Mayo Chiki – 13 [END]

Nakuru- “Muhahaha yes give me all your money! For another season please!”

Ahh, Mayo Chiki. I’ll miss this show when it’s over. …Er, well I guess technically it is already over, but there will be a sense of something missing for a while. …If that even makes sense. Thanks again to Fosh for letting me tag this with him! It’s been awesome!
Welcome back for more cross dressing butler fun, Oh I have had a lot of fun reviewing this! Sort of sad to see it ending but ah well it’s time for the final episode review for Mayo Chiki! Well anyway it’s finally time to see how things officially wrap up for this unique series; I hope you have had fun reading me and Kara tag this!This episode follows mostly Nakuru; yes this unique cat-girl finally gets her own episode! We get a short break from the usual Subaru filled episodes.  Nakuru is having some strange issues with personal life well mostly about her own body; she gets confessed to earlier in the episode by one of her classmates and has second thoughts about it. She later recruits Jirou for a special task after getting advice from Usami and Kureha. She requests him to go out on a date with her, where he soon learns why Nakuru has been acting a bit funny around him and everyone else.

Jirou- “What do you mean the blond isn’t Bunny?! IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!”

Things start out with Nakuru getting confessed to! I am surprised she wasn’t getting hit on all the time, but she doesn’t really give the mystery guy any answer to his feelings. Oh, Nakuru, please don’t be another Ohana! Well, this episode does jump back and forth in time as Nakuru visits Jirou and explains why she is suddenly visiting him out of the blue. She’s currently going through some odd funk that is preventing her from making any progression with her BL manga. She did get some extra cash after Kanade helped her sell some pictures of Subaru to the girls around school; damn I bet Kanade has some special hidden cameras inside Subaru’s bedroom and bathroom, etc.

Kanade- “You will have to pay a high price for my all nude collection of Subaru!”

Nakuru! The greatest undercover photographer, or just a very skilled stalker? You decide!

Nakuru- “Wooooooo, porn stash! Wooooooo!!!”              Kureha- “Wait… those are mine!”

Using this money, she pays Usami and gives Kureha some extra Subaru photos as payment. Eventually Subaru arrives to assist with the stapler like a beast. Someone could have lost a freaking hand if they got too close to Subaru. Nakuru sells all of her manga and gets some free time as Usami and Kureha follow her for the afternoon trying to figure out what’s really wrong with her. After following Nakuru and getting found out, she can’t hide her problems anymore from Usami and Kureha. She asks them what they think of big breasts and naturally the two just stare at her with some confused looks thanks to the random question.

This is one random crossover, please just let Gintama handle all of the crossovers.

Nakuru- “What do you think of my boobs?!”               Usami-“Gee, I dunno… ask that can of orange soda.”

This is where we rejoin Nakuru outside chatting with Jirou; she asks him to go on a date with her and of course he can’t really say no. While the two are on this date together in the park, she asks him the same question about her chest and gets the same reaction from him. Just confusion and shock, well he could have died from blood loss.  Nakuru does force herself on Jirou hugging him, which causes him to push her away knocking off her glasses; damn it Jirou she is throwing herself at you! After losing her glasses, Nakuru suddenly becomes very cute for Jirou; maybe they are really fakes like Sasahara’s in Nichijou? Well, she also has the same reaction as she suddenly begins to see him in a new light, which causes her to blush and run away from the park and Jirou, ending the episode.

Nakuru- “Jirou, PLEASE TOUCH MY BOOBS!”      Jirou-“NO, GO AWAY! Wait boobs? NOOO!! I DON’T WANNA DIE!”

Nakuru pulls out all the stops and goes sparkle moe mode! SO DEADLY.

Nakuru-“Cute boys make me run away! See you next year everybody!”

Extra service

Nakuru- “Check out this new camera, or my boobs either way.”

Subaru- “You have nude pictures of me?!”                  Kanade- “Yes! Over a thousand or so…”

Nakuru- “Sigh!  My favorite BL site is down; oh well guess I will look at some yuri.”

Jirou is the next galactic pretty boy! Check out those amazing sparkles.

