Mawaru Penguindrum – 04

Planning destiny is easy. Making it reality is work.

Whats up Jrow?! I don’t think we have tagged much at all! Anyway, time for some awesome fun with Mawaru Penguindrum episode four. Ah Thursdays! They really are the best time of the week, well it used to be Monday nights were the best due to Gintama. Now I have Thursday penguin nights! I really love watching the penguins run around causing trouble and having random adventures.
LOL, you so funny Fosh! We’ve tagged bunches, my brotha! I’m grateful to have ya join me for this week’s ep. of Mawaru Penguindrum. There’s a lot of things to consider after seeing this episode. 

As for other stuff going on with this Pengi, I strutted my stuff in the Anime NTM Summer Heat episode (our Bishoujo division is S-E-X-Y), and I’ve been playing/hating Catherine which Overcooled wrote a great review of. Hmm… perhaps Catherine might try out for ANTM next year.

Shouma wakes up and is surprised that Ringo is already over at their house making lunch for a bird-watching “date” with Mr. Tabuki at Watazuka Park. Kanba sees this as a great opportunity to have Shouma go with her and look at Ringo’s diary (Kanba has some other business to attend to). As that is being discussed, the News is reporting of Kiyoshi the Skunk, advising locals to call police if they see it.

On the train ride, Shouma asks Ringo about fate, and she openly claims that she has an important goal for today. Cut to a flashback scene the night before as Kan & Sho discuss what Ringo has that could lead to the Penguin Drum. They conclude that there’s something in her bag that plays a role in all of this and know that they need to see what’s in there that could be of such importance.

Ringo notices a promo for a play called Tragedy of M, which leads to the first of many Play scenes with a spin on the classic Utena rose border. She fantasizes that Tabuki is the prince and that he whisks her away to the Eden of Eternal Happiness.

Ringo’s fantasy looks a little like this…

…while her reality is more like this.

Sho and Ringo arrive at the Park, with Ringo keeping track of the time. She tries to make Shouma go away upon arrival, but after an unfortunate turn of events in which #2 finds Kiyoshi the Skunk and it farts on Ringo, she borrows Sho’s jacket and waits with him until Tabuki arrives. Tabuki is surprised that Shouma (a student of his) is there; Ringo none too pleased by the scenario. Maybe even worse than Sho being there, Yuri (introduced as an old friend of Tabuki) arrives. Another Play scene has Ringo turned into a Frog and Yuri/Tabuki flying off.

Kanba is waiting at a restaurant, reading a message claiming that they know what he’s looking for. Thinking that someone else knows about the Penguindrum, it ends up that an ex-girlfriend (Asami Kuho) and two other girls show up, having formed the “Romantic Victims of Kanba Takakura” club.

Looks like #1’s got some pervin’ to do

As Ringo and the others are birdwatching at the park, she decides to put her “Let’s Destiny!” into motion by proposing they have lunch at 12:30. As she says that, crows and #2 are eating her food and she blames Sho’s smelly ways for it. Luckily, Yuri already has an elegant lunch prepared in case of a emergency… made from leftovers, no less! After another Play scene, Ringo concludes that fate is still playing out as written since Tabuki ate lunch and smiled. Nice work, Ringo!

What a beautiful lunch

After another Play scene, Yuri and Ringo are sitting on a bench. Yuri reveals that she knew Ringo switched the Curry pots from last episode and that Tabuki liked it, but under the assumption Yuri had cooked it. She claims that Ringo doesn’t stand a chance against her. A little rivalry going on there. Hmm…

Ringo had a lot of great facial reactions, this just one of them

Being able to look over Ringo’s shoulder, Shouma sees what the diary has written on it, the next event being a first kiss by the pond, scheduled for 4:00. To make sure this happens, Ringo dives in the water, hoping Tabuki will save her and at least administer CPR. As she drowns, she ponders her failure to follow her fate, but she is saved and we see a silhouetted scene of somebody giving CPR to Ringo (as #2 flogs his recently caught fish). She wakes up as Tabuki is looking over her, thinking he was the one doing the CPR. In actuality, Yuri recalls events in which Shouma saved her life.

He didn’t even have to buy her dinner.

