Steins;Gate – 19


I don’t about you, but I’d say this mission was a success

I’ve been combating blackouts for the past few days. They come without warning due to the sky’s sudden decision to just dump an entire river of rainfall on us. It’s not a big problem for my laptop, but it’s really annoying when it cuts out during an episode of Steins;Gate. Twice. After a rocky start, I finally got to watch the entirety of episode 19 because…well…here I am reviewing it. /captain obvious

Mayuri’s death wasn’t stopped when Okarin cancelled Ruka’s text, it was just delayed yet another day. None of the girls suspect anything, naturally, so they’re getting excited about a convention called Comima. Okarin can’t help but show his gloomy side knowing that Mayuri will inevitably die at the convention, so Kurisu pulls his aside and scolds him. As per usual, Okarin sighs and explains the situation to Kurisu for the umpteenth time.

Oh Kurisu, you silly girl! Don’t you remember all those nights of passion in the previous timeline?

It’s no surprise that she still supports Okarin and his attempts to save Mayuri. She offers to go with Mayuri to the convention and somehow try to prevent her death while Okarin tries to get a hold of Moeka. She reports back to him via text so that he knows what’s going on. Things go the opposite way of ‘keikaku doori’ as Okarin is told Moeka committed suicide last night. Oh, and Mayuri dies again at 19:52 exactly. Kurisu was unable to save her, so Okarin jumps back in time again to try and stop Moeka from killing herself.

Time leap. Okarin explains. Kurisu does something moe. You know the drill by now. Kurisu stays behind at the lab while Okarin pays Moeka a night time visit in her humble abode. The door in unlocked, and she’s just hunched over in the corner muttering about FB while she obsessively writes text messages. She hasn’t gotten a reply from her precious FB in a long time, so she’s going a little batty. As soon as Okarin tries to get the phone away from her so he can use it to undo the D-mail, she screeches like a harpy and thrashes wildly against Okarin’s restraints.

Moeka hates herself and wants to die. In other news, PUDDI PUDDI~

The general consensus seems to be “Don’t punch a girl, UNLESS THEY’RE  A BITCH.” At least, that’s what Okarin seems to live by, based on that killer Falcon Punch, kick combo. He scrambles outside and locks her in her own room while he tries to send a D-mail saying not to buy another phone. He sends it before Moeka practically rams the door open in desperation, but his Reading Steiner doesn’t activate. Nothing changes.

Since Okarin was wrong about the contents of her D-mail (…she still had the same phone), he has a nice, civilized chat with her. If you consider charging forward and slamming someone onto the ground an eloquent method of persuasion. It certainly makes her…er…immobile. Not to mention ravenously kissing someone to make the neighbours think you’re having rough sex instead of rough rape. Yeah, it was one HELL of a conversation.

He tries to ask her about the D-mail, but of course she doesn’t remember sending it. Even if she did, she wouldn’t tell him due to her undying loyalty for FB. How can she be so loyal to someone who has abandoned her, has never met her and is just using her? Because of terrible self-esteem issues. Moeka almost killed herself a while ago, but stopped because Rounder recruited her. It was the first time she felt needed, so she decided to dedicate her life to FB.

brb suicide. oh lol jk nvm

 Okarin is pretty quick to remind her that her precious FB has abandoned her, and even tells her that she will hang herself in 4 days. Naturally, she sobs like a baby after all this torment. Fed up, Okarin stops questioning her and just checks the outbox. Moeka sent herself a text saying to pick up the IBN 5100 at the shrine. The solution should be to send a text convincing herself it’s a trap, right? No. Moeka is so single-minded that she can only follow the orders of FB. The only way this will end is if Okarin finds FB. Just as he tells her he will find FB (and switches back to nice mode, saying he won’t let her kill herself), Moeka reveals the current location of the IBN 5100.

Bonus Screenshots:

Kurisu, have you been adopting bad habits from loli detectives?

Whatcha gon do with all dat junk in yo trunk?

“Mayuri, shut up, IT’S ANIMU TIME. How will I write a good post if you keep talking, GAWD!”

Life lesson: when a baby cries, you hold it on your shoulder and pat its back. DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH ADULTS.

End Thoughts: It’s nice to see Okarin be a bit of a dick. He’s been womanizing all of these lovely ladies and helping them however he can…but sometimes you just gotta punch a chick in the jaw. It’s a fact of life. Seeing his badass side is always a treat. I guess he DID do some womanizing in an around-the-bout, “i’m raping you now” kind of way. Well, that’s her route covered. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many screenshots of two people rubbing against each other so much for one episode (except for No.6). Not that I’m complaining. It made the conversation all the more tense with Moeka being pinned down and writhing the entire time. Sex and violence sells, afterall.

