Blood-C – 06

It was a bad day for people to suddenly decide to go out after 5 episodes of staying indoors

Blood-C is back! I still don’t know why this episode was delayed, but HOLY CRAP the wait was definitely worth it.

Where it let off two weeks ago, twin #nobody seems to care is attacked by an Elder Bairn right in the middle of Saya’s shrine. Nene screams in terror and runs despite Saya telling her not to (on the other hand, at least SOMEONE has the common sense to run away for once). The Bairn follows Nene and Saya has to push her out of the way while the Bairn plows right into a nearby building. Nene continues screaming like an idiot while Saya gets injured while trying to save her.

Finally, Saya gets to her sword only to turn around and find Nene…. Well….

Let’s just say that Mami has a new friend

Saya’s eyes immediately turn red and she kills the Bairn pretty quickly. However, by that point, Nene is pretty dead. Saya has a mini freak out.

Next thing Saya knows, its night, she’s still by the corpses, and her father is standing beside her calling her name. She tells him that Nene died and he just says that she should get some rest. Saya refuses but he uses the force or something on her to make her pass out.

Saya wakes up in her bed the next morning and her wounds tell her that the fight yesterday wasn’t a dream. Fumito comes into her room saying that he heard she wasn’t feeling well and that he brought her coffee. He also says that Saya is the most important person to him and then leaves. Again, this would have been adorable if his coffee wasn’t so suspicious.

Still having trouble thinking, Saya remembers that she felt dizzy and her vision was shaky like this before and she lies down again. The Galilean thermometers of blood show up again and the narrator says something about the two of them trying something (also, there’s someone who looks suspiciously like Saya there). Saya wakes up and it’s night time already.  The coffee is gone. Saya wonders if it was a dream, but says that the place felt familiar.

My theory that her glasses are glued to her face: disproven

Afterwards, Saya finally goes back to school. However, before she leaves, her father hands her the sword just in case. Also, she skips eating at Fumito’s place. Saya hesitates opening the classroom door and meets Tokizane in the hallway. He asks if she is okay because she was absent and tells her to come to him if she has any problems and pats her shoulder. ….Don’t these people have anything original to say? Itsuki opens the door and blocks any further relationship developments. Also, he and Tokizane glare at each other for a moment.

Inside the classroom everyone just kind of stares at her with creepy vacant smiles on their faces. Yuka tells Saya that she’s glad she came because Nene is missing and so Nono has been out of school as well. Kanako comes in and announces to the class that Nene is still missing and that a bunch of people have disappeared from town as well. Saya recalls Nene’s death and her head starts hurting again.

Kanako tells Saya that she should have stayed home since she was out sick for a couple of days because the police asked that the school be closed down anyways due to the disappearances. The class is old to go home and before she leaves, Kanako tells Saya to be careful.

On her way home, Saya says out loud that she promised to protect everyone. A voice asks who she made the promise to, but when Saya looks around, all she can see is the dog thing from before. She laughs saying this it isn’t possible for the dog to talk but then it speaks again (LOL CLAMP and their talking animal things that no one knows what the hell they’re supposed to be).

Before anything is explained, one of the twins approaches Saya. Saya almost calls her Nene, but stops and calls her Nono. Nono says that it is her and asks how Saya can tell because she parted her hair like Nene always did. She also says that before Nene disappeared, she said she was going to visit Saya. Nono begins interrogating Saya while Saya notices that Nono’s shadow is acting strange.

The shadow tries to strangle Saya until she pushes Nono away, causing Nono to yell at her. Two nearby people come to see what the noise is about and get killed by the shadow right in front of a crowded (well, crowded for this town) convenience store. Nono doesn’t seem to notice anything wrong and asks why Saya is moving away from her.

This was the best I could do for this scene. Damn censorship.

Saya’s eyes turn red and she unsheathes her sword, but the shadow is using Nono as a human shield, so Saya can’t attack. More people come out to see if Saya is okay, but they get killed immediately. The shadow starts absorbing Nono and Saya eventually gets absorbed too.

Inside the shadow, Nono is on a spider web thing and Saya cuts through it, causing the shadow to explode into a large puddle of blood. Saya’s eyes return to normal and she looks for Nono, but all that remains are fragments of her uniform and a few dismembered limbs. The dog tells Saya to wake up.

