Fate/Zero – 08

Kirei: Tree-chan… lemme make love to you

My Saturday started with Adventures of Tintin and ended up with some anime marathoning and of course, the Fate/Zero live watch with even more people this time: Foshy, Jrow, Foomafoo, Kuroshinko and Cools. Why is it fun live watching via skype, you ask? Well, some very funny comments and just pure old fun of discussion. Like I always say, if you want to drop by next week, just message me on twitter.

Coming to the current episode, for those pouting people for no action in the previous episode, here you go; loads of action, revealing even more plot pointers. We start off with Iri, being escorted by Maiya to safety. She sure does get escorted a lot, doesn’t she? Living the life for sure and she is important, not only because Kiritsugu loves her. As the feeling is quite mutual, rather than going away from danger, Iri along with Maiya intercepts Kirei, foiling his plans to faceoff Kiritsugu.

That BIG BANG that we left off at in the previous episode, finally results in Kayneth, seeing a glimpse of lala land because the bullet breaks through his special Volumen Hydragram’s Autonomous Defense. You know that giant silvery dango, which creepily scalps, sends feelers out and destroys everything in its path? Now that he got beaten, the asshole keeps on talking like a high-handed queen with protruding veins on his face. I would like to think he’s going through minor heart-attacks on each step with the kind of face he’s making. While he bullshits after Kiritsugu, he in turn strategize to screw his plan to kingdom come with another deadly round of his special gun. In short, gathering his mana for defense was a mistake.

Before the fun part though, a wild Kirei appeared in the forest~

Maiya welcomed him with a shower of bullets but of course, this is Kirei we are talking about and he dodges all of them like a pro. The death scene was so fake that I was screaming a decoy at the top of my lungs when Maiya showed herself in the open. I wished to see Black Keys in the last review and here I got ‘em and I got ‘em GOOD because Kirei shows his amazing moves, which must have really hurt, Maiya. Not that I bothered much; yeah, I know, I have a stone heart.

Seeing a comrade down, Iri finally shows some of her strength in combat. Good thing is that Kiritsugu has not only taught her drunk driving but some awesome crochet combat as well. She imprisons Kirei using her brand of alchemy but it turns out that he has a thing for trees, which gives away under his constant thrusting…

Poor Tree-chan couldn’t win against DAT ASS

Things progress brilliantly with Lancer/Saber teaming up because even if the tentacled monsters haven’t reduced in number, due to continuous resurfacing, their team spirit is still blazing hot. When Saber finally uses her air-elemental attack, Lancer rides the wind and gouges away at Caster’s noble phantasm: his grimoire. The victory washes over them in a rain of bloody shower and if you heard a reverberating yayyyyy! on Saturday, that was probably me after this scene. Just when Saber was ready for her last blow, Caster uses a bloody fog as his escape card. Oh c’mon, someone die already!!! Not in this episode at least. Being the honourable heroes they are, Saber lets Lancer save his master rather than continuing her fight with him. Shucks, that’s the King of Knights for ya.

On the other hand, we find something very interesting: Kiritsugu’s origin lies in severing and binding, which is different from destroying and regenerating; for example, cut a rope and bind a knot to repair it, that’s never a perfect regeneration or mending because the rope would never be the same again. What’s interesting is that his sensei, Natalia, made sixty-six bullets with his two ribs (powdered form), sealing a part of his soul in them to make a highly powerful weapon named “Origin Bullets”. They are extremely dangerous to magi because it not only shorts their magical circuit but repairs them unnaturally to the point that it leaves the recipient broken from inside. If the first bullet physically wounded Kayneth, the second literally blasted his magical mana, leaving him almost senseless and grasping for air. If it weren’t for the timely arrival of Lancer, Kiritsugu would have surely killed him. Dang.

As the other battles climax, Kirei’s assault comes to a premature halt with Saber underfoot as reported by his servant. Though of course, he won’t leave without wounding the two women in question. He just can’t believe that Iri and Maiya decided on their own accord to intercept him so that he couldn’t reach Kiritsugu. Kirei is unable to understand these women’s motivation because he’s devoid of emotion and thinks the same for Kiritsugu being blank and not understood by anyone. In short, you can say, he’s jealous of Kiritsugu’s trio-harem. He leaves them literally for dead but this is where you realize that Kiritsugu has done some clever thinking of sealing Avalon (Saber’s Noble Phantasm) in Iri as a conceptual weapon to which Saber unknowingly provided mana, when she touches Iri. The contact makes the connection stronger and she even heals Maiya, who I thought would be a total goner.

