Kore wa zombie desu ka? – 13 OVA

Festivals, cooking and epic card games!

Fosh: At long last the zombie special is out! I was really excited when this was announced! But thankfully we are in store for another season down the road. Of course this series does feel like a few past shows I have enjoyed before, and usually ends up getting another season or movie afterwards. Well, onto the review! Joining me this time is two of our new blood: Zabobinator and Anaaga! Though, you guys have become old enough now. Anyways, enjoy.

Zabob: Wow! I can’t believe this OVA is already out! Naturally, I watched it as soon as it was available and it was HILARIOUS. This show, though kind of weak plot-wise, has always been rather hysterical. Needless to say, I shall always remain loyal to this show. xD The OVA kept up the same standard of humor for sure. We had a bunch of really funny situations with the whole gang and Ayumu continued to be as ridiculous as ever. He’s pretty much the coolest zombie ever. He even has an ever-expanding harem!  😀

anaaga: Man, Ayumu is like my favorite zombie right now. He’s probably one of those few zombies that look like normal humans instead of looking all ugly and rotten. So when I heard about the OVA, I was so excited! I hope the OVA can give me some good laugh just like the first season. :3

Fosh: Plot for this OVA follows Haruna creating her own festival with Yuu and Sera as the main prize if you can win the nyannyan ticket! Next some super secret cooking scroll from the ninja vampires that Sera really wants. And a random card type battle with the students at school, to win a pen! Yes a pen.

The gang’s all here and ready for the best festival ever!

Haruna- “Muhahah, go my slaves! Defeat each other in my name!”

With Haruna’s special festival going, there are of course mini trials they must complete before moving on, such as eating stuff made by Sera which is never ever a good thing. Yuki, Orito and Aikawa push on through the various challenges, until they reach this slippery ramp guarded by Sera.

Aikawa pretends he is Spider-man.

This is where things get strange as Aikawa and Orito channel their erotic power and overpower Sera leaving Orito to win the nyannyan ticket. Sadly he fails at the end eating more of Sera’s food, which sends him to the hospital, damn poor guy!

Aikawa is having a Gundam moment, please wait…

BL moment for the girls…lots of sparkles and shine!

The reaction to the BL moment! Buhahahaha what the…!?

Sorry, Orito, you have lost the game forever…

Festivals held by magical girls are deadly. The next part follows a cooking theme, when a rare scroll from the vampire ninjas gets taken by Yuki and Haruna. Sera really wants this scroll because she feels it will bring happiness to her friends if she can cook them something special.

Deformed characters for the win! Also D’awwww, Yuki! She’s so cute.

So Aikawa, Yuu and Sera put on some sneaking suits and infiltrate Yuki’s base and eventually get the scroll. After Aikawa falls for a few traps and an epic beat down by Haruna’s foot and Yuki “penetrating” Aikawa in the rear with a bamboo pole. OUCH! I wonder if the creator likes these random BL moments? Anaaga, are you the script writer for this?!

Zombie gear solid, coming to you in 2012!

Haruna’s special attack! Half dressed with striped panties KICCCKKK!!

The kick was so powerful Aikawa turned into the Galactic pretty boy.

After watching Aikawa fail at sneaking missions, we take a small serious moment to enjoy a flashback between Aikawa and Taeko as they share umbrellas after taking care of a lost puppy. But onto the main event! A random concentration game at the school for a pen, it must be the best damn pen in the world!

Are Taeko and Aikawa the next best couple? You can decide on that one.

Yuki- “So, I heard you like epic card battles?”

After eliminating half of the students Orito, Aikawa, Yuki, Taeko and Saraswati are left in the contest. But Orito is taken out quickly after Saraswati stands up letting him look up her skirt; yes it’s quite sneaky when it comes to the competition. However, she stares at Aikawa’s butt and falls in love with him! I guess she does have a fetish for the strange. In the end Taeko takes Aikawa out by using her chest, which gives Yuki the final win.

Fan-service for both! Guys and girls!

Yuki- “Ahaha victory is mine! I have the best pen ever!”

The episode finishes with Taeko and Aikawa sharing a happy moment together, she gives kind of a mini confession that she always looked up to him because he is so kind to everyone. However another rival is lurking and staring at Aikawa’s ass! Saraswati is falling in love with Aikawa, well she loves a certain part of him anyway…

Saraswati- “OH MY GOD… DAT ASS SO HAWT!”

