Ao no Exorcist – 12

Because every shounen needs some sort of boobage…

Hoshi: I’m sorry if I’m starting get really sarcastic with the thumbnail one-liners. I’m having too much fun with this~ Anyways, let’s see if A-1 has redeemed themselves from last week’s utter fail of an episode.

Hime: I’m lamenting~ Last episode before the new OP & EDs kick in. No more PRIDO! or Ready Ready Ready for the take off. No more sexy sax, or gay dancing. Sad times. Let’s hope that next week we get some more awesome visual and musically pleasing OP & ED sequences.

Hoshi: Onto a Mephisto-themed amusement park, the whole gang is gathered, even a school-uniform dressed Shiemi, who manages to catch all the boys’ eyes. Yukio separates the team into partners and explains that they are to find a ghost that has been sighted in the park. Rin and Shiemi OF COURSE are partnered together and manage to find a carousal moving on its own. Once it stops, the ghost of a young, crying boy appears on one of the horses.

The ghost cries to Shiemi, telling his little sob story about not being able to be taken to the amusement park before he died. Just as she feels sympathetic towards the poor soul, it ends up touching her boobs, then floating away, laughing. They chase after it, but aren’t able to catch up. Rin decides to stay in one place to report what they saw while Shiemi continues to go after it. Just as Rin starts to make the call, a hand comes down and grabs his sword.

Well, isn’t that awkward…getting felt up by a ghost…

The grabber turns out to be none other than Amiamon, who starts unsheathing the sword and unleasing Rin’s power. Once Amaimon turns on the park’s power, the fight between the two begins. However Rin is quickly knocked down and continuously punched. Just as Amaimon begins to lose interest in him, Rin seems to lose a bit of control and goes haywire, throwing steel beams and finally holding Amaimon down by his neck. With one punch to the ground however, the Earth King sets an earthquake on the area.

Meanwhile, Shiemi, who keeps struggling with the playful ghost, ends up in an iflatable ball pit that gets hit with a falling steel beam. She manages to get out of it, but is still by entrance as Nii tries to protect her. Rin, fighting nearby, sees her and runs to save her. Knowing he won’t be able to make it in time, he suddenly unleashes flames that burn the falling ball pit. As for the ghost, he finally disappears after all the ruckus, thanking Shiemi.

Amaimon brings down Rin again, but just as he contemplates breaking Rin’s sword, the mysterious hooded guy in their class comes, bringing out a sword from his chest. He brings Rin behind him and asks how he, Amaimon, got into the academy. He soon leaves however and the hooded guy chases after him. Shiemi checks up on Rin, then Yukio comes asking what happened, but he’s soon interrupted by the hooded guy. He greets Yukio, then takes off his jacket. The boy is instead a woman; Shura Kirigakura, a High Inspector and Upper First Classs exorcist~.

Shura coming out reaction faces, priceless~.

End Thoughts~

Hime: Amaimon. I want one. I’m greedy for demon boys, sue me, but he is so friggin stylish. Awesome wardrobe aside, this guy is fucking brutal. I mean, he was really showing no mercy to Rin while they were “playing”, and his expression didn’t even change. It was kind of messed up. AND IT WAS SO COOL. While Rin did just kind of seem dense and confused, like always, Amaimon is really interesting. Interesting perhaps because he’s simple. But was I the only one who considered Amaimon being able to turn Rin’s demon power on and off kind of…well, sexual…in nature? I mean, he just pulls Rin’s sword out and- I mean, it’s like a lightswitch! Rin has no control…Amaimon just lights his fire…over and over again…C’MON GUYS THIS IS SOUNDING LIKE A YAOI PREMISE! READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

Moving on,…so the Exorcist gang go to Deadman Wonderland, that’s pretty funky. They get paired up, but we don’t really get to see much of that. The other main focus of this episode was that Shiemi has boobs. Wow. I totally didn’t know what. ENLIGHTENMENT! Through jugs. We managed to go from Rin saying Shiemi wasn’t his friend to…dating, as well. Nice. Thanks for easing us into that one A-1. I have to admit, while Rin and Shiemi are a cute ship, it doesn’t really work for me. My yaoi goggles are glued too firmly to my eyes during Exorcist and there just isn’t room for straight couples in my perverted brain. It also seems a bit off, I mean, Rin’s just oggling her…A LOT. Um, sweet?  Well, the ghost was cute… until he punched Shiemi in the boobs. MY GOD WHAT IS WITH THIS EPISODE AND SHIEMI’S RACK. LAY OFF ALREADY.

Shura is finally revealed! And while I love her, and I love her design…I DON’T appreciate her bikini top. Srsly, this episode had may too many tittays for my liking. Other than that it was a pretty slow and borderline boring 20 minutes. The stuff with Amaimon and Rin fighting was alright, the animation could be a bit derp at times but then on still shots of the characters faces it was back to a nice level of quality. Seeing Rin get such a pasting wasn’t as entertaining as it has been in previous episodes, maybe it was down to the animation but in all honestly I just didn’t find the theme park location all that interesting. Aside from the fact that fighting in a theme park, standing on rollarcoasters, has been done a million times…It just didn’t seem to fit. It didn’t look right. And that made it very hard to enjoy. All in all it wasn’t a bad episode, it was certainly a damn sight better than the last one. It just didn’t grab me like previous ones. We have well and truly entered the mid-season slump.

