Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 02

I don’t understand how anybody could NOT like cheese…

And our second episode is already out! I’m leaving to visit family in Egypt on July 16th, so this show is a nice treat in the midst of all the crazy packing I’ve got to do. I’ll be returning on August 7th, so the next couple episodics for both this show and Kamisama no Memo-chou might be a little late. I shall do my best though!

It’s early morning and Grandpa Oscar wakes up to find Yune in the kitchen, ready to help him with breakfast. She follows him around as he prepares coffee and asks if she can help when he points out the bread and cheese on the table, stating that breakfast is already ready. Claude walks in to find Yune in a state of shock. Normally breakfast in Japan takes much longer to prepare and it’s also warm. As they sit down to eat, Yune puts her hands together to thank for the food, which surprises Claude. After Gramps explains what “Itadakimasu” means Yune digs in but has a hard time tearing apart her piece of baguette. BWAHAHAHA! SO CUTE!

Yune is then introduced to cheese, a French staple. The Japanese typically get by without dairy products and thus it’s a little strong for her palette. She still insists upon eating it and tries coffee as well, which is also pretty strong. xD After breakfast, Yune wraps up her unfinished cheese for later as she must cherish all food that is given to her. Meanwhile, Claude is having a difficult time trying to grasp Japanese culture He doesn’t understand why Yune would have been able to part with her mother’s keepsake so easily and notes that not even Gramps knew that she could speak French. Gramps points out that he never assumed that Yune wouldn’t be able to understand. Gramps 1, Claude 0.

Later on, Yune watches Claude as he does his work. He can’t focus with her there and tells her to find something else to do, but she’s got nothing to do. She’s already cleaned the place up and she’d get lost wandering around outside. Plus, she has something she must do, so she proceeds to watch Claude. He stops working and asks her again if she has something else to do. Having her just watching makes him feel bad for her. Yune goes and sits to side until Claude comes out, stating that he’s going out, and takes her with him.


Is it just me or is it getting hot in here??? Oh. There’s a fire. Never mind ~

Yune is in awe of all the tall buildings and points out one building in particular, which she finds pretty. Claude, with disdain, informs her that it’s a department store that’s putting out all the local, family run stores out of business. Just as he finishes his tirade, they find Gramps outside of the department store! He’s accompanying some lady there and stops to talk to Yune and Claude. He informs them that Yune’s kimono was bought by the Blanche family who own the department store. Claude doesn’t seem too happy with that, as they will be difficult to deal with if he wants the kimono back. The lady with Gramps grows impatient, so he leaves them, but not before telling Yune that it’s commendable that Claude would take her out with him. 😀

…And I thought Wal-Mart was nice…

Claude and Yune continue walking but she looks concerned. Claude cheers her up about the kimono issue, reminding her that he made a promise after all. He takes her to the market square and she is delighted by everything she sees, constantly asking Claude what each new food is. He buys bacon, but has to cut the piece in half because he doesn’t have enough money for it, which Yune notices.

On their way back home, they stop by a beggar man playing a musical box and a paper shop. At the paper shop Claude offers to go in but Yune refuses, perhaps thinking back to how little money he had. The boy who caused Yune to knock down Claude’s sign board in the previous episode sees them walking by. Meanwhile, Claude asks Yune for help with dinner which she gladly agrees to. While preparing the food, Yune kicks her shoes off. Claude sees them on the ground when he walks in to check on the food. With just a bit more salt, dinner is ready right as Gramps walks in after being ditched by his date. xD

While eating, Yune sips her soup straight out of the bowl instead of using a spoon. When she notices that Claude and Grandpa Oscar are using a spoon, she switches to the utensil as well, though not without difficulties. Claude and Oscar urge her to just do it her own way, but she insists that she can use the spoon. After dinner, Yune tries the cheese again and can’t quite take it.

The next morning, Yune is up early and greets Gramps. As Claude walks in, Gramps suggests that he go and buy some bread. Yune immediately offers to go, so Claude just takes her with him. She carries the warm bread back from the bakery, and, after Claude lets her try some, she finds it delicious. May I also bring to your attention that HE FED HER??? ^_^ At breakfast, Yune tries coffee again, only to find that it is sweet: café au lait.  She’s in awe of Grandpa Oscar, suggesting that he is a wizard (…to make coffee taste good, he really must be!). He notes that he still can’t make her like cheese though to which she responds that it’s delicious.

