Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 1st Elimination

First round of elimination is here. Find out the results!

This might be a wake up call for some of you, because if you didn’t vote, your favourite might have gotten the boot. Don’t be afraid to rally up fans and convince them to vote for your favourite… just no death threats please. But there’s no changing things now. All the votes have been cast, and now it’s time to see the rankings of our lovely ladies and marvelous men. Get ready to say goodbye to two contestants!
First elimination, eh? I was kind of surprised with the results because it seems that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ concept was applied by most of our voters. Anyways, as we informed earlier, there will be some special appearances by guests judges, who would be helping Metanorn Team in commenting about the contestants. This time around, Kida Masaomi from Durarara!! has willingly signed up for this episode. So, without any further ado, our top seven remaining contestants, complete with judges’ comments.




And I was dreading epic failure, when he got out with that hair clip for our photo shoot but look at the innovative use of his tail and expressions. Who would have thunk he could be a natural? But he is.
Whoa, that’s a pretty good use for that tail. Interesting.
Holy co–how did you learn posing sexily like that? That’s amazing right there. Your cold expression (the eyes) really fits the blue scenery, and your pose is elegant. Okumura-san, I never knew you had it in you. By the way, are you trying to seduce Yukio by eating the ice cream sexily? Just asking, don’t glare at me!
Very interesting using his, um, tail to eat that Popsicle, and I find the hair clip very cute. His photo is very natural, fun, and has a lazy, hot summer day feel to it, which I think fits perfectly. I just love this photo so much.~


Oh Sebby darling, you are hot but that doesn’t mean that you would just open your collar and girls would come screaming at you? Well, that did happen but I expected more from you. Baby, get professional next time, ne~?
Sebby! Where is your bathing suit/ beach wear?!
I love how you stare at the camera coolly. It seems that you have the ability to control your expression when you look at cameras. And that pose, yum.
Sexy, but I don’t get the summer feel from this at all. It feels more like he just accidentally got himself wet. And those clothes are way too formal for summer. Maybe if he had gone with something more casual and loose~


Look at Natsume, rocking that yukata. It literally seems as if he’s looking beyond the camera and at something that’s unseen to our eyes. Natsu-pyon, I’m expecting xcellence from you.
I don’t know how he pulled it off wearing a yukata, but this picture looks fantastic.
Ooh Natsume, you’re a gem. You’re so gorgeous in that yukata. Your pose prettily too. Approuvé!
Quite dazzling~ I feel mesmerized by his photo and that pose is elegantly sexy. It’s definitely something unique, though I do get more of a forest-y/pond feel then a summer feel. That’s this photo’s only flaw.~


Oh, GINTOKI! If the yukata looked sexy on Natsume, it seems like just another day for you. Where are your beach shorts anyway? I hope you are not as lazy in the next episode. =.=
This picture is pretty meh. Points for the Popsicle stick though. *hides from anaaga and Fosh*
Look, I’m a big fan of your laziness. Just be lazy when you’re in Gintama. But not here please. You’re not even posing. You’re just sitting and grinning while fanning yourself. And what’s with your plain yukata? Are you even trying? How the heck did you pass the audition? By the way, give me your autograph please.
Very lazy, though I do like the Japanese feel of it. But still…too laaaaazyyyy!~


I can only laugh when I look at this shot. You have a nice bod, Date, but did you have to sport such a weird grin? In your case, a smexy pose with yukata would have sufficed.
………I’ll let you how I feel about this after I stop laughing.
It’s Masamune-dono’s turn already? Hold on, let me wipe my nosebleed first…All right, nose is clean. Ehm, Masamune-dono, it-it’s not that I’m not your fan, bu-but, what’s with that laid-laid back pose? I-I like your mischievous grin, but are-are you looking at the camera or not? And, um, your swimming wear-it’s-it’s not that you have a bad taste! Your armor is nice!
Ugh, please. I don’t appreciate the cocky look, the cocky smirk, or the cocky pose. And that STRIPED SPEEDO? HA! Neither that nor his abs are going to win me over. If he thinks he can just flaunt his good body to get a good score, I beg to differ. Some may fall for that, but I definitely won’t.~


