Usagi Drop – 04

“Maybe it’s like birds of a feather flock together, huh?”

~I feel that I should be researching the Japanese school system a bit because I have no idea if daycare and Kindergarten are the same thing over there, or  if it’s two separate things like here in the States. I was confused when they first mentioned Kindergarten in Usagi Drop, because to me it looked like a daycare, which is why I sort of changed the name in these posts. Well, it looks like I have something to google up when this is done and my mother says I don’t learn anything from watching anime.  Anyways, onto episode 4!

Seeing Rin only get picked up by Daikichi, a couple of kids from her daycare ask her why only her dad picks her up. Innocently she tells them that Grandpa is her dad, which confuses them and they keep asking more questions. Suddenly a boy angrily intrudes, telling them they don’t have to have a dad and calls them dummies. When one of the girls goes to tell on him, he grabs Rin’s hand and the two walk away to play on their own.

Later that evening, Daikichi comes to pick Rin up as usual, but this time they end up meeting the little boy’s, Kouki’s, mother. The four end up walking home together in pairs just before splitting up at an intersection. Rin mentions to a day-dreaming Daikichi that he only lives with his mom because his parents divorced, then says out loud if maybe her mom left because of that too. Daikichi then asks her if she would want to see her mom to which she says she doesn’t know, maybe if she was like Kouki’s mom, and Daikichi agrees, getting a little too excited.

Rin’s pose just screams ‘fabulous’

With Daikichi’s transfer a success, his previous department arranges a farewell party for him. He tells his co-worker he can’t go out at night, but Gotou convinces him later to go and take Rin since she’ll bring her kid as well. The night of the party arrives and Gotou kept her promise by bringing her kid while Daikichi brought Rin. Everyone joyfully welcomes Rin and give her all sorts of good food,even his friend in his previous department has a change of heart when seeing Rin, making the party a success.

One night Daikichi looks through Rin’s Maternal Health record for vaccination information for her school admission and finds a website link in one of sections! It links to a blog that his Grandfather wrote concerning his will. When it says ‘To be Continued in Rin’s Maternal Health book”, he immediately looks thought it thoroughly and finds a piece of paper taped to the back of Rin’s baby picture. Upon opening it, it turns out to be Grandfather’s written account of Rin and her mother. Masako wasn’t bad at all, but did feel that she was a terrible mother and felt sorry for Rin. She had made sure not to leave traces of herself behind when she left so that she would be hidden from his relatives if something were to happen to him. Lastily, Grandfather mentions she does have a mother’s love for Rin, but may still be too young and not mature enough to be a parent. When done reading, Daikichi discovers Masako’s phone number on the back…

As he contemplates on calling her after saving her number on his phone, Rin comes in asking for pigtails. Unfortunately he isn’t able to do them exactly right, causing her pigtails to be uneven and lopsided, but she still fawns over them, practicing a dance for a ‘secret’ parent’s day. The next day they go to buy a desk and other school supplies for Rin. Once she falls asleep, Daikichi calls Masako’s number, hearing it ring until all of a sudden, someone picks up. When he asks if this is Yoshii, a woman’s voice answers, “Yes.”~

End thoughts: Wait, WHAT? A CLIFFHANGER? WHAT IS THIS…I wasn’t prepared. I actually did not expect that they’d get back to the Masako issue so quickly! I assumed that they were going to just space it out and show those little tidbits every now and then to have one big reveal towards the middle or end of the show. It might not be the main source of drama then; I’m just going to have to wait and see, AGH. Anyways, I’m so glad we did get some info on Rin’s mother. Daikichi’s grandfather using a blog as a sort of clue to his will was just…epic, not to mention clever. I just couldn’t get over how awesome that was, heh. It was lovely though how Grandfather sort of came to Masako’s defense in his will, explaining that she really does love Rin but just couldn’t take care of her at that moment for her personal reasons. Hopefully next week we’ll get her actual reason for leaving Rin behind.

Speaking of mothers, Kouki’s mom, heehee. I SENSE A POSSIBLE ROMANCE IN THE AIR~ They look quite good together, though I doubt they would get together anytime soon, if they were to at all. I definitely approve of them together~. Kouki and Rin together are so cute as well, but Rin looks more like an older sister to him, and to all the other kids in her daycare as well. I loved seeing her try to pick up the little kid that fell down when trying to walk to her, when she was with Gotou’s son at the farewell party, and when telling Kouki to fix his hat. Goodness, my favorite scene though was when she showed a lipstick to Daikichi saying it’d make her more like a young lady and Daikichi was just, “NO WAY.” Everything she does is just SO ADORABLE I could cry. Rin, why do you do this to us…

I really liked this episode a lot, mainly because more is starting to happen now compared to the first three episodes, which were understandably slow. For some reason it felt more refreshing and silly this week. Lately I’ve felt a bit heavy after watching the past episodes but this time around I was happier and quite giggly. Even the will reveal didn’t feel that heavy because of the strange way Grandfather had left that clue. Not to mention the cute moments I listed above had definitely helped lift the mood up. As for next week, I actually wished for the first time that Usagi Drop would give a preview. -sigh- Looks like this is another show I’ll be waiting on edge for. Until next week then~!!


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9 Responses to “Usagi Drop – 04”

  1. Reaper says:

    Ha, I’m researching the Japanese education system too but for my Persona fanfic, since I’m confused about it too. Anywho, I wonder if Rin going’s to get jealous about Daikichi and Kouki’s mum (was her name Makoto? Doesn’t sound right…) Technically, Rin could pull the, I don’t approve because I’m his aunt move but the mom would probably left with a heart attack, just maybe ;P
    This episode screamed of adorableness, with Rin and Kouki’s friendship, Gotou’s drunken antics (wonder what we would do when we’re that age drunk…) and the strong love for Rin (oh and Daikichi’s budding relationship?). Though, agreed, CLIFFHANGER WAS NOT EXPECTED! For an anime like this, I expected a slow pace and it is but that cliffhanger…so much tension, especially for the reason why Masako left Rin behind…better be good or there will be hell to pay…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I actually didn’t catch Kouki’s mother’s name, which is why I never said it |’D I’ll have to look that up too, hahaha. I think she probably would get jealous, same with Kouki.

      Exactly! I was like, “Noooo this episode isn’t over…wait, IT IS?!” And I thought there’s still the extra scene at the end, but even then no! Yeah, something juicy better happen next week for keeping me on edge like that =A=;

  2. Dan-go says:

    kouki seems a little bit rude, its alright because hes protecting rin, however, when he gets older…he’ll probs be a bit of a brat

    • Hoshi says:

      ~True, and his attitude will end up driving people away from him. For some reason I can see him as some sort of delinquent when he gets older…

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    Never let men do girl’s hair.

  4. Moni Chan says:

    omg i cant wait intill the next episode T___T i wanna hear the reason why rin’s mom left

  5. Hime says:

    If the mum does turn out to be a total bitch I hope Daikichi’ll stand up for Rin.

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    I was thinking Kouki x Rin throughout the episode XD (Maybe a little bit too soon?). But OMG freakin cliffhanger WHUT!!! I can’t wait that long for next week! Great episode of Usagi Drop.

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