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My last week of freedom draws near…Soon, school will start up again and I’ll be back to falling asleep surrounded by a fortress of textbooks. For now, I’m trying to prepare by cleaning my study room, getting all my anime and gaming urges out of the way, and even selling some of my anime to try and make more space. I guess I should work on my anime posts to keep my mind sharp for school~

Everyone’s brilliant plan to get information on the surveillance system of the correctional facility involves passing off Inukashi as a prostitute to lure in an official who works there. He’s enamoured by Inukashi, she freaks out, Nezumi hits his gun away and ties him up, and the end result is a nice little source of info right at their feet. Everything went according to plan, except for Nezumi not popping out from under the bed soon enough to stop the perverted man. For that, Inukashi has a minor breakdown and threatens to never trust Nezumi again.

The second part of the plan was to the use the info from the correctional facility official to find a weak point in the security and bust in. The bad news is that there is no blind spot, and no possible way of getting in without being seen. The robo-mouse said so! Plan B is to wait for the Holy Day, which also doubles as the “Cleaning Duty” day. Nezumi keeps the details of everything under wraps so that Shion doesn’t worry, and Shion simply trusts him. He’s convinced they’ll all be a happy family living together here by summer, and although Nezumi thinks it’s impossible, Shion is convinced it will happen.

Moving onto the next slide, please turn to page 54 of your textbook to see a bigger version of the diagram…

Plan B is swiftly put into action without much warning. The two boys are strolling down the street when all of a sudden LASERTANKS start rolling in and destroying the entire village. Nezumi drags Shion around to avoid all the collapsing buildings that are crushing people right and left. Shion is on the verge of a meltdown from all the screaming and chaos, but quickly composes himself when Nezumi unexpectedly transforms into Batman and whisks him away under his cape. Oh, and then he saves a baby, so I guess that also helped to keep his insanity at bay.

Don’t go Shion! It’s either that dirty baby or my supple body against yours under this cape. WHICH DO YOU WANT?

Saving that baby wasted precious time, and before they know it, a tank is pointing a laser right at them. Nezumi raises both his hands in surrender, and the two of them are captured along with the other villagers to be used as lab rats. Nezumi explains that this whole little manhunt was “Cleaning Duty” and that his Plan B was to get captured and use that as their method of entry into the facility. Shion is shocked, but just kind of nods. No biggie, right?

Bitch, I TOLD you to stay under my cape

MEANWHILE…Youmin tries to convince Karan to join his fight against No.6, but she calls him bloodthirsty. He certainly was having a bit of a MAD SCIENTISTO moment there, but I’d say if you were to side with anyone, you should side with him. Youmin leaves her to do his own thing, announcing to his rebel group that the time to strike is NOW. As for Safu, her awakening is complete. She hears Eliurias’ voice and ends up hacking the system and then escaping.

All the prisoners are in a cramped truck headed for the correctional facility, and you can imagine that they’re miserable. Nezumi sings to cheer them up, which would be sweet if he didn’t have some cheesy karaoke track playing in the background. It cheers them up, but they’re all dumped into a pit as soon as they arrive anyways. You just can’t win in that situation. Luckily, Nezumi has been there before and knows what to expect, so he keeps Shion close. That, or he just really likes being Batman and shoving Shion under his cape. Who knows what he’s doing under there.

“Nezumi’s what’s happen-” “Shhh. Cape. Now.”

Facial Expression Win:

mfw I get the list of things I need to memorize for my Neuroscience exam


mfw people still try to suggest Boku no Pico as a good anime to noobs

mfw there is no fanart for a pairing I like



End Thoughts: First of all, let me apologize for just not being good at previews. I don’t know you can be NOT GOOD at previews, but I am. This is the second time I have mistaken someone for Inukashi. Is something wrong with me? I thought that the dead mother in the alley was Inukashi, especially since they showed her crying right after. I guess whenever I see some ratty-looking pile of waste, my brain screams “INUKASHI!” Speaking of which, I’m STILL confused at her gender. Rikiga hinted that she was a boy, feeling chuffed as chips that he had tricked the official with a young boy. However, Inukashi covered her chest defensively the whole time. Not only that, Shion had a moment where he gasped when touching her shoulders. Was it because her shoulders were feminine? Did he feel her miniscule breasts against his coat? Was he just about to remark that he uses the same-scented body lotion? If anything, I’m just more confused. For now, I’ll go on saying “she” but this seems to be another case of a genderless character like Chrona from Soul Eater.