 Final Thoughts:

The first Bairn’s appearance was….. *shudders*. I JUST had a horrible experience with finding a surprise centipede while cleaning before watching this and so the timing of this was extremely unfortunate. The rest of the episode was fantastic though. THIS is what I expected when I heard that a new Blood anime was being made. The totally misleading preview stating that there were going to be 3 of the twins (…maybe it was referring to the shadow?) made me believe that at least one of them was going to survive, but I guess not. Ugh. On that note, you have no idea how many versions of this episode I had to sort through trying to find an uncensored one to screencap. In the end I still couldn’t find one. SIGH. Enjoy your random streaks of light while I try to figure out why having a guy’s intestines ripped out in episode 4 was not censored while this was. They were pretty random with it too. One scene would be censored but then similar ones weren’t.

So here’s where Saya’s life starts falling apart! Not just one, but TWO of her friend’s deaths today (plus like, half of the town’s population who all simultaneously decided that roaming the streets would be a good idea). I know a lot of people aren’t that fond of the twins, but they had some pretty good deaths. This episode had so many HOLY CRAP moments! Okay, smaller things first: THE DOG CAN TALK. What? Why? HOW?  The dog seems pretty plot important now that it can talk (plus the whole ‘wake up Saya’ thing). Next point: I hate to admit it, but Fumito was pretty damn suspicious again (plus Saya skipped her morning coffee and suddenly dogs are talking to her). At least people are noticing SOMETHING going on in the town. I’d like to see them try and pretend nothing happened after this episode where a bunch of people witnessed all the random killing in broad daylight. Though if they pull the whole ‘Saya is the one causing all the disappearances! BURN THE WITCH EVEN THOUGH PRETTY MUCH EVERY CHARACTER HAS CONFESSED THEIR UNDYING LOVE TO HER!’ crap, my interest level may drop depending on how they do it.

Okay, bigger stuff now. …Did Nono just turn into a Bairn? And if not, wtf just happened?! If it’s true that she did, this brings a huge change to where the Bairn came from and why they’re feeding. I’m not entirely sure how exactly, but it does. It would mean that every single Bairn that has killed and been killed by Saya was human at some point. ….I’m trying to stay away from this, but you can really see similarities to Madoka Magica here. Sloooooooooow beginning, anime original, character losing their head, humans possibly turning into monster things… Let’s just hope that Tokizane isn’t actually a megane time traveller and that Saya doesn’t turn into a goddess at the end. On another note, I’m hoping Itsuki turns into a yandere soon. Or Fumito. Either or would be good.


I’m not going to bother reading subtitles here this time, but it looks like Saya has another conversation with Kanako.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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42 Responses to “Blood-C – 06”

  1. Samantha Zan says:

    This episode surprised me! I swear I thought it would be a cliche thing with Nene become a Bairn and Nono being like “Wake Nene! You beat it! I believe in your will!!!” XD. Well, maybe its because I didn’t watch the preview XP. But I’ve got to say, Saya sucks at saving people, I mean, I’m pretty sure she’s let 8 people die in the first 6 episodes.

    But I’m curious about Nono become an Elder Bairn that quickly. Usually we would have some sort of scene before going to the fight scene with Saya (If that makes sense xO). Maybe there just trying to save animation time lol. We’ll at least both of the twins are dead, I wasn’t very fond of them. But the death scenes were very cool. I kind of surprise Saya didn’t save Nono in the end though… oh well. Hopefully none of her other friends die either, well at least Tokizane.

    On another topic, the dog FREAKIN TALKS! But has a nice voice :3. It kept saying “Wake up Saya”, it made me think maybe Saya’s living in some fake world or something. Or maybe she’s done something that everyone knows and she doesn’t. Maybe she’s LIVING IN A DREAM (INCEPTION FTW!). *ahem* Everyone in her town is become more suspicious (as usually). Fumito is still my number 1 suspect though, I already thought he was acting creepy towards Saya already, but he was a little extra wierd in this episode.

    Anyway, nice episode, I’m still liking where Blood C is going, but hopefully its not because I like Madoka so much xP.

    • Joojoobees says:

      Hell there were at least 7 that died in this episode!

    • Karakuri says:

      LOL yes! Thank god that never happened! Ahaha yeah. 3 people died before she even unsheathed her sword XD.

      Hmmm yeah she was pretty emotionally unstable. And Saya does normally have a staring contest with the monster of the day before things get bloody, but that was bypassed this week. I’m pretty sure there will be more people Saya knows dying now though or else the twin’s deaths were for nothing.

