Ao no Exorcist – 14

The worse part of every camping trip is the bugs…

Hoshi: I love it when they show Japanese commercials on anime episodes. I’m actually a little bit sad they don’t show the Babyshiba commercials anymore! Oh well, at least I got that odd Fanta commercial this time around…

Hime: Yaahoo~ I’m growing more and more fond of the new OP & ED songs. Hurry up and release them, dammit! I want them on meh iPod nao!

Hoshi: Onto actual Exorcist matters, it’s the end of the 1st semester at True Cross Academy, but while a majority of the students are going home for the summer break, the cram school class have to partake on a three day long combat training camp. They hike through the woods until they finally stop to make their campsite. Rin manages to show his cooking skills to the group as he takes over the girls’ job of making dinner.

After dinner however is when the real deal starts as Yukio explains their task. They are to light lanterns that are located beyond the camp and those who bring one without letting the fire go out in the next three days with receive permission to go on missions. The catch is that there are only three lanterns. As for Rin, Shura warns him not to use his flames because if someone finds out, she’d have to report it to the higher ups, causing Arch Knights, the Paladin, and others to come after him.

With each student at different parts of the camp’s seal, Yukio fires his gun and they’re off! Things quickly turn complicated however when moth-like demon bugs start attacking them. Everyone seems to be able to deflect them, except for Shiemi, who’s familiar paper gets cut by one of the moths before she can use him for anything. Suddenly a giant creature appears from behind…..

Her  scream echoes through the forest, catching Rin’s ears. He runs over to find a collapsed Shiemi covered in demon moths. Without thinking, he uses his flames to get rid of the moths, but quickly calms himself down to make the flames retreat. As Rin tries waking Shiemi up, Bon appears from behind, asking what exactly that blue light was. Luckily, as Rin comes to notice, Bon didn’t figure out it came from him.

Shiemi soon wakes up just before Rin starts carrying her back to the camp site. At the same time, a figure jumps out from the bushes, who turns out be Shima. They both get a text message from Konekomaru, saying that he’s found a lantern but it’s impossible to continue on with the training alone. They arrive to the area to discover a huge stone lantern, called a peg lantern that once lit will move and hunt down humans to use as fuel, especially women.

Konekomaru has already solved their dilemma by explaining his five person formation to bring the lamp back to camp. He seals the demon so it won’t move once lit, gathers a few of the moth demons so Shiemi can feed the fire, helps protect everyone along with Shima while Bon also helps and Rin pulls the cart. Another dilemma appears however as a riverbed is filled with slimy bugs and the bridge to go across is broken! This time Bon comes to the rescue and draws a plan to get themselves and the lantern across. Konekomaru will prepare a seal on the other side while Shiemi rides of Shima’s shoulders. Bon will removed the seal on the lantern and free it so it can chase after Shiemi to the other side.  Once there, Konekomaru will put the seal back on and walah~

The plan goes into action with Rin carrying Shiemi instead due to Shima’s fear of bugs. Everything goes accordingly, but as Rin leans against one of the red pillars on the bridge, it collapses! Suddenly, tentacles come from the riverbed and grab him from behind (Well doesn’t that sound dirty). The king of all demon moths has appeared~

End thoughts~

Hoshi: Mmm~ Rin’s showing his cooking skills again. Cook curry for me please? And on top of that Bon shows his extreme multi-tasking and drawing skillz. I thought Bon was seriously awesome this time around; I mean, who can chant non-stop while drawing an elaborate plan to get across a riverbed? All right, so this episode was surprisingly enjoyable. From last week’s preview I didn’t expect much and thought we’d end up with yet another lame episode, but I was pretty entertained. I even let out a “WHAT?” on that cliffhanger. It was definitely a mellower, set-up-the-climax kind of episode as next week’s episode is going to be a KILLERRRRRR. I’m already biting my nails in anticipation…

You know who’s an under-appreciated character, other than Konekomaru and the dude with the bunny puppet on his hand? Shima. He’s starting to grow on me as he appears more frequently. He’s quite funny at times, especially in this episode with his fear of bugs. I loved his reaction to having to help defeat the moth demons coming after them and when he was supposed to carry Shiemi through the sea of slimy bug things. For some reason I really love the fact that he uses that staff. He looks pretty…cool with it.

