Sacred Seven – 04

Fake gundams and festival fun!

Hey folks! Thanks to Fosh for letting me tag along with him in absence of Ness for this week’s episode. I’ve been enjoying Sacred Seven and really liked episode 3 showing off more users of the Seven powers. Looking forward to some more action! 


Welcome back to more Sacred Seven! So far I am really enjoying this great anime, sure it’s nothing amazing or anything but still very entertaining for me. Well this time I’m joined by Jrow because Ness is on a secret mission with Kyokai! I hope you Enjoy the episode review. 

Plot this week centers around the school as they prepare for a school festival. All the students are really excited to get this festival set up, even Ruri is in the festival spirit. While the students do their thing, the Darkstone monsters are up to their normal tricks. The worm attempts to invade the school but thankfully Alma and Makoto have come up with a plan to save the day after some sneaky tactics to defeat the monsters and save the festival.

This is why you don’t practice parkore in your house, Alma.

The episode begins with our hero Alma running late for school, and no he doesn’t run off to school, half dressed with toast in his mouth. He arrives at school shortly after and lends a hand to Wakana and Ruri, who are more than excited to help as well. She is also drinking some strange drink, I have no idea but I assume it has to do with something love related. While Alma is helping around, he gets an odd feeling from a random Darkstone creature that is sneaking around the school grounds messing things up.

Ah yes it’s festival time in Sacred Seven. Sadly no giant pizza was made in this episode.

Ruri- “Finally I can relax, there are no monsters here today.”

Ruri- “OH COME ON, SERIOUSLY! Don’t those things take vacations?”

While the Darkstone wanders around turning things into stone, Alma and Makoto plan to sneak around and take care of it without warning Ruri. Makoto sets the mission up calling it Operation Mirror Force. However, Alma has to think up a random excuse for Ruri to help him transform and he calls her to the roof to talk, which she mistakes as a confession! Well, that always happens on the rooftop in anime. Hellbrick tells Alma to just say that he needs a power up along with a pickup line. Well he has been around for years.

Alma- “Dude, let’s call it operation kill shit and don’t die.”        Makoto-“That’s just stupid; mirror force is cooler yo!”

The maids are listening in on you, Alma!

Wakana-“I didn’t know this was dress up time! Let me grab my bunny suit.”

Makoto requests the maids to bring his robot to the school, he does cover the mecha up to make it look like a parade float. It looked more like some fake gundam made of cardboard but clever idea anyway. Makoto and Alma run around the school following the Darkstone’s trail as it does leave a line on the ground not a very good way to hide. Before Alma can take care of the worm, he has to save some students, even though they were straight up jerks to Alma earlier! But I guess he is trying his best to be a good guy.

Makoto- “Sorry, no autographs please. It’s not easy driving this cardboard Gundam.”

Guys- “Dude, this is awesome, he’s gonna die… Wait that guy still owes us fifty bucks!”

Makoto takes care of one of the worms after it splits into two, while Alma finds the other as it jumps into a box of fireworks and fuses with one of the explosives turning into a large bomb. Reminded me of bomber man games. Alma’s power runs out and Makoto saves the day throwing the bomb into the air, while the students watch the fireworks go off. The following day the festival opens up and things go smoothy for all the clubs, Ruri finds out about the Darkstones and gives Makoto and Alma a short speech about safety. She changes her tune afterwards and enjoys the night watching more fireworks. Wakana mentions something about the drink Ruri has been drinking for the entire episode! I have no idea what it was but I guess it has something to do with breasts? Or something they never really say.

Alma- “Take this you bigass pinata! I hope you have some good candy inside of you.”

Makoto-“Ooooh pretty sparkler, OH SHIT ITS A BOMB… RUNNNN!!”

Ruri- “What do you mean it makes my breasts bigger?!”

Extra fun

Wakana-“Oooh they are black today, huh Ruri?”

Hellbrick- “You gonna stare at me or are we going to kiss?”

That’s nothing for Ruri, she makes that every five minutes.

Words from the master of pickup lines.

End Thoughts:

Should I be disappointed that after such a strong look into the overall plot of Sacred Seven and seeing other awesome people with Seven powers, we must be given this Fair episode afterward? ‘Tis the Sunrise way, I guess. There’ll be more episodes to see those suits fight, so I’ll just take in the fact that Ruri is love, apparently really enjoys Love Drink and has the largest bank account in anime history. She has to buy all of those stones at millions upon millions!

I liked the scene where Alma calls her not only because she was visibly nervous, but because he was sweating bullets and nervous also. I think Fosh and Ness previously pondered Ruri’s motives for needing Alma, and while there definitely is a bit of “I need you to do this for me” going on, I think there’s a love interest forming between the two. We can hide that idea behind the love drink and Hellagawara’s written script for him, but I see that pairing more likely than Alma_x_Wakana. To borrow from Code Geass, Wakana isn’t displaying a “Shirley” factor to her character yet that makes her feel more attached to Alma.

