Shinryuki!? Ika Musume – 02

Ika- “Buhahahah this invasion is swimming along nicely!”

Hello and welcome back! I really hope everyone is enjoying this second season so far. I know I’m having a great time following it weekly on Metanorn! Watching this series makes me want to do another Ika drawing sometime. Well it’s time to head straight into this second Ika Musume episode so enjoy!Stories this week follow Ika learning how to play soccer while visiting Takeru’s elementary school one day. And Ika learns that cosplay makes you more interesting. She even gives it a try but fails. The last hilarious story follows Chizuru, Sanae as they talk about weight loss, and Ika shows off the hidden secrets to her special bracelets.

Ika- “This is so inked up! Damn you, humans, lay off my hair.”

This squidding episode begins with Ika following Takeru to his elementary school. When she arrives, the kids are instantly drawn to her and that amazing tentacle-hair of hers. Ika takes this chance to recruit the children for her invasion and walks outside leading them until she spots a few kids playing soccer and tries playing too. The only bad thing for Ika and soccer, well she is just horrible at the rules! She uses her tentacles to score and she can’t even kick the ball correctly. But the kids start to feel really bad for her and end up working together to make it look like she scored a point.

Ika and sports… not the best combination.

Teacher- “My ice cream brings all the children to the yard.”         Ika- “SON OF A SQUID! Why didn’t I think of ice cream!?”

Next fun scene follows Nagisa as she cosplays as a guy to attract more female visitors. This confuses Ika after she tries to scare Nagisa but she just turns and pats her on the head ignoring the attempt. You have lost your powers over Nagisa, try again next week, lil Ika. Shortly after, we get another visitor to the beach house with Ayumi. In case you forgot about this odd girl, she was the girl who cosplayed Ika with that massive head in season one. This time Chizuru uses her as a maid to bring back the guys. Ayumi has a really hard time talking to guys until Chizuru gives her some sharp brass knuckles. This weapon suddenly gives the girl a boost of confidence, but they also scare the guys off from talking to her. With Nagisa and Ayumi doing their thing, this causes Ika to feel ignored by everyone. So, she tries her own cosplay the next day dressing up as a queen she saw on TV. But of course with any brilliant plan Ika tries eventually falls apart really fast and causes her to give up for now.

Ika- “Hold still while I eat your brains!”

Squid Queen failed to impress me, please try again next week.

The last half of this episode is focused around weight loss, which has always been a popular theme in anime. Shortly after a chat about the heat, Sanae arrives in need of water. She is running around in a jacket and pants; why? Then again this is Sanae we’re talking about and she is always insane. Weight loss is very strange to Ika because she really doesn’t understand that subject but Chizuru decides to weigh Ika anyway and learns she only weighs one hundred kilos… Which is roughly two hundred and twenty pounds.

Sanae gives out hugs and bitch slaps this week.

Sanae- “Whoa, she’s so light! Now can I take her home?!”        Ika- “No! I’ll squidding kill you in your sleep.”

Chizuru destroys the scale in a fit of rage and claims it’s broken. Well, it’s officially broken now thanks to your anger issues, Chizuru. When everyone finally arrives home after a long day, they try weighing Ika once again and watch as the scale hits thirty kilos this time. We learn shortly after Ika’s blue bracelets give her the ability to control her own weight, going from heavy to light as air in a matter of minutes! She can even fly through the air; well it’s more like she can glide, which causes her to get grabbed by a random bird after she jumped off the roof. Ika eventually makes it back to the beach house after that encounter with the bird and Chizuru wants to get Ika’s bracelets a try and accidently triggers her weight to two hundred thousand kilos (around four thousand pounds!) and Ika falls through the ground creating a hole from her sudden weight gain.

Eiko- “Whoa! This must be one of those new extreme scales.”

Eiko- “Ika! Bring back dinner on your way home!”               Ika-“HELP ME, DE GESOOOOO!”

Ika needs to train with Goku and become a super squid!

Extra ocean fun

Ika- “Five dollar foot long, now where’s my free sub? Advertisements are hard.”

Ika- “With these kids, my squid army is complete! Now let’s get some guns yo!”


Ika- “Super squid to the rescue! As soon as I learn how to land.”

Ika- “This dark background makes me look so inking epic in this screen shot.”

End Thoughts:

This was a great episode! Watching Ika attempt to play soccer? That was hilarious and I sort of knew she would be either amazing at it or really suck; sadly I was correct with her failing at soccer. Still, it made me laugh watching her mess up with her hair, and getting scared when she was the goalie? Ahahaha nice work Ika! I don’t think she has a future in soccer. She gained a whole bunch of new followers after visiting Takeru’s elementary school, well it would be impossible for the kids not to get drawn to Ika.

The cosplay section was funny and disipointing! I wanted to see Ika at least wear something different, but she waited too long to try anything major. Ayumi’s and her new weapon made me laugh after she was calling the guys master; yeah, I’d be afraid of her too just be glad this wasn’t Working!! or you would be screwed so fast. I did laugh watching Nagisa shrug off being scared by Ika. Strange how a new look can suddenly make her fearless, however that probably won’t last long. And princess squid near the end?! Such a lame choice in cosplay, Ika! Still I did laugh watching Sanae and the science freaks bowing to her.

Now that weight thing with Ika, I always wondered what her bracelets actually did. I always figured those things were just for looks or treasured family items but nope, they actually served a purpose for her. I did laugh when she went light as air and tried to fly! I laughed so hard after that bird grabbed her and flew off with her as dinner. Poor Ika always picked on because she’s technically food for most animals, and that final scene with Chizuru messing with the bracelet? That was amazing, well for me not so much but for Ika after falling into that massive hole.


Goro- “So, you really are related to Luffy? Look at this skin.”

Next week, Ika learns about animals, helping people and doing more failed invasion plans. See you next squiding adventure!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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5 Responses to “Shinryuki!? Ika Musume – 02”

  1. Dan-go says:

    The subs this season are both brilliant and retarded. Degeso has now turned any adjective in the show as being something to do with squids, or done squiddingly. I’d prefer it if they just said Ikamusume instead of squid girl though..

    • Ghostalker says:

      Try others, I’m watching F3 version, it’s much better than the other sub.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yeah there are a lot of sub groups doing this series, yes! De geso is such a crazy catch phrase all over twitter and blogs xDD

      I have a few of the English dubbed episodes to watch I am curious to see how all those squid/ocean puns stick.

  2. Elyon says:

    I thought we’d get to see Ika crossdress.
    I was disappointed.
    Still, this episode was hilarious. XD I just never get tired of her antics.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL That would be awesome to see Ika like wearing a tuxedo or something a male cosplay LOLOL

      Yeah good episode 🙂

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