet this is what anime is teaching me. I really liked the more vulnerable side that Gai was showing, and I enjoyed the monologue…until it turned into a fist fight. I really don’t get the characterization in this show anymore. The relationship between Shu and Gai as well as between Shu and Inori is very, very weird.

There were some interesting developments amongst the ridiculous satellite laser battles though! For one, the “Guilty Crown” part of the show has started to rear its head. Inori seemed to show a different personality when she called out to Shu in the last part of the episode, perhaps awakening to her true self. That would be a convenient way to explain her lack of a personality. Does this mean that Shu is King? King of what? Everything is all terribly vague right now, but it’s certainly an interesting little thread of the plot that I’m content to slowly tug at as the episodes go by. The second development was less of a development and more of…Kenji just existing. They made a big deal rescuing him, and then he just casually joins them – no questions asked. So…uh…are we gonna find out why he’s a mass murderer, what his motives are or…anything? No? We just rescued him and now he does quirky things and makes fangirls swoon? *sigh* Okay, I won’t get my hopes up.

Damn! We got some drama and great action this time; I would even say this is one of my favorite episodes so far next to the fifth episode thanks to the gravity gun. The drama side of things dealt with Gai and some of the tough choices he had to do like killing that girl! But I realize it was something he had to do after all I don’t think she would have survived long. I really enjoyed seeing Gai have that short breakdown but damn Inori she can be so sneaky! I was a bit shocked to see Inori pull that on Gai, well she is super quiet and you know what people say about the quiet ones. Shu did deserve those punches from Gai after listening in on him like that, but it seemed to end with them both knocking some since into each other. That scene really made me think of Renton and Holland from Euerka Seven although in that series Holland beats Renton’s ass.

Some of the best moments had to be Ayase fighting off Daryl with his own machine wow that must have been embarrassing for him, not only did Ayase kick his ass but we saw Gai beat him without using a robot and only using a hand gun. That scene just proves how impressive Gai really can be when he isn’t acting lonely or talking to himself. Besides Daryl getting kicked around it was nice to see Kenji getting a chance to take part in a mission, but he still seems like odd character his personality. Watching Kenji and Shu talk to each other makes me think he is like Shu’s little brother or something, I can tell those two will butt heads in the future.

I slowly figured out the pen was connected to the Leucocyte somehow! But I didn’t realize there were two versions, the satellite and the laser canon so good thing for reading skills huh? I did find it strange how Inori just magically popped up right in front of Shu like that; maybe she has some extra teleportation power that we don’t know of? I did laugh watching her combine the sword and gravity gun like that to create a super canon for Shu. However it was still impressive to watch, that scene made me think of FLCL and the baseball themed episode. Overall this was a fun episode but what did you think of about it?


Best ending artwork so far and looks like Tsugumi is getting close to Shu? Awesome.

Gai and Shu are becoming best buddies?! Say it isn’t so.


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21 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 06”

  1. Gecko says:

    Well, Gai, you just keep living for those fangirls, don’t you? But it’s probably best if he’s there to make sure everything runs smoothly. I must say, it was awesome to see him fighting against Daryl without a mecha to help. Not to mention I’m somewhat happy to see that he does have faults. If he didn’t have any, then Shu would have been right about him being a “cocky guy with a nice face” or whatever he had said. XD I agree with overcooled about the whole Gai-Shu-Inori relationship. Gai and Shu went from talking to punching really quickly, and Inori was randomly sneaky.
    Looks like Inori showed some emotions here, although it was weird how she popped out of nowhere like that, I agree. But man that weapon was AWESOME. And the fighting was pretty cool.
    And thank goodness Shu manned up a bit. Although I still think he’s delusional.
    With Kenji, in episode 4 he was their comrade or whatever, so he was going to join them after they saved him. So I guess they just forgot to tell us or something.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it’s nice to see that side of Gai after all he is far from perfect but at least we got to see it, haha yes! Gai versus Daryl for the win it just proved how awesome he can be.

