Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 2nd Elimination

Second round of elimination is here. Find out the results!

Are you getting into the swing of things yet? This is our second elimination round where we reveal the votes cast by YOU as well as who will be sent packing this week. We’ll be down one female and one male by the end of this post, so cross your fingers and hope your favourite guy or gal wasn’t voted off! This time our in-house judges are here to give your their in-depth comments on each contestant. So without any further ado:




Someone was quite literally missing the sharpness this round! Despite normally being sharp tongued, sharp eyed and, well, weilding many a sharp thing seemed to be missing out on her key element this round. Our girl seemed to be working the whimsical background rather than a strong, sassy and most importantly, intense feel.
I think Senjougahara robbed a Staples store before arriving to do her photo shoot, seriously where does that girl keep everything? Well everyone managed to dodge all of those sharp objects she started to throw at us! Sadly I can’t speak for our dedicated camera man; I think he has to wear an eye patch for a while thanks to Senjougahara. She did win the last contest so that might have gone to her head; stay cool girl!
At first I wasn’t really feeling the photo, but if you stare long enough into her eyes, the intensity comes at you full force. Her pose is a little disappointing since it’s really close to her photo from the beach episode, but adding the scissors and the box cutter helped Senjougahara out some this round.


Twin blade wielding and sharp tongue spoken, I was defiantly excited to see Miss Stocking’s shoot. Fail me, she did not! Stocking plays the light and shadows like a Gothic pro, and looks as if she could kill you through the camera. Although, that could have been a reaction to us taking away her sweets.
We had to drag Stocking away from the snack cart! She was eating all the damn cakes on set and everything else sweet. After she got permission to use her special weapons I think we all went blind over the flashy transformation we saw and that random pole dance?! Where did that thing even come from! Between Saeko and Stocking, I think we have some hard choices here for most intense female.
This girl continues to impress me each round. Maybe Panty has been coaching her on how to be a successful model. I see a lot of confidence in her eyes as she slashes away, to which I was told a new camera needed to be purchased due to a misguided swinging of her stocking.


Protecting her sister Mahou Shojou while looking stunning on set seems second nature for this girl. Mami whips up a wicked storm here, slashing through witches…and cake. While it’s a bit worrying as to how she ended up with such realistic blood splatters, this picture screams intense, and makes your heart leap. It may also make you want to run away, fast. In a good way.
Damn Mami was so skilled at dodging that random hungry shark! But she did look impressive during the intense photo shoot this week, but I think she might have scared off the photographers when she summoned all of those magical guns. After having her tea and cake she summoned her weapon for one last epic pose and accidently took out a nearby wall…So do not mess with her when she is fired up!
Being a magical girl is tough work. But as we know from Madoka Magica, things are even more difficult and grim, so I’m not too surprised to see Mami pull off one of the more intense looks of the bishoujous this round. The red eyes and the pose with the gun blurring in motion really gives a sense of action and awesome (blood helps, also). Great job, Mami!


Intensity is most defiantly not our delicate Sawako’s strong point. While she has that ghostly look of hers, there is little intention to it, as much as mistake. Sawako’s scary face, while effectively scary, may not stand up against the other girls this round.
Sawako always freaks me out! I think she might be some demon or ghost character; maybe she should cut her hair or do something different with it? During the shoot she just stood there hiding her face the whole time. Well I guess she really isn’t the only strange girl we have taking part in this contest, hopefully she becomes less shy in the future during all of this.
Sawako can barely hurt a fly. This round really didn’t play to her strengths and all she could lean on is that weird and creepy presence she’s most known for, but at least she has a look of, “I’M GOING TO EAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!” She did what she could, but others did a much better job during this round.


Oddly intriguing? Intensely quiet? Seriously weird? There’s an abundance of words to describe this show’s oddest contestant. Never the less, Nino holds up well, pulling off ‘silent intensity’, which Sawako may have been better off to play. Here we have, ladies and gents, another strong photo.
Nino! This is still one of the strangest girls I have ever seen in this contest, after she got word of us using a fish tank in some of the shoots she grabbed her fishing pole and ran off to start fishing. Anyway she was a big help when our shark decided to eat one of the contestants! Yes Kyo brought in a shark for this special shoot… Nino’s still a very quiet girl for the most part, well just avoid her while she is fishing or she will kick you into the tank.
Nino is my surprise model in this tourney so far. Nino’s photo is really impressive because she doesn’t hold a weapon but pulls off a badass look that might be the most chilling and yet attractive of the entire bunch. The pose is awesome, the flowing blonde hair is hot, and her eyes are crazy intense as she looks like she’s ready to chew down on that poor fish. I’m not just getting on the Nino bandwagon, I wanna drive it!


