Ao no Exorcist – 17

If this isn’t twincest bromance I don’t know what is…

Hoshi: AM I RIGHT? I’ve suddenly started liking this RinxYukio twincest pairing, despite my love for RinxShiemi. I don’t know if it’s all the damn cute fanart I keep finding of them or what but, WHYYYY…

Hime: Imma be sneakin in yo zerochans, snatchin up your fanarts after dis. Awh yeah~

Hoshi: Mephisto keeps pressing his idea of letting Rin go and turning him into the Vatican’s weapon as a revenge-driven Amaimon makes his way to the court. Down below, not even a barrage of bullets can stop Amiamon and his large Behemoth, that is, until Shura and Angel arrive and slash the large demon. Amaimon completey loses it, breaking into the court room as a large rock being. One pound has the floor cracked, and the blue crystal that Rin is in falling to the floor, crashing into pieces.

In desperation, the Grigori finally let Mephisto do as he wished just as Bon comes by with the fixed Kurikara! After a game of toss and pass from Shima to Izumo to keep it away from Amaimon, Yukio finally grabs hold of it and rushes to hand it to his dear twin brother, but before he can reach him, a stone lands right in front, the impact sending him flying. Yet Yukio drags himself and places the Kurikara on Rin, invoking his blue flames. With that, Rin stands, the kurikara in his hand and runs up the stone covered Amaimon, stabbing him right in the chest. The blue flames consume him and Amaimon crumbles into ash in front of his brothers. After the short fight, Rin collapses, unconscious as Angel brings a blade to his neck, ready to kill him. However the Grigori decide to take Mephisto’s gamble and let him live…

There are conditions for Rin though, Mephisto explains to Yukio after the chaotic scene at the court; one being that he has to Exorcist authorization exam and that he must have someone keeping an eye on him around the clock, which Mephisto gives to Yukio and Shura. Back at the classroom, the class is cleaning up the classroom when Rin enters, acting casual. Konekomaru however decides to take out the trash, refusing Rin’s help. Izumo tells him that it’s because he scared of him for being the son of Satan, never knowing when he’ll lose his control again. Frustrated, Rin punches a wall that loosens a pipe and unleashes a large group of coal tar on top of Shiemi and Izumo. He unleashes his flames on Shiemi, who luckily doesn’t get burned, but Bon steps in anyway, making him realize his flames can kill and that he’ll kill him if he ever tries to harm his friends. Yukio then comes into the classroom, announcing Rin is going to be taking special classes from now on and drags him out.

They go into a training room with a batting cage as Yukio explains that Rin needs to train his hardest to pass. Shura enters as well, carrying a large sack. From there, she brings out a candle, telling Rin to line three up and light the ones on the sides. He tries, but lights all of them, and keeps trying, but keeps failing. Shura tells him to keep doing this three times a day for an hour until he can do it while…picking his nose. While Rin concentrates on controlling his flames, Yukio and Shura go for a little bet in the batting cages as they go on the special Infinity mode.

Rin stares at the two as they easily deflecting each ball headed their way. In frustration, he accidentally sets his flames on them, which burn off all their clothes except for their underwear. Meanwhile, Konekomaru, frustrated over not being brave enough as he sits on top of the roof, starts to hear an odd voice that starts to strike fear into him. Then he sees a pair of red eyes that get closer to him…


Rin keeps trying his best at lightening the candles, but still manages to torch all of them as he practices in the middle of the hallway at cram school. Izumo sees him, and as he tells her his problem, she reminds him of her familiars turning against her when her heart faltered when trying to save Paku. She suggests that maybe if he’s not afraid of his flames, they’ll obey him. When asked why she isn’t afraid of him, Izumo tells him that demon-human half-breeds aren’t all that unusual amongst exorcists. Suddenly, they sense something is with them just as a arrow of some sort tries to hit Rin. Down the hall, something black with red eyes heads towards them…~