I admit that Operation Mirror Force was pretty clever when it got revealed at the end as a movie. I’ve only watched thru the episode once, but I wonder if we saw any of the girls far off filming. Diversion tactics can be so weird in anime sometimes, and even considering that maybe nothing was hinted at until the end, I thought it was a fun way to hide the Darkstone stuff from the students. Actually, let’s take back what I just said. It was almost completely unnecessary. The students were already gullible enough about Alma’s outfit and a Gundam-themed mecha running around the school. I like the idea of Mirror Force, but it just didn’t seem like there was a need for it to be executed. And the Darkstone that was running around this week was like one of those Final Fantasy Bomb enemies at the end. “You guys are gonna knock a bunch of hit points off me? F*** it, Imma just explode on ya!” Except into beautiful fireworks.


Well, that was a decent episode for this week, it could have been better of course but ah well, it was still fun to see a change of pace. So far this series really reminds me more of Star Driver lately, with every episode being somewhat different each week. Sure we have Alma transforming every episode and Makoto running around in his super cool mecha. Of course we all remember that crazy festival episode from Code Geass right? This was a bit like the same thing here, especially with Makoto driving around in his machine. Sadly this episode wasn’t nearly as funny as the Geass one! I guess it was funny to see Ruri acting a bit different than normal as she blushed a lot! Maybe it has to do with those drinks?

It was also nice to see Alma getting some praise from the other students, well some of them did. I didn’t care too much for the guys painting that massive sign; what a couple of jerks I was like NO DON’T SAVE THEM!! Ah well Alma has to do things like this, he did have that strange blush on his face after saving that guy! No Alma don’t fall for dudes please. The monster for this week was a bit different, not sure if anyone has ever seen many bomb themed monsters before?  Anyway really creative and funny themed darkstone this time hopefully we get to see more random ones like that.

Hellbrick was great in this episode I loved his dramatic line he wanted Alma to tell Ruri, he always provides some great comedy and the always dropping hell in everything. Not that I would take dating advice from a talking rock monster. I am starting to think I was a bit wrong last week when I said Ruri might just be using Alma for her own gain, then again this was one of those random filler themed episodes or character progression ones. Either way Ruri is starting to grow on me as she can be somewhat cute when she wants too; almost forgot all the moe moe kyun! I do remember Hellbrick saying moe moe and doki doki! LOL.


What’s this? A beach episode? Thank you, Sunrise!

Next week! You can pretty much guess what will happen, beach themed episode with a case of exploration! Also swimsuits on the girls of Sacred Seven. Time to see how they handle all the fanservice.

Thanks for reading!


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12 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 04”

  1. Hime says:

    Sunrise sure loves their school festival episodes.

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    This felt like the Code Geass episodes of the festivals and when things want crazy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed all they needed to add to the fun was a cat, green haired girl and tomatoes! Ah well maybe next time? Then again do we really want two festival themed episodes? xDD

  3. Neena says:

    Did I just see Uryuu?-.-

    • Foshizzel says:

      I assume you are talking about Makoto? If so then yes! He looks like a few other characters from other anime xD

  4. Moni Chan says:

    Hellbrick changes colour every episode. or is that just me. Hellbrick was as always epic and funny

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Hellbrick does change colors, I think its Ruri putting him in some odd purse type of thing? I thought she wanted hellbrick to match her outfits xD

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Ruri is being excited about the fair like a little girl at Christmas time. Makoto’s chance of moving in on Ruri was completely ruined. Lol, sorry. Maybe another time.

    What is going on?! When did they gut the school and placed all those security detectors. Too much time on your hands when you’re filthy, stinkin’ rich, huh?

    Fake gundams. Cheap imitations but they’re mecha lovers. It’s the thought that counts, right?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah well I assume Ruri went to a private school? Or something like that probably didn’t get to experience many school festivals.

      Ahaha yes! Ruri modified the school, long as the school doesn’t transform into a mech >.>

      Yes! It might be a fake cardboard gundam but I still loved it xD

  6. Reaper says:

    Hm, I liked this ep with the school fair but it felt a little…unfulfilling, like with the darkstones, it just felt like a puny monster battle, though that bomb mine with the lit fuse was pretty funny 🙂 And I don’t know why Wakana’s 24Hr of Rocks wasn’t a success. I mean, we all love rocks, right…?
    Anyway, here’s to the beach episode, a legitimate time for Makoto to get a nosebleed, whilst Alma’s the one to reprimand him 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      The school festival was good stuffs nice to see Ruri having fun instead of OMG DARKSTONE PANIC lolol. Yeah that was a lame boss battle but comical how Makoto turned it into a movie shoot.

      Yep beach episode next week! Makoto? I think Alma would be the only one doing that Makoto seems to be to serious to do that, then again who knows….

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