We knew No.6 was bad, but now they’re really hammering it down our throats. There was a bit of room to fathom that all these executions and experiments could have been for some greater good, but it’s gone beyond the realm of being morally justified. A hospice that kills the elderly and a yearly harvesting of the street rats outside the city? That’s a bit much. I can’t see how killing all these people is worth it, considering that Eliurias has a 99% chance of not giving a rat’s ass what the experimenters want and just opts for going ballistic. Safu already seems to be going a bit mental, so I’m almost ready to say the No.6 government failed at this point. I’m a bit concerned that we haven’t seen Safu in a third-person view yet. It could just be to enhance the feeling of being captive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s physically changed into something different from the experiments.

How everything works out now will ultimately decide how good a story No.6 was. Will everything fall apart in the next 2 episodes as a bundle of cliché and mediocrity? I hope not. It would be very easy to take a wrong turn and drive this anime into the ground. There’s only the main mystery left to be revealed, so let’s hope it turns out well! If the preview is anything to go by, it looks like my fears will be put to rest next week.

Preview: Eliurias seems to be calling out to Shion now, not just Nezumi and Safu. Is this because it’s now a part of Safu? Nezumi and Shion escape from where the prisoners are held to try and save Safu, but end up getting into a lot of trouble. Nezumi is shot and Shion gets REALLY mad. Let’s hope Rikiga and Inukashi provide some good back-up, or this might just be the end for them.

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14 Responses to “No.6 – 09”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    OH EM GEE STUFF JUST GOT REAL YO!! PEOPLE DYING!! AHHHH! Ahem…anyway I was getting so damn bored with this series sadly it just was not doing anything for me but after this episode! Suddenly I am excited to be watching again.

    So I am starting to think Safu is now some monster! Killing people or something because we get all fps mode with her so I am set on her being some machine or creature looking thing xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Now that the action is back, action-lovers have a reason to rejoice. :3 I think she’s a monster or at least DIFFERENT based on the fps view too. Can’t wait to see what she has become ohohoho~

  2. Miyu says:


  3. Miyu says:


    And I think Inukashi is a girl actually… “Are you actually… a fluffy pink unicorn who’s come to save the day?” “Are you actually a girl?” would’ve probably been the question if Shion managed to spit it out O:

    Elyurias kinda sounded like Safu’s grandmother but I surely I must just be hallucinating… right?

    • Snowley says:

      I got the same impression! That’d be… o.O Hmmm that’d be an awesome plot twist. Then maybe Safu and her grandma also escaped the great fire and the very Eluryas No6 was trying to catch lived under their noses for years…

      • Overcooled says:

        Whoa, that would be creepy. I think the Twilight House executed her good and proper though, since they didn’t seem in a panic. Plus, we saw her body.

        • Miyu says:

          Well we never know with a city as insane as No.6 xD I’m so tempted to read the ending novel summaries on lj but I. Shall. Control. Myself. and not spoil the entire thing because suspense is good :DD If they ever translate it into English and sell the novels I will jump for joy though *w*

          Oh and meanwhile, some plugging hehe: Precious – No.6 Oneshot Reviews will be greatly appreciated :DD

          • Overcooled says:

            Don’t do ittt….I’m waiting until the anime ends before I indulge in the novels, if I decide to. Spoilers ruin everything.

            Thanks for the fanfic~ I’m a big fan of this pairing and always curious what the various commenters at Metanorn are up to. :3 Haha, I really do think the only thing Shion can make is stew or soup XD

  4. Kitty says:

    I actually felt kinda sick when they started to dump everyone out the back door…. especially after hearing Nezumi’s pretty pretty voice again.

    I’m also starting to think Safu is a tree hugging child like Nezumi. Scratch that I KNOW SHE IS!!! She get -some- brownie points for being like Nezumi but that is all I’m giving her 😛

    Sshh I AM BATMAN – Sheldon.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s kind of horrible that they just dump them around like lumps of dirt. They’re not even considered humans anymore. :/

      Me too. If the People of the Forest were the only ones to be connected to Eliurias, then it makes sense for her to be one of them. She’s the second survivor!

  5. Snowley says:

    No 6 are Nazis o.O there is no better word for them.

    Awwww you read Boxer Hockey! And the page is updated *brb reading*

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha yeah, I love my webcomics. I was thinking of just linking to the last few panels, but I figured it’d be better to link to the comic to try and get more people to read it 8D High five, fellow BH fan!

  6. Yvoon says:


    why would a guy cover up their chest, huh? I bet that Sion was just about to comment that he might actually be a SHE. what else can u tell just by touching someone’s shoulders?

    There’s finally gonna be some butt-kicking next week!

    man, cant wait for next week! gaaahhh!! give it to me noooow!!! >.<

    • Overcooled says:

      I think so too. She just seems like a girl acting all rough-and-tumble so no one will take advantage of her.

      Thursday night can’t come soon enough!

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