      There is defiantly something going on with the whole Gai/Shu/Inori relationship and wow was Inori ever sneaky?! Ahahaha I was surprised she went that far. I still don’t know what to think about Inori…Sure she showed some emotions this time so that was nice.

      One thing Guilty Crown proves it can do really well is the action scenes, I just wish the rest of it would do the same…ah well that super weapon was amazing! Combining weapons like that was nice.

      I have a feeling Kenji has some personal issues with Shu, it seems they might not get along hahaa

  2. Kitty says:

    Seriously, Kido is going to kill me!!! That and the Bon clone are my favs!! That fight between Shun and Gai was awesome!! Another great episode. (Wow, I lack in comment contain lately… -_-; I blame it on Fate / Extra. Gomenasai!)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah no problem! Kido is a interesting character I still want to see a bit more of him but we can tell he doesn’t get along with Shu yet…Yeah Shu and Gai fighting was a bit strange for me but ah well there is a lot of tension between them xDD

  3. Reaper says:

    Kenji is the comic relief we’ve been needing from this show, and as for Shu…well, I guess you could say he manned up, or rather, stopped doing a Shinji? Glad to see he’s not completely self-absorbed at times after listening to Gai’s soliloquy. Not much else to say really about this ep, though it was awesome with the action (and Daryl’s return! and subsequent defeat…oh, he’ll be cheery the next time we see him…) and how this ep seems to be the new source of memes…Truck-chan, oh god! And that Sword-Laser is just awesome though, what is FLCL? I can only think of LCL but that’s not a weapon…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohh really? Ahahah I would laugh if Kenji was a “Yui” like from Angel beats or K-On the hyper random character? Or that side kick from Un-Go?! That would be nice.

      Shu probably realized something after Gai knocked his skull around in his head. I think it’s like Shu decided to man up after seeing Gai hurting for his team? Something like that.

      Ooooh Daryl is so much fun and I died laughing when Ayase used his own machine against him…that has to suck for Daryl and Gai kicked his ass too! LOLOL

      FLCL? Ohhh man you are missing out! It’s a six episode series, there is an episode where the main kid Naota who uses a guitar to swing at a falling satellite shaped like a baseball to save his town from getting blown up.

  4. amado says:

    guys should read the other blogs. this must be the only blog post ive seen that hasnt admitted the major flaws of this ep(except for overcooled).

    idiotic soldiers, why did they try to run at inori when she shot one of them. they had their own guns, which were even bigger and stronger. they charged at her, expecting to beat her up?

    gai suddenly confessing? that really felt scripted. and shu immediately trusted inori so quick without giving a benefit of doubt or at least say “leave me alone”.

    combining the sword and gun to create that void that can destroy a satellite? woowee, now they can easily destroy the base of the enemy. oh wait, they’ll forget about it next ep, not use it simply, or there is a limit.

    too many convenient things happening. I now wish I didnt swear to watch this series through…

    • Foshizzel says:

      True, I usually don’t look for the flaws to much in this series since I know the guards in most anime are always so dumb! Ahahaha and when it comes to shooting guess what THEY ALWAYS MISS…damn T___T poor guards.

      Shu trusts people to easily I swear one day it will get him killed or taken by the GHQ again.

      That weapon combination scene was a bit wtf I will admit and it seemed to be screaming TTGL and some FLCL with the satellite falling.

      LOL! Well do what I am doing watching for the pure wtf and mindless entertainment factor <3 However if you have to drop it then go right ahead you can always read our stuffs 😉

  5. BlackBriar says:

    So far so good with the episodes. Nothing adds better to the drama than a liitle psychological trauma, especially when it’s a cool-headed leader. I wonder how long Gai has been holding on to that kind of despair.

    How long has Shu been with them? He’s gotten so much taller that he’s almost matching Gai’s height. And he’s gotten bold as well: eavesdropping on people while they’re having their moment of weakness(that’s cold,dude), starting a fight and being able to take a hit without whining.