Extra undead fun!

Yuu- “What will we do next season, Aikawa?”           Aikawa-“Same thing we always do! Kill stuff.”

Sera’s boobs are deadly as ever!                           -Stareeeeeeeeeeee-

Sadly no Yuri events, guys, but enjoy the view anyway!

Yuu- “See you next season, Onii-chaannnnn~”

End Thoughts:

anaaga: I was right. The OVA isn’t funny at all. It’s hilarious. It’s kinda perverted and all that, but that’s the whole point of the OVA I guess. I LOL’ed so hard when they showed Orita’s boner. Why would you get a BONER in the middle of a festival? It seems like that is Orita’s specialty: getting boners at the times you’re not supposed to. Though my favorite part is when Ayumu got his ass taken by a bunch of sticks. Obviously he’s feeling it. HE’S SO UKE. YAOI IN MY ZOMBIE ANIME YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!

And, I’m still a hater for Haruna. She’s not as annoying as the first season, but god she’s still one noisy girl. Like seriously, do something funny to make me laugh! Being bossy is good, but she isn’t doing anything useful at all. Except being the MC of the festival. The only plus point I can give her is the fact that she makes the festival packed with, um, fanboys. Yeah, I know, I’m hating her right now xD But no worries, I don’t like Sera too. She’s just so…ugh. I don’t know, but her existence annoys the hell out of me. Although I give her some credit for making me all warm and fuzzy about the cooking thing. And that other vampre-ninja girl, what’s up with her? Stop staring at Ayumu’s ass! And a little bit slutty too IMO. Geh, I’m just not into vampire-ninjas I guess. Or more like, I’m not into bossy characters.

Oh well, at least Zombie is able to have serious moments in between their gags. I went all “d’aaawww” when Yuu told Ayumu the reason why she participated in the whole nyannyan coupon thing. That’s so typical Yuu, and that’s why I heart her so much. Ayumu x Yuu FTW! And that part where Taeko tells Ayumu why she likes Ayumu. Although it’s very cliché and shoujo-ish AND retarded, I can’t help but feeling all warm and fuzzy when I saw it. I’m just a sucker when it comes to sweet and cute moments. Though that kind of makes her look like a stalker. Haruna and the vampire-ninjas annoy me, but that won’t stop me from enjoying my Ayumu, Yuu, and Taeko <3 and w00t my second season antenna is tingling!

Fosh: Well that episode was a lot of fun! What did you think about this special OVA, Zabob?

Zabob: I thought it was hilarious! We had a bunch of little short stories it seemed right?

Fosh: Yeah left over ideas and stories! I was happy to hear that OP again. Oh how I missed that one hahaha

Zabob: I had a lot of fun with it, hahaha. Yah! I love that OP! The ED as well…the end of that one always cracks me up…

Fosh: Yep same here love that ED

Zabob: Speaking of cracking up…I seriously did crack up A LOT during this episode

Fosh:Yeah! Same here, lots of epic comedy. Favorite part for me was the sneaking mission scenes with Aikawa and the others


Fosh: And the bamboo pole! OUCH! Ahahaha

Zabob: The part where he kept getting poked in the butt was just too much… YES LOL I had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard xD

Fosh: LOL

Zabob: Looks like Ayumu enjoyed that one, huh? xD

Fosh: Just a little bit, yes. I was happy to see Orito and Taeko getting a bit more love this time

Zabob: ORITO OMG That guy is OUTRAGEOUS! We got a lot of close ups of his crotch…

Fosh: For a side character Orito was so funny

Zabob: He really was. I’m really glad that he’s Ayumu’s friend. He’s not that great of an influence though… He’s a massive perv xD

Fosh: Agreed! He is the perfect sidekick ahaha

Zabob: Yep!

Fosh: And more Yuki! Almost forgot about her

Zabob: Yah!

