Nichijou – 10

Ponytails are dangerous!

More Nichijou! So far the last couple of episodes haven’t been really anything too special, aside from Mio’s crazy sister and Yuuko’s mom. However I still find the short scenes to be just as funny as some of the epic scenes were. Other than Nichijou, there is the big gaming event with E3! So, hopefully we get to share lots of commentaries so stay tuned to Metanorn for that. I’m working on some more fan art using Nichijou style for a few of my favorite shows. Well, Ness is busy with exams still so I shall solo-review this episode.

Stories this week follows Yuuko as she arrives at school late, her battle over homework, and a bit on her future career, which she has no idea about. Other stories follow Hakase thinking she is now mature with a sudden change in hairstyles, which ends up causing more trouble for Nano and Sakamoto’s quiet afternoon.

Yuuko- “We need those glasses, Mio! They are the source of Mai’s power!”

Yuuko: foreveralone.jpeg

The episode opens with Mai playing red-light-green-light outside of a shrine with Yuuko and Mio. You can tell who wins that game. Then we join Yuuko, who’s running late for school. I would have laughed if it was like the weekend. However she arrives and there are some traps set up using some erasers blocking the various entrances to the class. Yuuko breaks in and realizes the class is being held in another room. Yes, an epic fail for Yuuko again. After the funny scenes in school, we join a new character named Annaka, who wears a giant red ribbon on her head. Her section of the episode was kind of weird as she participates in Nagashi Somen or flowing noodles, that part was fine but I got annoyed at Annaka herself; she only makes some very weird sound effect for a good ten minutes.

Noodles are hardcore in Japan!

Annaka- “I can’t stop…looking…at..his…mustache!”

After the ear splitting screeching sounds from Annaka, we join Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto for some fun! Well, more like watching Hakase mess with Sakamoto and Nano, while they try to enjoy the afternoon. Hakase gets called mature by Nano and assumes she can now do everything. Even cook food, which ends up with Sakamoto getting egg on his head! Ouch poor guy, but to her surprise Sakamoto has a trick to play. Saying mature people don’t eat snacks, which quickly causes Hakase to revert back to her “normal” self. Good job, Sakamoto! Well played talking animal.

Hakase- “I have invented the ponytail!”     Nano-“I am pretty sure that was made already…”     Hakase- “SILENCE, MACHINE!”

Hakase attempts to use helper mode!


Hakase- “After this I’ll give you a bath!”   Sakamoto-“Great! I am so going to drown you kid.”

Hakase’s reaction to not being called cute by Sakamoto!

After the abuse of Sakamoto, we join another amusing character: Yuuko and her epic mind battle over homework. She tries to fight off the need to do it only to drive herself insane. Not that she needs any help in that department and in typical-Yuuko reaction she punches the ground in her bedroom, which alerts her mother; resulting in Yuuko being kicked by her mom. Damn, I am glad my parents weren’t ex-wrestlers like Yuuko’s! The episode ends with Yuuko entering round-two attempting to avoid her homework again.

Yuuko- “DAMN HOMEWORK! Why can’t you just do yourself?!”

Yuuko- “I got it! I want to become a superhero or mecha pilot when I grow up!”


Mom- “You should just become a wrestler like your father!”          Yuuko- “I think I was adopted….”

extra fun!

Yuuko special attack! Annoying screeching drill breaker!!

Sakamoto- “I am surrounded by idiots and robots.”

Hakase- “OH MY GOD! It says free candy inside that white van, guys!”

Hakase wants to hug you; will you allow? Yes/ no/ Destroy?

End Thoughts:

Well, let’s see what to say?! This was one of those usual Nichijou episodes that starts out with a random game with Mai, Yuuko and Mio, which I liked! They are mostly silly types of games but I think everyone has played similar games with their own friends. Those scenes are simple and always funny when they happen in this series so far. You would think Yuuko would quit playing with Mio and Mai; hahaha I guess she enjoys it too much. I did laugh with Yuuko arriving at school late and seeing all the classroom entrances blocked off. I so wanted it to be like a Saturday or a random school holiday, but it was still quite funny watching all of her plans go to waste to impress the students with some laughs; fail on her.

I have to mention Annaka again! I am still not sure why they put her in this episode as she only stood there making some random sounds; I guess they are trying to show off some more background characters? Hopefully if she does appear again, she will get to do more than screech all day. I died laughing with Sakamoto and Hakase this week! Damn cat takes so much from her yet remains with them; I was waiting for him to end up leaving. But he still manages to knock Hakase back down with his snacks comment; he sure knows where to strike when it comes to Hakase’s favorite things to do.

I have noticed Yuuko gets more screen time than any other character in Nichijou and I think she did make the top ten list of funniest anime character over on Sankaku Complex. So fans really do love watching Yuuko! Even though she fails to make her friends laugh and I didn’t really laugh too much when she fought off the need to do her homework. I do remember I hated doing my homework too when I was in school, but not sure if I had the same reaction or ever got any dramatic wrestling moves done to me! Did anyone like the WHAT? Space shuttle scene? That was kind of random and funny but filled with good old engrish. Anyway not the best episode ever but had enough random moments to make up for it.


Talking paper lizard needs his own episode!

Next week we can always expect one of two things: Yuuko failing at something easy and Hakase doing something to annoy Sakamoto or Nano! Thanks, see you later!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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14 Responses to “Nichijou – 10”

  1. Anonomyous says:

    Think red ribbon girl is there to be the “normal” person in an abnormal world

  2. Dan-go says:

    congrats on how fast you got this done! recently i’ve been finding myself ahead of metanorn, id watch it before the review was out so i couldnt share my thoughts, it’s a lonely life, love you foshiz

  3. Moni Chan says:

    this was an epic EHHHHHpisode

  4. Junko says:

    Oh god Yuuko, I love you. I hope there’s a bunch of Nichijou figures made, dammit!

  5. Moni Chan says:

    if i was yuuko in the scene went she was trying to get 2 class. what i would of have done is jump to get the chalk board erasers then enter class. then again its yuuko

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes! Good call and agreed this is Yuuko we are talking about! Always the hard way or no way at all.

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