Fate/Zero 05-06

Bow down before me, zashuudomo!

Wassup people? Hope you had a good weekend. I’m finally relaxing now with a three day holiday due to Eid here. Apologies for not blogging this awesomeness last week because well, a lot of project work came up and there were lots of deadlines; though, I’ve dedicated most of my free time to Meta stuff this holiday. With the new episode of MetaVerse out, you can already hear my fangirling over this series; if Jrow and Fosh hadn’t quelled my excitement, I’d’ve continued on talking about Fate/Zero for another half hour or so. Anyways, let me hit up this double episode review.

Rider just wanted to play but he only got glares. Poor bloke.

So, what happens when the Conqueror of Kings crashes your party? Well, if you are the King of Knights and a noble Knight yourself, you would get pretty much pissed off your rocker and ready to lunge at this behemoth who dared to interrupt you. Same emotions are shown by Saber and Lancer, who are not at all amused with the allegiance and alliance offer of Rider aka Alexander. The master of whom is ball of moans. I just wonder how many moans, crying and screaming Namikawa Daisuke had to go through in voicing Waver? This character is sure challenging for any voice artist but he does a brilliant job nonetheless. Personally I hate whiny characters like him and I’m usually the first one in raising my hand and calling a wimp but I just can’t in this case because there’s something endearing about him.

Waver: “He’s staring into my soul!”                                     Rider: “Snap out of it!”

So, I’m totally anti-Kayneth when he bullies him with words for stealing Rider’s relic. The thing I loved most was Rider backing Waver up and supporting him instead of someone who halfassedly speaks from the shadows. Of course, Kiritsugu, Maiya, Kirei and Kariya are guilty as charged as well but you have to accept, this game is all about cloaks and daggers. Masters can make their servants do whatever using their command seals and you will be get enough of its examples as the episodes progress.

Gilgamesh: “Bunch of mongrels, all of you!”

Berserker: “I’ll use your sword and EAT IT!”

The battleground becomes all hot and bothered with the arrival of Gilgamesh, according to whom every other person is just a mongrel. If you have watched/played FSN, you already know how much he’s fond of the word ‘ZASHUU!’ and he definitely overuses. He’s attracted to this battleground by these supposed Kings but things quickly go nuclear as Berserker is summoned by Kariya to kill Gilgamesh. Just some backstory here: Kariya hates Tokiomi for a) Marrying his girl b) Having children with his girl c) Letting Zouken adopt Sakura and ensuing torture d) Forcing him to take part in the fourth Grail war e) Having perpetual dysentery due to crest worms and in general just being an asshole. So, you can clearly see his motivation for this war and Gilgamesh’s ZASHUU doesn’t help in further enraging the mad Berserker. You can keep on guessing why he went even more mental seeing Saber when Gilgamesh was forced to withdraw from the battle by Tokiomi. There’s definitely more than a story here.

Lancer: “I’m here, my fair maiden~”

Being a valiant knight, Lancer stops Berserker’s frontal attack at Saber because of his unfinished business with her but Kayneth being a dirty master, uses his command seal on Lancer to aid Berserker in destroying Saber. If Rider didn’t intervene and literally run over Berserker, Saber would be facing even more disadvantage than an unhealed left arm. Not to mention, Kayneth was a total bastard forcing Lancer to team up with Berserker when he was bent at fighting squarely with his honour intact. I loved how Rider intervened and playfully declared that he’ll faceoff the true winner from Saber Vs Lancer. It’s good that Kiritsugu didn’t have to reveal his position or else Kirei would’ve been even more forewarned. However, he already is after finding Kiritsugu’s spying familiar near the church.

And that’s a wrap up for episode five!

Caster: “I’ve been looking for you, my virgin~”                      Saber: “I KILLLL YOU!

On the other hand, Caster is unable to stop his tears of joy, overseeing the development of this battle because he’s found his precious virgin. Of course, he’s mistaken about Saber’s identity but this is not the first time she has been mistaken as Jean of Arc. And this is from where things start in the current episode when Caster decides to appear in front of the car that Iri so recklessly drives. Seriously, someone needs a runaway car? Sign this one up and be free from cops in no time! If Saber is highly impressed by Iri’s driving (I sure would be not and have 911 on speed dial just because), she’s not amused by Caster’s repeated calls of JEANNE! He doesn’t even believe Saber when she reveals her identity of King Arthur. Caster, are you deaf or blind?