A note is seen in Ringo’s diary about Akahasa Mitsuke Station and a girl in red heels. We see Asami outside a theater talking to someone on the phone, possibly reviewing events earlier with Kanba. As Asami is riding an escalator downstairs, a mysterious person pushes her and we see a jarring scene thru Asami’s eyes of her falling down. After that happens, Ringo gives another stamp of approval on the day’s events.

Weekly Marching of the Penguins:

As close as we got to Seizon Senryaku all episode

The week’s lesson: Keep one eye on belongings at all times

These penguins will eat anything, even if it’s their own kind

#2 had a fun day scrummaging for food

Somebody get this Pengi a phone with a front-facing camera!

A couple more shots from the Play scenes

For the ladies, shirtless Shouma

What the!? This whole episode started out fairly normal, well Ringo staying at their house was a bit random for me. Guess Ringo and Himari are now best friends? I did enjoy those two getting to hang out for a bit, What was up with Shouma’s pajamas? THAT HAT!? Really odd, but hey maybe that’s the style. The one thing that I found annoying close to the end would be all of Ringo’s odd fantasies about her love interest Keiju. Sure they were amusing at the first but slowly began to bore me. I did get a few flashbacks to Maria Holic after watching Ringo and several other characters “acting”. The best one would have been the horse on the subway train! And Ringo’s outburst ahahah nice one you don’t seem crazy at all…

Anyone else laugh when that penguin with Shouma was going on a rampage eating everything in site?! DAMN!! That little dude can eat and eat all day. I found it funny how it ate all of Ringo’s food so fast and going in the trash? Wow. Anyway those penguins are so much fun to watch, sometimes I end up watching them more than the actual main characters. However I do re-watch if there is something I miss, I guess the theme of this episode was more focused on Ringo? Damn that poor girl going to such extremes to get attention. When they read the line of getting kissed I kind of figured she would want to use CPR as a way to get her wish. I think she needs to be more specific of what she writes down, but yeah good work Shouma saving the day! So I wonder if anyone is thinking Ringo X Shouma?

I do wonder what Kanba was up too? Well besides going on a date with some random girls, the penguin with him made me laugh so hard with that mirror? Guess I can see why people are saying the penguins act like the guys they are currently paired up with. Not sure about Shouma’s thou? Does that mean he is extremely hungry all the time? Guess that leaves room for thoughts on the penguins. I noticed there was another penguin in the opening or was that always there? Now that ending! Very interesting turn of events predicting that girls death, really makes me wonder if Ringo’s diary really has some supernatural power? I still want to see that girl in the OP with the machine gun.

Last week in the comments for Penguindrum 03, I had responded to a comment from anaaga in which I thought the idea of seeing the events of the diary actually unfold one-by-one would be interesting. Surprise surprise, that’s about just what I got! It gives a little more insight into how hard she has to work to make her writings come true, as she shouted almost ad nauseum in the episode, “DESTINY!” Shouma did get to steal a peek of it, but for now is probably suspecting, like all of us, that she’s just a delusional freak. As she was drowning, Ringo apologizes to her mother for not being able to keep up her destiny. General assumption is that Ringo writes everything in the diary, but what if her mom has a significance to it? And whatever did happen to her father?

Quickly on the subject of shouting things, here I was asking myself, “how do I make the blog portion of Survial Strategy interesting?” Then they don’t even show the damn thing this week! I enjoyed the mix-up they did with it last week, and I do like those poses Himari does.

The homage to Utena during the Play scenes was fun (Rose of Versailles also referenced), and it was pretty funny how despite them being Ringo’s fantasies, she continuously was trumped by Yuri. While almost all the plays seemed fantasy-based, the one at 3:00 seemed legit, as they did need to buy ointment for Yuri’s bug bite, and the snake that squeezed Ringo shows up in a later scene. Last episode, I was careful to not call Yuri Tabuki’s girlfriend. We got some clarification that she is just a friend, but that Yuri actually kinda has a crush on the teacher as well and is aware that Ringo likes him, too. In one sentence, Yuri went from random pretty girl hogging Tabuki to a rather interesting piece of the puzzle. I feel like now Yuri is going to be more involved in maybe even trying to alter Ringo’s “Destiny”.

The part of the diary that was most unique involved a scene that Ringo didn’t even seem to be in attendance for. Asami Kuho was speaking to someone on the phone, and then minutes later she is shoved down and surely killed. My assumption is, based off the tan sleeves and black pants, Natsume Masako’s character has gotten an introduction (we’ve see her only in the OP for now). Ringo didn’t predict Asami’s death, but I almost wonder if there’s any possible connection between Ringo and Masako now, or maybe just Masako and the diary. And considering the text that Kanba got earlier in the day, is it her that knows what he and Shouma are looking for?