Hoshi: OTP. IS. PRECIOUS. AGHHH~ I haven’t been able to fangirl about Rin and Shiemi like this for a while! I couldn’t help smiling over their little “We’ll come to the amusement park together next time” thing. Though I’ll admit, I wasn’t too pleased with Rin’s thing for Shiemi’s boobs. All the boob jokes in this episode were incredibly annoying, really. I mean, Shiemi looks good in her uniform, but goodness, leave the poor girl’s boobs alone! She’s got a pretty face too you know! Oh well, I’ll just focus more on the cute, blushy moments…

Still so adorable, I can’t…

Finally Amaimon made his appearance! You don’t know how bad I’d been waiting for them to show him more. His and Rin’s battle was quite awesome I have to say. He’s so brutal; I love it, heh. I enjoyed how they finally showed Rin losing some of his control, which he thinks he has. Right around there was when their battle started to actually feel intense. The big killer for me though was when he was still in his demon form as he was running to try and save Shiemi. I was literally clutching my handy desk pillow and screaming, “NOOOOOO DON’T GO WHILE YOU’RE STILL LIKE THAT! OMFG JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE!”. Re-watching it for screencaps still had me sucking in my breath. Though, out of this whole Amaimon appearing scene, I was expecting Rin to be a bit more…surprised? Especially when Amaimon mentioned ‘Brother’ and such. I was thinking he’d be in some dramatic daze, but instead it was a pretty nonchalant meeting, emotion-wise.

To be honest, ANY episode could be better than last week’s so I was pretty much pleased this week, aside from the major…boobage going on with Shiemi AND Shura. Speaking of Shura, thank goodness she’s appeared as well! Now that she’s here, maybe finally we’ll get down to some serious business and QUIT WITH THE DAMN FILLERS *still raging*~


So why in fact is Shura here? And how does she know about Rin being the son of Satan? More importantly, is she here for something else other than investigating the Japanese Branch? Until next week then~!


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31 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 12”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    I was laughing so hard when Amaimon kept messing with the sword LOL Rins ears growing back and forth was so funny, surprised you didn’t make a Gif of that one scene xD

    Damn Shiemi almost saw Rin’s demon form! ARRGG Ah well she looked great in the uniform but DAT BOW! So hugeee guess they don’t want to draw boob physics for the running lol..

    Shura! Aka Yoko from TTGL only without her sniper rifle, I assume she is there to train Rin how to use a sword? I like her hair so cool and uhh other stuff >.>;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh we should have!! That would’ve been awesome xD I also wanted a gif of Shiemi running into the mirror LOL

      Yeah I thought that running scene looked kind of awkward…

      LOL I actually read Exorcist first, then started watching TTGL and was like, “Hey, she looks like Shura!” xD Hurrhurr~ Yeah her hair color is very neat.

      • Hime says:

        Gah, you shoulda said I would have made them xD

        Shura is totally Yoko from TTGL. I haven’t seen such shameless ripping off of a character design since Suzaku and Syaoran, but then CLAMP did do both designs so they were really just recycling their characters. Shura’s hair looks like Luke’s from Tales of the Abyss as well.

        • Hoshi says:

          ~Really?! Gah, I’ve wanted to ask before too but I thought it would be too much trouble for you |’D

  2. Reaper says:

    Ah Shura, finally, AnE needed Chizu-tan to enter and save the day (I think her seiyu is Miyuki Sawashiro after all, definitely fits her :)) I’m glad they went back to the canon of the story with Amaimon, though Rin did turn into a portable lamp for a moment lol
    Agreed how they messin’ around with the ridiculous amounts of boobage but oh well, as long as Rin doesn’t grow a set, it’s all fine…though i could see it for Mephisto…jk
    Looking forward to the story developing now instead of certain fillers…shivers at the beach…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Portable lamp, hahaha! Yes, finally we’re going to be on the right track with the storyline and hopefully, HOPEFULLY they won’t defer to more fillers. With that kimono Mephisto had on in the beginning, oh I could definitely see him growing a pair LOL.

  3. Bass says:

    We’re finally at the point where I stopped in the manga (for some unknown reason). Now that Yoko has made her appearance, I can finally sit back and enjoy some new content.

    Huzzah >:3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Huzzah indeed! This is where it gets a bit more juicer (hopefully, if A-1 does the story right).

      • Bass says:

        We’re in the second half now so hopefully the fillers will be toned down a bit. Though if they go full story, they might catch up with the manga…

        • Hoshi says:

          ~They BETTER tone down the fillers. Well the manga’s story from where I’m reading has been going on for a while and is pretty complex, so I’ve been thinking that they might end this at a certain climactic point, leave us hanging, and go on for a second season that uses the current story in the manga. For some reason, I have a really strong feeling that they’ll make Exorcist a second season. There is more to Exorcist that they definitely won’t be able to cover in 12 more episodes.

