Redline Original Soundtrack

Check this SMEXINESS OUT! EAR HNNNNNG Original Soundtrack

Wooo, do you know, it took seven damn years to complete the Redline movie because this was hand drawn? This is what I’m talking about, Madhouse, ditch the Marvel crap and make stuff like this and Tatami Galaxy. Yeahhhh. I mean, people, this is a piece of classic in this day and age and you have to appreciate every frame of it. Though, we might cover the movie separately, I had to share the amazing soundtrack of this movie stat because it just gives you a rush of adrenaline and leaves your head bangin’; yourself movin’ and shakin’~

Imagine me doing all of that in the middle of the night (crossing midnight right about now). My favourites are: Yellow Line, Shinkai, Get the Stones, Miki & Todoroki, Tension, Vertical Drop, REDLINE and REDLINE DAY. Though overall, I like all the tracks and NONE of them bore me. It’s a miracle  onto itself so enjoy this release and get ready to move it~

Composer: James Shimoji


1. Yellow Line
2. Inuki
3. REDLINE Title
4. Boy’s Memory
5. Winner March
7. TV
10. Mogura Oyaji
12. And it’s so beautiful (feat. Kitty Brown)
13. Shinkai
14. MachineHead
15. Capture Operation
16. Let me love you (feat. Veronica Torraca-Bragdon)
17. Get The Stone (feat. Andrew O. Jones)
18. Crab Sonoshee
19. Kare no shifuto wa bunbunbun (feat. SUPER BOINS)
20. LynchMan & JohnnyBoya
21. REDLINE News
22. Gori-Rider
23. Miki & Todoroki
24. Put-up Guy
25. Red Angel
26. Three-point Decomposition cannon
27. Tension
28. Chatter Void
29. Volton Unit
30. Vertical Drop
31. Moniter Room
32. Sand Biker
33. Spinning Car
34. Trouble
35. Semimaru
36. Gangster
37. Flying Finger
38. Funky Boy
40. Exceed Limit
41. Dead Heat
42. REDLINE DAY (feat. Rob Laufer)


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8 Responses to “Redline Original Soundtrack”

  1. anaaga says:




  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    What a great movie.

  3. Alynn says:

    I still have to watch this, but the music sounds good!

  4. Overcooled says:

    Best movie ever, my God. Ghibli ain’t got nothing on this piece of sunshine.

    Excuse me while I blow my eardrums out and listen to this all day.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Great soundtrack! And awesome movie me and Anaaga watched with like 18+ people one night was truly epic xD yay for sccsav <3

  6. BK_201 says:

    Everything about this movie is great.

  7. tomphile says:

    Awesome soundtrack for something awesome!

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