Steins;Gate – 11

Suspense, suspense, suspense, bath scene, suspense, suspense…

Welcome back to the lab! Just dying of curiosity about what we’ve done with the Phone Microwave this week, aren’t you? I don’t blame you. Wherever the great Cool-sama treads, followers gather! GWAAHAHAHAHAHA! …But seriously, nice of you to drop by for an episode 11 post. All the time you spent watching bananas turning to moosh has started to pay off.

As far as starting an episode off, I’d say having Suzu take off her shirt and cover Mr. Braun’s face with it to distract him is pretty eye-catching. The plan fails at keeping Mr. Braun’s attention from their store-shaking experiments and only results in him beating up Okarin, but it sure was amusing. Of course, it’s not without a purpose. As a result of the whole ordeal, we learn that the TV downstairs is the lifter for the Phone Microwave.

We have even further progress with the Neuroscientist Kurisu on the job (I had a mini spasm of joy when I realized she’s a neurosci major like myself). She manages to overcome the problem of the Phone Microwave not being able to send big files let alone people by proposing that they send their MEMORIES to the past. Brain signals are sent electrically, so why not? Okarin is convinced it will be a lot less chaotic than D-mails, so he goes to get the parts Kurisu needs to extract those memories!

Insert high and mighty OHOHOHOHOHO~ here

Okarin goes shopping with Mayuri, who hasn’t the foggiest idea what on earth is going on, except she’s going to be sad if she’s the only one who remembers certain things. They bump into Moeka, who is pained to hear they’re still using the time machine and even more repulsed by the fact they’re trying to use it to send memories back in time without her. After hearing the news she just walks away.

Next up in the list of girls Okarin’s bitch magnet is attracting is Suzu and Mr. Braun’s daughter, Nae. The little kid wanted to apologize for her dad nearly hospitalizing Okarin. Awww, how sweet. The tenderness is kind of ruined by Suzu ominously whispering that Kurisu is a spy from SERN though.

Okarin is pretty spooked initially, but when he comes home and sees Kurisu lurking on 4chan, his worries are dispelled. He even tells her what Suzu accused her of, and she naturally shrugs it off. All joking aside, Okarin offers Kurisu the parts to start working on the time machine but…something isn’t right. She’s hesitating. Curious about his ever-important lab member chrrrrissstina, he indulges her by listening to her sob story. Her dad was absolutely threatened by Kurisu’s knowledge and ability to complete refute all of his scientific papers. So much so that he started to despise her. She’s just worried that if she actually makes a time machine, her dad will go crazy from humiliation. As a secretly nice guy, Okarin suggests going with her to talk to her father to solve the whole ordeal somehow. Awww~

After their moonlit, park chat, the two of them return to that lab only to start bickering again. They only stop when Mayuri arrives with stuff to sleep over so she can work extra hard on a cosplay costume. The only way Okarin is allowed to stay with the two ladies is if he goes shopping for food. It sounds like the episode is winding down at this point, until he gets a text saying “you know too much” and an attached picture of a bloody doll’s head.

Forget time travel, man. It’s all about the PUDDING!

Okarin freaks out, drops his groceries, and runs home so fast that COLOURS DISAPPEAR. He checks to see if Mayuri is okay, but ends up with an eyeful of Kurisu and Mayuri in the bath. Ooh la la. Okarin looks visibly troubled after the ordeal, but the girls don’t know quite why. That’s when Daru arrives to drop yet another bomb.

The super hacker never thought twice about how easy it was to connect to SERN. They practically invited him onto their server. Daru is worried that they know what they’ve been up to, which is precisely when Okarin goes to the sink and has a mini breakdown without anyone else noticing. SERN is after them and they’re not afraid to do something to stop them.

Bonus Replacement Pudding:


You know you’ve made it big when you’re on the cover of SCIENCY

That’s right, Nae, go for the goods!

Pepsi NEXT? Morning Rescue? Bitches ain’t got nothing on Dr. Pepper.

End Thoughts: After a dry spell of episodes that had me tapping my foot impatiently, we’re finally back up to speed. This episode was great! It had the perfect amount of progress with figuring out the Phone Microwave, learning about all the characters and heart-thumping suspense. I’m seeing a lot of “the real thing is only starting now!” comments, so I can’t wait for episode 12. I’ll be carrying this into the next season and from what I can tell, it’s going to be worth it. Perhaps they’ll actually put that memory-sending idea into motion by then. I can’t even imagine the effect that will have on the timeline. If a quick text changes an entire city, you could accomplish almost anything you wanted to with a head full of new memories. NEAR INFINITE KNOWLEDGE!

Another thing I quite liked about this episode was Okarin’s sudden bought of paranoia. I would be scared senseless too if I got a picture of a headless doll, but the whole running home scene was extremely tense. I thought Mayuri would be dead, not scrubbing it up with Kurisu. Gah, I was tricked. But I knew a shower fanservice scene was inevitable as soon as I heard running water. Oh Steins;Gate, you’re so sneaky sticking your fanservice into a science-y anime! Even Suzu showed off a little skin!

I suppose it’s that time where I try to make sense of everything again. Hurrr. Let’s start with Kurisu potentially being a SERN spy. I don’t necessarily trust Suzu’s word, but I don’t think she’s that far from the truth either. Perhaps Kurisu isn’t a member of SERN right NOW, but she will be in the future. Since Suzu is, presumably, from the future, I can go on to assume she knows Kurisu will become a member of SERN. That is a lot of “assuming” but it seems to fit. Kurisu is too bad of a liar, she’d probably start blushing if she were accused of working for SERN or something.