          Woah, sorry I rambled a bit, hahaha~

  4. 2PacFan says:

    I think this episode was a lot better than the last one. It was entertaining if anything. Not a lot with Shiemi and her boobs but with Rin and his OMFG!brother. I think it’s kinda awesome how Amaimon keeps calling Rin brother. You would expect Rin to notice but he’s too busy fighting. I love Amaimon. He’s so crazy, it awesome. He literally doesn’t care about anything except being entertained. I mean, he was literally beating the hell out of his ‘brother’ and playing with his sword (wow that sounds wrong). I liked him. He’s simple. Not like his older brother whom I have no idea what he’s doing and whether or not he’s a bad guy. 🙂 Oh well. Can’t wait till the next episode.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Like I said, ANYTHING would be better than last week’s god-awful episode. EXACTLY! I was sitting in my seat like, “Rin, aren’t you going to react yet?!?!” It’s not like Amaimon was talking to himself where no one could hear him -sigh- Anyways, Mephisto seems to be the brains or manipulative brother with all this planning and as well as being Satan’s son while running a school for exorcists.

  5. Dan-go says:

    dang, i’m starting a petition to burn all kimonoes, jeeesus, they restrict the boobage that much?! :O pretty short review, but i lold at the ghost feel up screen cap 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously. When I was first saw her with that huge…rack, I was like, “Wait, I hardly saw any boobs when she had her kimono on. What IS this?!” Short review is short because I really just wanted to get the summary over with >>

  6. Metalsnakezero says:

    I think the real question about Shura is what the hell is she wearing!?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha! You would think she’d find a more…fitting bikini top but, looks like she’s comfortable like that x’D

  7. Amutofan123 says:

    Shiemi~~~ So cute, cute, cute! >.< Oh, and I'm so happy I could fangirl over some Rin x Shiemi in this episode. Hmm… Shura is… interesting. Can't wait to find out more about her. She reminds me of Yoko.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Same here! I can’t get enough of those two<3
      Lol, she certainly does. There's been a lot of comments about that x'D

  8. BlackBriar says:

    This sure was a refresher from last weeks’ fail of an episode. I knew Amaimon was going to be strong but I didn’t expect him to be this brutal and without any emotion at all. He acted like a little kid who was bored with his toy. Rin was completely over-powered.

    Nice to see Shiemi’s change of clothes. I had a feeling that ghost kid had a perverted personality. That boob invasion had me laughing.

    I also see they’re bringing some serious fan service into the show. First, there was Shiemi, she’s really cute. Then there’s Shura!! Whoa, she is HOT!!! I can understand Rin’s expression after seeing her in that bikini top. I hope to see more of her later on. Something tells me that as an Exorcist, she’s even stronger than Yukio. That might hurt his pride.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I loved that about Amaimon, how brutal and totally emotionless he was. Sorry Rin, but Amaimon was definitely cooler this time around.

      Once they mentioned the ghost liked to lift up skirts, I was like, “Yep, something’s probably going to happen with Shiemi and that uniform of hers” xD

      Definitely, but that’s expected, especially from a shounen show. And judging from Shura’s class, I think she is stronger than Yukio, but we’ll just have to see~

  9. Elyon says:

    Who would have thought there’d be Yoko under that sweatshirt? XD

    I agree about the boob jokes. Exorcist is funny enough to not need to resort to that. :/

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know right?! It was like, BAM! Creepy, hooded guy to Yoko xD

      Exactly. But of course, you know, fanservice…

  10. Moni Chan says:

    MAI WAIFU SHIEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in this episode I saw a roller coster that had the words ” go to hell ” on it i had to lmao at it for a good 5 minutes

  11. Orange-sama says:

    It was about time for Shiemi to shed that kimono, she’s like that butterfly you know? No? …..okay I’ll stop that now. But hey, we’ve got those tittays at last.

    MepphyLand is totally an amusement park that I want to visit someday, if not, I’LL BUILD IT MYSELF AND CALL IT ORANGELAND Muahahaha!!

    And yes, even I can’t think of a shounen that doesn’t have boobage XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I guess you can say she is like a butterfly…and the unveiling of her wings would symbolize the unveiling of her boobs? xD

      MY GOD GOING TO MEPPHYLAND WOULD BE AWESOME. KAMIYAN’S VOICE EVERYWHEREEEEEEE~ Of course I would also make a stop at Orangeland, heehee.

  12. EGGY says:

    shiemi with big boobs fanservice is not cool. not cool. give me kimino-shiemi back arrrgh! D:
    I WANT TO TAKE A AMAIMON HOME! he’s be like ‘bitch please’ with that badass attitude going on.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yes, bring back classy Shiemi! While the uniform is nice, I do not appreciate the tightness of her shirt and the shortness of her skirt =A=;

      LOL Probably, but it’d be totally worth it.

  13. Masu says:

    So, now we know what all the cosplayers will be cosplaying as this year. -__-

  14. Moni Chan says:

    Someone need to show Shura her right bra size it’s gonna help her in the long run… possibly

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