      YES HOLY CRAP THE DOG CAN TALK!Your inception theory would explain why everyone’s lives seem to revolve around Saya at least. Plus it seems like the kind of troll ending CLAMP would pull on us. Oh and Fumito was totally creepering Saya drink her coffee this episode.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This is intense. Is this the same anime that started with a bunch of annoying singing and monsters of the week? CLAMP’s been trolling us bigtime. It was bad enough with people disappearing but now the monsters are attacking during the daytime. I guess they want people to fear the day as much as the night now.

    My mind went blank when I saw Nene being eaten alive. It was like “what the hell? Didn’t see that coming!”. I thought she was gonna be one of survivors. Now Saya has to carry around her sword in case of another fight like Rin from Ao no Exorcist. I still don’t trust that guy at the cafe.

    The dog was talking!!! I knew there was something funny about it. And c’mon, the other twin was killed in the same episode? I was hoping if one died, the other would have lived or died later on in the show, and by shadow no less, her OWN shadow. The censors completely ruined my sadistic fun of watching everyone being butchered alived and eaten.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah holy crap did this anime ever switch gears fast. Oh, thats a pretty good observation there! I never even thought of it that way… Yeah that would make sense. I wonder why they’re suddenly attacking in the day though…

      Nene’s death was so fast! I thought she was going to survive too but then Saya turned around and BAM we have a dead twin.

      ….I totally hear you on the censors. They were extremely annoying. If I wanted to avoid possibly traumatizing gore scenes, I wouldn’t be watching this. Seeing Nono wander around aimlessly without her other half would have been fun for a while, but I guess they wanted to screw Saya’s life up fast.

      • BlackBriar says:

        If the twins were killed off so easily and Saya has trouble saving people, even the ones she cares about, then the town is looking at near certain extinction. Saya’s “normal” life is quickly falling apart.

        Two friends down, so many to go. Who’s next on the execution list? I think that dog is just another Elder Bairn and that guy at the cafe drugging Saya with his food is probably working with the other Elder Bairns. Everyone watching the show has him as a suspect. Not to mention that teacher with the detailed monster story.

        • Karakuri says:

          Pretty much. She was kind of the one who took out Nono too.

          Maybe they’ll switch from monster of the week to Saya’s dead friend of the week? Oh you’re right. I’ve just kind of been assuming that the dog is on Saya’s side (well I guess it still could be depending on her relationship to the Bairns). The other two are mysterious too… At this point we still don’t know how anyone relates to the Bairn really. It will be interesting to see how things go from here for sure.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Damn!! This episode so freaking awesome and yes very intense episode so much plot and story progression going on. And I so called it! Killing off the twins in the same damn episode LOL they were the most hated characters for being annoying.

    So one thing is clear cafe dude’s coffee is having an effect on Saya’s mind making her forget killing monsters and making her “sleep” all the time. Still he does give off creepy “watching you” vibes xD

    And of course the dog talks, Clamp loves their talking mascot characters.

    As far as censorship goes this was lame! I really wanted to see some actual blood ah well that whole shadow scene I was loling so hard when the random people get eaten and Saya is like………derp…….lets watch. LOLOL

    Great episode! More mystery to come, I am starting to think all the students might be monsters well some! I know glasses dude glared at the other for touching Saya.

    • Karakuri says:

      the word ‘intense’ describes this episode pretty well. And yeah, you called it. I thought they were going to survive XD. I didn’t find them all that annoying either, but it’s probably best that they died first. I’d hate to watch them act like people disappearing was the best thing ever.

      Hmmm yeah. As much as I hate to admit it, Fumito is pretty damn suspicious. He was giving off creeper vibes a lot this episode.


      Yeah, the preview for this wasn’t censored, but for some reason the episode was. And then Nene’s head would be censored but 5 seconds later, it wasn’t. CONSISTENCY PEOPLE! …. Saya just isn’t very good at saving people. XD

      Yeah! I want to think that class president will be the next to crack thanks to his jealous glare at Tokizane this episode, but who knows.

  4. angotokuraun says:

    I’m almost dropped about the few episode of blood-c which all of it so clampish used every episode singing pretend that’s a musical anime but gladly this episode make a big development. Killing the monster in day time sure pretty hard for saya tough.
    And also Nono and Nene, I already dislike them since they’re appeared in first episode so I wouldn’t pity for them going to death. So I would ikelto see Saya if she’s going sadistic for revenge. And it’ll going to be interesing..

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha yeah. Patience is starting to pay off now.