Dat face so cute.jpeg

End Thoughts:

….That’s it? I guess it’s a good way to end the series on a funny note, but WHAT ABOUT THAT KISS SCENE LAST EPISODE?! COME ONNNNN SUBARU WAS BARELY IN HERE. This is a ROMANCE (comedy, ecchi, harem…thing). Don’t freaking add in another member of the harem without resolving the rest of the plot. Ugh, yeah. Not too pleased with how they ended it here. This episode could have been thrown in practically anywhere and it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest. So Subaru never gets it through to Jirou that she likes him, nobody knows about Subaru is a girl even though it’s the most obvious thing EVER, Jirou is still as dumb as a brick, Usami is still a tsundere and Jirou still has gynophobia. It’s nice to know that everything was resolved cleanly.

Okay, so the episode itself was pretty funny. Greatest line in it? “In exchange, I would like you to stop photo-stalking my butler” I laughed SO HARD. Oh Kanade. The subs I watched were awesome though and probably made this 10 times funnier (“COME AT ME, BRO!” ) because that’s sure as hell not what they were actually saying. It’s also good to know that Nakuru has some dimension to her as well (even if her character development was as shallow as a toddler’s swimming pool). At least we know it’s there, even if it’s only to make her a better harem character.

So yeah, the episode itself was okay, it’s just the timing that was bad. Hell, last episode would have made a better final rather than this. As a whole, this series was pretty good. The beginning was hilarious and it kind of tapered off as the episodes went on, but there was always at least one point per episode that I laughed. The plot itself was pretty pointless though. What’s the point of having to hide your gender if the characters around you are too dense to know what boobs are? But the characters themselves are likable and are surprisingly moe when they’re actually supposed to be. There was a lot of potential (…okay more like SOME potential) here for a great plot, but unfortunately 13 episodes just wasn’t enough. Maybe they’ll have a season two. They certainly left it open enough. Though I don’t know how I’d feel about another 5+ hours of “JIROU! I LOVE YOU!!!!…. As a friend. WE’RE JUST FRIENDS.YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND.” *is depressed because Jirou doesn’t understand*

Well this episode felt so out of place! What were they thinking?! I guess it wasn’t that bad as I did enjoy Nakuru’s character a lot. Sure she may only be the random big boobed chick of the series, and it is true she might not be the brightest character in the brains department but I found her to be fun to watch. I did laugh during that whole scene with Subaru rushing over to hunt down Nakuru taking pictures of her in the bath, damn that was impressive running! Subaru even caught a baseball and dodged that truck.

Anyone else enjoy those cosplay outfits for Usami and Kureha?! Aria from Hildan no aria and Natsu from Kampfer, well we did see the posters in a previous episode. Hell, we even saw Danny Choo’s mascot character making another special appearance! I guess they love the extra advertisements for other series. The only disappointing part of the episode was the lack of Kanade and her usual exploits around Subaru and Jirou. I know a few people just treated this final episode like it was a special or OVA, which really works since it didn’t continue from Subaru and Jirou kissing scene.

Nakuru’s question was kind of random for me, but I guess the creators really wanted her going through something instead of being just the side gag character that loves BL. As most of the characters in this series have their personal things to get through so that really worked out quite well for me in the end. And I died laughing with Usami and Kureha’s reaction to Nakuru’s question! I didn’t think they would freak out so much but Kureha with that orange soda got me laughing! She is so dangerous.

My other problem with Mayo Chiki! would have to be around Jirou himself; and I agree with Kara on this, Jirou still has gynophobia and yes he is really so dumb when it comes to his feelings for Subaru. Well, going into this series I sort of expected this kind of event to happen with him and Subaru to become best friends; after all this does have a slight harem twist with Usami, Kanade, Subaru and Nakuru eventually falling for him in their own ways. That said I really had a great time with this series as I laughed and had a great experience tagging with Kara towards the end. I guess we will see a possible season two or we might get some true specials in the future! Well thanks for reading and joining in the fun with Mayo Chiki!

Special fan service

Nakuru at the beach! Enjoy!


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18 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 13 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    What the— I dunno to laugh or cry on how they ended things here. This was not a bad series but this ending was just so random. >>

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well do what I did! I think of this more as a spin off or special Nakuru themed episode, after all she got so little screentime in this series <3

      But agreed they could have done this one around episode 8 or so! NOT AS A FINAL! Faiiillllllll T___T

      • Karakuri says:

        Treating it like an OVA is a good idea. From now on, this anime ended at episode 12. I’VE SAID IT. IT IS FINAL.

        • Foshizzel says:

          yep! Good idea with this series, I still think they mixed this episode up with the actual ending episode…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This was a great series, I laughed at every episode and was always anxious for the next one. The only downside is that this episode didn’t have any closure or showed what would happen next.