You did so well in the challenge but look at the votes received. I hope it was not Kotetsu, who gave you that Hawaiian shirt? Try harder next time.
I demand less clothing. Like, right now.
I’m yawning here. There’s nothing eye-catching to look at, just some blondie standing like a guy that just got ditched. It’s sad how he has the right smile yet his pose is boring as hell. I’d rather watch Morita-san, and that show is the definition of boring.
Very natural and cool, but a total summer cliché. And that hair paired with that open buttoned Hawaiian shirt makes him look a little 80’s Beach cop-ish. He’s got the pose, he’s got the feel, but he needs the style.~


Baaaka, a beach photo shoot did not mean that you had to beam the whole crew to Dogra just because you hate to wear beach clothes? I can even see your makeup man. Try to be less airy next time, ne~?
Damn, that’s pretty fabulous even if it’s a bit odd for a summer theme.
I don’t like your scenery. And your clothes. Yuck. But I like your pose. That’s right, be yourself. Pose like a boss.
A little too elegant for me and too much covering up in my opinion. Definitely should be more loose and natural, same like Sebastian. Though I did like this photo quite a bit~

8. Eliminated!

You are just not made for this challenge at all. You couldn’t stop looking down even when I confiscated your PSP. I know you are loved but I think you are better off being the King of game damsels.
…I see nothing special here. He just looks confused.
I never knew that we accept lost kids here. Hello, Keima, look at the camerawoman–I said look! Oh god, this guy is pathetic; he can’t even look at the camera. What a failure.
Awkward, scrawny, and just plain boring! Sitting on a beach, shirtless and with shorts gives absolutely no pizzazz. He’s just like a typical guy sitting on the beach; where’s the fun in that?~

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Hmm, a shy girl. I have a particular liking to quiet girls like her. Though she definitely needs to get over it… If only if she was a megane…
Okay, Sawako. Listen. For a start, you were horrible on the catwalk, but this isn’t about that, so I’ll let it slide for now. The shoot, however, wasn’t exactly great either. The outfit you decided on wasn’t exactly flattering, and what’s with this pose? You’re not even looking at the camera! You’ve gotta focus, girl! I didn’t get to where I was today by not looking at the camera and wearing bad outfits. Step up your game.
What a strange girl she is! It’s hard to tell if she’s happy as most of the times she has the same expression, well she is a nice girl! A bit shy for my tastes but she tries to stand out, which is a good thing. Just don’t be quiet!
Kind of like Nino, I was a bit concerned about how Sawako would fair in the Beach Episode, but she ended up really surprising me by looking really cute. The flower she’s wearing is too big and wasn’t really needed in my opine, but Sawako’s shot is one of, if not the beach episode’s best.


*whistles* This girl screams yandere from every angle. Maah, she’s covering it well though. I should grade her well or else I have a feeling some sharp things will come flying at me from under that hat.
Boooring. Wow, you’re sitting on a rock, with a white swimsuit and a hat. So original. The hat, though. Oh man, the hat. If I didn’t know any better, I’d mistake you for a tanuki. You’re looking pretty damn angry as well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had massive balls like a tanuki as well. If you really didn’t want to be here you would’ve left already, so why are you so damn grouchy? Cheer up. Stop being so angsty and ‘edgy’.
She sure has a fetish with staplers! She was caught trying to attack one of the other girls. Anyway she has an odd style with her hair, either in a ponytail or not, but underneath her expression she appears to have a cute side to her. Not to mention, a nice body; you can tell she either works out or has the secret of looking great.
Senjou’s photo is my favorite of the bunch. She is looking very classy in her bikini doing a nice pose, and the straw hat kinda adds a nice touch to things. She was definitely deserving of winning the first episode’s challenge.