Ryuunosuke’s sadness on quantity over quality killing

After getting cornered by Saber, he sulks to Ryuunosuke, who’s busy killing children as slowly as possible. Is it bad of me to actually want to see what’s he doing rather than those columns? Call me sadist or whatever but I like me some blood whoever’s it is. I’m somewhat amused by Ryuunosuke calling Caster, danna; role reversal anyone? Though, he would give respect to someone who has shown him even more innovative ways to kill. Caster simply wants to prove that god doesn’t give a damn even if humans keep on continuing with their blasphemous ways and thus it would be interesting to have a human hill of kids. Kimochi warui ne~? Fact: these two are not in this battle for Holy Grail but have simply teamed up to leave a trail of bodies, which is now being very closely monitored by the authorities. Not to mention the previous battle was even reported on news. Like that would make any difference to the main contestants of the Holy Grail War.

Lancer’s internal thought: I so want to do a hair-flick but studios aren’t animating me in this scene; Unf!

Let me be clear, I dislike Tokiomi and Kayneth by rule because they are assholes, while I adore the rest of the masters, the degree is different though. Currently, I wish to free Lancer from Kayneth and Sola-Ui because they are snobbish to the nth degree and they definitely do not deserve such an honourable servant who only sees their betterment. If Kayneth is a bastard, Sola-Ui is a bitch with a big mouth and no sense of what to say. Kayneth’s sweatdrop proves the point that she overwhelms him but let me still make it clear:

You ARE pathetic, Kayneth.

Kiritsugu PWN’D you with his bombs and all your wards were of no use!

It was pretty BAMF of Kiritsugu in simply bombing the whole damn building; though, I don’t think there was a 150 meters freefall because Kayneth does know magic and could have simply opened a dimensional portal to escape the explosion. However, Kirei has all of his Assasins’ eyes and ears to track the competing masters and servants. In this particular situation he spots Maiya and manages to injure her; though she quickly runs off leaving smoke in her wake. I can bet Kirei was rather disappointed.

Rin! Yo’ Papa’s so fat, he doesn’t even move from his chair for TWO EPISODES!

With Caster and Ryuunosuke going crazy kidnapping children and Kirei establishing a tail on them, Risei agrees to gather all masters in hunting this pair so that somewhat of an order is back to the war. Of course, this is pretty subjective because Risei is helping Tokiomi and even Kirei in covering up the big heist they are planning. Gilgamesh on the other hand is tired of waiting and finally approaches Kirei in getting some observations done. He wants to know the motives behind all masters, not just their servants or strategies. Clever, Gil, you are actually goading Kirei to discover his own purpose. For now though, he’s clueless and still in foreboding mode.

Bromance plug: Poor baby, he’s thinking about Kiritsugu day and night. :3

Extra Zeroes~


Hair up or down, Gilgamesh remains smexy as hell

What a BERSERK pair and I love it!

Christmas’s coming early this year. Santa Clause is on his way~

Gilgamesh: “This time the prize is me. Come to the dark side, Kirei~”

Looking so BAMF just before blowing up a whole frikkin’ building!

End Thoughts:

Holy! This series sure has kept me on my toes. Even when I can browse the light novels any time I want, I don’t want to because they would rob me off the speculation wagon. I love fawning over servants as they are revealed and fine tune the strategies everyone is following. There are even times I wish I could copy my #FateZero tweet timeline here because I sure do talk about FZ a lot and usually it causes a lot of interesting conversation with fellow anibloggers.

Compared the previous episode, six is lots of talk and not much action. I guess, such episodes would come just for regrouping thoughts. This should also prepare you for the one season gap between season-two to maintain the quality. I have to give ufotable slack here because this is their first long series. Comparing to Kara no Kyoukai, they released it years apart even if they were always on planning stage whenever a new release was up in theaters. Production quality is still up there though conversational scenes sometimes become static to eye blinking and few hand gestures.