“Hrrrmmm. My beard is very fluffy today…”

Claude then tells her not to force herself all the time. If she doesn’t like cheese, it’s fine. Yune, however, wants to find cheese delicious. Basically, because Claude and Gramps like it so much, she wants to be able to like it too. She wants to be able to make meals that they find delicious. Claude tells her to just be patient about it.

Later on, Yune gets out a jug of prunes which she and Grandpa Oscar find delicious. Claude, on the other hand, finds them horrid. xD

End Thoughts:

Ah man, this show really is too cute. Like I said in my first impressions, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée is fluffy. This episode made me giggle multiple times on account of how absolutely adorable it was. Oh Yune, you cutie! Much like her awe of mattress springs in the previous episode, when Yune was in the marketplace, constantly asking about each new item she came across and committing their names to memory, the viewer really got a feel of how thrilled she was. Her reactions were just so honest you know? She really is fascinated by all that is around her, which is something that you don’t see much these days. Watching Yune experience a new, vibrant culture and lifestyle is not only a lot more entertaining that I had initially anticipated, but also simply heartwarming. I, for one, could not keep a fat grin off of my face.

Yune’s attitude towards her new life is quite commendable in my opinion. She wishes to integrate herself as well as possible. Not only so, but she also wishes to appreciate the same things as her hosts so as to be able to serve them to the best of her abilities. Even so, it is a rather tough lifestyle to lead, especially fresh off the boat from Japan, a country that is significantly different than France. As such, I appreciate that Claude has enough sense to tell her to calm down and be patient. If Yune won’t take care of herself, Claude seems determined to do so in her place. He doesn’t understand how she can put others before herself and wishes for her to just do things at her own pace. She, on the other hand, is enthusiastically doing her best such that she won’t be a burden. In a sense, their opposing viewpoints on things balance out and they both end up learning new things from each other. It’s quite nice, really.

Despite the fact that it could be considered boring, I think that the slow pace of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée works out to its advantage.  Yune is simply precious and so innocent and watching her is delightful.  Her interactions with Claude and Oscar are quite sweet as well. The cultural differences between Japan and France are brought to light as well and are actually intriguing. So really, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee doesn’t need any intense action or any sort of plot twist to keep the viewer hooked. Its simplicity is engaging in its own right.

Finally, it looks like we’re going to be introduced to several new characters! The little boy from the first episode, who inadvertently caused the accident that led to the loss of Yune’s kimono, has made another appearance. It looks like he’s homeless or something like that – poor kid. I have a hunch that he’ll be a harbinger of trouble. He just has that mischievous look about him, you know? Also, the Blanche family should be a real piece of work. I feel as though the girls we saw in the preview were the Blanche daughters. Either way, they look pretty high maintenance. I wonder how Claude will get Yune’s kimono back. It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure.


She looks …er…just lovely…


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27 Responses to “Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 02”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Her cuteness will kill us all!

  2. Moni Chan says:

    this episode made me want to travel back in time kidnap Yune, buy some cheese and a bread roll

  3. Overcooled says:

    I agree that Yune is cute as well as endearing. She’s just so well-behaved and always does her best, it’s so sweet. The show is pretty slow, but it really does make for a nice break :3

    Now to keep my promise in which I twist this show to become one where Yune dies and the rest of the show is about how they cope with grief. I WASN’T KIDDING, ZAB. I’LL BE BACK FOR EPISODE 3 TOO.

    It turns out Yune not only dislikes the taste of cheese, but is deathly allergic to it. The next morning she was found collapsed in her bedroom, the entire parcel of leftover cheese gone. Claude and Oscar spent the rest of their lives still eating cheese, tears streaming down their face at every meal. Because the French cannot go without their cheese no matter what.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Buhahaahahah OC that story is the best.

      Death by cheese RIP Yune~

    • Zabobinator says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THIS MADE MY DAY! xD Oh, Overcooled. Why you so cool? (LOL. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

      …So basically she’s fatally lactose intolerant? Lovely…

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Agreed with most people here Yune is cute, I debated on dropping this series just because I found episode one sooooo slow and so boring. But after giving this second episode a shot things began to get a bit better…Thanks Zabob now I will watch a few more episodes xD

    Yune eating the cheese made me laugh so much! Anyway good stuff this week.

    • Zabobinator says:

      *grins* I won’t say I told you so because I’m mature…and I already said it. xD

      I’m glad you like it though! It’s surprisingly good especially given how slow it is.

