Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 25 [End]

Fabulous until the end. May your Galaxy Shine Forever!

Whoa, what’s a Star Driver post doing in the middle of 2011? No, anaaga isn’t drunk or anything like that. She finally watched Star Driver, and she’s pretty obsessed with it right now. After finding out that there’s no final post for Star Driver, anaaga, as a fan, felt obligated to do the post. She thinks that Star Driver is too good to be left incomplete. Plus, she needs more writing topics anyway.…Talking as a third person feels weird. But forget about that, let’s start being fabulous now.

Now that the East Maiden’s seal is broken, making Zero Time to enter the fourth stage, Samekh suddenly appears from under the ground, all big and sexy like a robotic BAMF. After Sugata apprivoises into Samekh, Takuto does the same thing with Tauburn. Seems like Tauburn has no chance though, since Tauburn looks like a fly next to the gigantic Samekh. Anyhow, stupid East Maiden “reveals” her plan, which is to make Sugata the king of this world since Samekh is the ultimate cybody. East Maiden is another example why boys should be  careful with girls falling in love.

East Maiden chose Samekh as her gigolo instead of Tauburn, cuz she likes them huge…Robots. 

East Maiden gets embarrassed though (ha ha!), since it turns out that her plan is a complete failure. She thought that Reiji’s plan to control all cybodies was fail but it’s actually the opposite. After Reiji summons Sinpathy, he finally reveals Sinpathy’s ability: controlling other cybodies. Yes, Reiji’s planning to take over Sugata and Samekh by possessing them. Turns out that the Maidens’ job is to seal Samekh since he’s so powerful he’s going to take the earth’s libido once he’s awake, thus making anybody who controls Samekh in the fifth phase to be the master of time aka Okarin, Suzuha, or John Titor or Time traveler if you haven’t watched Steins;Gate yet (watch it, NAOW!). What’s worse, since Takuto destroyed other cybodies, they automatically become Samekh’s soldiers. While Reiji is trying to grab Wako’s boobs-er, destroy Wako’s seal, Takuto is  busy trying not to get Tauburn’s legs chopped off by gray-colored cybodies, now Samekh’s soldiers. Oh noes, rapture is here.

Rape face

Reiji is so in love with Sugata to the point where he even possesses Samekh. Such love <3

Oh look! Mecha Sailor Moon!

Sneak preview of rapture. Coming up, this October 2011

Meanwhile, Glittering Crux Brigade can only eat popcorn, while seeing Takuto fighting Samekh’s soldiers since they’re simply humans and can’t do much. Suddenly Simone gains the ability of talking with her cybobdy out of nowhere, or maybe she was high on drugs before hitting Zero Time. Simone starts to drunk talk-I mean, “communicate” with her cybody, telling other Glittering Crux members that her cybody is =’( since the Head is using the mistaken cybody, Samekh, and other cybodies wrongly. Like every other anime, suddenly god’s existence became true, giving the characters aid to destroy the bad dude. The lost marks of the Glittering Crux are suddenly back, probably Santa’s early Christmas gifts, and they are able to control their cybodies again. So, Takuto’s ass is pretty much saved! Yay! But too bad, they decided to sacrifice themselves by trying to attack Samekh (more like Reiji) that just tossed them like fries by his King’s Pillar.

All of these in six minutes or less ='(

But we all know that it’s going to end happily. Just as Reiji is about to break Wako’s seal, suddenly Takuto levels up like a boss and is able to go through Samekh’s King’s Pillar. Yay! So since Takuto already gave his fabulous punch to Reiji (long-lost daddy), everything’s all good, right? Uh, no it’s not. Suddenly Samekh’s feeling not so hot anymore and decides to go back underground with Sugata inside. *gasp* Sugata’s trying to seal Samekh! That’s what he has been planning to do since the beginning and the reason for him to join the Glittering Crux! So…he doesn’t like the East Maiden? Excuse me while I do the point-and-laugh thingy at the East Maiden….Ok, done.

Samekh going into hibernation like a boss

Takuto being fabulous decides to take matters into his own hands. After telling Wako his plan just by LOOKING, he destroys Wako’s seal, thus releasing the fifth phase and destroying Zero Time. Now needing to get some from earth, libido of course, Samekh comes out from the ground and flies off to the sky, ready to get it from the earth. Takuto, however, is able to stop Samekh and destroy it by going into Samekh and destroying it from the inside. Samekh gets blown, and Tauburn is basically just a piece of scrap now, but it’s all good. Sugata is saved after all. Sugata and Takuto decide to ignore Wako and have a yaoi moment before the end, looking at the beautiful sky that they’ll never see again. Takuto, of course, believes that there will be better skies after this one.

And all is well

 Extra Fabulous:

They’re censoring her body prettily. How cute.

 Tauburn’s gonna get his ass mecha-raped

Motonari! What are you doing here? Go back to Sengoku Basara!

Imagine your happy moment then time it by 100. That’s how happy I was when I saw this scene 

End Thoughts:

Way to go, BONES, for ending it crappily like this. Obviously they were rushing to get this shiz done, trying to finish it in 25 episode. I can imagine this conversation actually happened:

Director: Since we only have an episode left, let’s just have a normal cybody Sinpathy to have some extraordinary ability. I know, I know, Samekh has more of the requirements to have Sinpathy’s extraordinary ability to control other cybodies, but we have to wrap it up now. Oh, let’s have Simone do the drunken talk about cybodies too. Make everybody emotional and all that. Let’s give them their lost marks for about 3 minutes then make Samekh defeat Glittering Crux in 5 seconds. I want to troll the audience.