Episode 5 Preview:

Notice the lack of color on the house? Looks like they’ll have to repaint.


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38 Responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – 04”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Ringo’s daydreaming is a little out of this world.
    I’m not sure Asami is dead till the next episode but I do question if Ringo wrote that as whatever she writes does come true even if it not how she wanted it to be.

    • Dan-go says:

      I’m beggining to wonder if ringo is in total control of that diary

    • Jrow says:

      I’m gonna be risky and bet all on Asami being dead. As for Ringo’s writing, she’s either strategically vague on her points or she might make a really good lawyer someday with how she determines that “Destiny” is going just as planned.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Destiny strikes again! Woooooooo!!

        @Dan-go I think the sammeeee thing! Maybe she isn’t fully in control over what she writes down, hopefully we learn about the diary a bit more.

  2. Mad Chemist says:

    This episode was hilarious. I think my favorite gags were the entire caterpillar scene (I’m curious what happened out of Ringo-vision), Princess Ringo puckering up to receive the kiss while unconscious and 2 going for the fish instead of Ringo while she was drowning.

    On a more serious note, the ending changed a lot of my theories about the diary. I’d heard some theories that the diary records events from Yuri’s perspective instead of Ringo’s, but even if that accounts for things about Tabuki that doesn’t explain how either of them knew about the girl on the subway. I also think that Masako was the pusher since the pusher’s sleeves and stockings match, but for what end I don’t know. She looks like our first actual villain and I hope she shows up more from here on.

    • Jrow says:

      I had trouble nixing that image from this post of #2 almost looking like Ringo’s savior, only to grab a fish and swim away. So funny.

      There’s also the thing about Ringo seeing the cat with a scary face; Yuri would not have seen that. Perhaps the diary isn’t just about Ringo. Maybe it is the future for everyone in the story, but we’re just so honed in on the fact that Ringo is the holder of said diary and we’ve been watching her dialogue of spinning things in her own favor.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I will admit that day dream was funny with the caterpillar! Yeaaahh I thought the penguin was about to save Ringo, then it goes right to the prized fish.

      Ohhh right the ending! Almost forgot guess we have some hidden villains appearing soon sooo can not wait! As for the diary I think you are on to something, someone else’s fate could be written down with out Ringo doing the entry! That would make things interesting.

  3. Hoshi says:

    ~I swear, every time I finally think I’ve figured out about the diary, something happens that totally trumps my idea and now I’m sitting here with my head pulsating |’D

    Anyways, Ringo’s fantasies were so HILARIOUS. I could re-watch this episode over and over just for that xD And my poor Shouma! Ringo was pissing me off with blaming everything on him…Btw, I approve of that shirtless Shouma screencap, hurrhurr~ *saves*

    • Jrow says:

      It does! I kinda stayed the course thru episode 2 & 3, but this week I feel like I have to completely rethink things about it.
      The fantasies were pretty funny. Tabuki yelling as he would charge in, or even him talking underwater was really funny.

      And you’re welcome for the bishounen. Maybe next week we’ll return to undressing Himari xD

    • Joojoobees says:

      I am totally with you on that. I just can’t figure out what the diary really is. This episode even had me wondering if there was more than one diary. Is it really the penguin drum?

      I really like the way this show keeps me guessing, though. Looking forward to getting surprised by something next week, too.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes!! I am totally on board with you there Hoshi, then again it makes things more fun with mystery around Ringo’s diary.

      Yeah they were alright till they got way out of hand, the subway train one I died so damn funny and random. Shouma is awesome! xD

  4. Jenny says:

    Anyone notice how the pinkette and bluenette keep appearing. I recently noticed after seeing Ringo holding a magazine that had them on the cover, that they appear in the ED with Himari. Himari’s possessed outfit may have that huge skirt but take that away and her outfit looks like what the two girls wear. Maybe they play some relevance to the story since they wear the same uniform.