      Hmmm a lot of people disliked the twins so I guess it’s a good thing CLAMP killed off the annoying characters first. Yes! The next episode will be worth watching!

  5. Elyon says:

    The dog’s voice sounded familiar, but I can’t figure out who he sounded like (and MAL doesn’t even have him listed as a character.) Fumito maybe? LOL if Fumito was actually the dog, I’d shit a brick.
    Fumito is definitely up to something, and I get the feeling Saya’s dad is also not a good guy. I’m confused though as to whether Saya can remember that she kills those things or not.
    That censorship was so…WEIRD. The random beams of light were just ridiculous.

    • Karakuri says:

      I thought that the dog sounded like the narrator (who I originally thought sounded a bit like Fumito). I have no idea how they’re all connected but if you’re right I would probably shit a brick too.

      Saya’s dad is suspicious for sure. He keeps telling her to ignore the Bairn while they keep telling her that the humans started this by not keeping their side of the contract. Something is up.

      • Yvoon says:

        I think that the narrator’s voice sounds a bit like Fumito’s. Did you hear the voice when Saya had the flashback of some room while she was sleeping? That was DEFINITELY Fumito-san’s voice. It sounded so much like him.

        This city sure is one cursed one. The fact that its got such a small population, is practically in the middle of nowhere and has only one of everything makes it even more suspicious.

        • Karakuri says:

          I just rewatched the scene this episode and it does sound a lot like Fumito… but the narrator from previous episodes sounds a lot like the dog. Either they have two seiyuu that sound similar to throw us off or they’re connected somehow.

          Yeah the town is just too conveniently isolated.

          • anaaga says:

            Dayum, maybe the town is meant for the elder bairn? It’s like chicken, you make them grow then butcher them D:

  6. Joojoobees says:

    As far as the censorship goes, I bet this episode had some TV execs shitting their pants. LOL.

    I did not expect things to go down this way, so I was pretty surprised when Nene died. The whole town seems suspicious now. When Nono turned into a Bairn … what can we make of this?

    • Karakuri says:

      lololol. Still, annoying censoring is annoying and again, it wasn’t even censored on the preview.

      Yeah.Nene is just the first death of many if this episode is any indication.

      As for what to make of this… I don’t know. It is extremely important for sure, but there are so many directions this could go.

  7. Toori-chan says:

    First light beams from R-15, now dark beams for Blood C? What’s with the censorship these days?

    The battle was so intense and bloody. It’s so much better than those shitty fights from the previous episodes. I wanted to see Nene’s head (stupid censor). How did Nono become a Bairn and who’s the dog? I’m so lost. Clamp always make their story complicated.

    • Karakuri says:

      I have no idea what’s up with the censorship, but for a couple of scenes it was like 3/4ths covered. It might as well been a completely blank screen.

      Yes it was! The fight was awesome despite the censors. I’m wondering the same things as well but hopefully they’ll be explained in the end (in a non troll way that’s at least somewhat easy to understand).

      LOL I agree with CLAMP always making things complicated. Hell, it took me 3 reads to try to piece together wtf happened at the end of Tsubasa and to this day, I still probably can’t explain it properly XD.

    • Yvoon says:

      Well, guess they do have to take into consideration of the audience. 😀

      We dont want anime companies sued for improper images on kid’s shows.

  8. Yvoon says:

    Although it was sad that Nene died, it finally felt like the story was going somewhere. For me i’m kinda glad the censorship was there since i’m really bad with gory stuff…

    At one point, i was expecting Nene to still be alive or something…u know anime cliches where they are miraculously saved. lol

    And was Nono actually already dead or did she become possessed or something?? And what’s with the talking dog? Fumito-san’s acting kinda weird as well. In fact ALL of the characters are acting really suspicious!!

    CLAAAMP!!! Better start producing some answers!!!

    • anaaga says:

      Dayum Yvoon, your avatar.
      So you’re into yaoi now eh? >: D

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha at least the censorship was good for something then. And I have a feeling that the story was moving all along, but CLAMP was trolling us making it look like nothing was happening. …Either that or I have way too much faith in them.

      LOL I kind of was too. Only I thought there would have been a Bairn that mimicked the twin’s appearance and Saya would have had to play the ‘guess which twin is the real one’ game.

      Oh I guess she could have been possessed by a Bairn. …Or something. Though I assume it was a Bairn because her father knew that shit was up. They are! Though Tokizane and Yuka look like they know less and are more supportive of Saya. Or at least Yuka does.

