Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 04

Ika-“Give me all of your shrimp or face the squid-wrath of Ika musume! Muhahahaha.”

  Welcome back Ika Musume fans! I was so excited to watch this episode after learning Ika might speak English for us, well I have seen the official dubs for the first series and I love every minute of it! And yes they do in fact have a lot of squid puns thrown in for the dub you should check it out! Well time to start this fish filled review of episode four! Enjoy.Our three stories this week follow Ika and Takeru learning English from Cyndi! Naturally Ika picks up on this really fast, and she also learns what it means to tickle someone in the second story. Which results in Ika attempting to tickle Chizuru but it quickly backfires causing more chaos. And the last story of this episode follows Ika having a day dream as she imagines some event with the return of Mini Ika Musume Riding on a small leaf boat headed to the ocean.

Takeru asking the tough questions this week on Ika Musume!

First sqidding adventure! Starts right out with Takeru running into a random American! Or some tourist that asks him a question in English, but Takeru has no idea what he really said so he runs to his sister Eiko and asks her to teach him along with Ika who has a sudden intrest in learning too. So Eiko ends up calling Cyndi to teach them, and to Eiko and everyone else’s surprise Ika manages to learn really fast! In case you forgot Ika can pick up on anything really quickly just by reading it. In the meantime Cyndi, Ika,Takeru and Chizuru all speak English from this point on! This causes Eiko and Cyndi to have some fail miss communication with Eiko speaking only Japanese and Cyndi sticking to English. Yes Ika you are the master of everything after learning English! Now come invade America! Muhahahah.

Can I borrow that brain of yours Ika? It would come in handy!

Eiko-“All these subtitles are making me sick..”    Chizuru-“Shall I kill them for you??”

Up next! Ika learns the art of tickling from Eiko, yeah that was the biggest mistake ever! Teaching Ika something like that. After learning this new technique she begins to use it on random people at the lemon beach house, Sanae in the meantime is watching and enjoying every moment as Ika tickles people. Of course Sanae wants to be tickled too! But Ika walks off wanting to try tickling Chizuru! I think Ika really loves to be abused by Chizuru? After she fails to tickle Chizuru which scares her to death! Ika suddenly gets the hiccups and they try to cure them. But Chizuru has the real cure! This involves scaring the crap out of Ika by trying to “kill” her! Luckly for Ika Chizuru was only messing around or proving a point.

Ika-“New invasion plan! I will tickle my way to squid world domination de geso!”

Chizuru-“Oooooh you want to play?”                 Ika-“OH INK MY LIFE! I AM SO DEAD! DE GESO!!”

Sanae-“This picture is going into my special late night folder…”

Chizuru-“Prepare yourself! little Ika!”                           Ika-“I think I inked myself a little bit….”

 Now for the last and easily the cutest moment in this second series! Ika joins Takeru and a few of his friends to do some leaf boat racing on a nearby river, After Ika learns how to make her own boat she quickly names it the Black Tiger! Maybe Ika was a huge Tiger and Bunny fan? Well the boys don’t want Ika to lose so they help her by eliminating all of the others. Ika runs off following her boat and has a case of imagination explosion! And we watch the return of Mini Ika Musume riding on this leaf boat for some cute overdose for the fans. After the adventure with Mini Ika, the normal Ika ends up getting lost! Guess you should upgrade to some GPS huh?

Ika-“Perfect! Black Tiger will be the victor! De geso!”

Mini Ika Musume invading you with squid moe!

Extra squidding fun

Ika-“Something smells Squidding delicious! Oh wait thats me! Noooo!!”

Ika-“Oh my squid! Who wants to time me on how fast I can eat all of this?!”

Unknown to Ika that food was all made of sugar! Now she is hyper.

Ika coming down from her sugar high!

End thoughts

Ahahaha this episode! Damn I would call it my favorite one so far, I really was laughing so hard! Well there are some great moments in the first three episodes. But this episode! I loved watching Ika Musume learn to speak English for the first time in the subbed version! Fun fact they actually used the voice actors from the English dubs for Chizuru, Ika, Takeru and Cyndi. Anyway that left my stomach hurting from all the hilarious subtitles and even Eiko caused me laugh. I felt so bad for Cyndi she had no idea what she was about to unleash on herself and the other characters, and the alligator comment! WHAT THE?! That was the best miss communication ever. Or was that a bit mean? It did end up causing Cyndi to sort of make fun of Eiko near the end of that first half…

Now for the newest technique for Ika! The art of tickling random people, anyone notice that everything Eiko teaches Ika somehow always causes her to fail? Well Ika is so gullible at times she would believe anything you tell her. And Sanae! Wow I think she got really excited after she heard Ika was a pervert LOLOL Yes I am sure that was money to her ears. Poor Ika trying to tickle Chizuru is like going up against a mecha with your bare hands! YOU CAN NOT WIN!! And then getting hiccups? Today was not a good day for Ika. I did laugh when I heard Eiko’s idea of something happening to Ika if she reached a certain number. Well I always thought best cure for hiccups was scaring someone however I wouldn’t go to the extreme like Chizuru’s cure.

And for my D’awwww moment of this episode! Mini Ika Musume! Well at least this wasn’t a sad episode with Mini Ika’s return, I think most of the fans remember that whole scene from season one. Anyway it was great to see that character again, and that ending with Ika getting lost Ahahahah nice! I guess you can get lost when you let your imagination run a bit wild like Ika. Overall this was a great episode for me! What did you think of this one? Hated it? Or did you have fun with it?


Ika wants to be a magical girl!

It’s officially festival time with the next exciting episode of Ika Musume and her many friends!

Thanks for reading!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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3 Responses to “Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 04”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    this episode was awesome. Cyndi’s english is amazing.

    Chibi ika chan I wanna take u home

  2. Zyl says:

    The English, tickling and Black Tiger segments have been the best so far in the second season. Full of the humour and warmth that makes this series so charming.

    I find 4koma adaptations really difficult to blog though so hats off to you for managing it so well!

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