Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 05

Sho needs to find some new friends

*Headdeskheaddesk* …I feel like an idiot. You know how I said I ordered Uta no Prince-sama online? Well it’s been a couple of weeks, so I decided to check the order status to see what was taking so long. Turns out I ordered the game Uta no Prince-sama Repeat (which comes out later this month) instead of the original. Sigh. I definitely need to start reading things before I buy them, this could have gone horrible wrong. It turned out alright this time because the one I bought is an improved version of the original, but still… Anyways, this episode was hilarious.

Right where it ended last week, we have Haruka meeting Tokiya in the middle of the hallway. However, neither of them say anything and Tokiya just keeps walking. Later, in their room, Tokyia asks Otoya if Haruka forced Ren to write the lyrics from earlier (oh please, as if Haruka could force anyone to do anything). Otoya says that Haruka gathering up the ripped sheet of lyrics reached him and then goes on about how she always tries her best, blah, blah, etc.

Later, Haruka is playing with Kupuru in the field and gets inspiration for a line of lyrics, so she stops to write it down. Also, she narrates that her life is pretty good now. I would also like to point out now that the school has changed over to their summer uniform, which has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better colour coordination and does not hurt your eyes anymore. Progress!

Anyways, while Haruka frolics in the field, she hears rustling in the trees and investigates only to find Sho hanging upside down from a branch. She calls out to him, which causes him to fall from the tree. When she asks if he’s alright, he gets angry and tells her no to tell anyone he was there.

Later in class, Otoya begins talking about Hyuga being in a new movie called Prince of Precipices. We then get a movie scene of Hyuga in suspenders of manliness as he and some other guy climb a mountain without a harness. Haruka seems impressed and Tomo points out that there’s a contest to star in the movie with Hyuga. Natsuki joins the conversation then and says that they should tell Sho because he’s a huge Hyuga fanboy (and who wouldn’t be with those off the chart levels of 100% pure gar?).


During lunch, Haruka and Tomo run into Sho and tell him about the contest. Just as the conversation starts, they see Natsuki and Haruka calls out to him. Sho, however, panics and runs away while grabbing Haruka’s arm, dragging her with him. Tomo is completely ignored. Lol.

After they’re done running away, Sho apologises but says that Natsuki shouldn’t be involved and that there’s something he needs to accomplish before auditioning. He then goes on to explain that Hyuga’s first role was in some testosterone driven drama about some guy fighting to regain his kingdom. Then there’s a song by Sho which takes a wtf turn when Hyuga’s character and his female counterpart turn into Sho and Haruka mid song.

He somehow makes even bare midriffs manly

Haruka compliments him on his song and Sho tells Haruka to call him by his given name instead of Kurusu all the time. He also explains that he was weak as a child, so he idolised Hyuga for being so intimidatingly manly. Just then, Hyuga jogs by wearing spandex and then begins punching to air just because he can. Haruka says that she feels the same way as Sho because she idolises Hayato.

Sho is then trapped in a net because of Natsuki and it turns out that he has a fear of heights. Seeing how the movie with Hyuga takes place on a mountain, it’s not exactly a good thing for Sho, so everyone volunteers to help him. This includes Ren, who was listening in on their conversation.

Lol for Ren and his fangirls in the background

The first part of training consists of having Sho bungee jump from the top of the school. It just gets more ridiculous from here and the rest of the training is basically Natsuki forcing Sho onto high places while everyone else just cheers him on.

While exiting the school store, Haruka runs into Tokiya again, who asks her if she can afford to give all of her attention to someone else while she has her own things to accomplish. She replies that Sho has an important dream that she wants to see come true and that’s the end of that conversation.

Meanwhile, Sho has died on a bench and his fear is only getting worse. Natsuki then says that they’ve been too nice and the only solution is to strap him to a rocket and launch him 1000 feet into the air. Obviously, Sho doesn’t like this plan very much and faints. Natsuki expresses that he really wants to help Sho and Haruka asks if they’ve known each other for long.

Natsuki explains that they used to attend the same violin competitions a lot. While the other characters talk about Sho like he’s not there, Shining Saotome appears. His solution? Hypnotism! So all of the characters gather into a dimly lit room to watch Shining’s attempt at curing Sho’s fear.

Through Shining’s hypnotism, they learn that his fear came to be when he was 5 years old. Also, it’s Natsuki’s fault because when they were kids, Natsuki chased Sho up a flight of stairs in a tower. Unfortunately, the stairs ended in a window (now that’s poor architectural planning) and Sho fell out while trying to escape. Now that he remembers this, Sho blames Natsuki, who only vaguely remembers this happening.

How anyone can sleep with this beside them is beyond me

So in the end, Sho decides not to audition despite his fear of heights being cleared because in fine print, it says the role is for Hyuga’s younger sister. Natsuki says he has a solution for this though and he makes Sho crossdress. Everyone’s pretty impressed at how well he pulls it off and at that point Hyuga runs by. He tells Sho that he has the perfect image to play the little sister and that ‘she’ should audition.

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t think it was possible, but this show is even more amusing then it was before. This episode was episode one level of over the top randomness. I lost trying to take this episode seriously after the movie scene. Those suspenders! LOL. You know you’re manly when you can climb a mountain without safety gear.  That being said, Hyuga just seems like an extremely odd role for Yusa Koji to play. Anyone who’s played otome games with him in it knows that a Yusa character is usually THE whiney rapist with an angst-ridden backstory. Sure he had a more gar non-rapist role in Hakuouki, but that felt weird as well.

Thank god they changed their uniforms. Now I won’t have to cringe every time I see a full body shot of the female uniform. Also, Shining was in this episode! We haven’t seen him for a while and the whole hypnotism scene was pretty funny (as was the crossdressing scene and the Sho in various high up places scene). You kind of have to feel sorry for Sho because he gets all of Natsuki’s abuse. On the other hand, Natsuki is just doing his best for his friend, so he really does mean well XD. I really don’t think Natsuki should be blamed for Sho’s phobia though, it was obviously the fault of whoever designed the building. Who the hell puts a window at the end of a long flight of stairs? That’s just asking for a lawsuit. Then again, who would be stupid enough to keep walking XD? On a side note, I really need to get around to acquiring the opening single.


The only bishies left to have an episode dedicated to them are Natsuki and Tokiya. All things considered, I think next episode will be Natsuki’s, but I guess we’ll see.



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  1. Kyokai says:

    I REGRET NOTHING! And watching is one of ’em. Still enjoying this more than I ever thought. :3

  2. hinokami says:

    Natsuki is awesome to make someone people at shock
    no wonder Sho frightened with the high place

  3. Elyon says:

    Natsuki is pure love XD
    I think Sho probably could have pulled off the girl look without the wig.

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