BANG! Seriously, that is the only thing that comes to my mind after seeing this.
I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know how you pulled that pose off. I’ve only been out of professional modelling for a month or two, but goddamn, I probably couldn’t bend my back like that. Aside from the ridiculous pose, not so hot on most of the shoot, for a few reasons. One, it doesn’t even look like you’re on a beach. Two, you’re sparkling. The sparkles don’t exactly look like droplets of water. Finally, did you have to pick a striped swimsuit? Gotta resort to fetishes because you’re so boring? Find your stride, Stocking.
She has some of the most unique hair ever! Two different hair colors really catch my eye and she always has something sweet on hand, just do not steal her cake! She can swing around a sword rather quickly; well she does enjoy the strangest things and is a bit of an oddball.
It’s nice when all of those sweets you eat just go straight to her chest, right, Stocking? The striped bikini choice is great considering (like Saeko) she brought out her stocking-sword.


Holy Yellowness! I didn’t know I had a sister! She literally looks like me. /brb have to go check my family tree.
Oh, right, it’s you. I didn’t recognise you with a head. Though you must have some pretty deep emotional trauma, because you don’t exactly look very happy. You look like you’re going to fall asleep. You fall asleep at beaches under umbrellas, not standing up in the middle of a photo shoot. I also think your swimsuit had just a few too many frills. What are you trying to do, mate with a jellyfish? If we wanted that, we would’ve gone with Tsukimi.
Now for Mami, she always has a cute expression and loves to drink lots of tea with her friends. I liked the outfits she showed off. Mami’s hair also has a nice style to it and very bright blond colors! Perfect for photos. Another girl that can sport some amazing guns! So don’t cross her or she might show off her magical side.
While I was admittedly a tad disappointed that Mami went modest with her look, she makes it work. Her look just off-camera is very cute and the twin drills look great. Mami has potential, and I’m expecting better from her.


I find her highly cute. Her body is unreal, is she even from this planet? Don’t blame me, I like weird things…
Sorry, I really can’t say anything good about this photo. You’re obviously bloody lazy because you’ve not even bothered to pose? You literally are asleep! Or high. Actually, you’re probably high. Cameras can’t exactly capture breath leaving the human body, but that looks suspiciously like some exhaling. Or a massive cocaine mark on your face. Nino, you need to sort out your drug problem. You wont win like this.
Not much to say about this quiet girl! Other than her odd obsession over raw fish, she did offer many of the judges random fish. She has a very attractive smile whenever she decides to show it off. She doesn’t look half bad in a bikini too!
Nino looks very tired, but amazingly enough, she still looks quite tempting in her bikini that matches those blue eyes of hers. I wasn’t sure about Nino in this competition as I felt the first episode’s theme didn’t favor her, but I’m quite excited about her now moving forward.


I like girls with swords but wasn’t this a swimwear/summer heat contest? Why is she wearing lingerie?
Just put it down. The sword, put it the hell down. Normal models have small distinctive features, like a certain smile, a dimple, or freckles. Do you have those? No. You have a sword and most likely a nasty backache. I’d also like to know why you still have your skirt on. Is it one of those new ‘swim-skirts’ I’ve been hearing about? Because I’ve never heard of them before. Oh that’s right, they don’t exist. At least have the decency to put swimwear on.
Another girl with long purple hair! Usually worn in a ponytail as well, she does walk around with her sword close at hand; there is something dark about her, which isn’t really a bad thing. I do like her choice in clothing, nothing too flashy and she does have a strong personality so really a tough girl to watch out for.
Saeko is already sexy even without the sword, but the shot of her unsheathing (like Stocking) only adds more, considering the high possibility that she might become “wet”.


Redheads are not my thing at all. I like brunettes. Next please.
Okay, I’m blaming Ness for this photo. I mean, it’s still your fault for posing like a weirdo, Anjou, but it looks as though Ness snuck up on you with her camera and just took a photo after scaring you. We’re not even seeing the pose, we’re only seeing your back. If you make it through this, you have to be ready at any moment because I’m certain Ness will appear from nowhere and just take photos at random. Be prepared next time.
Sporting twin-tails that defy gravity! She is really quite shy around new guys, and doesn’t like anyone seeing her wearing her glasses; then again it could be a killer combination glasses and twin-tail hair. She has a great style choice in her bikini definitely one to watch out for in style.
While I’d like to see a little more confidence in her pose, I’d be lying if I said her blushing wasn’t a turn-on. Her pose is the sexiest of the group and the angle of the shot helps display a bit of underboob.