    Whoa, pink haired girls this season are hot, dangerous and near psychotic. Inori/Yuno (Mirai Nikki). Inori is awesome with guns. She first gives a warning, ignore that and she’ll show no mercy. If those are the clothes she wears everytime she goes into a fight, I’m gonna start asking for battles every episode. I don’t know why this comes to mind but I read a Final Fantasy XIII post saying girls with pink hair are called “Strawberry Blondes”. That sounds awesome.

    We get our weekly dose of crazies. Daryl is back and is batshit crazy to get revenge. And Segai gives off some Mephisto vibes, always watching the show from the sidelines and making decisions behind the scenes for his own amusement.

    Shu and Inori rule the end of the episode once again with a huge Gun-blade. Damn, I gotta get me one of those. I liking them together more and more. If we had a VS post with couples rather than just individuals, who would we want to win?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Gai was showing a new side to him this week and it seems Shu is getting used to the others but Inori! Damn she can be sneaky…Well Gai got to knock Shu around for a bit even while hurt xD

      I know right? There are sooooo many pink haired girls and Yuno! I know we all love her, and agreed I want more battles scenes I really wanted to see Inori run around and shoot people.

      YAY!!! Daryl and Segai Those two are always fun and Segai’s magic eye?! Wtf is that thing for hahaha

      Gunblade was amazing! And very cheesy….True! Couples versus might be interesting I have no idea who I would pair up against Shu and Inori?

  6. Alynn says:

    I love Gai even more now. Is that even possible? jfksdh
    Though it felt really random when he was confessing into thin air… Like does he do this on a regular basis? Inori knew it was going to happen apparently. :/

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well Gai is very awesome to watch hahah

      Inori is something special….I want to learn more about her and why Shu keeps on seeing some other chick! I have a odd feeling he knew her in the past or someone like her.

  7. moritheil says:

    Shu’s persistent resentment may be illogical, but I find that people in real life do tend to hold petty grudges in much the same way when they initially decide they just don’t like someone. That doesn’t necessarily make it more fun to watch, but I can kind of see what they’re trying to model.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooh yes! There is some odd stuff going on between Shu and Gai this week and it seems like Shu accepted Gai a bit to fast….Ah well maybe Shu is up to something?

  8. Kencana says:

    THIS IS the first series in which I like villainsmore than the ‘group of heroes’. Yeah. (Usually) I like villains but I like hero more.

    Mainly because villain here have style and sense of humor *like Daryl and Segai*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooh yes! Agreed it is really rare to find a series with great villains and with Guilty Crown we get mostly Daryl and Segai, both of them are really fun to watch.

      The good guys are a bit meh! But I don’t mind because Ayase is awesome <3

      • Kencana says:

        I’m agree. Ayase is awesome.

        “It’s like falling in love for the first time!” – Segai.
        I laugh a bit.

  9. Joojoobees says:

    I still think of this show as eye candy. The actual substance (drama, plot, characters, “science”, strategy) makes little to no sense, but it looks great.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That is probably a good way to view it from now on as eye candy and it works. Yeah sadly they lack hardcore in everything! Like Drama, plot and lolwut “Strategy” xDD it’s like the science in most Gundam anime, if you try to think about it your mind will not survive the process…

  10. sakura_fai says:

    I feel like I’m the only one that likes Shu and not Gai. :/ To me, it felt like Gai sacrificed human lives too easily, until his soliloquy in this episode showed that he does have his regrets.

    but still…two/three episodes back Gai didn’t start his mission until after Darly killed all those people….

    Ah, but I have a feeling Shu is holding back on us. His flashbacks or when he’s using the Void doesn’t match up with his wimpy self. Perhaps he lost his memories and became a weak guy? Plus, I’m curious about Shu’s mom.

    I love everything about this anime, except for the plot. It feels so episodic, with each one focusing on taking down the GMC and then a little character development at the end.

    THanks for the funny pictures btw, esp Truck-chan. ~<3

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