Fosh: Well, they didn’t give Yuu too much coverage but she always has the best onii-chan lines. I think it’s the voice overs I like from her

Zabob: Hehehe…Ayumu’s got quite the active imagination I don’t think we saw too much of Haruna as well. Then again, the OVA wasn’t particularly focused on anybody

Fosh: Yeah I like Haruna, she was my favorite character. Yep it didn’t follow one person but almost everyone got some love

Zabob: Ayumu’s harem just seems to get bigger every episode though, huh? Feels like we got two new additions at the end xD

Fosh: Oh yes, he gained two new girls and a stalker. Ahahah that other vamp ninja liked his rear lol..

Zabob: She was just like “THAT ASS” HAHA Dear lord…

Fosh: I died when she blushed! I was like WHAT THE—-

Zabob: I KNOW! It took me a second I was like “Is she…checking out…his BUTT?!??!”

Fosh: Ahahahah yes! So this OVA had plenty of fan service for everyone to enjoy


Fosh: Ahaha yes! Deadly though

Zabob: Sera’s were MASSIVE. They did shots from below too xD

Fosh: They grew just for the special!

Zabob: LOL YES Haruna though…she was kind of lacking but she tried! She hid the painting between them xD

Fosh: Oh yes! Yay Haruna <3

Zabob: <3 Haruna xD

Zabob: Who’s her seiyuu again?

Fosh: Nomizu, Iori! She was Nymph in Sora no Otoshimono and Minatsuki in Deadman Wonderland

Fosh: Well anything left to say? Excited for season two!

Zabob: I’m actually kind of iffy on the upcoming season xD I’m wondering what material they’re going to have to work with…

Fosh: Yeah, same

Zabob: Hopefully though, they can tighten it up. Last season, plot wise, the show went all over the place, in terms of humor though, I give it a 10/10. I always laugh xD

Fosh: Yeah it did always make me laugh even if the story was quite dull at times.

Fosh: Well, I guess thats it for now! Stay tuned for more awesome reviews from Metanorn!

Zabob: WOOH! xD

Fosh: Later guys. Hope you enjoyed our tag!


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14 Responses to “Kore wa zombie desu ka? – 13 OVA”

  1. Jrow says:

    Haruna being damn sexy in the OVA… must make time after editing podcast tonight to watch. Will read closing discussion later.

    Taeko’s a big part of why I wanted a second season. Just that little tiny scene in episode 7 or something made me want a second season. Would be nice for Ayumu to have a normal girl around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Haaarunaaa! <3 my fav! Yeah this was a fun episode really can't wait for season two.

      Yeah Taeko was great in this episode, yeah Aikawa needs someone normal around him...

  2. amado says:

    the part between yuki and haruna wasnt enough for me. they should have been closer….

    this was pretty entertaining.
    im kinda split on who I prefer out of the vampire nijas, sera or saraswati?
    haruna is still my fave girl in this one.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! Needed more fan-service during that moment between Haruna and Yuki, I was happy to see them getting along I know at the start they didn’t like each other.

      Very entertaining!
      Yeah same I don’t really like vampires to much but Sera does crack me up more when shes trash talking Aikawa.

      Haruna forever! <3

  3. tomphile says:

    Lol, i Love the butt scenes, seriously. T

  4. MikADo says:


  5. Dan-go says:

    Always loved this, lolis chainsaws fanservice what more can you want?! oh yeah and the mystelin kick!

  6. Kyokai says:

    This was so WIN. The only ecchi show that I can actually watch and laugh like hell.

    It was funny how Ayumu said, “I’m a mistake” happily.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Full of win and awesome fun, yeah ecchi comedy good combo xD

      LOL Yes! Nice quote ;P

  7. Milistaier says:

    O,,,o speechless…yes this aren’t words!….YES THEY AREN’T!

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Haruna, Yuu and Sera being damn sexy in the OVA. Sera’s boobs are deadly as ever! And her cooking should be considered an assassination method. Orito should have spent more time around them and seen that one coming. Whenever I see Sera, I think of Houki from Infinite Stratos and both have the same seiyuu.

    The part between Yuki and Haruna wasn’t enough for me. They should have been much closer and hugging each other. There was so much Yuri potential. But the view was good enough anyway.

    Between favorite vampire ninjas, I’m deadlocked between Sera, Saraswati and Yuki. I’d take all three if it was possible. The way Saraswati fell in love with Ayumu was insane. How can you fall in love with someone by looking at their butt? It’s unheard of.

    Bring on season 2!!!

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