End thoughts~

Hoshi: Good lord, I need to stop staring at the gif of Yukio strutting with that fine ass of his. HIME WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME WITH YOUR SEXY GIFS? Anyways, last week I think my end thoughts mainly consisted of a rant on the original material, but this week I’m actually loving the original scenes, heh. I mean, that battle with Amaimon in the beginning was AWESOME (sadly short). BUT THEY KILLED AMAIMON, MAN! ;A; I was like, “Wait…THIS ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!” I’m still in shock. What was pretty interesting though is the thought that Mephisto is actually watching his brother die in front of his eyes, really showing that Amaimon was just a pawn ready for disposal. How twisted is that? (Then again he is a demon…)

Ugh, I have to admit this was such a good episode. I MISSED THESE; these episodes that have a great mixture of action, comedy, seriousness, and suspense all in one with a good added mix of manga and original scenes that actually work out nicely for the story. I’ve always thought A-1 was decently good with that (though they do tend to fuck up every now and then as I’ve seen). Rin accidentally burning off Yukio and Shura’s clothes was PRICELESS. I’m going to be remembering that scene for the rest of this show. I also finally got to see that distrust against Rin that I was waiting for, even if it pained my fragile fangirl heart. It’s okay Rin! As long as Shiemi still loves you! Also, did anyone else get freaked out by this new demon going around? I literally jumped at the end when it came toward the screen (Never do screencaps at night, kids) |’D Definitely wondering what’s this go to do with Konekomaru, Rin, and Bon getting majorly pissed. MORE FRIENDSHIP ANGST WHYYYY~

Hime: Pants. Frilly ones. Plain ones. All kinds of pants. The characters from Exorcist should get a job at Calvin Klein.

This was a great episode. In fact I’d go as far to say it was the best in a long time. I think things were handled much better. Though Suguro and the gangs’ revert back to not trusting Rin after only last episode rushing to get his sword fixed was very lame, but at least they sort of covered it, I guess. Out of everyone’s reaction I found Izumo’s the most surprising. She was kind of like “Pfft~ Big deal. Don’t call me “eyebrows bitch”.” It was good, made me like her just a little. The fight between Rin and Amiamon, though brief, was great and the lead up to it with the nice fluid animation on Shura and Angel, then Yukio really got my heart racing. The music almost had it bursting out of my chest! It was really exciting, tense first half.‏

I actually found the stuff in the batting cages a lot more interesting though. The little glimpse into Yukio’s past relationship with Shura was very cool. (He’s so cute when he’s frustrated) Usually I’m like a hissing cat when females get near characters voiced by Jun (Obsessed, yes, I know) but I think the two would make an awesome couple. They are very Rock and Revy, who I love. Too bad Yukio is in love with Rin. *is shot* Haha, ahem~ The two of them having their match against the machine was really fun, too. Such pros. Then Rin set their clothes alight! That was hilarious, and VERY welcome fan-service. I never pinned Shura as the frilly panties type, I saw her more as a lady-boxers girl. Yukio’s little black briefs were so cute <3

But, FUCK, IM WORRIED. Did you guys see that black stuff on his arms? You might have been too distracted by his FINE ASS walking away, but on fourth viewing I saw it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? I actually read this fanfic (I know, I know, shut up) where Shura said something similar to Yukio, then he got possessed and DIED. Fuck. See if that happens…SEE IF THAT HAPPENS. OMG. HOSHI IM SCARED. What will I do if Yukio dies? WHAT WILL I DO!? I’d honestly start wearing black and MOURN. SRSLY. Maybe it was just a burn from when Rin torched them…but it didn’t look like a burn…ohmygod this is going to drive me fucking nuts!

That seems like something that will be referenced later anyway, at the moment shit is happening to poor Konekomaru. THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR SITTING ON THE ROOF OF AN EXORCIST SCHOOL ALONE AND INJURED! Moron! (I’m only shouting cause I care) Things seem to be heating up next time, Konekomaru backstory, and Suguro being hawt~ Oh yes please, bring it on~!


Rin’s relationship with the Bon and Konekomaru may become even more strained than ever, and what’s with this mysterious bird demon? Until next week then~!!


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32 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 17”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    LOL Shura’s face after her clothes burned off :O LOL I died laughing when Rin did that, good work man! You made that so fun.

