Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000% ED & Idol Songs Compilation

Troll parodies ftw~ But no seriously, actual ED Single and Idol Songs after the jump :3

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m rather enjoying Uta no Prince. It’s so over the top, what can you do? Not to mention all the bishies in one place, I have just learned to ignore Haruka’s drugged eyes and all is good in this lala land. As the seiyuu cast is amazing and we are talking about A-1 Pictures, who are the masters of Insert Songs so I thought to compile all the singles in one place for the fangirls. This needed to be done, damn it! So, yeah, enjoy~ :3


Uta no Prince-sama ED song “Maji LOVE 1000%” by ST☆RISH

1. Maji LOVE 1000%
2. Mirai Chizu
3. Maji LOVE 1000% (Instrumental)
4. Mirai Chizu (Instrumental)


Uta no Prince-sama Insert song 1 – “BRAND NEW MELODY” by Takuma Terashima (Otoya Ittoki)

2. Over the Rainbow
3. BRAND NEW MELODY (Instrumental)
4. Over the Rainbow (Instrumental)


Uta no Prince-sama Insert song 2 – “Knocking on the mind” by Suzumura Kenichi (Masato Hijirikawa)

1. Knocking on the mind
2. Most Fortissimo
3. Knocking on the mind (Instrumental)
4. Most Fortissimo (Instrumental)


Uta no Prince-sama Insert song 3 – “Sekai No Hate Made Believe Heart” by Junichi Suwabe (Ren Jinguji)

1. Sekai No Hate Made Believe Heart
2. Dear…Burning My Lady!
3. Sekai No Hate Made Believe Heart (Instrumental)
4. Dear…Burning My Lady! (Instrumental)


Uta no Prince-sama Insert song 4 – “Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!” by Hiro Shimono (Syo Kurusu)

1. Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!
2. Changing our Song!
3. Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight! (Instrumental)
4. Changing our Song! (Instrumental)


Uta no Prince-sama Insert song 5 – “Orion de SHOUT OUT” by Kishou Taniyama (Natsuki Shinomiya)

1. Orion de SHOUT OUT
2. Top Star Revolution
3. Orion de SHOUT OUT (Instrumental)
4. Top Star Revolution (Instrumental)


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PS: If you are wondering, where is the Tokiya Insert? Well, it will be releasing by the end of this month. Till then, you can listen to the OP Single by Mamo. Also, this is not the last compilation on Uta no Prince-sama, as I’m already collecting the duets released with short Drama CDs and Love Songs that are floating about. Till next time, ja ne~


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20 Responses to “Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000% ED & Idol Songs Compilation”

  1. Gene says:


  2. Karakuri says:

    This. So much fabulousness.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    ohhh the cover art is just HAWT

  4. Alynn says:

    Some of the character songs are actually so nice. (Natsuki’s!)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Kyokai says:

      I liked most of ’em and I was like what is thisssssss?! :3

      Anytime, Alynn. <3

  5. Hime says:

    Excuse me, I’m just doing an order.

  6. Sabine says:

    I haven’t watched any episode of Uta no Prince yet, but I am soon going to now I know there are bishounen in it with sexy voices like SuzuKen and Suwabe Junichi. <3

    And btw, about that top picture.
    If you look closely, don't you think that guy on the most left resembles Bon from Ao no Exorcist? 😀 Then the next guy resembles Shima, followed by a green dude who doesn't look like any AnE character, and then Mephisto, Yukio and Rin! XD

    • Alynn says:

      I’m pretty sure the green guy is Amaimon.

      • Sabine says:

        Plausible. Only his eyes would have to hang a bit more. He doesn’t give off that Amaimon-vibe to me.
        And I actually thought he could go for Firo from Baccano!, with that hat and everything. :3

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  8. athena says:

    uta no sama maji is very high when it comes in romance is very lovely all you need in romance to watch is here so watch it

  9. athena says:

    very very very romantic

  10. Marjorie says:

    Where are Tokiya’s Single?

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