Nichijou – 11

Yuuko’s testing troubles.

Fosh: Hey everyone, welcome back to the fun world of Nichijou! Not much has been happening for me, just sitting around waiting on the next season. I have found myself reading some more random manga lately, also had some time to work on fun fanart; hope you enjoy it. Well, back to tag reviewing with Ness! Welcome back! And now onto the review…

Ness: Hello all!!! I’m back! Kind of… Been busy lately with school crap that I had to step away from reviews. As well, been busy with some other Meta work. It’s finally summer for me, but it won’t be much of one since I’ll be taking some summer classes and working more. Ah well, that’s life! So Nichijou! Good laughs! Let’s get it going…

Fosh: Stories this week follow Yuuko and her lack of self control towards studying for a test after being sick for a few days, and the always fun events with Hakase, Sakamoto and Nano with another failed experiment by Hakase.

Steins;Nichijou, Science fun!

Mom- “You ate the last blue Popsicle?!”     Yuuko-” Yeah, you got a problem with that! Uh, I mean I love you too mom.”

Yuuko- “I forgot I must train for my future versus match!”

We start things off with Yuuko as her mother reminds her she has to go to school tommorow and take a test, since she missed three days after getting sick. This sets Yuuko into panic mode! And she rushes to cram for the test, which is until she gets sidetracked very easily not doing anything to prepare for the next day. Yuuko does come up with a very dumb plan and tries to make herself get a fever by taking a bath with ice water, eating a snow cone and using a match to fake a high temperature. Brilliant! But sad fail there, Yuuko; better luck next time.

Yuuko- “Yep, I am so going to fail! Maybe I can travel back in time…and study?!”

Yuuko- “I should just chill for a while…yes….”

Yuuko- “Noooo!! I am still a human! So much for plan zombie.”

Poor Yuuko and her lack of skills! We take a step away from her and join the Assistant Vice Principal and we see all of the bad luck he has received in the last few days. Missed chat sessions, lack of website hits and messed up food orders! His family does visit him soon after and his nephew brings a ball of “chocolate” for him to eat. Yes, that is no ball of chocolate, so does happiness really taste like mud? Hahahaha.

Damn this animated food! It looks so good right now…

Kid-“I swear it’s chocolate!”        Grandpa- “Damn kids and their chocolate experiments.”

Now we follow Hakase as she is up to something sneaky! After she makes a large tube of super glue, she decides to cover the floor with it and ends up trapping Sakamoto and herself in the glue. Oh Hakase I knew you would fall into your own experiment one day! Even Nano falls victim for the terrible super glue trap. I am not even sure how they got out but they do manage to get free. The episode wraps up with Yuuko doing her test in class until she gets caught on the first problem and she ends up wasting all her time freaking out on the problem and turns in the test.

Hakase- “Hazah! I have done it! I created the largest toothpaste ever!”

Sakamoto- “I don’t think this child is even human.”              Hakase- “This looks like cookie dough….”

Sakamoto-“I WILL KILL YOU, I SWEAR!”                    Hakase-“You have to catch me first! Muhahaha!”

Nano-“Hey! It just ate my hand!”                 Hakase-“This sure is a sticky situation!”

Yuuko- “This is the worst test ever! Ahhhhh!!!”

Yuuko has been defeated by the army of Madoka clocks!

Yuuko- “I am so dead!”        Mai-“Can I have your stuff then?”

Extra Laughs

Flying to school everyday! Life is tough for this rich student.

Sakamoto-“Hey kid, I’ll give you candy if you help me.”                Hakase-“OH BOY CANDY!!”

Mio enjoys her vacation from Yuuko’s crazy world.

Principal-“What is this?! I don’t freaking understand! Do I dare eat….this….”

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Not a bad episode this week and more insane fun with Yuuko. She does seem to be the one everyone likes to kick around; however, she does always manage to make me die laughing! Not from her messing up all the time but mostly her randomness and over active imagination that goes everywhere. Sure she’s lazy and not too bright when it comes to doing her homework and tests, but I think that’s what makes her fun to watch for me. I mean who hasn’t started to study for a test at the last possible moment? I know I have, ahahaha.