Broamance killers All Hail the trio-harem of Kiritsugu, who saved him yet again…

Extra Zeroes:

Meet Mr. Hulk

Is it just me who HNNGSS every time Kirei (Nakata Jouji) or Kiritsugu (Rikiya Koyama) speaks?!

It’s ketchup, silly!

Why does it always rain on me?!

There’s something very satisfying when a baddie hits the dust

End Thoughts: 

No one DIED. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. While watching this episode, I was literally screaming, ‘Where are the deaths, guys?’. Why do I have a feeling that the second cour would be everyone dying left, right and center? I’m loving the pacing but damn it, give me some deaths already! I’m used to the cutthroat ways of the Holy Grail war so no, I’m not shy or anything; even if I have emotional attachment to some characters, I’ll take their deaths as a trooper and move on to greener pastures. So, c’mon already don’t disappoint me like this, ufotable!

From the way I started, you would think I’m being an elitist and hatin’ on Fate/Zero but how can I?! I love this series and every new fact revealed leaves me speculating for more. Did you hear that awesome BGM, while the Lancer/Saber/Caster fight was going on? I love that heart-beating sound with eerie chorus mix; graah, when is the OST coming out! Anyways, I think it’s time that I reveal some of my thoughts, first is Iri being the Holy Grail vessel. Now, for those who have seen Fate/stay night, already know that a vessel is needed for Holy Grail to manifest and in this war, Iri is that Lesser Grail and the reason Kirei was so astonished of her joining him in combat. Like hinted before, Einzbern have created her as a special homunculus for being the Lesser Grail (vessel), a tool to their advantage to reach Akashik records (where truth of everything lies) at the climax of the war.

Speaking of Akasha, it’s a good time to talk about Origins too. If defined crudely, it’s the basic instinct of a person, a “chaotic impulse” driving the force of one’s existence, which accumulates through reincarnations. It’s different for different individuals and if you have seen Kara no Kyoukai, you already know that Ryougi Shiki’s origin is murder, while Lio’s consumption and Azaka’s taboo. So, it was interesting that Kiritsugu’s was severing and binding, discovered by his sensei, Natalia. In brief, she’s the one who rescued him from a tight situation, after which he literally followed her footsteps becoming a weapon for church to kill heretic magi.

If you really think about it, he was used as a tool throughout his life and even his contract with the Einzbern was to be a tool in the Holy Grail War. This instinct has become so ingrained in him, that he treats everyone that comes in contact with him as a tool too. Maiya, the trusted foot soldier, while Saber the ultimate servant; the only people who shake his faith on tools is his family (Iri and Illya), but even he knows that he has to sacrifice one to save another. The reason he has delegated Saber to Iri is because he’s unable to see eye to eye with her ‘Hero’s Honour and Valour’, he would’ve preferred Caster or even Assassin as a servant, but he should be glad that he got the ultimate servant in terms of power. I can only see Saber getting even more pissed off with his attitude and I would be glad if they come to understand one another but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

I should stop talking about deaths because I can only hope for reverse-psychology to work and we getting some in the next episode but I literally won’t say it this time as my screaming above should suffice. The ones who are dwindling by a thread is definitely Kayneth and Caster. We just have to see if Risei and Tokiomi’s plan succeeds in getting that extra command seal by involving Gilgamesh into the mix. Some Broskander would be much welcome too!

Preview: There would be definitely some Rider and him saving Waver is no surprise. Sola-Ui sounds pretty greedy, trying to get ALL OF Lancer for herself. Who knows, she might actually get her wish granted? And as Tokiomi would be around, you should expect more cloak and daggers as usual. Till next time, Ja ne~


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27 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 08”

  1. T.K. says:

    I’m also quite disappointed at the lack of death and the OST will only come in freaking MARCH. ;~; And I bet there’s already a meme of Kirei humping a tree till breaking point out there.

