Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 08

Kobato-“My face is beating eaten by the meat blobs! Help!”

  Hooray! I can do a full episode review of this series, not that spam reviewing wasn’t fun it certainly speeds things up for reviewing. One thing to say! This series has soooo many hilarious characters and a few that just make me scratch my head *Cough* Yukimura *Cough* WHY DUDE!? Anyway…it’s time to get on with the review. Our oddball story this week follows the club members taking advantage of the summer heat to visit the pool! Unfortunately things aren’t as fun as they hoped, because the pool is sooo crowded making the trip not very exciting or fun for anyone. Before anyone can enjoy the water, Rika and Yozora end up leaving early after they felt sick ending the trip to the pool on a sour note.

Kobato-“FUUUUUU THAT IS AWESOME!!”               Kodaka-“Wait what are you doing now?!”

Starting things off we follow Kodaka returning home to find Kobato struggling to get the AC to kick on and finds out the damn thing just broke, trust me days like that are terrible! In the meantime Kobato is watching her favorite vampire anime as the main girl she loves suddenly transform wearing a new outfit. This of course gives her the bright idea to show Kodaka her own “transformation” in the living room! Kodaka watches her with a dumb look after the transformation probably wondering what the hell is wrong with her, but he decides to drag her along to the club room to escape the heat.

Kodaka-“…You are seriously messed up Kobato.”               Kobato-“KU KU KU SHUT YOUR FACE HUMAN.”

After arriving at the clubroom Kodaka is tackled by Maria! After she explains what Yukimura has been cooking for her and naturally Kobato fights the nun! GO Kobato! She ends up biting Maria and thinks she will become a vampire thanks to some influence from Yozora. And what does Maria do? Run outside naked of course to “cleanse” the vampire blood, I think the little girls in this series are so damn insane. And speaking of insane Sena and Rika mess with Kobato too, but Sena was kind of cute when she wanted to get closer to Kobato and do things to her like hug her right?

Maria versus Kobato round three fight!

Yozora-“Hey Maria, you should go streaking.”                   Maria-“Wooooossh! Wait a second….”

Sena-“Sooo you want some candy? Or should I just kidnap you now?”    Kobato-“KU KU WAIT WHAT? I NEED AN ADULT!”

Better run away Kobato! There are predators in the clubroom, after that fun with Sena and Kobato we listen to Yozora make comments about Sena’s game saying it would be godly if a shark arrived and killed everyone in the pool. Sena doesn’t believe her comments and continues the game and suddenly a massive shark kills everyone, damn I think Yozora made that game? The game does spawn an idea in Sena’s mind and she mentions going to the pool causing Kobato to get excited. And who can say no to a kid wanting to swim especially Sena? So everyone agrees to call this a club activity and they visit the pool the next day.

Yozora-“This game is missing something.”                  Sena-“I could totally go for sea food for lunch.”

Sena-“So who’s hungry for fish? Oh cool look that shark is playing tag with the girls.”

Rika! You would attract more fan boys with that outfit.

As they head to the pool Rika and Yozora suddenly start to feel a bit sick from being in a crowded bus, I thought it was more like motion sickness. Rika on the other hand probably wanted to be alone with Yozora? And Kobato gets stuck with Sena and her breasts! Poor Kobato those things are dangerous. After a very hilarious scene between Kodaka and Yukimura changing clothes they head out to find the others and discover the pool is overcrowded. Sena runs off to find Rika and Yozora and tells everyone they went home after feeling sick, the episode shortly ends with the other club members leaving on a bus together.

Yozora and Rika the best carsick couple ever.

Yukimura-“Hmmm what is it aniki?”                    Kodaka thinking it’s a dude, it’s a dude, I swear it’s a dude.

Kobato-“KU KU KU This sucks…”     Yukimura-“Indeed shall I start killing people now?”      Kobato-“YES PLEASE.”

Kodaka-“Why does Yozora call her meat? OH! She is a great cook?”          Sena-“Blaw blaw idiot blaw blaw.”

Extra friendship powers

Kobato-“KU KU KU I have avoided the censors! What do you mean I failed? Nooooooo!”

Rika-“I have to raid the nurses office for a while guys, be right back.”

This is your pro tip of the day! Beware the hungry loli.

Yozora and Rika learned the DVD and Blu-rays are uncensored just now.

Sena-“Hey hey! Kobato I brought you a swimsuit.”         Kobato-“Damn it…someone silence this woman..or arrest her?!”

End thoughts

Well this was certainly a fun episode and wow so many gut busting moments, well besides all the loli girls deciding to strip! Like Kobato ah well I guess she really is attached to her brother, and Maria is just so easy to trick thanks to Yozora who might have a thing for little kids? We all know Sena wants to kidnap Kobato ahaha believe me if she had a chance she would do it! And then Rika wow I think Kobato is safer with Kodaka at home than visiting the club of perverted girls. But it is a refreshing change to see some girls acting that way verses random dude, or do you think it is equally bad?

That video game scene wow I freaking died from all the laughing! I remember there was a random CSI episode where these people got attacked by a shark…seriously it happened. I was thinking Rika was hacking into the game then I realized that would be impossible! Speaking of Rika, damn those special swimsuits? I wonder what version everyone else liked. That bus ride to the pool was kind of funny too but I felt bad for Rika and Yozora; that must have been terrible to arrive and then have to leave like that maybe the beach is a better place.

