Gundam AGE – 03

Aloi- “Space Ichigo! Get the hell off the ship.”              Space Ichigo-“Awwww please! I wanna fight!”

Hooray! More Gundam AGE! I am having so much fun watching this series and getting to talk about it every week, well I will be taking on AGE solo for a while on Metanorn. In other Gundam AGE related stuff I am working on a new Halloween themed drawing with Emily! So hopefully I can get that finished soon and share with it everyone soon. Well it’s time to start the review of episode three enjoy!Plot this week continues with Flint fighting outside of the colony as tough new enemy arrive to give him a hard time; that is until Yurin does something to help Flint focus and eventually land a few shots on the UE machine. Meanwhile Grudech and the rest of the Diva crew continue on with the mission to save the colony residents. However captain Bruzar gets injured after the UE mecha blows up the base. This leaves Bruzar alone to sacrifice himself to release the colony after it gets suddenly stuck, saving the colony as the Diva escapes with the AGE.

Aloi-“Someone tell that UE Guy outside to keep it down. I’m trying to blog my anime!”

We start this space adventure with Flint and Yurin fighting one of the last remaining UE suits. After she touches his hand, it allows him to focus and defeat the enemy, until another UE machine arrives and it heads right for the Diva. But it suddenly decides to just screw with them and rush off after it looked like it wanted a piece of the Diva, instead it goes straight for the colony. I guess he really wanted to take a tour of the colony before the place blows up? In the meantime, Grudech has a short chat with captain Bruzar about the evacuation plans and his new promotion to captain, only to have captain Bruzar’s com get cut off after the UE machine suddenly attacks him and the base.

Bruzar-“Congrats on captain rank! Grudech! you bastard!”       Grudech-“…I want a hug from you, sir!”

UE Suit-“Excuse me do you know where I can find a rest stop?”           Grudech-“SON OF A! I need new pants…”

To make matters worse, the colony is slowly falling apart putting time against the crew of the Diva. After the UE machine blows up the base it heads back out to space to leave only to get cut off by Flint’s attacks. This was a really interesting fight to watch because Flint doesn’t become this super godly pilot right away, the UE mecha dodges every shot Flint takes until Yurin uses her magical powers to help Flint fight back. Back inside the colony, Captain Bruzar managed to survive that attack from the UE and unlocks the inner colony controls to help speed up the evacuation process.

Flint- “A girl touched me ha! PREPARE TO DIE Purple dragon thing!”

It wouldn’t be a complete Gundam episode without some laser spam.

Bruzar-“Yep I have to delete all of those music files, I will miss my Lady Gaga songs….”

The last few scenes follow Flint and Yurin as she uses that power of hers again, which allows Flint to land a few shots on the enemy. The UE machine stops and runs away after Flint blocks the machine from attacking the colony. Maybe the enemy got super bored with the children? Well before anyone can celebrate their victory captain Bruzar rushes back inside the colony as it blows up slowly! He has one final chat with Flint before sacrificing himself to save everyone. Well damn that sucks! He was such an awesome captain! Bruzar will be missed but he went out as a true hero. After the fight and a few moments of silence for Bruzar’s death, Flint watches Yurin leave after she gave him a pink ribbon to remember her by. The episode comes to an end as we watch a random white haired guy waking up from a long nap who appears to have ears! Oh the furry alarms are going off in my mind now! I hope he’s not like part animal or something like that…

Flint-“Ha, take that you! Thing!”             Yurin-“The correct phrase is son of a bitch, damn Flint, you are slow.”

Aloi-“Sir I think we’re on fire…”            Grudech-“Quickly someone get me some damn marshmallows! HURRY!”

Yurin-“Good luck without me, bro!”                               Flint-“This chick is freaking crazy…I LIKE CRAZY!”

Good morning to you too, Space Inuyasha!

Extra Gun-damn

I know how you feel old dude!

Sad moe is still so cuteoooooooo!!

Rest in peace, Mr. amazing Captain!

Yurin-“You can have that, it’s covered in sweat.”                 Flint-“Oh…uhh thanks?”


End Thoughts:

Whoa! This episode was really good and we had some great action scenes with drama! But Flint’s fight against that new UE mecha was really impressive; normally in Gundam the main pilot character tends to be a really awesome pilot. Well in Gundam AGE we got to see Flint struggle and miss a lot against that new enemy suit, and yes I know Yurin’s hidden power played a huge part in his success of defeating that UE enemy. But I still think Flint will struggle in the future since Yurin left or did she really leave?! Well either way I think we will see Flint and Yurin work together in future episodes. With my past experiences with Gundam and other mecha themed anime, I think Flint will probably run into her randomly on earth or end up saving her life in another big battle.

Another great thing with AGE this week we got to see some emotion from a few of the characters like Flint; I didn’t really know much about his relationship with captain Bursar until this episode. I could really tell those two were really close. Then again Flint probably saw him more as a father figure I did enjoy how Bruzar said he brought Flint on the colony for his experience with mobile suit design, but we all know he probably enjoyed having Flint around. At least that’s the feeling I got from watching them I will miss that character he was really great! Well I guess it’s time to see how Grudech stands as the new captain maybe he really isn’t a bad guy after all or is he?!

So question for the readers! Do you think we have a small love triangle forming between Flint, Yurin and Emily? I still think it’s a bit early still to think about that. But why not ask! I did like watching Yurin and Flint near the end of the episode together, she might just be happy he saved her life or maybe there is something deeper between the two of them? I was so surprised that Emily didn’t get mad at Flint after seeing another girl with him! That really tells me those two are close friends than anything. After all most of these kids are fourteen but I guess they can experience love too; I mean why not. Well most of the time in any anime age never really plays a role, I feel bad for that fat kid aka Dike! He sooooo not going to get any love from anyone; well I think he was going to be the LOLWUT character anyway.


In soul caliber nine! Coming soon.

Next week Flint meets ace pilot Wolf Eniakuru! Seems they will butt heads until Flint saves his ass, and we have more Gundam versus UE action! See you next episode.

Thanks for reading.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Gundam AGE – 03”

  1. Elyon says:

    Pffffffffffffffffffft Space InuYasha. Yurin is really weird, but I like her so far. She seems more interesting than most of the rest of the cast, and she has awesome hair.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Everyone wants to got to space!!! Even Ichigo! But I am with you! Yurin is really weird but also interesting to watch I still don’t know if she is on team good guy or team bad! Never know she could be working for the UE! Plus like you said awesome hair! xD

  2. TheVoid says:

    With the way the UE are acting and seem to move and attack in a pattern I’m starting to suspect that they are AI controlled mechas.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! What is up with that?! I really do think these UE machines are AI! And something to do with Yurin possibly? I wonder if she has some special connection between them…

  3. Kitty says:

    Thank god for Space Inuyasha!!! I was starting to think no hot guys we’re going to come XD Emily is cute at all. But I loves me my mechas and hot boys XDDDD (I don’t care if you judge me :p)

    Also that old mechanic guy reminds me of a character from Castle in the Sky……

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wooo space inuyasha! Let’s just hope he isn’t as tsundere or finds himself a Kagome to settle down with…Emily is sooooo cute <3

      Ahaha no worries! I can't judge you! I need some lady pilots...oh man do we need some T__T

      Yeah! I am calling him SCIENCE from here on out hahaha

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