    About the origin, I thought Ryougi’s origins also included “Emptiness”. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Reaper says:

    What? Original soundtrack in March? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My despair has grown…sob. Oh well, an episode with Fate/Zero packed with action makes up for this! For Irisviel (my waifu~) and Maiyu, I’ve always wondered how they felt about each other’s relationship to Kiritsugu; I’m glad there’s no psychotic bitch fight for him (which I would understand) but it’s just something that piques my interest…
    The battles all around, between the ladies and Kotomine, Kiritsugu and Kayneth, and Saber/Lancer against Caster, were each very satisfying, from Strike Air/Boomelancer-like attack, to Kayneth’s horrific demise…though I winced when Kotomine stabbed the Black Keys into Irisviel (and raged at him), though I am glad they gave a peak of Natalie. At first, I completely blanked on her character, thinking of Touko with her original design, but there were no cigarette or glasses, hence Natalia it was 🙂
    Heheh, Caster’s face should become the new meme for the Rage Guy XD

    • Kyokai says:

      Yeah, except for deaths, we got some awesome development indeed! About Iri and Maiya, I knew they were civil ladies so they would never felt threatened by each other. Also, Iri is far more important than Maiya to Kiritsugu but he does suffer from detachment whenever in battle.

      Oh, I almost wailed when Black Keys pierced Iri, the live watchers will back me up on that. Kirei can be so deadly and yes, detached like Kiritsugu; though, I don’t think they are alike in my books. I would say Kiritsugu knows a bit more refinement because he has a purpose while Kirei is just a killing machine without a purpose.

      Btw, Natalia was smoking but as I had recently read about Kiritsugu, her profile was quite clear to me. If only we would see more of her. I can wish, right? The next demotivational poster I make would be of Caster’s rage face saying, Y U DO DIS?! xD

  3. anaaga says:

    My origin is PORN. Or yaoi

    Just sayin’

  4. BlackBriar says:

    We’ve been cheated!! No one died and even worse, I had high hopes that miserable mistake of nature Caster would finally be killed. Try harder next time!! I built up anxiety for nothing!! But still, Saber/Lancer almost made up for it.

    I knew there were a lot of rumors on Kirei but I didn’t even consider he’d this cold and heartless. He was pretty much a machine the way he dealt with Iri and Maiya. And his sword attacks are too familiar. Maybe I’ve been watching a little too much Hellsing lately. Moreover, he’s from a church. Coincidence, maybe? Iri was lucky she had a trump card on her side.

    Kiritsugu is still the top badass. He and Kirei really are alike. They’re emotionless when it comes to battle. The fact he made those custom bullets specifically for Magi is scary. He’s ruined Lancer’s master for life since there’s no hope of recovery from it.

    • Kyokai says:

      And I was so looking forward to some deaths but oh well, better luck next time… >.>

      Btw, have you watched Tsukihime? A character named Ciel uses the same Black Keys, which are no wonder church issued. Though as it’s nasuverse, weapons or even some character traits are easier to duplicate.

      Btw, Kirei and Kiritsugu are similar but not that much alike even though Kirei would like to think that. Kiritsugu has a higher purpose and he’s all set to work on it; he’s even ready to sacrifice himself in process if need be.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, hopefully next time someone will get killed. I’ll get bored if someone doesn’t bite the dust every now and again.

        Yes, I saw Tsukihime and it was great. I only saw the english dub though, never heard it in the original language. My favorites are Arcueid and Ciel. If Arcueid wasn’t desperately craving Shiki’s blood halfway through the series, I would’ve found it hard to believe she was a vampire, much less a True Ancestor which is the strongest type of vampire that can go out in sunlight because I didn’t really see any fangs.

        Like Ciel, it seems all these agents of the church have a thing for swords, and carrying a big stock with them. They’re more into swords than guns. And what was Ciel exactly? Like Arcueid, she was living for hundreds of years. I knew she was posessed by the bad guy for a while but she still lived after that.

      • Kyokai says:

        Same here!

