Gintama – 216

Gintoki is a mad scientist.

Hello! Gintama fans, man after that last all-villian filled episode was really fun and interesting. It looks like this week we are back to our usual cast of characters. Well time to return to some much needed comedy-filled episodes! Enjoy the review.

Plot this week follows Gintoki and his explanation of a patriot. He also invents this random object using tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls with a stick. We have a small group of kids who want to know more about odd jobs so Gintoki sets up a show to explain it to the kids and hilarious events take place.

Kagura- “I found them, can I keep them?”                             Shinpachi- “God help these children.”

The episode starts off with Kagura inviting her friends over to visit odd jobs. But for some reason this moves Gintoki into building a very strange object… Is it a weapon? Who knows! But Gintoki calls it a patriot. The kids are drawn in listening to his crazy talk, and one kid in the group thinks this is all dumb and leaves. I would have done the same thing because Gintoki’s so random. Then again that is the fun of Gintama. After the kid leaves, Gintoki enters crazy mode, which rubs off on the other characters as they try to explain what a patriot is to more children around the town.

Shinpachi- “Who left the time machine running?”         Kagura- “I thought that was a toaster, my bad.”

Gintoki- “This is the best weapon ever.”                                        Shinpachi- “Who the hell are you!”

Kagura- “You are right! It’s totally safe for children.”

Gintoki- “Buhahahhahaha! I’M A MADO SCIENTISTO!”

I do enjoy a crazy Gintoki! Don’t you? At this point we follow Toshiro, Tsukuyo, Taizou and Izao as the four of them fail to explain anything important to the children. Each of them have their own ideas on this super weapon Gintoki made, which really annoys the kids as they leave the area. Maybe the patriot is used on the tears whenever the characters cry? Could be one use for that dumb weapon.

Toshiro- “First rule of being in this series, you have to be completely insane.”

Tsukuyo- “See, this blue side is the uhh..uhhh….”                               Ayame- “This disguise is perfect…”

Kondo- “NO! it’s clearly a mecha armor! C’mon guys, get it right.”

Having failed the children, Gintoki sets up a factory and invites the kids out again to see if more visuals help them. Kagura and Shinpachi play along as everyone jumps in to make it somewhat real. After “killing” off some random people, Gintoki gets shot by Kagura and Shinpachi and the tour begins. The fake assassinations are clearly there to keep the children playing along! A bit extreme but hey whatever works, right? After the kids sit through this fake story, they run out to Gintoki giving him a kick straight to the head! And they walk away with everyone staring at Gintoki passed out on the floor, ending the episode.

You better run now while you have a chance!

Gintoki- “Where are you kids going? I suggest you stay on the tour.”

Hard at work on the set of Gintama, the movie coming out NEVER!

Kids- “Stop trolling us, damn it!”                                         Gintoki- “Kids today… Kick really hard….”

Extra fun with Gin-san

Gin-san- “And that’s how babies are made, any questions?”

Toshiro- “What do you mean use an air gun? This is a real mission, right?”

Gintoki’s fake parents scare the hell out of me!

The only badass screen shot of the entire episode.

End Thoughts:

Well this whole episode was really freakin’ random! I did laugh my ass off in a bit so that made up for one of the lamest stories for Gintama so far. But hey Gintama isn’t always about fights and saving the world, even though I always enjoy that a bit more. Gintoki does take everything he does very seriously, which makes the whole random dressing up and acting like another person so much fun. Bearded Gintoki looks so weird to me, makes him look like an old man! Not sure if he was trying to troll the children or just wanted to screw around with everyone. I am going with wanting to mess with everyone. Also, anyone else die laughing at the whole meso gear comment? I know I did! Also I noticed a few video game references lately with this episode and the previous one.

I also love how Kagura and Shinpachi always take part in most of Gintoki’s crazy ideas, shows the three of them are really close or they are just going along for the fun? Either way, those moments always make me smile. I almost forgot the other characters like Toshiro! That guy has a short temper, huh? He is one of my favorite members of the Shinsengumi, well that guy and Kondo! I laughed when he was explaining stalking to the children, while hiding in the oranges? Damn, so much fun. And Ayame doing her usual stalking but she didn’t cling to Gintoki this time, which was so not her, maybe she was trying to blend in.

Now for the factory tour; yes I agreed with one of the kids, this was a really bad Willy Wonka rip off, well except there was no damn candy! I see what Gintoki was trying to do but I think it was a huge mess to begin with. It was random and insane but nice to see all the cast come together and help him out. I don’t know of any other anime where this happens, sure Sket Dance is trying their best to do similar things. The whole patriot thing I was still somewhat lost on, I guess it comes down to doing your best? Something like that I assume was thrown out to us. Well, not the best episode ever but still managed to pull a few laughs out of me as always.


Third time’s the charm right?

Next week! More off the wall comedy with Gintoki and the rest. Thanks for reading.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Gintama – 216”

  1. anaaga says:

    I hate this episode.


  2. T.K. says:

    All that MGS puns that have nothing to do with MGS had me laughing like no tomorrow, and then the whole history of a patriot was priceless.

  3. Anonomyous says:

    I think the entire patroit thing is not to look down at people who do jobs that some consider to be rubbish or useless (both the job and the person).

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