Gintama – 213

It’s time to go all out!

Oh man, what a freaking awesome arc so far for Gintama! Going back to what I love the most: awesome fights and fun story! Previous episode was preparing us for some great fights to come, so this week expect more of that. Anyone else counting down the days till summer anime season?! I know I am getting there but thankfully we have a few two-cour spring shows to enjoy. Nothing much happening for me besides working on the usual fan art and requests from Twitter. If you do follow me there, feel free to request art. It does give me something to do and a chance to expand my style. Anyway time to review this action-filled episode.

Plot this week follows Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi and Tama as they prepare to defend the town! Before they are outnumbered, various people from the past arcs emerge to lend some assistance to the team. Meanwhile Jirochou gets double crossed by Kada who wants to kill Pirako and takeover. Though Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi arrive to get Saigou’s kid back from Kada, which leaves Jirochou to face Gintoki one on one after they clear out Kada’s trash.

It’s party time! Gintama style.

Things start right off with some awesome shots of Gintoki kicking some serious ass! And to Pirako’s and Saigou’s surprise several allies from the past arrive to return the favor to odd jobs, which really brings back a few fun memories with nostalgia. However, Saigou and Pirako are not impressed with these new arrivals until Kagura and Shinpachi shut them up rather fast. Ahahah, it was so awesome watching Pirako’s expression change; way to go Shinpachi! Saigou laughs the fight off as Gintoki and the others run off to invade Kada’s castle.

Gin-san- “Out of my way! I have strawberry milk in my fridge to finish off.”

A firefighter and a swordsmith walk into a bar… Actually they are on cleaning duty for Gintoki!

Shinpachi slipped on a banana and Kagura is using her head to defend that hammer.

Pirako- “Damn… someone, get the number of that truck which hit me…”

While Gintoki and the others run to Kada’s place, Pirako and Saigou get up to return to the fight. Sadly Kada sent her own ninja’s to finish them off; well, she really wanted to kill Pirako to get back at Jirochou. I have a feeling Kada doesn’t like humans at all; damn that space elf, she’s so evil. Saigou sees no real end to this battle as an unexpected arrival appears! Otose is seen on a rooftop watching the fight grinning. I guess you can’t keep Otose down for long.

Saigou- “Son of a bitch. I got strawberry jelly everywhere again!”

Jirochou- “This is why I hate kebler elfs from space, you all are evil!”

Otose- “Save me someone to kick around! I’m tired of standing around watching.”

Gintoki arrives with Kagura and Shinpachi as they run off to save Saigou’s son, who’s being held as a hostage by Kada. Gintoki interrupts Kada’s evil rant about the city and Jirochou as the two of them completely ignore her and the random special ninjas she summoned. Gintoki and Jirochou run at the massive crowd and cut their way through. For some strange reason, the two of them stand back to back facing Kada’s forces! The episode wraps up with both guys grinning and having a blast as they team up tempary.

Jirochou- “Shall we dance, boy!?”                       Gin-san- “I don’t dance but I can kick your ass!”

Jirochou and Gin-san- “Muhahahahahahhahaahhhaaa. THIS IS FREAKIN’ CRAZY!!”

Gin-san-“Want to get a beer after this?”        Jirochou-“Sure, why not? Then we can kill each other.”

Extra fun!

Random BL moment of the episode.

Gin-san hates it when you drink his strawberry milk!

Shinpachi’s totally BAMF when the time calls for it! So awesome.

This is what happens to the Mecha that lose in Sai Mecha tournaments.

Best friends forever? Who knows! Might work… Just kidding, they are going to beat the crap out of each other.

End Thoughts:

Amazing episode this week, lots of fighting and people getting owned left and right this time around. I was already thinking that we would get a surprise visits from a few of the random friends of Gintoki from his odd jobs. After all they have helped so many damn people over the series! I laughed a bit when Shinpachi’s sister arrived and the male escorts; LOL so random and fun. That’s another fun thing with Gintami, they really have a great mixture of everything for guys and girls. Well, if you are into cross dressing guys with beards and insane girls with super strengh and weapons? Oh and I forgot about that Gundam guy! Damn, that was funny.

It was also impressive to see Shinpachi beat Pirako! I didn’t worry much about Kagura because she can always hold her own against anyone, but damn Shinpachi really let Pirako have it. I guess I shouldn’t be to shocked, he’s a great character even if he is annoying and crazy at times. Also figured Kada would trick Jirochou after all she does seem to be rather greedy! Never trust them damn space elfs! Muhahahaha so evil! I did enjoy seeing Otose show up; I guess you can’t expect her to sit back and sleep all day. Now to see if she does kick some ass and show everyone else how things are done.

And now for the awesome ending with Jirochou and Gintoki! That was so great seeing them completely ignore Kada and just focus on each other, and running through the random ninjas!? LOL I loved that part seeing both of them not even blink as they charged right in. I wasn’t expecting them to team up though; of course, we all know it’s temporary until they clear out the room. It would be very fun if they did team up for good since both of them are somewhat similar, but we all know Jirochou and Gintoki have to continue the fight with each other. I can’t wait to see them go all out next episode, I really need a time machine right about now to jump to next monday!


Tis an honor to own your face!

Next week, the awesome showdown between Gintoki and Jirochou continues? I sure hope so, maybe a little bit of Otose showing off her fighting skills too!




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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  1. Valerie says:

    Dang, I am so behind on Gintama >.<

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well thankfully this new season is kind of easy to follow, really all you need to know are the main characters the rest kind of explains it’s self really easily.

  2. Carla says:

    OMG, Each chapter make me fall in love (even more) with Gin …
    I can’t believe that it only has 50 votes in the Poll T_T

  3. Kyokai says:

    This episode looks so COOOOOOOL! Aaargh, I can’t wait to catch up! -.-

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