Another big OMG moment was when Daru nonchalantly strolled in and confirmed that SERN basically just let them connect to their servers and see their files. This is…kind of a big issue. They either noticed Daru’s hacking at the moment, or were informed by someone who knew what they were going to do. Perhaps someone who timetravelled or someone who was a lab member at the time. Scary. At first I thought Moeka might be an insider agent from SERN or something, but she seems to want to stop time travel alltogether. She desperately takes pictures to remember what she does every day and I’m starting to think she wanted the IBN 5100 so she could destroy it or something. So many possibilities! As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, my fellow lab members. El Psy Congroo.


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18 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 11”

  1. Azure says:

    Honestly, when he gets the jello text I was like ‘ok’, but was anyone else freaked out by the doll head. I started looking at the corners of my room funny haha.

    • Overcooled says:

      I was moderately freaked out by the jello text, to be honest. But this is a lot more directly “OH SHIT” to put it bluntly XD

  2. Jrow says:

    Suzuha’s gotta rockin’ bod~

    Perhaps my favorite episode of the series to date. From start to end, lot of great scenes and development, and Okarin panicking in this episode and running back to the lab really added a sense of fear and urgency to his character as he went racing back (Like the drawing effect they used). More dimensions are being added to him, and he only becomes a better character with each passing episode.

    I also like the concept of just assuming that Kurisu is with SERN, but leaving that bit of uncertainty as to whether she knows it or not.

    • Azure says:

      It’s really great how we see Okarin grow rather than being a character who’s given to us at the beginning of the series. Actually that’s the definition of maybe every character in this show maybe save Daru however it’s too early to make that judgement.

      It’s really great how we get to be familiar with these characters and yet at the same time not know a damn thing haha. Wonder where it’ll go next?

      • Overcooled says:

        This and the first time the banana transported back to the bunch in gel form are my 2 favourite episodes. If a show can evoke genuine feelings of suspense, it’s doing something right. They’ve got us emotionally invested in the characters at the right amount so that we get freaked out when they’re in danger. As Azure said, this is largely because we’ve been through them the entire time they’ve been developing. Okarin is a great contender for some “best character” lists, I’m sure!

  3. Joojoobees says:

    Moeka-san is a real puzzle. I think the connection between sending memories through time and her concern about losing memories is interesting. I’ve wondered sometimes if she has “reading steiner” because she seems to be mentally disturbed in some way, and having the past change out from under you (which is something like losing your memories, in that the past as it happened in the new world-line does not match your memory) could cause a person to be treated as (or simply go) insane.

    • Overcooled says:

      That would explain why she actually needs to document her memories. Ordinary people should have their memories changed to fit the new timeline. It’s hard to say for sure (maybe she takes a lot of photos, but it doesn’t actually work since her memories are essentially wiped) but it sounds like a really good explanation.

  4. Reaper says:

    Hey, don’t go blasting Pepsi just because it’s not as good as Dr Pepper (although I’ve never had it…gasp blasphemy!) JK but I am coincidentally drinking Pepsi when reading the post so lol. Not on the momentum in this ep but definitely down with the mysteries; why did Suzu say Christina is a SERN spy? Why is Daru so suspicious? Why is the pudding always gone? Why didn’t Okarin buy the pud-oh wait, that’s right, he went for the shower scene instead. Good job! 🙂
    Hell psyched for the next episode, especially with those warning texts and Shining Finger…the tension is palpable…

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t like Pepsi at ALL XD Then again, I’ve never had morning rescue…lol.

      BUT WHY IS THE PUDDING GONE?! Seriously though, this episode raises more questions than it answers. I can’t tell who is lying any more and Daru is so unsuspicious that he’s become…suspicious. I wonder if someone will die soon =O

  5. tomphile says:

    Lol, Dr. Pepper.

    But anyways, the spy has to be someone in the lab group. Otherwise, how would they get all the information? I’m thinking it’s got to be someone along the lines of Moeka, she’s mysterious and elusive and it wasn”t until after Okabe told her about the time leap that he got the weird text.

    • Toori-chan says:

      I also suspected Moeka. There’s too much mystery about her, especially the reason for her to want the IBN 5100.

    • Overcooled says:

      The drink of mad scientists worldwide!

      It’s definitely someone in the group. It could be Moeka, Suzu, or even Daru. I have to say that Moeka is particularly suspicious based on her obsessive nature, but I feel like she’s more intent on stopping Okarin than hurting him. Although she texted him after she was told about the time leap, let’s not forget the red jello text as well.

  6. Toori-chan says:

    Another mysterious episode of the week. Suspicion of Moeka, Suzu stating Chris as a SERN spy and weird text (I suspect Moeka).

    The shower scene was hilarious for breaking the mystery build-up. Suzu ‘seducing’ was very dramatic.

    Lets expect some big advance in the story in the next episode.

    • Overcooled says:

      Everyone is suspicious, my paranoia can’t take it! I’m excited for the next episode to see what’s going on and if any questions are answered at all. I really want to know what Moeka’s role in all this is.

  7. amado says:

    I wonder who’ll end up with okarin. its hard to see if its leaning on mayuri or christina.
    on a side note, the lesyay is starting to tone down a bit…

    • Overcooled says:

      lol of course that’s what you’d be worried about. I’m hoping for no romance whatsoever.

  8. Kyokai says:

    I will finger point at the shining finger. This onnah is not legit and very suspicious. I’m actually glad that the ‘lifter’ was explained because just turning on a microwave is not enough energy for the higg’s boson.

    I’ll see what more crazy theories Steins;Gate comes back with. Okarin, you da man~

    • Overcooled says:

      She certainly sticks out more than the others. I want to find out her motives as well. Steins;Gate just gets crazier and crazier.

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