Saeko plays the open light very well. Despite the basic lighting, her dynamic pose combined with a cool expression both pulls you in and shocks you all together. And while our poor camera man was avoiding swords and blood splatters (which seemed like common themes this time around…), Saeko caught a great image for this round.
Saeko really was full of bounce during the shoot; maybe she should wear clothes that actually fit? Not that any of the guys were complaining too much. Anyway she was really amazing while showing off her sword skills, but I think she went a bit too wild and destroyed the set! She said something about being wet and killing monsters? I have no idea what she was talking about; she might be crazy.
Having expertise in zombie-slaying, I definitely expected Saeko to perform well here. She comes off as very and yet stylish as you see the zombie in the background gushing blood. Saeko did get wet, which was a little weird, yet kinda… hot.

7. Eliminated!

Anaru might want to stop thinking sweet thoughts of Jin-tan before she comes on set. I was expecting a sexy, devilish but slightly innocent feel from her this week, but she seems much too far off. Unfortunately one of the weaker contestants this week. She’ll be weighing on her lovely hips to get her through this one.
Anjou really didn’t do much but throw on a strange outfit and jump around during the shoot with her random sword she found in the dressing room. I don’t think this girl could really ever pull off any real intense look. Well she did give all the other girls some odd glares for making fun of her hair.
I don’t get a sense of intensity or fear from her. She looks like she should be walking around a party serving Hors d’oeuvre to all the rich people. In fairness to her, intensity isn’t her style, but I have to give her negative marks for not even making an angry face.

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I thought my precious Natsume would be one of the first few to go from Anime NTM, but would you just look at him? He’s one upped from last round, looking fabulous with Madara in the background and full regalia. I can only cheer him on and wish him, keep it up!
Intesity done right! Two great pictures two weeks in a row? Awesome. Everything in this photo works and Natsume manages to look calm, yet battle ready. He’s certainly one of this year’s top contenders.
Elegant and calm, beautiful yet intense. I like it. If only you can look more manly than that, then it will be perfect. But oh well, I guess that can be ignored. You loook really gorgeous here.


Not his best shot by far as he definitely can do better. I’m just amazed at the unwavering support of his fangirls because even if he’s found making awkward glares at the camera, it’s still all good for votes. Though, I hope he doesn’t abuses this power.
No hair clip? Sigh, too bad. Love the monochrome stuff going on here Rin, but not so much the pose.  Looks a bit awkward. Is he going to swing that sword or what? And what’s up with that facial expression?
…What are you trying to do? Why are you grinning like a moron? CAN YOU EVEN POSE? And to think that you looked sexy on the last audition…


I remember brushing this photo and saying, WHOA! He looks so GAR! This is a perfect example of intensity from the pose to the eerie feeling of history that this gives off. I’m just glad seeing him climb the NTM ladder because he’s definitely got the stuff. He just needs to tap into that serious cutthroat feeling to win this.
Whoa, epic GARness and he doesn’t even have a weapon. THOSE EYES. HOW DID YOU KNOW MY WEAKNESS? This would be my pick if I weren’t so Barnaby biased. Er… umm… I mean, bias? What bias? In any case, love the look, love the lighting and love the red contacts. …those ARE contacts, right?
Wow, Gin-san, you look really intense there. Your cold expression really fits the brutal theme, and your uniform is pretty fashionable. Unfortunately, you look more sadistic rather than sexy here. Your experience in the Joi War might be the reason why you’re like that, but remember this is just acting it out, so try to look sexy instead of sadistic. A-anyhow…Want to go out to lunch? I’ll buy you parfait.


This was definitely the Mami of Bishounen because Barnaby sure rocked his suit along with the intense glare. He’s come a long way from the previous shoot. People should definitely watch out for him. Also, anaaga, did you forget? He got into a fight with Prince because he was making fun of his suit resulting in more stage wreckage. =.=;;
Blood? Check. Glowing eyes? Check. Gar expression? CHECK. THIS IS FABULOUS AND NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO TELL ME DIFFERENTLY. NO, DON’T EVEN TRY. Now excuse me while I go find something to stop my nosebleed with…
I like your expression too here. You’re able to pull off your sexiness and your intense expression at the same time. But why is your uniform shattered? I still don’t see the charm in one of those. Why would people show incomplete costume?


