Gintama – 215

Bad guys need love too!

Yahooo! What’s up, fellow Gintama fans! Are you still alive after that last action episode?! I still love listening to Samurai heart over and over, I love that song so much! Anyway it looks like things are headed into another arc, well something like that anyway. In non anime news I saw Transformers three! Such an awesome summer movie, if you get the chance and really enjoyed the previous films, you should check out the latest one. Well, time to jump right in and review this fun Gintama episode.

Plot this week takes a long break from Gintoki and company to follow Gintoki’s greatest rival Shinsuke who’s on a space prison, where they now have Kada imprisoned. Shinsuke also bumps into another familiar face Kamui aka Kagura’s brother. He works for the local commander of the prison. That is until he is betrayed and Shinsuke has a small fight with Kamui, eventually the two team up to take on a certain silver haired samurai.

Kamui- “Oh super! I finally get to have some fun again.”     Abuto- “Do I get lines in this episode?”

Things begin with Kamui checking out Kada! She is really messed up, I guess losing all that money made her crazy. Kamui is visiting the prison to have a chat with the admiral of the area and as he walks with Abuto he spots Shinsuke and they have a short stare down. Two of the biggest baddies in the series! I wouldn’t get between either of them. After the stare down Kamui is treated to some food and talks with the admiral about his next job, to dispose of the old things that are no longer needed.

Shinsuke likes what he sees.                         Kamui- “Nice eye-patch, are you a space pirate?”

Kamui- “This is some awesome cartoon food! I can taste the colors.”

Admiral- “HOLY CRAP!”                                   Kamui- “Oh this was just a snack I can eat all day.”

With Kamui’s new mission given to him, he tracks down Shinsuke to take him out. However, before the two dudes can kick each other around the room, Kamui is double crossed by the admiral and they capture him, which was not an easy task! He does manage to put up a good fight and takes out a few of the soldiers. Shinsuke is then asked to take Kamui’s spot in his army but refuses and walks off. In the meantime Kamui’s group is suddenly attacked in space. We also have Shinsuke’s team watching as the other ships are attacked. Damn even the bad guys can’t trust anyone it seems.

Shinsuke- “Yo, furball! Do you mind? We are trying to kill each other.”

Space battle! Look at all that laser spam.

Shinsuke- “You are too excited to be in jail”              Kamui- “I hear the food is amazing here.”

With Kamui captured, the admiral takes no time and plans to execute him right away. Damn no trial for him; I guess they are really terrified of poor old Kamui. However Shinsuke arrives unannounced and asks if he can kill Kamui off since their first fight was interrupted. Shinsuke uses his sword skills and decides to free Kamui instead of killing him. I guess he really likes his style of doing things. The two of them team up and start kicking all kinds of ass! And their own forces arrive to join the party and help Kamui and Shinsuke plan their escape.

Admiral- “Any last words?!”                       Kamui- “Yes, you’re one ugly ass alien.”

Shinsuke- “So wanna join my team?”                      Kamui-“Yes as long as I get fed.”

This is going to be the best evil team up ever!

Admiral- “Maybe I should have hired better guards…”

The sneaky Admiral tries to escape before the chaos reaches him; though, Kamui gives a friendly smile and kicks the escape ship to bits. Damn, he has some powerful shoes and he has insane super strength too. The episode ends with both of them chatting about visiting earth to fight a particular samurai.

Kamui’s foot is greater than spaceships, like seriously.

Next stop? Earth. I hope Gintoki is prepared to kick some alien ass!

Extra Samurai!

Henpeita does his best Shinsuke cosplay also he likes to YELL REALLY LOUDLY AT YOU!

Kamui’s signature smile! Always awesome and creepy.

I swear Makoto looks like Lucy from Fairy tail, I guess it’s the side ponytail.

Kamui- “Thank you for visiting! See you soon, everyone.”

End Thoughts:

That was an interesting episode this week, strange to see no signs of Gintoki or the other main characters. Well I did enjoy watching Shinsuke getting some much needed screen time, he always was so interesting to watch and so evil! And we got to see more of Kagura’s brother Kamui, I always liked that guy mostly because of the way he fights. I always find hand to hand fighters to be the most fun to watch, and it helps that Kamui is freaking strong as hell! His signature smile as he kills you always makes me laugh. I really want to see Kamui and Kagura fight and go all out! I know she already fought Kamui’s partner Abuto and went all crazy.

I know little about Shinsuke other than he used to fight alongside of Gintoki back in the day, so I am sure we will see a few flashbacks of their past together. Hopefully we are getting another action filled arc soon! But I do think we are in for some random comedy for a few episodes until Kamui and Shinsuke arrive on earth. I have missed that laugh out loud comedy since the last few episodes as they have been fighting and onto story modes.

Overall great episode this week! I really do enjoy the bad guys in Gintama as they are some of the best characters. Shinsuke might be the quiet type but Kamui does crack a few jokes whenever he feels like it. I guess if I had to choose between Shinsuke and Kamui I would probably decide on Kamui. After all, I like the way he fights! Not to mention his sister Kagura, really have my fingers crossed for them meeting and possibly cracking some jokes during a fight.


I wonder what Factory we are talking about? Candy factory!? Gintoki will be pleased.

Next week, time to get back to the laughs and crazy comedy of Gintama! It has been a while since we got to laugh with you, huh, Gin-san?? Thanks for reading!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Gintama – 215”

  1. Captain says:

    Omg, this episode has been made into an anime already? Oh dear, that means that the anime’s gonna catch up with the manga soon. Oh no D:

    But I loved how this episode gave a lot of air time to Kamui and Takasugi <3 And both of them are so strong :U

    Maybe it's only me, but Kamui really seems like a character fitting to be in Bleach. Just give him.. I don't know, make him have hollow powers, and I think that might really end the Bleach's suffering on the Jump rankings.

    • Captain says:

      On the other hand.. The factory episode.
      It’s closing into the manga chapter I once reviewed here~ <3

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ahhh fun stuff I remember a previous factory episode with Gintoki making toys or something like that, it was very funny xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh really? Awesome news then! Well I think Gintama will throw in a few random comedy episodes. I look forward to it! Really exciting stuff.

      I know right? Kamui and Shinsuke are so much fun and strong!

      Right he would fit in like squad 12 or 2 for a melee type of fighter, but I do enjoy watching him own people in Gintama.

  2. animeluv04 says:

    ooh Takasugi and Kamui! I have to admit I don’t hate any character in Gintama. They’re all awesome =)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! I feel the same way it’s hard to find any characters in Gintama to hate, yep they are all awesome!

  3. anaaga says:

    I have a feeling that Takasugi will die. Very soon.

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