I have to fangirl over BERSERKER going berserk, literally. His entry was brilliant and how the kind-hearted Kariya that you spied in first episode has transformed into a cold-blooded killer with motives simply saying, “Korrose~” is spine chilling. The animation of Berserker’s black aura is gritty and his battle tactics simple yet efficient. He didn’t stay on screen too long but ruled over episode five like a king, even when he isn’t one. I literally feel pity for Kariya and his will to finish off Tokiomi and save Sakura. Like I predicted previously, keeping Berserker corporeal takes a toll on him. Not to mention, with Rider injuring him, it’s gonna hurt. Dx

Another person who is awesome: Rider. Seriously. This dude is a true warrior, upholding hero honour. It’s going to be amazing seeing him fight another servant and I can easily guess that Saber will win against Lancer, however much I like him and I swear it’s not because of that HNNG mole. The next one seems like a death match, while Caster gets ready to be followed. Which master will do him in? Got any favourites? First choice has to be Saber as he literally bothered her but won’t you feel good if Berserker does this deed? Place your bets now!

Preview: Things are getting serious! There’s a manhunt for Caster and Ryuunosuke; will they be punished? I can hope, right? Not to mention, Saber Vs Lancer recommences and of course, it’s a death match. So, look forward to some more panic, next episode. Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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26 Responses to “Fate/Zero 05-06”

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  2. Kitty says:

    I really can’t get enough of Gilgamesh and those snake skin leather pants. Point: Why wouldn’t we listen to the lecture from a past king, they might have good advance. I think its interesting that the master’s summon these servants and simply treat them as such. I would be like, where did you hide all your buried treasure mwhahahhaha!

    • Kyokai says:

      He’s so smexy in everything that he does. And Kirei should definitely listen to him because his point about ‘motivation’ is very important to this war. In case of some masters, they do treat their servants like kings with reverence (check Tokiomi). Though, I like the idea about stealing their treasure; someone should definitely steal Gilgamesh’s bling – he sure HAS A LOT OF GOLD! 0.0

      *first comment cookie!*

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Episode 5: Wow, almost every Servant has a deep sense of pride in this war. But Gilgamesh’s pride is so inflated that he’s a total airhead. Yeesh, he actually makes DBZ’s Vegeta a little more bearable. I loved Berserker for stealing part of the show and putting Archer in his place.

    Episode 6: I hope they kill Caster and his master quickly. They’re too disgusting to look at, physically and psychologically. I mean, they kill people for no reason and that deserves a merciless death.

    By the way, there’s no way I’d ever let Iri drive me around. She’s a flight risk waiting to happen. Kiritsugu is BAMF for blowing up an entire building like that with ease. I guess he’s giving The Dark Knight’s Joker a run for his money since he blew up a hospital.

    • Kyokai says:

      I love the fact that most of the servants are honourable heroes and thus you end up being perplexed at whose side you should be on. Btw, Gilgamesh seems a milder version of Kayneth but he actually has basis to treat everyone like ‘zashuu’ as he puts his. According to his mythology, he was a demigod who did a lot to protect his people. You will find out he’s an excellent servant; though his motivation like many other isn’t very clear.

      I would be really happy to see both Ryuu and Caster go in high fashion. They definitely need a slow and painful death. And like you, I would definitely not be contacting Iri’s runaway car service. I don’t want to die so young! XD Kiritsugu is so awesome. I can’t wait for him to faceoff with Kirei now. Should be legen-wait for it-dary! xD

  4. Reaper says:

    All the characters I think are spot on with how they are depicted, from Broskander (which could have been real, though I do have one question…if Genghis Khan was one of the Servants, what would have happened if he and Broskander met? More Broawesomeness? Or headbutting?), Kiritsugu’s BAMF routine (I smoke and blow up buildings without blinking. Bitches love me.) to even Ryunnosuke with his blank expression of boredom at the quantity over quality killings (I’d like ONE good meat pie, not a hundred crappy ones!). As for Berserker and Kariya, I think they’re gonna to be the awesome pair, not only with how Berserker’s entrance but also Kariya’s reason for fighting in the war. Ah, I wish I could I’d want Saturday now but…that’s when my exams start as well XD MUST STUDY!

    • Kyokai says:

      They were so spot on that they were great! I mean, except for Caster all servants are brilliant and Broskander was the best in episode five, being all moderator and stuff.

      If Genghis Khan shows up as a servant, I can bet he would be head butting with Rider BUT, it would be Broaswesomeness soon because they wouldn’t be able to help it. xD

      LOVE THE BERSERKER pair, I mean these two are so awesome; I can only wish they were somewhat compatible and Kariya didn’t have to cough blood every time Berserker took form for fight. >.>

      Next Saturday is almost here, which means, BEST OF LUCK, BRO! I hope you have ace your exams like, well an ace! xD

  5. TheVoid says:

    Gilgamesh has a drinking problem. Show ▼

    Caster is ignoring what Saber is saying because he has A rank Mental Pollution. Show ▼

    So he’s literally too crazy to understand Saber isn’t Jeanne.