I have to agree with Ness! Vice-principal is quite evil and loves to mess around with the principal’s mind! First the voodoo doll and now the random bread roll? So damn crazy! Well, he did get a bit of his own medicine when his nephew brought over that ball of “chocolate”. Damn I would not have even tried to eat that! But still that was quite funny when the kid says, “Grandpa fell over!”. I did laugh a bit just at how the kid sounded when he called to his mom.

Hakase and Sakamoto, they are so good together! They always have the best scenes together, I didn’t expect the whole superglue thing; what the hell?! Damn kid is going to end up killing someone hahaha. And poor Nano, falling into that too! Anyway don’t let Hakase near anything explosive. Yep, I didn’t see that soccer club president being a rich kid like Ness said; that was a bit random and funny seeing more of the side characters getting some love. Overall great episode to chill and have a few laughs after a long day of nothing special happening. Glad to have Ness join me again. Until next time, see ya!

Ness: This episode just proves how messed up Yuuko is and yet she’s pretty cool. Even though she’s hopeless, lazy and not smart, she’s awesome just for all of that. I totally knew how she felt when she decided to try to study 10 hours before her exams. But not so on the trying to get sick part because in college, they don’t care if you miss an exam due to sickness hah cruel. All of that procrastination was funny, didn’t know that Yuuko was a poetic type person. So funny when she ended up writing a poem on her note-cards hah!

The vice-principal is so deviant! Going out of his way to pull pranks on the principal with the straw doll when in fact he has it rough. All that negativity reminds me of how I’ll feel if school goes bad for me. But that mud ball! To eat it for his grandson, so loving.. maybe. Figured that was going to happen though. The Hakase part with the glue was meh. It wasn’t as funny save for seeing Sakamoto-san suffer. And who didn’t expect Nano to get stuck in the glue too?

I didn’t expect the soccer club president to be a richboy. I was surprised and yet thought it was funny. He’s more cool than the goat herder kid in terms of wealth hah! Going so far to keep his club alive and even putting up a banner for a soccer achievement that never happened.. so sad. As for the exam scene was only amusing for the drawings. Like really, who could tell what the hell all of that is? Mai’s random gestures wasn’t working this part that it’s not as funny. Anyway, so this episode wasn’t that bad. Some good laughs late at night. Yuuko’s meditation scenes was pretty funny that I’d want to try it out haha.


Talking ball of dirt wants you to watch episode twelve!

Next week, count on Hakase and Yuuko to mess around with everyone else’s lives! Maybe something from Mio and Mai to change things up? We shall see. Thanks!



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17 Responses to “Nichijou – 11”

  1. Dan-go says:

    Pretty sure everyones done the yuuko attempt to get out of school before! i used to put the thermometer in the hotwater bottle

    • Ness says:

      Nope, I’ve never tried to get out of school like that and I probably wouldn’t get away with it. But I did have hopes that I’d miraculously get sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school but never worked booo.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I haven’t ever tried to fake being sick, But I have tried to study for a big test like one hour before taking it ahaha.

      Yuuko is winning in her own way xD

    • Dan-go says:

      you guys are all boring! i’ve tried freezing myself, faking fevers, and stomachahes (no one can ever prove you haven’t got a stomach ache 😉 )

      • Foshizzel says:

        LOL Well my parents were pretty strict on me going to school, the only time I missed was for doctor appointments or actually getting sick at the house xD

        I think my parents would have killed me for real if I faked to skip school, then again my sister has tried…and failed at that.

  2. Ness says:

    Fosh’s Steins gate fanart is so cute! Awesome job xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah thank you! I just love the Nichijou art style! So much fun, now to think of who else I should Nichify! Lol..

  3. Junko says:

    I’ve loved Yuuko’s anit-study/exam arc, it’s pretty much my life at this exact moment. WHO NEEDS UNIVERSITY- oh I do..

  4. MikADo says:

    hahahahahahaha she has reached nirvana 😀

  5. Ellipses says:

    I found Yuko’s expressions to be quite amusing throughout the episode. And my, were there many! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Yuuko had some great expressions! I have a folder filled with them ahaha

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  6. Moni Chan says:

    LOL perfect episode for this time of year in school cuz im doing exams. i hate studing, cuz i dont know how to study. T.T i have a Yuuko inside me.

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