    Lol the candle training made me laugh and ya so much bromance all over the place.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Just so priceless xD I found it funny that Rin’ didn’t look that sorry he’d done it LOL He’s such a hilarious character

  2. Elyon says:

    Can’t…stop…staring…at….DAT ASS. O.O

    I thought it was kind of anti-climatic how Amaimon was beaten so fast, but it was still an awesome episode. The fact that Yukio may have powers too worries me, but I’m also glad that he’s going to get more attention.

    • Hoshi says:


      I was disappointed myself :/ Everything leading up to it was so tense and then he just gets killed in one blow. Oh goodness, Yukio getting'd be interesting though I must admit.

      • Hime says:


        It was a shame that Amaimon got beat so easily, it seemed really random, too. I mean, it wasn't like Rin was out of control crazy, he looked more like he was in some kind of auto-mode. Which is weird…

        FUUUUUUUUUU~ I'M WORRIED ABOUT YUKIO TOO ELYON! But as you said hopefully this means he'll be getting more screen-time.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    That was anticlimactic when Amaimon died so quickly. I hoping for another fight like what had in forest. Rin did a Black Rock Shooter with his eye before he finished him off. Mephisto is still badass for trolling everyone to no end.

    I was completely fooled. I knew it was too easy that everyone would accept Rin after learning his secret but it looks like Izumo and Shiemi don’t really care about that. Maybe they like demon-human half breeds. Now Suguro and his friends are completely on edge.

    I couldn’t stop laughing after the batting cage was set on fire. Shura in her underwear?! YES!!!! OH YEAH!!! LOL, I’ll never be able to get that out of my head!!! Hmm, maybe Yukio has the blue flame power but it’s just delayed. It will be interesting if he has it. And that wound on his arm is probably the spirit wound he got from Rin when they were babies.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Definitely. If only they kept it going for a little while -sigh- Everyone’s been comparing Rin to BRS lately, even more so with that scene xD

      I’m sure Shiemi doesn’t care since she cares about Rin so much. As for Izumo I was surprised she was so cool with it.

      LOL I KNEW YOU WOULD LIKE THAT PART WITH SHURA! Just gonna memory lock that scene now, huh? xD Oooo~ Maybe it is his spirit wound, I definitely didn’t think about that.

      • Hime says:

        DAT EYE THING. Yes, it was totally BRS. Maybe they referenced it on purpose? That would be pretty snazzy.

        I hadn’t thought of it being Yukio’s spirit wound either, but after looking into it the general consensus is that they aren’t visible. And with what Shura said to him, and the Vatican folk watching him too it seems like they are setting up for something else. It’s still possible though, I suppose. It would put my mind at ease if it was!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Looks like Yukio has a long history with Shura. He looked like the Rin out of that relationship back then. Another flashback with Shiro. It’s always good to see him around. And who can possibly hit those baseballs at such a speed, even with guns?!!

        That demon with the red eyes seems to be a crow and maybe feeds off of fear and self uncertainty.

  4. Hime says:

    Ohmygod I rant so much, I need to start trimming down my end thoughts…

    & BWAHAHAHA Hoshi, you are finally indulging the twincest magic, awesome~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~No no no, it’s good, girl! I don’t rant enough |’D

      I AM EVEN THOUGH I SWORE I WOULDN’T~ Those damn fanarts of the two are just too cute<3

      • Hime says:

        They really are unignorably cute.

        Need more Okumura bros. moments!

  5. Karakuri says:

    I swear I will catch to this some day soon.

  6. 2PacFan says:

    I replayed the scene with Yukio’s ass a couple of time. I could not stop staring. I still can’t get over it. I think Imma read this post just to see his coatwavingasscovering gif. -__-. I love him soo muchhh.

    Twincest? Oh yeeeah. 🙂 This episode completely made up for any doubts I had. The only thing that was kinda sad was Amaimon died. He would the type to reveal plot twists and whatnot.

    Yukio’s got a sweet ass. And his back. Inever thought he’d be that fit…<3
    I liked it better in the manga where Yukio took Rin's pants and Shura took his shirt. I think.