I like that clip and though she’s showing off her tan-line; I think it’s pretty nineties.
This girl sure doesn’t wear much clothing! Then again she always looks like a summer themed girl with her bikini top and shorts. She looks like a tough chick! Carrying around her signature badass rifle, she isn’t a girl to mess with. The first eye-catching feature with me for Yoko would be her long red hair, I do like redheads but yes Yoko attracts the attention of just about any of us guys.
Dear God, woman, put those things away, you’ll take someones eye out. Actually, that might be good because then we wouldn’t have to look at this horrible pose. For one, you’re lying on the sand? Girl, that’s never sexy. Pulling moves like that just make chafing a reality. Plus, you really should’ve applied sunscreen. I’m not saying tanning doesn’t look good, I’m just saying tanning on you specifically doesn’t look good.
While I love a nice tanline, I hope it’s within the rules to accept her bikini choice. I accept, but will the judges? On the bright side, at least this competition doesn’t have an age limit.

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That’s it! Goodbye Keima and Yoko! You tried your hardest, but couldn’t quite beat the other contestants. I’m actually surprised Yoko got the axe so soon. It just goes to show that ANTM is a cut-throat competition. Anyone can go down.
Thank you again, Kida, for dropping by at such a short notice. The first elimination round is done with the help of popular voting. Look forward to the next episode of Anime NTM and remember to vote for your favourites or else they might be getting the axe, next round. See you very soon! Ja ne~


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22 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 1st Elimination”

  1. That’s some epic background music in the Youtube video 😀

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The brutal eliminations have begun. It was a no-brainer that Rin, Sebastian, Hitagi and Saeko were gonna survive the first round. They’re backed up by a strong fanbase and I’m a of all four.

    Rin is badass, Sebastian is playing it cool and Hitagi and Saeko are naturally hot as ever. Gotta love the yandere girls with strong personalities and a dark aura surrounding them.

    Goodbye Keima and Yoko! Sorry but the voters have spoken.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! Very brutal indeed, poor Yoko! I will miss youuuuu.

      Rin is awesome and agreed on the ladies very hot muhahaha

      • BlackBriar says:

        But things don’t look good for Saeko in the next round. She doesn’t have enough votes to stay in it long and might risk getting eliminated.

        I like her a lot, especially her samurai type personality and fighting zombies in scantily clad clothes in High School Of The Dead.

        Hitagi Senjougahara has enough to stay in the game for the long haul. Her main competition is Sawako Kuronuma. If anything should happen, Hitagi will always have a stapler and a pair of scissors handy.

        We don’t have to worry about Rin Okumura since he’s heading the top of the bishounen list. The awesome ones always last long!!!

  3. Yvoon says:

    RIIIIN~ <333 *melts*

    so HAWT!! XD now i wanna have some ice cream (even though its like the middle of winter here in Australia…)

    as for Senjougahara and Kuronuma, it was neck and neck for those two. Too bad Senjou didn’t get first prize…one vote….ONE VOTE!! Man, i should’ve borrowed my sister’s computer and made another vote! haha!! 😛

    oh well, there’s always next time~

  4. Yvoon says:

    Kyooo, why aren’t my comments appearing?? ToT

  5. amado says:

    WHAT!? KEIMA LOST!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    you guys have not seen keima crossdress. he looks very incredibly pretty.

    • edru says:


      and while im a guy(and no, I dont swing that way), keima looks quite handsome.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Poor Keima! I just finished season one and two a while back ahaha ah well he was alright.

  6. Alynn says:

    Haha, I knew my favourites would stay in the competition early on, so I didn’t vote for them. (Rin + Hitagi)

    Looking forward to the next shoot!

  7. Moni Chan says:

    i have a feeling that rin and sawako are going to be the top 2

  8. Neena says:

    Yay,Sawako!Ike ike!!

  9. Yi says:

    Yay, Nino made it through! I’m pulling for her. (And for Sawako too.)

  10. asdfghjkl; says:

    I knew it. It’s okay Keima. Yokkyun and I still love you ;_;

  11. my girlfriend

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