    • Kyokai says:

      He’s a demigod so I can bet he can keep the drinking in, even after imbibing some much. Show ▼

      Oh, so that’s his Noble Phantasm? I just put it up to him being totally cuckoo in the head and not understanding Saber even when she spelled it out for him. I hope he goes off grandly for our satisfaction. :3

      • TheVoid says:

        No it’s a personal skill that comes with the servant.

        Like Show ▼

  6. Jrow says:

    I was just gonna ask if they go into detail about Caster and Ryuunosuke murdering all those kids in the novels or w/e. It’s way too graphic just thinking about it, but admittedly I was curious, too.

    • Kyokai says:

      I can bet novels are more graphic than the anime because they get to explore stuff and Nasu likes his horror Gen is a sadist so there should be some grotesque detail about Ryuunosuke and Caster’s shenanigans. Btw, I’ll update you once I’m done with novels, which I’ll be itching for after the first cour ends. The season’s worth gap is going to hurt the fans. D:

  7. Jesse says:

    The Berserk Pair is just amazingly cool! But then again, so is the whole series!
    And Caster is just so crazy he becomes creepy… o.O

    • Kyokai says:

      Fate/Zero puts both the noitaminA shows this fall to shame with it’s awesomeness. I can’t hate any servant and even Caster is creepily interesting. xD

  8. EGGY says:

    notice how much wine has been consumed by Gil? XD
    but really, he’s such a dick, pretty much trolling Kirei for the lulz

    • Kyokai says:

      He definitely has drinking problems though I dare say, it doesn’t affect him at all. He’s gonna troll a lot of people, which is his style and keep on speaking from his high horse but there are times that such over the top characters make the series better and in this case, he defintiely does. xD

  9. amado says:

    I dont know about you but I kinda feel for kayneth and tokiomi. well mostly tokiomi.
    I mean the guy here has probably the least dangerous wish. or at least the least that will cause major effects. theres also the fact that he does have some actual good reasons for sending sakura to the matou, he just didnt know that they would do that.

    btw, im starting to write my very first fanfic and its a F/S night one.

    • Kyokai says:

      Don’t let Tokiomi’s sad visage fool you. He’s scheming to get the Holy Grail to reach Akasha (he refers it as root), and his only reason to have Kirei under his wing is to eliminate an opponent. He’s conspiring and keeping others in the dark about his association with the church (he’s literally bribing them). Also, everyone or at least the top three magical families (Einzbern, Matou and Tohsaka) know everything about each other from mastery of alchemy to Matou’s vampiric ways and his long sustenance due to the crest worms to usage of valuable crystals by the latter, so Tohsaka knew pretty well that he was sentencing Sakura to living torture. This is why I hate him because even after knowing, he doesn’t do anything.

      Btw, I’ll look forward to your fic. Do post a link when you are done. ^^

  10. Joojoobees says:

    I’m glad I read this, as I didn’t really get what Ryuunosuke was doing. I thought he was just standing in a very dark room.

    In the end this was more of a “setting up” episode, although there was that whole blowing up the tower thing.

    • Kyokai says:

      You can say, weird type of censorship and of course they won’t be showing Ryuu cutting up kids weirdly. >< This was definitely a setup episode with a BANG. We can wish for fights in every episode but there's an underlying story that needs time as well. Definitely looking forward to the next for Caster killing (maybe) and end of Lancer/Saber fight.

  11. Alynn says:

    I did not expect the building to be blown up. But damn, that was epic.

    • Kyokai says:

      In the beginning I thought it was just some fire tactic to manhandle Kayneth team and shoot them or something but I wasn’t expecting such an elaborate bombardment. Kiritsugu’s sure got BAMF style. :3

  12. kluxorious says:

    Berserker makes me wet my pantsu too and to have Archer in two episodes back to back is hazardous for my health. The servants prove to be much more interesting that the masters. They don’t give a fuck about politics XD

    • Kyokai says:

      I don’t know why people hate Gilgamesh when he’s such an awesome servant and a troll too. I agree, servants are definitely proving to be more interesting than the masters, except for Kiritsugu and Kirei of course. :3

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