    Wow, I can't get over Rin thought. Makes me sad. Rin's pretty sweet and naive and aww, he was so happy when Izumo told him half breeds weren't so rare <3 I love the twins!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Same here; I was so happy to screencap this xD Just EVERYTHING about his backside was delish, hurrhurr. Definitely one unforgettable moment. I was so sad about Amaimon as well, and Rin! ;A;

  7. Carla says:

    OMG, those gifs! Are you god?

  8. Reaper says:

    A-1’s adding a few interesting things, like Amaimon’s fight in the Vatican and what looked like his death, but they pulled it off quite well, albeit the fight being a little short. As for that batting room scene, hilarity ensues! Agreed with Shura’s underwear, so much laughs, especially with Yukio noting how she just got out of bed in her pyjamas, which are pretty cool by the way. Now, all I can think about is that mysterious mark on Yukio’s arm, as well as where A-1’s going to take the anime’s plot, since it’s starting to diverge from the manga…

    • Hime says:

      I heard it floating around that Amaimon didn’t actually die. Since he said “I can’t loose!” instead of “I can’t die!” it seems to give off the impression he’s pissed off at loosing to Rin instead of being killed by him. Also there was some stuff about the demons possessesing different forms in the demon and human world, so it might have just been his “this world” body that died, (I can’t for the life of me remember what they are both called).

  9. Kyokai says:


    I’m not liking where this original direction is going but I like the pacing at least.

    • Hime says:

      DAT ASS needs more screen-time, and more strut walks…

      …definately more strut walks.

  10. Yvoon says:




    Man, kinda bummed that Amaimon just died off like that. Yeh ok he was pretty annoying and gross but that was a pretty short air time he had there. Maybe there’s a twist to it.

    And…and..YUKIO!!! NOO!!! What’s with his arm?!?! dont turn him evil!!! noooo!!!

    And how did Yukio know that the yukata was her pajamas…? O_O lol

    • Hime says:

      I don’t know if I could survive another episod three with brother against brother! D’: Yukio don’t turn eeevill!

  11. Alynn says:

    I love how Amaimon dies before the opening theme.

    I am not liking this divergence from the manga. Also with these random events that ARE from the manga, I am so confused on where they are along the timeline.

    Oh Rin, this is what happens if you don’t learn to control your flames. People get naked.

    • Hime says:

      Ikr, they’re like pfft, it’s only Amaimon, the series’ main antagonist. No biggie.

  12. Toori-chan says:

    There’s so many GIFs on this post. It’s like you’re showing the anime itself on a review post. Seriously, cut them down or people will have trouble loading the page (like me).

    Amaimon’s death is just too fast. I was expecting more clashes before Rin actually stabs Amaimon. Still, when Rin’s left eye went BRS I was like “Am I watching Ao no exorcist?”

    Rin is so awesome now that he can use his flames freely (literally). Burning people’s clothes is one top rank prank. Hope the others get along with Rin soon.

    • Hime says:

      Meta’s had to lower the number of images that can be used per post so .gifs in epipodes that are particularly action-y are more practical.

  13. Overcooled says:


    I love Amaimon and it’s sad that he has to die, but at least he went out with a bang. All the fights with Amaimon have been AWESOME, so I’ve gotten my fill. I’m sure we’ll get more badass villains later on to make up for it anyways.

    Also, Yukio’s ass gets 5 stars.

  14. Mina says:

    His ass, wuah ehm I didn’t really. what he has something on his arms? Wait he has arms? I only saw his ass!

    Ok I did see these black things on him already while I watched the episode and I could have DIED! I was like: “The heck?! Some demon things? Yukio?!” then my friend and I were talking on the phone and she was all serious and suddenly said. “I have to ask you something.” I, obvious as I am didn’t realize the serious tone in her voice and told her to ask. “Do you think Yukio will die?”
    No! I screamed I mean he is his brother, and an important person, but then again Shiro already died in the first episode, but Yukio can’t die! He just CANT! I would miss him too much, I mean he is voiced by Fukuyama Jun!
    Hime I understand why you have that reaction towards these female characters. I’m like that too.

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