    • Jrow says:

      I had read speculation very early on that those other girls could be bishoujo versions of Himari’s brothers. That seems a little weird, but hey, it’s possible. For now, they just take care of Train Slogans.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think you are right Jrow! I was thinking the same thing a while back about the two girls in the ED are girl versions of Himari’s brothers xD

  5. Moni Chan says:

    DISTINY aint working for this bitch, but at the same time it is.
    ringo’s imaganation is messed UP

    i was surprised that there was no “Seizon Senryaku” this episode

    • Jrow says:

      DISTINY! It’s been stuck in my head all day. Ringo has an annoying quality to her, but something about the way she says it is kinda cutesy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lack of Seizon Senryaku was a nice change for once, really refreshing to have something other than that happening xD

  6. Joojoobees says:

    This show keeps getting better. I think it is going to get even crazier after seeing the final scene.

  7. Miyu says:

    Ringo was incredibly amusing this episode xD She’s still as annoying as ever but the weird things she does = win! Oh and her facial expressions are awesome 😛

    This episode shed some light on the events written in the diary and I’m looking forward to the next one already 8D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! Ringo stole the episode, well the penguins always steal the episode for me.

      Ahahaa yes hopefully we get more super cool Seizon Senryakuuuuuuu!!

    • Jrow says:

      Oh man, just going back through the images posted, there’s so many more great shots!

      I want Seizon Senryaku to return next week!

  8. Snippett says:

    That skunk and snake really almost ruined Ringo’s destiny. Also Ringo’s wackiness on this episode gave me softer impression of her, like she’s less creepy now although she’s still creepy.

    • Jrow says:

      Had that snake not breathed on her neck, it’d been ruined for sure. A rather creepy way to keep according to plan.

      Ringo’s character does indeed still have that creep status, but this episode really brought out the fun in her.

  9. Hime says:

    God, this show is just so good.

  10. Mars says:

    Ringo’s diary is definitely a tool that will help Shoma and Kanba find the “penguindrum”.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Things are pointing that way now if they can get their hands on it and find out xD

    • Jrow says:

      See! I’m right with ya on this. I’ve honestly been annoyed (not really) about people thinking the diary is the actual Drum. It’s a tool that I’m sure has some kind of answer for them.

  11. Overcooled says:

    Uggghhhhh Destiny Girl’s fantasies were boring drivel at best and excruciatingly aggravating at worst. Way to ruin a good episode with an overplayed joke. My eyes were rolling the entire time =____=

    Anyways, that’s my main gripe for the episode. Otherwise, I liked seeing how Ringo’s diary is still vague and never goes the way she thinks, and yet it can predict some frighteningly accurate events such as Kuho getting pushed. It really makes you doubt whether she knows what’s going on or not…I’ll hazard a guess and say she kind of has a knack for telling the future. Just..not so much her OWN future XD Can’t wait for more~

    • Jrow says:

      Seems like Ringo’s fantasies are kinda polarizing in terms of enjoyment. Noto’s singing maybe not the strongest, but I did enjoy watching the segments play out. Frog being squished, talking trees… Love it!

      I love that about the diary as well. I was more doubting of it last week, but now that we see something happen with someone else, as far as we know Ringo doesn’t even have a connection to, it’s a pretty intriguing little diary. However, I’m more curious about the writer of it at this moment.

      oooo! You must’ve passed 2000 comments a while ago. You enjoy commenting on things! ^_^

      • Overcooled says:

        It’s less the quality of singing and more that it’s a long joke about being cheesey that drags on FOREVER. :B I still love Ringo though. It’s not her fault she was the butt of a bad joke this episode.

        I thought she wrote it, but then again, maybe someone else did. Perhaps her mom? Who knows.

        Thank you~ More like it’s obligatory to respond to all the comments on posts and I have written…a lot of posts….LOL. I MEAN, WHAT, I JUST LOVE COMMENTS AND TALKING TO PEOPLE. I’M SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

  12. Samantha Zan says:

    Ringo was so annoying in this episode, I really grew tired of her love fantasies with the teacher. However, at the same time I was thinking of the shipper with Shouma there too XD

    • Jrow says:

      Oh man, 2 comments in a row with some Ringo hate! You’re not cool, and I’m gonna go ahead and take Cool out of OC’s name. She is now Overed. 😉

      I kid, I kid. I can see where the doing those fantasies maybe 5 times or so in an episode can become annoying.
      The Shouma ship thing is pretty interesting. An unlikely match for sure!

      • Overcooled says:

        In return your name would just be shortened to Ow. Which you will be saying….a lot. *ominous grin*


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