Kamisama Dolls – 13 [END]

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again~

Oh my god you guys…Kamisama Dolls is over! -sobs- I will really miss this show, it’s been my only source of sanity between Kuro no Usagi and Ao no Exorcist, what am I to do now that it’s finished?

So, as Kukuri rages back into life with a fearsome new Doll song playing (need OST like burning!) everyone stares up in awe, lost as to who is controlling it! Kukuri starts obliterating Mahiru’s Doll, to the point where Kyoushiro has to rescue the arm still clutching Kyohei and Hibino. With both Utao and Mahiru devastated by the loss of control over their Dolls, Moyako and Kyoushiru grab them too, and race down to ground level, effectively abandoning ship just as Kukuri destroys Mahiru’s Doll once and for all.


They take Kyohei to hospital where he has a coma induced flashback, expositing more on what led him to quit being a Seki; Aki and Chihaya’s bonking behind his back and her subsequent death. Him and Aki are fighting, Aki loving it if course because it’s Kyohei stooping to his level when Kyohei, so lost in rage, even attacks the other villagers that come to see what’s happened. Utao screams out and thus takes control of Kukuri from Kyohei for the first time, unwillingly handing over the mantle to her.


He wakes up, inadvertently grabbing Hibino in the process, and everyone welcomes him back. Out on the roof Hibino thanks him for saving her and Kyohei apologises, trying to protect her from himself. Hibino is a big girl though and just kisses the idiot, expressing her feelings in the clearest way possible. They return to Kyohei’s room only to find a distressed Utao saying that Kukuri won’t move anymore. Just as things seem to be settling down and Kyohei and Hibino have another nice moment together, after she leaves guess who shows up!


Aki tells Kyohei he is planning on returning to the village because the leader has GlaDos, the Doll that attacked them as children. It’s regenerated over time and Aki feels like he can’t ever be free unless he settles things within the village. Kyohei tries to reason with him but Aki will have none of it, he thinks he’s too far gone for any of that atonement nonsense. They delve a bit into the good times they had until the two of them fall about laughing, which is so great to see! Aki turns to leave, but not without remarking on how they’ve both come a long way since they were kids. Kyohei echoes this, and Aki dissappears into the night~



“It’s alright Dad, my boobs broke the fall.”

It’s rude to brag, Kyohei.

-insert inappropriate joke here-


Ohmygod… the cuteness

Movie night in the Kuga household…


Okay, there is pretty much definitely going to be a season 2. If one doesn’t get green-lit then it will officially be the most rotten tease in anime history, not to mention an enormous waste of potentially awesome material and characters. The “preivew” at the end sent shivers down my spine, and made me realise just how much I want to see Seki!Kyohei. Nobuhiko Okamoto owns this role. Even in those last few minutes the change in tone was obvious. I’m so used to him grazing his voice as Rin, shouting or screaming or laughing like a moron and to slip such a delicious little inflection into his voice left a real impact on me. It made me immediately hungry for a season 2! an idea that I hadn’t really subscribed too until now. I heard rumors floating around, and speculations that a season 2 would be made but I acutally was quite content to just let this be it. Oh, no. No, no, no. I want more Kamisama Dolls after this, definitely. I am nowhere ready to part with these guys, especially not after seeing what might be in store. Oh, Brains Base! is there anything you’re involved in that doesn’t turn to gold? Fuuuuuuu~

The actual episode was a lot less action-y than I had first anticipated, but surprisingly that didn’t have too much of an effect on the momentum. There was still the usual driving force behind the scenes with just characters interacting. The scene where Hibino kisses Kyohei on the roof was particularly moving, and I think that had a lot to do with the great music cue. I still ship AkixKyohei but I can’t deny that that scene was very sweet. It’s nice to see the old Hibino again, you know, before she turned into a useless plot device. Kind of sad we didn’t get a proper “goodbye montage” to show how everyone, like Kuuko, was getting on, but with the screencaps of the potentional next season shown in the credits maybe it wasn’t nessessary. I felt really bad for poor Utao, not only did she nearly lose her brother but she lost her Doll. I wonder what her role will/would be now that presumably she’s no longer a Seki. I guess they could give her another one (are they stockpiled in a warehouse somewhere maybe? Haha.) as long as they are as phallic as Kyoushiro’s and Mahiru’s I don’t mind. I need to get my laughs somewhere!

It’s hard to describe my feelings towards Kamisama Dolls, or give my opinion on it without sounding contradictory. Bare with me;- So, if I had to sum it up I would say “unremarkable”. It doesn’t leave much of an impression. The story, even at it’s loudest, is still very sedate and medatitive. I can’t really pin-point why exactly, which I admit is pretty weak, but that’s just the feeling it gives me. That being said, it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of it, and I have enjoyed this series immensley. Since I usually cover comedies this was a welcome change, not to menion a nice little work out for my serious side, haha (it doesn’t get used very often!). I loved delving into the psyches of the characters and really just watching the subtle complexities of their behaviours play out episode-by-episode. It wasn’t a challenging show to watch, but it was definitely fun. Brains Base have a great talent fo re-inventing tired anime-personality stereotypes and breathing new life and dimentions into them. I can’t think of much that this studio has done that hasn’t been really high quality and while there was a few nervous weeks of thinking that Kamisama Dolls might be that weak link in the chain I am glad to be able to say that this is definitely not the case.

I would highly recommend Kamisama Dolls. It might not leave much of an impression in the long run, but in the moment, as you are watching, it does it’s best to capture your interest and enthrall you while still keeping you at arms length. Which is clever. The morally ambiguous characters, retro style, and elusive plot all work as one and mesh together perfectly, creating a solid, solid show that has a lot of offer if you just have a little patience and enough curiosity to stick with it. Let it entrance you with it’s Doll’s song, you won’t be disappointed.

