Mayo Chiki – 07

Don’t worry, Jirou, I am sure you two had a lovely night.

I helped with the first impressions for this show, but it was so awesome that I just HAD to tag it again with Fosh. I don’t even like fanservice or harems all that much, but Subaru is just so freaking adorable and jokes about gender confusion never get old.
Well hello, Mayo fans! I really hope you are having a great summer as for some, summer is coming to an end; well at least we have some fun anime to enjoy! And this week of course is going to be mixed with plenty of swimsuits and our daily dose of fanservice. This week I am joined by Kara! As we tag team the rest of this series so enjoy some great fun with the two of us.Plot this week begins with Subaru visiting Jirou during a hot summer day after offering him a drink that drugs him. He passes out and wakes up beside Kanade who quickly begins to tease him. She explains she has run away from home and taken Subaru with her for some vacation time on the beach. Jirou quickly finds out his sister and several other girls are also there. As Subaru’s father arrives to take the girls home, he gets shot down fast by Subaru and Kanade who refuse to leave with him.

Kanade looks a bit cold I shall give her a hug later.

The episode starts out with Subaru drugging Jirou to kidnap him, yes Subaru kidnaps Jirou! I guess she really wants to take him away. A few hours later Jirou wakes up with Kanade laying beside him just to play her usual game of teasing him for fun, but her real goal is to cure him of his special illness towards girls. Subaru in the meantime is perfectly fine with this situation, well until she spots the Kanade and Jirou about to kiss. I guess you should keep a better eye on your master there Subaru.

Kanade- “Keep on looking, they are real thanks!”

After that amazing attempt at kissing, Jirou is taken down to the beach to have a chat with Kanade, waiting for Subaru to arrive. This time wearing an actual two piece bikini; I guess she isn’t trying to hide anymore? Well it certainly works because no one picks up on the secret of Subaru’s cross dressing. Kanade tries to embarrass Jirou by putting lotion on her bare back, which causes a bit of blood loss for him and he quickly makes a retreat to the nearest food shack. He does bump into some familiar faces of Kureha, Usami and every one’s favorite catgirl Narauko! The three of them are working at the shop together dressed in swim suits as well and looking quite cute too.

A little of Subaru for the summer.

Kanade gets ready for some fun in the sun.

Subaru and Kanade arrive shortly afterwards and Jirou helps Subaru with a clever glasses disguise, well if you call just a pair of glasses clever… Seriously why didn’t the other characters figure it out?! You can’t fake that! Or can you? Anyway Subaru hides her identity as a “cousin” to herself. However, Usami is quick to jump on their plans but she doesn’t get to close to the truth, she does end up begging for a chance to join the mass sleep over with the other girls and Jirou. The episode ends after Subaru’s father arrives to take Kanade and his daughter back but the two of them quickly act like he was some stranger.

Subaru- “These people are really dumb! You can see my boobs… a dead giveaway.”

Usami- “I challenge you to a twin tail showdown!”

Subaru is charging her tsundere meters, better run, Jirou.

Holding this shocked pose takes years of practice.

Extra Service

Subaru- “Now hold still while I put this on you, or I will break your arm.”

That’s right Usami you are a bunny! Now hop all the way to the hotel.

Kanade likes being called big sister by Subaru and any other girls.

Special training by Usami! Damn you, Jirou!

Subaru is plotting how to kill the girls and steal Jirou.

End Thoughts:

USAMI!!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU MISTAKE THAT FOR CROSSDRESSING?! THOSE ARE BOOBS. YOU HAVE A PAIR OF THEM (EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE SMALL BECAUSE YOU’RE A TSUNDERE). ….She kind of reverted back to her tsundere stock character in this episode. What happened to all the development from last episode?! Though I guess it was nice to see her stand up for Jirou, even if it stopped Kanade’s hilarious lies. Speaking of, LOL at Kanade telling people that she and Jirou ran away together. Even better, pretty much everyone believed her. I love characters like Kanade that move at their own pace and drag everyone along with them. The whole ‘Subaru’s cousin, Puyuru’ thing was hilarious. Especially when the father came in XD.

Subaru was adorable this episode like always. I HNNNNG’d along with Kanade when she called her Kana-oneechan. SO FREAKING CUTE. By the way, I totally agree with Nakuru here. Glasses are awesome. Though I don’t remember her ever mentioning that she was part of whatever club Hanazawa-Imouto is in. You’d think that Kureha would be more tan since she spends so much time outside wrestling bears, but she’s as pale as the rest of the cast (minus Nakuru). …I realize that most anime characters are extremely pale, but if you’ve already got a tan character, would it kill them to add some colour to the others? Well, whatever. I like all of the characters regardless and for a dreaded beach episode, this wasn’t all that bad. There was minimal pointless fan service and it was pretty funny. Win.

Well this was certainly a very interesting episode, it had a great mix of random laughs and nicely done fan service. I have noticed, this series really loves to have swimsuits appear in most of the episodes; I can count at least four to five events involving some sort of swimsuit. Not that it’s a bad thing as Mayo Chiki fanservice is nicely done; not really forced. Well, Nakuru this time was like BOOM! Boobs in your face! But hey what can you do? This character might only be used in this way for now. Nakuru is a bit like Yui in Angel Beats! just there acting crazy but she might have a touching event or story later on.