I knew Moeka was crazy, but not this crazy. I loved seeing her absolutely panic-stricken face when Okarin took her phone. Kudos to Saori Gotou for believably wailing like some sort of tortured prisoner. It made her frightening loyalty all the more depressing. Moeka really is a tragic character, although not one I feel sympathy for. She’s fallen this far into madness because of her own mistakes, so she doesn’t get any pity points with me no matter how cute she is. To just trust someone so blindly and cling to their support so pitifully…what a weak person. It’s no wonder she went insane after not getting a response. I wonder who this mysterious FB is and if they knew how useful of an asset Moeka would be. That text timing was just far too perfect.

Moeka seems to have told us almost everything she’s willing to, so it all comes down to what Okarin finds out himself about FB. He has the IBN 5100 as his disposal thanks to what Moeka told him, but he’s probably still going to try and undo Moeka’s text for good measure to make sure Mayuri doesn’t die. Moeka could be lying about the coin locker and it could be a TRAP, but I doubt that since she hasn’t been given any orders lately. Perhaps Okarin will go toe-to-toe with FB in the next episode? Can’t wait to find out who it is! Meet you at the coin locker~ El Psy Congroo.


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9 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 19”

  1. Reaper says:

    Lol, this episode was so serious with Kurisu watching Mayuri’s death in the background, but reading your post, I can’t help but laugh at the falcon punch/kick combo against Moeka. Honestly, I felt bad when it happened but I think Okarin might have a good justified reason to do so aka watching Mayuri die before his eyes for umpteenth times. Didn’t expect the rough…handling of Moeka by Okarin but I’m glad they’ve kept the plot going, especially with the words at the end. Time travel’s a risky plot to use, aka Endless Eight anyone? but Steins;Gate kept it fresh with the unpredictable plot, especially with the little snippet at the end. If I remember correctly, this world line still has Mayuri dead, and FB confrontation is possible, Show ▼

    . Ooh, come on next ep, come at me bro!

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s pretty determined to save Mayuri now if he’s willing to punch her that hard XD He’d better hurry and find a way to undo the D-mail before the convention or else Mayuri will die and he’ll have to punch Moeka ALL OVER AGAIN XD

      Ah, yes, I forgot about that. It seems like so long ago. I wonder if Okarin will try just as hard to save her or if he’ll only worry about saving Mayuri D:

  2. Foshizzel says:


    Okarin and Moeka DAT KISS So rough, I know most people were like O_O The whole time they had that “fight” I was not expecting him to punch her lolol then again he has seen Mayuri die over and over so he has some rage from that.

    Course blame FB for taking Moeka’s crazy side and pushing it to the edge, well this was a very exciting episode and the ending? Kind of lame after learning where the IBM was kept and just ends.

    • Overcooled says:

      Everyone’s going crazy from this whole time travel business. People shouldn’t mess around with time so casually. Well, not that Moeka is really time traveling herself, but FB must want the IBN 5100 for SOMEthing.

      I hate cliffhangers..I’m bad at waiting :/

  3. fathomlessblue says:

    Personally the creepiest part of the ep was the neighbour; was she really that dense, or did she callously walk away when confronted with such an obvious attack? I squirmed regardless.

    At any rate Saori Gotou was wonderful, I was on the edge of my seat when Okarin stole Moeka’s phone. Now that’s how you create an intense scene. The animation was also spot on as well. I also loved DAT punch. It was a long time coming.

    In summary, all hail FB!

    • Overcooled says:

      She’s just like “Oh, they’re having angry sex with the door open…I SUPPOSE THAT’S ALRIGHT.” Most people just don’t want to get involved with that sort of thing, sadly =.=

      I really liked this episode. Moeka screeching the ENTIRE TIME Okarin had her phone must have taken a real toll on that woman’s vocal chords XD

  4. Elyon says:

    I gave in to the temptation of wikipedia and ended up learning who FB is. I REGRET IT SO MUCH.

    I love how the neighbors came over because they heard screaming, then just left. Like, nobody needs to call the police even though the woman is howling like a maniac, pounding on the door, and being forcefully kissed by some guy in a lab coat. Because it’s totally not a rape scenario or anything.
    I guess they can’t have Okabe getting arrested now XD
    I kind of feel a little bad for Moeka. She clearly has some kind of mental illness…

    • Overcooled says:

      AHH HOW COULD YOU??!? Never give in!

      I forget what it’s called, but people witnessing a crime often prefer to pretend they never saw it (or just make up an excuse like ‘oh it’s just..uh…hate sex.;) than actually get involved and report it. People are bad in that way. :B Oh well, it’s for the best because I don’t want Okarin arrested either.

      Yeah, you’re right…she has a few too many screws loose to begin with.

  5. Mad Chemist says:

    Okarin really went to his bad place this ep. His interrogation of Moeka was really uncomfortable to watch, especially since he gets what he wants by essentially destroying her will to live. And he just seems so jaded by his travels and failures to the point where Mayuri dying barely even registers anymore. Time travel can’t have had a very good effect on his psyche.

    This is the Steins;Gate I enjoy so much. Glad to see that the last two episodes were just a temporary slump.

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