    Don’t ever mess with Nakuru’s love for glasses. She’ll do anything for them, even destroy an expensive camera.

    Nakuru could be Kanade’s apprentice. She blackmailed Jirou into hearing her demands and did so shamelessly. Kanade is still the queen sadist. Giving pictures of an unknowing Subaru to a perverted girl who will use them for her BL ambitions. Double-crossed by your own master. That’s the ultimate betrayal.

    There’s not a character I find annoying. They were all awesome in their own way. I was laughing when Subaru found out she was being watched. Super speed, strentgh, agility and when she was gliding and ready to kick Nakuru. Since when did she become a Saiyan?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep every episode had something special that made me laugh or grin just because of the great characters! Yeah that is also very true the endings were like oh look episode is over nothing was done.

      I know right? Do not touch any glasses while Nakuru is around she might kill you.

      Kanade is awesome! And yeah Kureha could learn so much from her well Kureha could kick your ass if you ever tricked her xD

      Subaru is great too! I just wish they did more with her story! I mean you would have thought Usami or the other girls would figure out that it’s really a girl! But ah well I think that was the charm of this series for most.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hidan no Kureha… err… Aria. I meant Aria. Hehehe. Kureha pulled that Aria cosplay off perfectly. I was asking “what is Aria doing here?”. A surprise crossover just like that dog in Blood-C.

        I was shocked Nakuru was actually looking at romance that weren’t BL books and that she was also so self-conscious about her boobs. And in a way, she’s a stalker to both Jirou and Subaru.

        Jirou should have just let his nose bleed because he’s made his situation with Nakuru even worse than it needs to be.

        • Foshizzel says:

          It should have been Hidan no Kureha! I would have watched that, hahah yes! Crossovers are fun <3

          I was shocked too! Nakuru reads other stuff besides BL?! Yep she stocks Subaru and Jirou.

          Ahahah yeah he probably should have 😛

  3. Reaper says:

    I felt both joy and dismay after the ep finished; joy at the usual lulz ensued after each episode of drama (lol, drama? I think I meant the comedy, harem and ecchi xD ) and dismay because it was the last episode, which was weird because of the weird ending; either they decided to stay true to the light novels and end it before they start screwing around with it or JC Staff decided to pull a disaster and shift everyone onto Shana III…I really hope it’s the former than the latter…it means I will have to marathon the entire two seasons of Shana just to catch up before the third season comes out…sigh, why not Mayo Chiki II instead of Shana III? Why, JC Staff, WHY??!?!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here joy that this was a Nakuru themed episode, then it turned into huh?! After due to the random ending this series got. Ooooh I feel for you! The first few seasons of Shana were so boring! But they did have some great action scenes I was shocked xD

      Poor JC Staff stuck in three season mode, well just give me Railgun season two! NOW!!! <3

      • BlackBriar says:

        Don’t forget about an Index III. I want more Touma, Misaka and Accelerator. Since there’s gonna be a third Shana, another Index should be possible.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Oh yes! Index three, what about the movie? Are you excited about that? I know I am a bit excited! Even thou I would rather we got a Railgun movie because Misaka <3

          • Reaper says:

            Trempted to say screw Index III and Railgun II (SHOCKU~) But I have a good reason to say so; ANIMATE INDEX NEW TESTAMENT! RAILGUN’S FINALLY HITTING IT UP WITH THE MAGICIANS! XD

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Well, I’m sad that Mayo Chiki is over, but I really like this episode. Ths is probably my favorite character-themed episodes. And I’m glad I wasn’t the only person watching the subs of “COME AT ME BRO!”, that made me lol so hard xD. But I am sad that there wasn’t as much Subaru and Jirou action here, or even anything resolved from last episodes. This episodes shouldn’t have been the last one, even though I thought it was entertaining as heck xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am sad as well! what will I laugh at besides the awesome Squid girl!? Yep this was a great character themed episode for Nakuru <3 <3 LOLOL Yes I saw that sub and it made me laugh xD

      I know? it's like they got the episodes mixed up or something was kind of stupid on them ah well season two!

  5. Dan-go says:

    Wasnt a bad series. It had its funny moments and i guess thats all i really asked for. so it did it’s job. Odd episode to end a series entirely based on subaru on. But nakaru is damn cute. so *jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* approval. i guess. kind of

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed not a bad series at all! Very good from start to well finish minus this totally random ending episode…

      Yay 4 Nakuru! <3

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