Sebby, are you even serious?! You can do so better than this but still you are going for a lame ripoff? Sure, some people had to dodge those knives but I’m not really feeling the intensity. That evil sinister glint is missing.
Oh Sebby, you’ve done better. Couldn’t you have done something a bit more exciting? Like thrown one of those knives at the camera or something? …On second thought, for Ness’s safety, maybe it’s better that you didn’t. (Still would have looked cool though.)
Nice sitting… Except that I don’t want that. There’s nothing INTENSE in sitting while holding bunch of dinner set with a James Bond reversed rip off background color. Can’t you be creative or something? And why aren’t you looking at the camera?


Yeah, the lightening show of six blades sure worked in winning a photoshoot prize but seems like your poses are still missing that vital oomph. From the looks of things, seems like the next round will be a total hit or miss for you. So, be prepared and improve.
This is definitely an improvement from last week (though something is still missing). Maybe because of the pose? Though I’m afraid that the electrical wires in our building will never be the same, I’m SHOCKED this didn’t receive that many votes. See what I did there? …No?
What noooooooo why this pose~~~~~ This pose is definitely cool, but that sword is just awkward….Why is it bending? I definitely don’t like how the main object is having an obvious flaw here.

7. Eliminated!

I’m very much sure, you never took this challenge seriously and the reason you simply sat and stared at the camera. Not to mention, modeled a part of Madara’s rump to his chagrin. Go, do your thing in a distant planet Prince Baka, you are not made for the cutthroat anime catwalk.
Sorry Prince, I guess looking moody alone just doesn’t win against pure gar and fabulousness.  Maybe next time try actually moving or something instead of just sitting there. Though on the plus side, he’s probably the only one here that didn’t damage the studio. I have to give him points for that at least.
When we talk about intense, I’m sure it’s not about Staring Contest or stuff that’s involved with YOU sitting down and STARE. Seriously, how the heck did you pass the audition? You can’t even obey the rules and themes properly.

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Prince Baka and Anaru just couldn’t compete with the others this week. Tis a pity, but we must bid them farewell and move forward to another week of whacky situations and sexy photos. See you in a few days for another wild ride~!
Interesting thing about popular voting is that after a while, it becomes pretty predictable via polls unless some fans take the extra means of getting support from their friends. On our next episode, I’ll be introducing some campaign graphics to make the popular voting more interesting. So, look forward to it. In case of feedback, we’d love to know your thoughts on any upsets on voting and elimination. Any changes that you would like to see in our process? We thrive on feedback so do drop by.


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19 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 2nd Elimination”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Woooo I see you used my drawing ahaha looks great!

    Good bye Anaru and Prince Baka! Better luck next time!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    YES!!! My three favorite contestants have survived the second elimination. Saeko and Senjougahara anytime but Rin’s got a serious rival in Natsume. He’s a threat to his and his hope of winning the bishoujo crown. And Saeko risks facing the same fate of elimination like Anaru thanks to the votes. Hang in there Saeko!!!

    Good bye Anaru and Prince Baka! Better luck next time!

    • BlackBriar says:

      I mean bishounen crown. What was I thinking? I must have been half asleep typing that.

  3. Overcooled says:


  4. Alynn says:

    Of course my favourites would make it through. My favourites are the popular ones. Maybe I should start voting for other contestants I like since my faves look like they will be staying in the top spot for a while.

  5. Kitty says:

    Yay Natsume~~~ Never under estimate the ukes XDDDDD

  6. Jrow says:

    Anaru going out strong with that last pic; she looks hot there.

  7. ZeroAnarchy says:

    Yay!! Stoking!! Rock on! Rin!! Ganbare the both of you!!

  8. Toori-chan says:

    It’s expected from Sejougahara and Stocking to be the tops for a theme like this. Saeko should have been good as well but it seems she utterly lost her actual touch. Mami was really intense but she still lack of popularity.

    Natsume and Barnaby were my favourites for this round as they really shown lots of intensity. Sebastian should have been way better than this, he’s a demon!!!

    Farewell to Anaru and Prince. Anaru tried her best to pull some attention but it seems a bit distracted. Prince is definitely a gone case and I won’t say anymore.

  9. Shey says:

    Senjougahara’s picture did not deserve that much much votes 🙁

  10. Samantha Zan says:

    Anjou and Prince Baka’s elimantion pictures look better than their actually photoshoot. Okay maybe that was a bit harsh, I’m actually kind of sad to see Anjou go.

    More importantly, DARN IT! 2 more votes and Stocking could have gotten #1, next week baby, next week. (I still love you Senjougahara!)

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