Subaru was great in this episode! I still do rage a bit that the other characters haven’t figured out her secret yet. I mean she was clearly visible this time wearing that two piece bikini. They even failed to see through the cousin and her special name? LOL Puyuru that was so awesome, and yeah I am with Kara on this one seeing Subaru’s dad pop up made me laugh just at his reactions to being shot down by Kanade and Subaru; better luck next time, pops. I can’t forget Usami! Wow she was so close to figuring out Subaru’s identity. I liked watching that whole scene with Kanade making Usami beg to join Jirou and the other girls, it was quite funny to watch her jump around.

Speaking of Usami, damn girl you were all over Jirou at your house! Then again she was trying to “help” him in the most aggressive way ever. I was happy to see Subaru let it go after punching him in the chest, most characters like her as a main lead would be pissed for several episodes. So that was a refreshing change for once, anyway fun episode this week and we got to see the whole cast of girls with Kureha, Usami, Kanade, Subaru and Nakuru all in some nice swimsuits!


Be gentle with Subaru! Who are we kidding? Subaru will dominate you, Jirou.

Next episode! Hot springs, which means time to put on your nude filters and prepare for epic beams of censorship!

Thanks for reading! Take care.


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10 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This is the king of beach episodes. So much happened in this that I don’t know where to start. But you can’t fool Usami. She saw through Kanade’s trick right away. I loved how she tried to “cure” Jirou’s gynophobia. Damn you, Jirou!!! That bastard has no clue how lucky he is. By the way, How did Subaru’s dad find them so quicky? I’m impressed.

    Kanade is a perverted queen sadist who catches us and we can’t possibly look away. That performance she was giving while Jirou was getting the sun tan lotion made me ask “What is going on here? Are we in a hentai or something?” at the same time giving Jirou a bad reputation. By the way, what kind of a person sends someone to drug someone else with a sports drink? Kanade just wants Jirou for herself.

    Everyone is invited to Kanade’s place. What does she planned for them? Hehehe. Oh, man, I’m beginning to think naughty things. Who gets to a boot on an island by swimming across the ocean?!! Honestly!!! These people are insane.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah Usami is starting to slowly become a fan favorite of mine, not much thou! She still is messing things up for Jirou and Subaru. I did laugh at her special training at her house LOL so good xD Yeah Damn Jirou indeed…

      Good question! I assume he had awesome daughter radar!

      LOL yeah I was like Subaru! How could you?! Drugging Jirou like that course it was part of Kanade’s evil plans to kidnap Jirou just to toy with his mind. Yeah Kanade during the lotion scene = epic

      Oh I can only imagine what she has in mind xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Subaru definitly wasn’t happy when Jirou was over at Usami’s house and hearing that she was all over him, she was even rocking that dark aura just like at the inn. That was a really nice punch to the stomach she gave him though but I bet she was overjoyed when she was holding him in her arms after drugging him.

        Kanade has quite the impressive imagination and coming up with lies in a split second: the engagement, giving Subaru another name saying that they’re cousins. And Jirou did a nice sand slide before giving the glasses to Subaru. He’s been playing Mortal Kombat.

        When the show reaches the last episode, we should have a contest to see which male character has the biggest harem.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hahaha yeah she was really pissed at that, I mean she has good reason well she hasn’t really expressed if she likes Jirou as a friend or something more. Ahahah yeah that drug scene made me laugh xD

          Oh man Kanade she really is quick on her feet to make up that random name that was really funny and Kureha and the others are just so dumb….

          True….well out of this current season? I am trying to think of who has the best harem currently, it probably would be Jirou. However if we are talking of all time? I have money on Touma from index.

          • BlackBriar says:

            True, the first pick would be Touma. After all, the girls fell prey to his Imagine Breaker fist. They were punched into submission. Second place goes Jirou and third place goes to Kore Wa Zombie’s Ayumu Aikawa and his supernatural harem of girls. Different kinds of personality and species.

            • Foshizzel says:

              LOL Yeaaaahh Touma hits any girl eventually they become part of his harem, well I don’t know about Vento! She is just plain creepy! I didn’t think about Ayumu! Nice.

  2. Dan-go says:

    Not to be pervy and all… but did subaru grow? as in…matters concerning curvatures?

  3. Jrow says:

    LOL at Kara’s opening statement

    They’re really pushing the envelope when it comes to showing off Subaru’s body. I think at this point, it’s funny just to see the show wiggle some silly excuse to hide Subaru’s true gender from the others.

    Kanade this week, just oh man is she hot!!! Subaru’s cute and of course Nakuru is hot, but Kanade is just like a drug. I just like to imagine what Jirou was writing on her…

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL yes xD Good work Kara!

      Yeah they are and I think its quite funny watching the other characters still think its a guy cross dressing…You would think they would catch on.

      Agreed <3 Kanade each week xD

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