        About Ciel, the thing is that she was possessed by Roa (Arcueid is the one who turned him into a vampire), who a dead apostle specializing on reincarnation. So, yes she died when first attacked but as Roa had the ability to reincarnate, she came back to life even when Roa had moved on to another host; thus, creating a paradox of two Roa’s existing. Yet, Ciel has her own freedom and will and is not controlled by Roa anymore because he moved to another host; you can say, she got all the benefits. Technically in Tsukihime timeline, Ciel was 21/24 so not many hundred years old but she resurrects so in a way, definitely an immortal.

  5. Overcooled says:

    This is the first time I finished an episode before you actually wrote your post OTL. Anyways, yay, thanks for letting me join you guys! I’m always too scared to ask people to watch anime with me, but it’s easier to just jump in if my fellow Metanorn peeps are organizing it XD

    I don’t care if no one dies, as long as there is violence. The longer more servants are alive, the more crazy some of the battles will get~ It means more deus ex machina like moves too, but whatever, I just like the badass fight scenes. I think I will literally cry when Broskander dies, if he does. (he probably does).

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaaa! That means you should join in our FZ live watch weekly~ It’s always fun watching with more people. :3

      Violence made up for the dearth of deaths this episode and don’t worry about the craziness, there’s plenty and then some in nasuverse. I’m not going to spoil you but how things are, Broskander is one of the strong opponents out there. xD

  6. amado says:

    actually ryougi’s origin is “nothing”. she’s also the avatar of akasha like arcueid is the avatar of gaia.

    really, if you wanna blame someone for the no deaths, blame it on saber and lancer. lancer for destroying the book only and not stabbing caster, saber for letting lancer intrude kayneth vs. kiritsugu.
    this is why she’s not in my fave list anymore. kayneth could have used a command spell to kill kiritsugu. the line “thank saber for letting you live” made me facepalm, kiritsugu would have won and lived without harm if saber didnt do what she did.

    • Kyokai says:

      Like I said before, shiki’s and void’s origins are debatable because of different personalities inherent in her; though, Death Perception is one of the most powerful traits in nasuverse.

      Ah yes, Saber and her honourable ways; the reason Kiritsugu would never see eye to ey with her. Even if Lancer did pick Kayneth up, due to the origin bullet, I don’t think he would survive much longer. Sola-Ui seems like a total bitch so I don’t know what she plans on doing with Lancer’s command seals after that… >.>

  7. TheVoid says:

    You got it all wrong. He’s not jealous of Kiritsugu for having a harem. Kirei obviously wants Kiritsugu for himself. Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Trollolololll~ Well, of course, he wants Kiritsugu for himself. He even said, ‘He has to be like me.’

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Lololol that tree scene was hilarious! And that bullet time <3 amazing! Also rain of blood? Totally epic xD

    I soooo figured Caster would run away xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Best scene EVAR~ DAT ASS. Was not expecting it at all, ufotable sure knows how to make a comic scene out of a serious scene. xD

      Caster is such a runner… >.> Not for long though!

  9. kluxorious says:

    DAT ASS. lol I was wondering what he was doing until it down on me he was using his prana. I thought for a moment he has a tummy ache or something heh

    I can’t wait to see Kirei and Kiritsugu meet. It would be the ultimate bromance. I’m not so much into Kirei’s voice but dayyum Kiritsugu sounds so fap worthy.

    • Kyokai says:

      Heck yeah! I couldn’t get enough of that scene and LOLing like an idiot. He sure is powerful though. xD

      I’ve fangirled Nakata Jouji since Alucard and Araya from KnK so I go giggling hearing him, even in his short roles like FABULOUS MAX. But yeah, smexiness wise, Rikiya wins! HNNNGGGG.

  10. Joojoobees says:

    I like the way they show tactics in these battles. I think I would have preferred a death here, because otherwise it seems a lot of effort with no tangible gain, but I’m happy with the intelligent battle tactics — plus the wire hawk looked cool.

    • Kyokai says:

      Heck yeah, the thing that keeps me speculating like anything. Btw, I called wire hawk, crochet hawk – pretty and deadly. Just too bad that Kirei was too powerful for it. I’m definitely at my limit for deaths but I see Caster and Kayneth being strong proponents so let’s keep our fingers crossed! xD

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