Mayo Chiki – 06

Moe sheep mascots are really into BL novels! Is that you Anaaga? Ness? OC? or Kyokai?!

Welcome back, Mayo fans! Sure has been a weird ride so far. Lots of girls wanting the attention of Subaru, well until they figure out he is a she! Anyway so much stuff to enjoy, like watching Kanade toy around with Jirou and Subaru’s expressions. Anyway time to get into episode six of Mayo Chiki, enjoy.

Plot this week follows the new tsundere girl Usami and her forced “date” with Jirou as they attend the school festival together, until Subaru arrives in her china dress to pull him away. Shortly after, Jirou is attacked by one of the S4! This is lead by Kanade herself who explains after a game that he was forced to go along with Usami, who plans on leaving the S4 for good; of course everything gets fixed near the end as Usami and Subaru become friends.

Subaru-“Where is my slave?! Jirou, you will get some special treatment later.”

Things start out with Subaru wearing a china dress as she gives a group of girls their drinks. I think its funny how no one figured out Subaru was a chick! You can see her bust line easily; then again background characters are all kinds of dumb. Anyway Usami drags Jirou around the school festival just to have alone time with him, I get the feeling she isn’t interested in Subaru but more into Jirou? Well, after a fun scene of Usami feeding Jirou and Subaru cutting in, they visit the animal themed café to find Kureha who glomps Usami like crazy. Jirou gets jumped by the random sheep mascot for the animal cafe, learning about a huge S4 meeting that will take place soon.

Jirou the pimp! Well more like the wimp at this point in time.

Jirou- “What? Giant killer sheep!?”                                      Nakuru needs time to recharge her moe batteries.

Clash of the Tsundere watch out, Jirou!

After that overdose of Kureha’s voice filling our ears, we join Jirou and Subaru as they sneak their way into the big S4 meeting with some help from our catgirl Nakuru. They learn that Kanade is the true leader and end up playing a game centered on Subaru’s personal life. The final question pops up about Subaru’s first kiss, actually learning it was not Kanade but Jirou after he “drowned” in the previous pool episode. Sure CPR always counts as a kiss, Jirou freaks out because the S4 members want to tear him apart. Kanade activates her revenge plan and helps Jirou escape the angry mob.

Looks like we have some Jedi’s versus Sith right here!

Kanade-“Well let’s find out who wins this game of Wheel of Subaru!”

Jirou gets so much love in the first few episodes… Lucky bastard…

Kanade-“You want your reward now? or later?”                                Jirou-“NOWWWW!!”

Oh, Kanade! How I love watching you. Anyway, Jirou runs off to stop Usami from quitting and finds her on the roof. After listening to Usami’s reasons to quit, Jirou pulls her out of the school and explains his own issues with girls, which causes her to laugh at him. Well, Usami, blame the writers for that lame plot device on Jirou. Shortly after Jirou is joined by Subaru who finally learns the truth behind Usami and Jirou being together and gladly becomes friends with Usami! D’awww moe friendship, guys! The following day Usami tells Jirou she will help cure him of his gynophobia, naturally by kicking his ass.

Subaru-“I forgive you for stealing my man, next time there will be blood!”

Subaru- “My Lady. Kureha- Too DAWW’d over to make up words

Usami- “Your training begins soon, young one! I shall beat you to death.”

Extra fun

Swimsuts for a cafe theme? Very nice! Don’t you agree?

Dat embarrassed face of Subaru.

Kanade’s I love you is one of her deadliest weapons against guys.

Subaru service!

End Thoughts:

Well this was an interesting episode, just finding out Kanade was the true leader of the S4! Then again Kanade really does love being around Subaru so I guess it wasn’t a real shocker. I really laughed a bit when Kanade did her whole revenge on Jirou, but I wonder if there is any truth behind her I love you? Probably not as she does enjoy playing around with his mind. Subaru was also great! She does have some of the best expressions so far. Though, I was waiting for her cover to get blown as the china dress had some giveaways, but like I said the background characters probably just don’t want to see and will not figure it out till the end.

And we finally got to see Nakuru actually talk to Jirou, well sort of as she was wearing that random sheep costume! But hey I am sure we have not seen the last of her, after all we have six more episodes to go. And we got some Kureha love this time! She looked really cute as always and I enjoyed watching the random moments with her and Subaru, all those HEARTS! They were all over the place. Hopefully Kureha does not get too crushed when she learns the truth about Subaru’s true gender. I think they will become friends if they ever reveal it.