      The cheese was hysterical. xD

  5. Oracion says:

    Ugh! Beat me to the post of this. darn. oh well. I guess I’ll be copier in making a post about the second episode. haha. but I always enjoy reading your guy’s more. Nice work zabobinator! Gosh. I love this so much. I really just like watching Yune so much. She’s a blast of kawaii. Claude is totally allowed to take her, and loves her, and cherish her. lol. Learning more of Oscar’s creepiness though. He’s real nice, but he takes out real young women. hmmm…well. but I definitely love the ccharacters. The whole culture meet is really interesting, especially when they explain stuff new to each other. I can’t wait for the drama to start with the kimono next week! Keep up the good work on the posts!

    • Zabobinator says:

      She really is a blast of kawaii!!! All her reactions are just D’AWWW!!!

      You found Oscar creepy? I just thought he was hilarious. xD

      Thanks! You keep up the good work on your posts too! 🙂

  6. Joojoobees says:

    Have fun in Egypt!

  7. Reaper says:

    One of the slower paced animes I know I’ll be enjoying 🙂 I wondered if the underlying plot is for Claude to try and get Yune’s mother’s kimono back but it seems like she might get it back next ep; if she doesn’t, then I guess Claude’s going to buy it back or something over the course of the anime, which would be good since Yune knows the importance of money and how little Claude and Oscar has so I wonder if she’ll persuade Claude to do something else with the money instead…if that’s the underlying force behind the anime.
    If not, oh well, the cultural interaction is definitely interesting to see, especially with more dried prunes along the way 🙂

    • Zabobinator says:

      Yah, the kimono is looking like it’s going to be key to the plot here. I’d actually kind of like it if it were to take longer. You raise a good point with the money too.
      LOL DRIED PRUNES. I actually don’t mind them too much…

  8. Yvoon says:

    aah, the perfect anime to just kick back, relax and enjoy the cuteness.

    honestly,after that, i really feel like hot bread..*dribble* breeeead….

    where can i get hot bread from…hmmm

    hot bread and CHEESE!! aah, best combination. wonder what cheese that was….cheddar?

    and the japanese can live without dairy products?! *GASP*

    lol, aah, me ranting about food again. old habits die hard i guess. ;p

    • Zabobinator says:

      Dude, I ate French cheese on my flight from Amsterdam to Cairo and it was SO. FRICKING. GOOD. I LOVE CHEESE. And French bread is awesome as well. Yune, Yune. Hopefully she’ll learn to appreciate it soon. She’s trying at least. xD

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh my dear god, the cuteness is going to kill me. Oh gosh… Alice comes in the next episode. Oh, Alice. Alice also thinks that Yune is the most adorable thing ever. Also, that bread looked really yummy. It made me hungry.

  10. Elyon says:

    All of the people watching this show will die of moe-induced heart attacks by the end of the season.
    ….but I have no regrets. <3

    Ugh, that girl in the preview looks horrible. I hope she doesn't end up being the bitch character to make trouble for Yune.

    • Zabobinator says:


      Yah, she looks like she’s got an attitude. I doubt that Yune’s cuteness factor will be lost on her though. xD

  11. Miyu says:

    CHEESE! 😀

    I think there’s something wrong with me I am actually hoping for some romance to happen in this thing /SHOT The age gap is too huge sigh.

    I love the characters in this anime! Yune is.. well, maddeningly-adorable Yune :3 and Claude is your typical bishie who has a soft-spot for lolis HAHA. Gramps is really funny too!

    The new character in the preview looks pretty adorable too I LOVE THE CHARACTER DESIGNS! Yup but I just hope she won’t be the one that goes all jealous because Claude is showering affection on Yune…

    • Zabobinator says:

      Eh, you’re not the only one. I think Claude and Yune are cute together too…even if the age difference is rather large. xD

      OSCAR IS SO PRO! His beard stroking is simply epic. You know you’re awesome if you can stroke your beard like that. xD

      Yah, though the character designs aren’t the best I’ve seen, they’re still really, really nice. Everything is so delicate and beautiful.

  12. […] “Despite the fact that it could be considered boring, I think that the slow pace of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée works out to its advantage. Yune is simply precious and so innocent and watching her is delightful. Her interactions with Claude and Oscar are quite sweet as well. The cultural differences between Japan and France are brought to light as well and are actually intriguing.” – Metanorn […]

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