Goodness, I love Shura when she’s drunk xD I’ve been waiting to see that scene as soon as she made her appearance (Watching drunk people is just downright hilarious sometimes). My favorite part was when she threw the can at Yukio’s head before he revealed her age. I KNEW she couldn’t be 18; I almost fell for that myself. Anyways, with this lead-on episode, Exorcist finally feels like it’s pumping up for some real action. BRING ON EPISODE 15~

Hime: What a failtastic camping trip. Lol, Suguro sooo wants Rin as his wife. It was sweet showing what Rin had missed by bunking off school, and how he got to be appreciated for once. I definitely think the glimpses we get into the boys past is one of the main strengths of the show, so I’m always glad when it’s referenced. I was rolling about with laughter whenever Yukio and Shura were on the screen together. She’s like the bane of Yukio’s existence, it’s hilarious. In fact…everyone is kind of the bane of Yukio’s existence. HE’S EVERYONES BABYSITTER. Poor dude. She’s such a good contrast to his seriousness that is works, though.

Shiemi …totally sucks. Seriously, how many times has she been owned so far? AND THIS TIME IT WAS BY MOTHS. C’MON. Rin loosing control again was pretty lame, especially as it led to him nearly being found out by Suguro..the very last person he’d want to know who he was. *facepalm* Think, Rin! Luckily he was able to put out his fire (lol) before anyone found out. Again, poor Yukio. I did laugh when it cut back to him and Shura and he was just like *sweatdrop*. Oh the turmoil of having a reckless half-demon brother!

This episode was kind of fun in the sense that everyone was featured, and I suppose it was more a set up to the “Holy shit Mothra is going to eat Rin” in the next episode. FFUUU~ I didn’t expect them to end the episode with what we saw in the preview of Rin being tentacle raped, er, I mean captured. What a twist! BUT DAT PREVIEW. YUKIO IS WORRIED. AMAIMON AND MEPHISTO ARE BEING EVIL. RIN, NOOOOOO! I can’t wait til next week, because this episode was so-so. We should be coming out of the mid-season slump about now, and I’m hoping Episode 15 will be the one to get us there.


Shura’s pissed, Yukio’s worried, Amaimon’s smiling, Mephisto’s looking evil, Rin’s beaten down, and Shiemi is with Amaimon? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Unfortunately, until next week then~!


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8 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 14”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    First a beach episode, now a camping episode. Get some extra strenght bug spray for the demon bugs. Rin’s cooking again. Why wasn’t I there? Lol. And he’s the pack mule for the day carying Shura’s stuff.

    Last week I was getting Orochimaru vibes from Shura. This week, it’s Tsunade. Lazy, talkative, drunk and hiding her true age from everyone. Lol, she said she was 18 but Yukio was going to expose her saying that’s turning 26 years old.

    Plus, I think she’s a possible cradle robber. Haha, she said she has a thing for boys who aim and Rin’s a lot younger than her. Look out, Rin, you might have a cougar on your tail.

  2. Reaper says:

    So much tension, I remember reading this bit in the manga, especially when it was Bon who stumbled across Rin and Shiemi. I seriously thought Rin’s cover was blown before but luckily, no one’s the wiser, heh heh…until next ep 🙂
    Argh, having read the manga, it’s good to see they kept true to the plot and the pacing is right but my wait for the next ep is palpable…PALPABLE I tell you! Though, the Lantern demon having a thing for girls…I swear Shura would be the female equivalent, chasing younger guys who aim high, as noted above^ though, no one can blame the lantern since it is Shiemi…:P

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    Not sure if we should or shouldn’t have Shura drink.
    Anyway, pretty deep and touching episode in many ways.

  4. tomphile says:

    I wouldn’t say that this episode was touching…but at lesat it advanced the plot…somewhat.

    Shura drinking had to be the highlight of this episode.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    I really enjoy these episodes with everyone hanging out, they are the most fun when you have so many characters to watch ;D

    LOL Drunken Shura was so funny! I died laughing when she threw that beer at Yukio before revealing her age! Good job Yukio you made my day with that.

    Seems like stuff is going down next week holy crap! CAN’T WAIT! And damn Bon was sooooo close to catching onto Rin, but I have a feeling we need something more dramatic to happen before they reveal it to everyone.

  6. 2PacFan says:

    Drunk Shura was EPIC! Her laugh made me laugh. Everytime Shura and Yukio are together, they fight and I’m okay with that xD

    Yes! It looks like an exciting next episode!
    I liked this episode. It was pretty laid and we found out about a lot of characters, including Shima’s insectophobia. When Bon was drawing/chanting, I was laughing so hard.

  7. Elyon says:

    Shiemi is cute and all, BUT STOP BEING SUCH A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. >.< I guess she's trying though at least.
    Bon's drawings were the highlight for me I think. That was just too funny xD

  8. Alynn says:

    That peg lantern. Omg, I loved this part in the manga!

    Gotta love Shura and her alcohol.

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