See you for season 2!


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19 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls – 13 [END]”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    You’ve lost source of sanity? Don’t worry, you’re bound to find a new one sooner or later. I loved the part where Kukuri was roaring back to life with that creepy new song.

    Kyohei is just as messed up in the head as Aki. No possible amount of therapy is going to help recover from his childhood to current mental trauma.

    Damn you Kyohei and Hibino for kissing so much in front of your viewers. If that old lady hadn’t come along, they would’ve been at it on the roof all day and Hibino was looking forward to it.

    Kyohei and Aki going down memory lane. What’s going on here?!! Aki actually looked human and calm in that moment before he left!!! I doesn’t suit him at all!!! We need more madness!!

    Bring on season 2!! There’s gonna be a Seki war coming along. That four legged mountain doll has gotta some serious kind of monster if it was able to regenerate after being completely blown up and reduced to ash by Kyohei.

    • Hime says:

      That was an epic moment, probably the most epic in the show.

      Kyohei is just as messed up as Aki, but I’m going to disagree and say that they both actually have adapted to their trauma very well and now (given the oppertunity to confront it) are more likely to succeed in defeating their own inner demons.

      A Seki war sounds awesome! As long as we get to see Kyohei smashing shit up and being a badass I will be satisfied.

  2. Moni Chan says:

    … another season endder. I thought it was gonna have 25-26 episodes. Sad rage.

    Imma miss that Aki x Kyohei yaoi

    Kukuri song is and always will be stuck in ma head

  3. Jrow says:

    The one shot of Aki and Kyohei in white overlooking the buildings felt like it was being artsy just for the sake of it. It had the feeling that it wanted to look really amazing and add a sense of something to the scene, but it didn’t seem right when I saw that.

    I liked the kissing scene, and I did like the scene at Hibino’s where Kyohei grabs her hand while on his chest; like they didn’t just sweep the kissing scene under the rug. After a rough season and a hard hit on the head, dude needs them Giant Boobs to rest his head on . xD

    Hope Season 2 happens. I’m pretty sure it could kick season 1’s ass with a teaser shot like that!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, you can’t ignore that kissing scene. It was great. He would’ve gotten a lot more from Hibino if weren’t interrupted. Kyohei’s been through hell. He needed a well deserved giant boob head rest. Lucky bastard.

  4. Hato-kun says:

    Stop shipping dudes, for Gods sake.

    If it weren’t for the bloody fangirls screaming for Aki and Kyohei shit, this series would be the best ever.

    Unfortunately, stupid fangirls have to exist.

    The show was amazing, by the way. Best of last season, hands down.

    • Hime says:

      Lol, I mentioned it ONCE in this whole review, calm down. Shipping dudes doesn’t make you a stupid fangirl. It’s just another pairing, like HibinoxKyohei.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Started out really lame and stupid but hey I stuck to this series like glue! I sort of wanted more amazing Doll on Doll fighting but….yeah….still awesome.

    And finally Kyouhei and Aki sort of made up near the end, but basically it turns out to be something like this.

    AKI- “LOL sup Bro, gonna kill everyone at the village peace out!”

    Kyouhei- “DUDE COUNT ME IN, Soon as I make out with Hibino a few more times…and other…stuff”

    That kiss was good xD Welp time to wait for season two! Till then I can now tackle that manga…oh yes!

    • Alynn says:

      Loving your quick summary! Basically what happens. xD
      I really need to go back and read the manga as well. I kind of only read up to the 8th chapter because it took forever to scanlate at the time. And then I forgot about it.

      • Hime says:

        XD haha omg Fosh, I should have got you to summerise that part, that’s hilarious.

        Wait, there’s a manga…?

        • foshizzel says:

          Hahahaha best story ever.

          Yeah I think there is one, I looked at it earlier before the series came out basically it has more blood.

      • foshizzel says:

        Thanks! xD

        Ooooh nice! I want to read more I only read like chapter 1 and 2

  6. Kyokai says:

    I share your thoughts on the last episode, specifically that preview. Are my eyes deceiving me; Brains Base is finally believing on sequels?! After so many Natsume ones and finally Kamisama Dolls (No, I haven’t forgotten about Durarara!!, Kuragehime or even Baccano!) but, they would be GIANT EFFING TEASE if they don’t announce season two after showing Kyohei all badass (I srsly want to see him as a Seki, like NAO!).

    This series is highly recommended for marathon because somehow I enjoyed it more seeing it from 6th to the end in one go. It definitely started out weak but developed to something good. There’s a reason I fangirl Nobuhiko and Kyohei’s maturity just goes to show how much variation he can show. I’ll definitely wait for another season announcement! :3

    • Hime says:

      Mmmmm Seki!Kyohei is damn tasty sounding.

      Yeah, I was never a big fan of Nobuhiko but KD has made me appreciate him a lot more, he has talent and I did find myself forgetting it was him (Rin), which is the tell of any good seiyuu.

  7. Alynn says:

    This episode was amazing in so many ways, though I thought that they needed more action. Aki smiling was the cutest thing ever, next to the childhood flashback. I love Aki so much.

    EEEEEEEE OMG I am so happy that there is going to be a second season. I really need Seki!Kyohei too.

    This series kind of started out slow for me, and I thought it was mediocre, but it went intense from when Mahiru was was introduced. I really really started to love the series then. I hope second season will be even more epic.

    • Hime says:

      We need to form some sort of Aki fanclub xD

      Second season will be BOSS if we go by the preview.

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