Sacred Seven – 06

A wild Ruri appears with food! What do you do next?

Hello there, Sacred Seven fans! This is our halfway point in this series unless it gets picked up for another twelve episodes? Hopefully something happens with it. Anyway since Ness is busy with things I will be flying solo for a while reviewing this. Well time to jump right in, enjoy!

Plot this week follows Alma going through a somewhat normal day at school until he calls Ruri annoying, which causes her to get depressed. On the way home Makoto almost runs over a mysterious person, who is actually working with Knight to kidnap Ruri to make some drugs out of her blood to keep Knight from fully changing into a Darkstone.

Fire monster wants to really give Yuuji a high five for awesome armor.

Things start our with a random Darkstone wandering the woods burning things with his fire abilities, and Yuuji arriving on the scene to kick some ass! However the fire proves to be a bit tough for him to break through and actually injures his hand in the process. Well, you can’t punch through lava man! Still he did give it a great try.

Then we visit a nightmare of Knight as he has a flashback to when he was being experimented upon, which causes his Darkstsone powers to trigger and he rushes off to inject himself with some drugs to calm down. In the room beside him he hears his partner Lau hooked up to a machine using her own blood to create more drugs for Knight. This brings up Knights true goal to kidnap Ruri and use her blood to keep himself from turning fully into a Darkstone for good.

Hot blooded fighting action!

Knight- “Holy crap I had short hair back in the day.”

Poor Knight… We then join Alma attending a normal day at school with Ruri and Makoto passing him notes, Ruri really wants to eat lunch with him but he basically calls her annoying and she walks off in a state of depression. On the other hand, Makoto gets stuck polishing rocks for the club, which we learn he really hates, not to mention too many girls fawning over him. I can see why that club is not very popular at all, seems so boring. On the way home, Makoto has a short chat with Ruri and almost runs over someone. When he goes to help her up, leaving Ruri alone, the stranger acts as a decoy while Ruri gets kidnapped by Knight. He also smashes Hellbrick in half and escapes, leaving Makoto in a state of panic over his missing Ojou-sama.

Makoto’s driving and listening to EPIC stuff this week.

Knight-“Well, time to kidnap the princess.”               Ruri-“Oooohh, where are we going? Disney world?”

I told Hellbrick not to play around with sharp objects but does he listen? Noooooo.

Makoto warns the maids that Ruri has been kidnapped and drives off to find Alma playing in the river again. Makoto leaves Hellbrick with Alma who eventually repairs the little guy and figures out who took Ruri. Yuuji uses this chance to save the day, well he sends his special guard SP to fight in his place. SP does a good job of holding her own against Knight but is eventually stabbed through her arm, which allows Knight to escape. However, SP manages to plant a tracker on him before he leaves. Good work, lazy girl, you can get a cookie later. At this point Alma feels really bad about calling Ruri annoying, as he should; damn man, she just wanted to share food. With Ruri back at Knight’s base she wakes up finding herself strapped down giving her blood to a machine ending the episode.


SP- “This is so much fun guys.”                    Knight- “I seriously hate you right now.”

SP- “So are you done playing tag? Can we have a real fight now?”

Knight- “Anyone tell you yellow and pink are horrible colors?”                     SP- “You have pink too!”

SP- “Oh come on now, you’re just being mean stabbing me like that!”

Ruri taking a nap, she rolls around too much so they strapped her down.

Extra Monsters

Makoto totally found Ness! She is taking a vacation inside Sacred Seven.

Hellbrick- “My mom can drive better than you, Makoto! And she has no arms!”

SP- “So what does my name stand for, Special person?!”

Alma-“Damn it, I am so damn lonely! I NEED A HUG FROM RURI!”

End Thoughts:

What can I say about this episode?! Well, it was actually more of a plot progression story. I am interested in seeing what happens next as this is the halfway point in the series after all. I really hope we do not have the remaining episodes stuck with Alma trying to find and save Ruri from Knight. Maybe we will get some special training episodes with Alma trying to use his other Darkstone suit and powers? But he might turn out to need the drugs like Knight currently to survive. I hope we get to see Lau do some fighting but I think she is a lot like Ruri’s role as the assistant character to power up the guys with gems.

I did enjoy that short fight between the fire Darkstone versus Yuuji! I think the designs of the power suits and Darkstone are really impressive, even though that fight was really freaking fast! I do want to know more about that fire guy, hopefully we have not seen the last of him. It was also interesting to see Yuuji take some damage from the monster, goes to show that armor does not protect them from everything. Same with the final fight between SP and Knight. She’s a skilled fighter but I think Knight has way more experience than SP, it was kind of awesome to see her actually get hit and not whine and complain about it; not that she would because she is so quiet.

So what was up with Alma? Calling Ruri annoying like that! I guess they really want some extra drama between them? Well, they are being paired up as a couple, which seems to be slowly building. I should know as both of them have been seen blushing around each other. Now for the nice points! I really enjoyed seeing that short flashback with Knight’s past, it’s clear he was experimented on by Sacred Seven to obtain his power. I mean Yuuji was all excited when he found Alma had similar powers like Knight, so I really do think Sacred Seven is up to some dark stuff!


Join the Darkstone side! Wait this is not Star Wars…

Next week! Alma goes exploring some random caves, wait are you not looking for Ruri anymore? Find out next week!

Thanks for reading.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 06”

  1. Reaper says:

    Yes, another person wondering what SP actually means!!! Anywho, glad to see Knight back in this, with Lau as well, a pairing I’m interested to see since they are in a bit of a tight situation. As for that Yuuji…I still have a feeling he’s got something going on, especially with the back history of Knight and Lau, which we saw a glimpse of with that strange cage/electroshock therapy. As for that SP…I had thought Alma would step to her with a bandaid, being the practical guy he is with that parachute incident…but no, he disappointed all of us, especially the SP in need of some TLC

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah ya I have no idea what SP stands for, I am sure it’s something “special”

      Yep Knight seems to be a fun character I really like his back story even thou lt’s really easy to figure him out. All those experiments and drugs >.> Oh yes Yuuji has something sneaky going on about him, he jumped at the chance to save Ruri didn’t he?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This was a really good episode with the intense fights and story progression. Something tells me that we might get a plot twist with Knight’s backstory later on because there has to be more than what is showing right now. Knight obviously has a lot more on his mind than just getting serum, so he kidnapped Ruri.

    That SP is such a carefree person. She enjoyed that fight to her heart’s content. The only thing that pissed her off was getting stabbed in the arm. Who wouldn’t get pissed off at that?

    Whether it’s getting cut in half, glued and strapped back together with duct tape, Hellbrick never looses his ability to make us laugh with his choice of words.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Story and action I loved that first few minutes that fire monster/Darkstone looked awesome! I hope we get to see more of those types. Yeah the twist is probably going to be Knight was kidnapped = used for experiments and creating Darkstones for weapons.

      SP is both lazy and interesting! Not to mention uhh those shorts <3

      Oh man yes! Hellbrick is so awesome yep even if he was cut in half he still can bust out those one liners 😛

  3. paulo_sy91 says:

    That wondering Darkstone looks like Heat‑MegamanBeast‑Out!

  4. Elyon says:

    This show is best when they just have a lot of fighting. I really liked this episode xD
    I hope Knight gets some more screentime now. I was wondering what the heck had happened to him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? The fighting is always fun to watch, I just wish there was more T___T 6 episodes to go seems like we might be pushed into waiting on another season.

      Knight is awesome we need more of him and Lau <3

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