Gintama – 214

Blood bath time.

More Gintama fun! This arc so far has been amazing, loving the characters even Jirochou is starting to become a favorite of mine. Well, this week I started reading Ika Musume manga, such a fun read so far only thirty chapters in. Really brings back a few fond memories of the anime series, even though I know people found Ika and her de geso to be annoying. It really should have came out during the summer! Anyway that aside time to jump into this fun Gintama episode review.

Plot this week follows Gintoki fighting alongside with Jirochou as they take care of Kada’s plan to take over the town. After a short fight between the two we join Jirochou at the hospital hours later where he finally can have a heart to heart chat with Otose. He admits he needs to leave the protection of the town to Gintoki and the other people that live there. This is also an arc ending episode with Jirochou able to become the father Pirako always wanted.

Ninja wack-a-mole coming to the Wii-U soon!

We start things off with Otose showing up to get everyone pumped up to fight Kada’s forces. Hell, even Katsuo arrives to lend a hand, he was actually cool this time as I know previously he was a terrible character for me. While the others fight back, we find Gintoki fighting alongside Jirochou as they take on the waves of Kada’s special forces. They don’t seem that special as Gintoki and Jirochou slice their way through, shocking Kada as she runs away. Yes, the space elf just ups and runs away.

Saigou- “Excuse me, I WAS TEXTING MY SON!”

I feel bad for the clean up crew; damn that’s a lot of BLOOD!!

Gin-san- “You tired old man?”                   Jirochou- “HELL NO! Bring on a hundred more please.”

Kada- “Oh, looks like I am late for my hair appointment…. I should RUN!”

So much blood during that! But hey, I loved watching them work together. However, after clearing all the trash out, Jirochou and Gintoki still have to settle the score with each other. In true anime fashion we get our normal run at each other in slow motion and cut to them standing and one falling! Well, Gintoki doesn’t finish him off because he is awesome like that, instead he shatters Jirochou’s blade with Pirako watching. Jirochou then wakes up hours later in the hospital with Saigou and Otose to have a chat with her, coming to the conclusion that he’s getting too damn old for this and admits he will quit and leave it to the young’uns to protect the town. More important! He has to protect his daughter and make things right between them.

Gin-san- “Let’s finish this anime style!”                 Jirochou-“My slow motion power is ready! ACTION!”

Jirochou-“Damn you! You have the main character powers.”              Gin-san-“Sorry, I hacked your weapons.”

Jirochou-“Ohhh you are so buying me a new damn sword, I just had that cleaned.”

Saigou- “Damn you two hurry up and kiss and make up…wait… DON’T I will have nightmares.”

Things seem so nice between Jirochou and Otose! He even sheds a few tears, well claims there was something in his eye. Yep, I did the same with AnoHana; I had dirt in my eye…yeah…dirt. Anyway, Kada attempts a raid on the hospital until Pirako arrives to kick some ass! Gintoki arrives to knock out Kada and Pirako begs to be apart of odd jobs. She has grown to love the town and the oddball people that live there. Gintoki passes her a note to tell her to meet him at the location on the note and walks off. As the credits roll past to wrap up this episode and arc, we find Pirako walking to her destination. To find a man wearing a hat who reveals himself as Jirochou and wants Pirako to join him on a journey together, ending the episode on a happy note.

That’s right, Kada, no one likes you. Go away FOREVER.

Saigou wants to celebrate with some manservice later.

Jirochou- “Hey, wanna join my guild? You seem really awesome…”

D’awwwww such a touching moment between Pirako and Jirochou, I loved it!

Extra fun

This is some random cosplay by Kagura and Shinpachi! Nyaa~

Gin-san- “First one to fall over loses! Three…two….one…GO!”

Jirochou- “Everyone in this series belongs in a mental hospital.”

Otose- “See you next arc, everyone.”  Shinpachi- “Wait, we’re done? SWEET I CAN TAKE A NAP.”  Kagura- “Do I get more lines next time?”

End Thoughts:

Well, this ends one of the best story arcs so far for Gintama! Really a great job on this one, they got the right amount of comedy, drama and action. I was happy to see some character development between Otose, Jirochou and Pirako. I usually like the bad guys that Gintoki ends up fighting. It does remind me of a few other shows since I have watched a huge amount of One Piece recently, I have noticed bad guys often come back to assist the main characters later on. Gintama does this as well and I do love it, so expect to see Jirochou and Pirako to reappear someday soon! Well not too soon anyway.

I loved the music during this arc too. Real nice stuff, even though I think I have already heard most of it before. I know Jrow already posted something about music and anime over at Anivision and to echo some of that, the music really does push the fighting and dramatic moments quite well. Animation was also up there during the fight as Jirochou and Gintoki hack and slash their way through the enemies. Seeing those two fight to the death in a previous episode and then teaming up was awesome! I didn’t think that would happen then again, Kada gave them something common to fight about.

I was kind of waiting for some random Jirochou comedy to happen with them in the hospital. Sadly didn’t really happen but it was a nice happy chat between him and Otose. They even had him crying near the end that was a great touch, well that and the very touching moment with them near the end. I will admit that scene did make me tear up just because we know Pirako has really waited for that moment for a long time. And the great use of the ending song worked really well! Almost felt like a true ending to the series, well that is a bit early. Overall this arc had some high points and low points, I still managed to have a blast! Hope everyone loved it as much as me.


I will go with evens! Wait odds? I CAN’T DECIDE!

Next episode! Sounds a bit like we will visit some casinos and play some games for MONEY. Ness should watch this as she loves money. Thanks!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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  1. anaaga says:


    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Amazing episode this week and end to another awesome arc for this series.

      So much Nnnnngggghhhhh! <3

  2. animeluv04 says:

    this episode is one of the best in my opinion. I cried so much near the end especially in the scene between Jirochou and Pirako. Gintama is the best =)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Very good episode sad to see Pirako and Jirochou leave like that, but hopefully we will see them again in the future! Yeah I will admit it was very touching with them at the end! And that theme music so good!

    • anaaga says:

      *high five* I cried too

  3. kintoki says:

    name of the background theme music during the fight of gintoki & jirochou vs harusame pirates?

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