Staff: How about the ending, sir?

Director: Who cares about the ending? Let’s end it with Sugata and Takuto being gay by watching the sky in the middle of the outer space! Nobody cares about what happens afterwards! Let’s troll the audience twice in a row.

Staff: What should we do about Wako, sir?

Director: Make her useless as usual. Also, make sure she says something about not being able to choose between the two. Just to make her more spiteful.


If you want me to be unbiased about Star Driver, it’s just an average anime that’s lacking in lots of aspects. There’s nothing “original” about it at all, if you want to find something “original.” The animation is decent, there’s nothing special about it. Although I do admit some of the fight scenes and the Zero Time animation are just pretteh; but the amount of reused animations here is just ridiculously too much, it’s such a turn-off.  Some of the clothing design here are just horrible, but they will actually grow on you. Except Sugata’s peacock feathers. The PTA will run after him. The main character (Takuto) is, like what the anime described him, an ignorant youth that seems to be too perfect to exist. The idea of how he always wins is just totally ridiculous. Wako believes that his first phase is the ability to make people happy, but I think his first phase is the amount of luck he has: infinity. Also, Sugata is overly-obsessed with Wako, and Wako is just plain stupid. Period.

Yet there’s something in Star Driver that will makes you sit, stay, and watch it until the end. You will hate how shiny and cheesy and childish-looking everything is, but at the end of the series, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be doing the Kiraboshi like fangirl/fanboy. It’s not like I do them. No, really. Don’t look at me. Surprisingly, the main characters are the ones that developed the least. Supporting characters here are more down-to-earth rather than the main characters, with each one of them having interesting background story and resolves. BTW, I <3 North Maiden and Reiji. Just saying.

Anyway, although this anime is under the genre “mecha,” there’s little about mecha until the end of the series (if you consider Takuto winning in every damn fight as worthy robotic fights, well…). This anime focuses more on the daily lives of the characters. As a person, you can actually relate to the problems and conflicts that each character faces. This is the plus point of Star Driver, the slice-of-life feelings it gives. Although the mecha isn’t that great here, Star Driver is able to blend “mecha” and “slice of life” together without the end result being awkward. Except how they ended it horribly, Star Driver’s story was actually pretty good. There are some unanswered questions though, such as what happens to Takuto’s mom, why she’s with the Takushi, what happens to Sakana (North Maiden. I soooo dig Reiji x Sakana), and other little questions that are not important but necessary to make the story makes more sense. IF THERE’S JUST A DAMN EXTRA EPISODE OR SEASON TWO.

Don’t be mistaken though, I LOVE Star Driver. I’m just being unbiased about it right now =p I am pretty sure you will enjoy this anime. Star Driver is one of those anime that you will hate at first, but it will grow on you as time goes by; you can take lesson from Kyokai because from abhorrence she fangirled it by the end. Each episode is more and more fabulous than its predecessors. But of course, don’t take it too seriously; you’ll miss all the fun of this anime if you do. After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUTH AND BEING AMAZINGLY FABULOUS. So sit back and enjoy Star Driver, folks! Fabulous is the key of everything. KIRABOSHI~ 。☆゚!


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8 Responses to “Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 25 [End]”

  1. Junko says:



    That is all.

  2. Captain says:

    Whoop! Someone actually decided to takeover Captain’s legacy and Metanorn! Ehehehe. I remember being halfway through this post when I left, but oh well~

    I, personally, wasn’t entirely happy with how Star Driver ended. Takuto’s dad just turned out to be a very typical antagonist, you know, just.. just not good enough. The ending turned out to be one of those “If we work together, we can save the world” kind, which is a little cliche. It could have been decidedly better, and not so rushed. It’s like they squeezed everything into the last few episodes…

    Also, Suguta’s costume design.. /violent twitch.

    They could have done without the Wako harem ending. Seriously? Why does she get all the guys! Even though I don’t like yaoi much.. Let’s just pretend Wako never existed, ohohoho.

    Kiraboshi! Good job, Anaaga :’D

    • anaaga says:

      The ending is horrible. It’s too rushed. I’m fine with Reiji though, I’m too biased over him =p but his objective is definitely being the Time Traveler, so maybe he has some things he wants to undo? Maybe it has something to do with why Takuto’s grandfather not giving him the mark…SO many unanswered questions, if there’s just a freakin second season!!

      Hahaha Sugata’s costume is fabulous. See those peacock feathers? xD

      Wako is useless until the end. Wako is just a girl who’s there out of necessity of a heroine. A useless heroine

  3. Foshizzel says:

    This was my favorite show when it was running! So much Kiraboshi over twitter and skype and everywhere, I think that one phrase really stuck with all of the Star Driver fans both guys and girls!

    And I agree with you Anaaga its not all about the mechs kicking ass and taking names, there are several episodes that take a pause on all the over the top fights and focus on the daily lives. Hell even the Crux members have to do random jobs such as work at a Karoke bar LOL that episode was great! And random.

    And yeah I wish the last episode left us with something you know like a surprise twist for another season! Maybe we will get a time gap and have an all new cast of characters and stories? Well we can only hope.

    • anaaga says:

      New stories would be nice, but answering LOTS of the unaswered questions would be better too. NEED SECOND SEASON 😡

      Also, KIRABOSHI

  4. Bluemist says:

    need second season TT I don’t want this to end

    KIRABOSHI <~.^

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