Yes I can’t leave out that other funny scene with Kodaka and Yukimura! That scene with them changing was so funny to watch because you can tell Kodaka is so confused about Yukimura, trust me I think we are all confused. But I have a feeling we will all be shocked soon whey they reveal something about him, thanks to some sites I sort of know what they are going to pull. And last but not least the moment between Sena and Kodaka talking alone, I think someone is developing a crush! She does have a special connection to Kodaka or is this going to open up some drama?


Kodaka better pack some drugs to calm Sena’s dad with…

Kodaka and Kobato visit Sena’s house! And Kodaka watches Sena’s dad get trashed, I guess we can expect some hilarious scenes with Sena trying to get closer to Kobato? That means a required bath scene…


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 08”

  1. Ness says:

    I’m totally not watching this show but your image captions are amusing as always XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Thanks! Yeah you probably wouldn’t like this series, well maybe for the trap character! Yukimura xD

  2. Karakuri says:

    I really need to catch up with this. Though my thoughts so far are :

    -Oh look, Hanazawa is playing another character named Kobato
    -Oh look, Hanazawa is playing another character in gothic lolita cosplay
    -Oh look, Hanazawa is playing another imouto character

    …Also, Yukimura totally looks like Misaka from Railgun XD

    • Karakuri says:

      Though to be fair, Hanazawa is in EVERYTHING except for anything I blog because the Hanazawa Virus tag hates me so it would be hard for her roles not to overlap

      • Foshizzel says:

        LOL Yeah I don’t mind Hanazawa as much maybe I am numb to her voice? Just kidding! I just like to poke fun at her for being everywhere.

        That and her name reminds me of Higurashi? They had some H named virus that is where the idea spawned from xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh this is a fun series! Honestly it’s not very ecchi at all well minus episode 3’s pool episode that is mostly Sena showing off.

      Yep Hanazawa is actually playing a fun character and I like listening to Kobato, yep cosplay lolita vampire <3

      YES! I thought the same damn thing about Yukimura the first time I saw "Him" LOLOL I think Ness should watch just for that character soooo funny.

      • Karakuri says:

        Lolol I have them downloaded on my computer, they’re just unwatched

        Ahaha I love Hanazawa’s voice, but still. She’s everywhere. I’m waiting for the day her voice gives up on her.

        And AHAHAHAHA the Hinamizawa Virus!!! They DO sound the same XDDDD that’s brilliant

        • Foshizzel says:

          Nice! Well this series is probably better in marathon mode, I did the same to Chihyafuru episodes two through eight? Good stuff! And probably applies to this oddball series too.

          Yeah I will always hear her as charles from IS, or Anri from Durarara!! But there are countless characters of her to get attached to.

          LOL Yep! I was thinking about that damn virus while watching that failure of a OVA that came out, and Hanazawa fits perfectly hahaha thanks! xD

  3. Jrow says:

    Kobato was really cute with her new outfit. When she was naked was a little awkward to watch for a couple reasons. First, Kodaka is so unfazed by the idea of his little sis getting fully naked in the living room. And two, if you look at one of the shots of her trying to take her sock off, it’s either the way the shadowing looks on her body or something, but it looks like a nipple.

    This episode was better after the weirdness of cell phone magic.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! Agreed there and LOLOL That whole transformation scene was like uhhhh wut am I watching?! But still funny I was surprised that Kodaka remained calm during that, he probably gets used to it ahaha

      Yep! Great episode I still laugh at Yozora and Kodaka’s reaction to the cell phones.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This is great. The swimsuit/pool/beach episode is always inevitable in anime. It’s just a matter of time.

    I love it when Kobato is always changing herself up to match her favorite character. But a swimsuit as her true form? That’s weird. And it’s even better when she and Maria go at it, especially the bite on her hand. A nun-turned-vampire would be a sight to see. How would you stop something like that? But I never thought Maria would be so gullible as to listen to Yozora’s insane explanation to avoid becoming a vampire. Sunbathing while naked. LOL. Good luck.

    Who in their right mind puts a shark in the pool of a video game? Bring on more Rika!! This perverted scientist looks like antyhing will turn her on. And Sena’s joined the ranks as a potential lolicon for stalking Kobato.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right! Sadly this was only half a pool/beach/swimsuit episode the fans are in need of seeing some actual fanservice, hell Bleach even had a beach episode…

      Oh man Kobato! This episode will get her lots of new fans, I would go far to say she would win the next Sai-moe well maybe. Maria believes anything you say to her and she is a “teacher” LOLOL I find that soooo funny.

      That was hilarious! I was like did Yozora make this game with Rika’s help? Speaking of Rika damn she is wonderful and you can see she has a small crush on Yozora and went for Kobato?! Awesome.

      Sena! She wants to hug Kobato so badly, and it looks like the next episode she gets her wish we saw them together again xD

  5. anaaga says:

    I wonder what made Yozora leaves the pool earlier? Is it because she’s bad with crowd? Or she refuses to adjust with the changes around her? It seems that Sena can adapt with her new “friendly” environment. Or… Yozora heard the conversation between Kodaka and Sena?..Meh, who cares? Yozora sucks
    And duuddee I totally didn’t know that Yukimura IS a guy. I’ve been fooled. I guess the he turned all the males in his class into homos

    • Foshizzel says:

      Best shark ever!

      Yeah same here, maybe she is just super bad with crowded areas or she just didn’t want to go? I would laugh if it was the combo of carsick and maybe not being able to swim? No clue!

      Yeah I don’t mind Yozora to much she always makes me laugh because she picks on Sena so much, but also on the other hand she can be such a bitch….

      YES! I KNOW! Yukimura such the trap, remind me of that character from baka test even thou I have only seen six episodes of season one.

  6. skylion says:

    Loli-service. I had kittens. They are so cute, my kittens.

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