Now for Usami! This episode did change my rage of her since last episode. We really get more into her character this time, yes she has no friends at all but I think through Jirou she really wanted to get closer to Subaru. I see that now but I am sure there are plenty of other ways to make friends rather than blackmail, but whatever, she was not so bad this time for me. It was nice to see her get over herself and actually try to change her ways, hopefully she will not break Jirou and Subaru apart but I have a feeling she probably will fall for Jirou before this series ends.


That’s one big ass shark! Where is Hakase when you need her?

Next week! What… another awesome beach episode?! Well this series does love its fanservice, and we’ll get to see some Usami X Jirou action in the form of forceful grinding… And yeah, fans of neko-chan, stay tuned!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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10 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Six episodes and still going strong. How can no one see Subaru’s bust? She’s in a dress, her bust is clearly showing and she’s supposed to be a guy. By the way, I blame the power of anime because there’s no way Kureha recovered that quickly from her fight with pedo bear’s cousin a few episodes back.

    That super-sadist Kanade is still stealing the show. Jirou was pissed when he found out she was the leader of S4. Wicked twist. There’s no way anyone could’ve figured out she was leading the club that wants Jirou head on a plate and she’s also provoking the situation. Jirou making that deal with her is like making a deal with the devil. LOL, and I’m sure if given the chance, Overcooled would’ve made Kanade her right hand girl in a heartbeat.

    Gotta watch out for potentially murderous tsunderes. Because Usami trying to kick Jirou in the head was like her using someone as a puppet for a purpose and when it’s done, it’s time to tie up loose ends. Jirou must be really starting to like her because he’s letting her call him chicken. Lol, he’s gonna be digging his own grave if he continues.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL I know right?! We can totally see Subaru is a girl, cleaver editing? I call dumb background characters on that. Ah yes the power of anime she probably got healed with some magical tsundere power of hers.

      <3 Kanade she is so awesome every week! She always steals the show like you said. LOL Jirou's shout in the crowd made me laugh, of course she got some revenge ;P

      Yeah there are roughly three around him at all hours! Well most are dere dere types and cute to watch, true he does have to watch it.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I so want to see the look on Subaru’s BL loving fan club girls when they find out she’s a girl. Sure, there’ll be outrages and disappointments. But on the other hand, I’m hoping for a big time Yuri explosion and if it does, I’ll have a big grin on my face.

        I think Jirou might die in the process of getting rid of his gynophobia because there’s a sadistic moe, a crazy sister, a pair of tsunderes and two clubs on his tail. That’s enough pressure to any main male character in a harem anime six feet under.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahahah yeaaaahh they probably will be very angry, or they will turn into the yuri club? Hey it could happen! Well maybe.

          Hmmm true he does have a lot of girls that want to “FIX” his gynophobia.

  2. Samantha Zan says:

    I really liked this episode a lot! Made me get a lot a giggles an laughs. I think the Nakuru as the sheep had the best expressions in this episode XD. Plus points for her being a BL mangaka XDDDD. Anyway, my opinion of Usami here changed a lot from last week, I think the Tsun Tsun she shows here is a lot better than last weeks. Hopefully I can like her a little bit more when the series goes on. Next week a beach episode? About time it came around XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep I really had fun with this episode as well so much random fun going on, yeah I really do enjoy Nakuru I just want to see more of her soon! LOL Yeah she loves her glasses and BL xD

      Yeah I don’t mind Usami anymore at first I couldn’t stand her! But now she seems to have calmed down and is more dere dere this week.

      Yes! Moarrr beach episodes, you can see a pattern growing like we get a serious episode and then swimsuits! Randomly well every few episodes 😛

  3. tomphile says:

    Ahahaa, the last pic made me lol.

    Usami is just too cute.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Where ever there are beaches you can expect a big ass shark seems crazy! But it works and yeah I died laughing xD

      Usami is growing on me slowly.

  4. Elyon says:


    I love Nakuru. She’s….like the inner me. Glasses fetish FTW!! They made Usami a bit more likeable, but I think she’s kind of annoying.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOLL I know right? Its the real mystery behind this episode.

      Nakuru is awesome so far! Hopefully we get to see more of her net time 😉

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