  9. anaaga says:

    I’m happy they died. Thank you god.

    Nono as a Elder Bairn, didn’t expect that. I’ve been freaking out now. I think of everybody as the monster. Even the teacher. Oh god lesbian monster. Or maybe everyone knows about Saya’s past but pretend to shut up about it? I’m getting paranoid here.

    Who’s the dog? My guess is that he’s the white hair guy in the OP. Or the guy she made the promise to, or the guy in the room of her dream. That dog has sexy voice IMO. Thanks to him though, my theory that Tokizane is her destined one went downhill.

    • anaaga says:

      My theory for Nono is that she’s so used with being human she forgot that she’s an Elder Bairn. She was using her power, but she didn’t realize it.

      • Yvoon says:

        Was she really actually an Elder Bairn? I though she was possessed of something. she looked as if she was hypnotised and didn’t seem to be able to see the shadow either.

        And why does everyone find the twins so annoying? i dont find anything wrong with them.

        • Karakuri says:

          Well Saya’s dad knew that something was up and Nono killing people was the highlight of the day so I assume she was a Bairn. Or I guess she could have been possessed by one thanks to the spiderweb visual we had. But that could have just been the human part of her as well… I have no idea what it all means at the moment.

          I didn’t find the twins all that bad either…

        • anaaga says:

          We don’t really know right know whether Elder Bairn has the ability to hypnotize or not. So far Elder Bairn is giving me the impression that they’re just monsters who eat humans, but they can also talk and change their appearance into humans. Maybe they can hypnotize, but if they can why not just hypnotize their preys and eat them up like that instead of chasing their preys around?

          I’m fine with Nono, I don’t really mind her. But I really can’t stand Nene. She’s very…pushy and annoying

          • Karakuri says:

            The who was eaten by the train one looked pretty hypnotized though. Or he was in some kind of trance at least. Yeah it certainly would have been easier for them to eat like that, but maybe they all have different abilities…?

            After thinking about it though, I’m pretty sure that Nono turned into a Bairn. The shadow only started attacking Saya after Nono get really emotionally unstable.

    • Karakuri says:

      ….LOL yeah I figured as much.

      Ahaha oh that would be ironic. Everyone knowing about Saya except herself. As for everyone being a Bairn … I have no frigging clue.

      White haired guy? The only white haired guy I see in the OP is a faded Fumito. I think it might be the guy in her dream though… The voice (which I agree is totally sexy) is pretty similar.

      As for Saya’s fated one the candidates so far are Tokizane, Fumito or the dog thing. I doubt the class rep would be it. I think its still possible that Tokizane could be her destined one… He’s had enough screen time to be at least.

      • anaaga says:

        The white hair guy at the very beginning of the OP? In the fist 10 secs or not? Dude, if that’s Fumito, I’ll be so mad right now. He’s creepy enough, he has two shots in the OP? grrr

        • Karakuri says:

          Yeah, I just screencapped the hell out of it and it’s blurry, but I’m 99% sure that it’s Fumito.

          • anaaga says:

            BTW, I was sad when the randome people were eaten. Some of them are quite hot :<

            Yeah, he actually looks like Fumihito. I'm still in denial though. Cuz that's just how creepy he is

            • Yvoon says:

              its kinda getting freaky how animations are getting more and more realistic these days…

              they way they were being devoured…the arms that were hanging out of the shadow…the blood splatters on the road…oh man…gave me the shivers…

              didn’t realise how tense i was until the end of the episode.

  10. amado says:

    …and thats probably why they never come out in the first place.

    I have a new theory: maybe each person has like an elder bairn that will eat them up when the time is right. like they are all targets of specific elder bairns.
    as far as ive seen, theres a human being hunted for each elder bairn shown in some eps(3 guys for the chicken and those 2 green things, 1 girl for that one-eyed, 1 baker for that train)

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha I don’t blame them.

      Hmmm an interesting theory. And it would explain why the Bairn just kind of showed up on Saya’s doorstep and only targeted Nene. Plus all it would explain all the other Bairn ignoring Saya as long as she stayed out of their way.

      The only problems I see is that the eye monk wasn’t targeting the woman so much as the fairy things were. Unless they were it’s familiars or something. Same goes for the 3 men killed by the chicken, the green things didn’t do the killing so much as the chicken did. And then there’s all the killing Nono’s shadow did this episode.

  11. Rainy says:

    I wonder if anyone didn’t think of Mami when they saw how Nene died. Really… it’s almost the same scene! >_<

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